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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sometimes you have to look at things from a different angle to really appreciate them. I've been a bit annoyed with myself as I've been yo-yo-ing up and down 5 pounds since mid-December - mostly up. But today I looked at how far I've come since the summer and where I was with my weight loss since this time last year. And, hey the picture is really rosy. Instead of starting another year more overweight, I'm down at least 30 pounds from last year this time. That's a first for me. Usually I start the year just disgusted with my ever increasing bulk. I didn't have to make the usual New Year's Resolution to lose weight this year since I am already DOING IT!! Yes, I would have liked to have been further along by this point but ya know what, I'm okay with where I am right now. I'm making progress. I'm changing my ways. I'm learning to be a different me. And it's going along just fine.

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SHARON10002 2/12/2013 11:29PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon That's a emoticon way to start off the New Year!!! Inch by inch, it's a cinch . . .

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SPIRALDOWN 1/22/2013 8:03PM

    i have that struggle myself...So far i am down 12 wks in a row...You Can Do It!

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4LABLADY 1/22/2013 7:36PM

    emoticon slowly but surely---I need to remember this!

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Stepping Out Of My Mold

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I've never been the athletic type. I can remember there was a brief stink, maybe in 4th or 5th grade, where I played soccer for a very short season. I was OK at it. But I never really embraced team sports or sports of any kind really. It just didn't seem like it was something that fit with who I was. I guess because no one in my family did sports so if was kind of a foreign notion to me.

I've dabbled with going to the gym from time to time but again, the fitness bug never bit me like it does some. I watch those folks that have a dedication to it and I think that is just not in my make-up.

But for my own sake, I think I need that to become part of my make-up, part of the new mold I'm trying to make. I'm not gaining the great weight loss benefits of exercise with the casual every once in awhile approach I've been taking. And once I reach my goal weight I am going to need to have a routine exercise program that I can stick with to ensure the weight stays off.

So to that end I've been experimenting with exercise, trying to step out of my mold. So far I've tried doing the circuit training routines, swimming, yoga classes and this past week Spin Class.

I like the circuit training. That is what I was doing the last time I lost a great deal of weight. Problem with that is I really do best with that at one of those ladies gyms and I no longer belong there. The gym I am at now doesn't really have that nice set-up for my kind of circuit training. So maybe someday I'll go back to that but in the meantime something else needs to work for me.

I like Yoga. I can't do all the poses and am definitely doing it at a less that challenging pace. But I'm trying to get the hang of it and think this is something that maybe I can grow with.

And surprise of all surprises I like Spin. I was lucky to find a group and leader that is so inspiring and so positive about encouraging folks to move at their own pace that I think this might be something I could keep at.

So we'll see over the next several weeks what I gravitate to and what I find that I can embrace and add in to my life.


Still holding but not quitting

Monday, August 06, 2012

Today was my weigh in day and I'm down .2 pounds, the very same .2 pounds that the scale said I was up last week. So this plateau thing is still in swing. My first thought is that I've wasted two weeks going nowhere with my efforts. Ah, but I am smarter than you Mr. Scale. Instead of getting down in the dumps, I looked elsewhere for encouragement and HOORAY I got it big time. I needed to go to an interview today and when I went prowling through my closet for something to wear I found that the pants I'd last worn to work were TOO BIG. I actually ended up in a pair way in the back of my closet that were TOO SIZES SMALLER. So take that Mr. Scale!

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GRAMMYMEL 8/6/2012 9:33PM

I too am on a plateau. I go up and down. I had to tell myself that I am doing everything right and the weight will come off if I just stay with it. My pants and shirt are no longer tight and muscle weights more than fat!

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Staying Motivated

Thursday, August 02, 2012

So I've been in the groove since Memorial Day. Proud of my efforts, seeing a big loss at the scale every week, in fact larger losses than I expected. My clothes are fitting better. I have more energy. I've tried some new foods, some new ways of cooking things. I've been eating much healthier. I'm getting in some exercise. All in all, I'm doing a good job at trying to get fit.

But as is true to my nature I can't seem to focus on that today. Instead I am in a slump because my weigh in on Monday showed me up .2 pounds. Really, am I being ridiculous or what? And I keep stepping on the scale hoping to see it move down some more and it seems stuck. So I'm in a funk now.

I know what this is. Its not that I've done anything wrong. I'm still doing the same things that were causing the pounds to drop off. Its just that my body is catching up with it all. A plateau. I know about these things. But it is still bumming me out. I wanted to keep going on this tear, seeing pounds drop off, week after week. I want it to happen fast. I want it to happen before my motivation dwindles away. Before I quit, say its too hard, lose interest.

But, as life goes, things rarely happen the way you'd like them to. And I know often that's a good thing. Often the way they turn out is better than I would have orchestrated. They say God has a plan that is better than ours. So I need to look at this plateau from that angle. I need to recognize that this isn't a reason to quit. This is a chance to settle in and get comfortable with these new ways I'm acquiring, to really adopt them as my lifestyle. Not just try them on and run with them until I think I've gotten what I want out of them and then go back to the old ways. I've done that before and I know that is not the answer.

I know all this in my head, but my emotions aren't getting it. They want to go console themselves with a food treat. Well they are not winning this battle. I am going to wrap it up here and go find something productive to do. Tomorrow will come and tomorrow will be a better day if today I do what I know is the right thing.

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MARYLEE56 8/2/2012 12:31PM

    I know what you are going through. I do the exact same thing and its hard not to keep getting on the scale but its better if you can resist the temptation. Hang in there, it will start moving down in no time.

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CAGMUAHFO2 8/2/2012 11:16AM

    I completely understand where your coming from. I have lost my motivation lately. The scale when up 2 lbs for me and I gave up. I've been stuck like this for a few weeks now. But reading about someone else in the same slump and making it through it helps me to feel better. Thanks for the motivation. :)

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Learning to Like New Things

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If nothing changes, nothing changes...

We all know that is true so I'm trying to make some real changes to my eating habits. Things I've not done before, along with trying to get back to some of the basic changes that worked for me in the past that I've let fall by the wayside.

I like water and need to remember to drink more of it. I enjoy eating off a small plate. Its daintier and feels special and does minimize the tendency to overload portions.

And because it is summer I've been exploring vegetables. I've been having all fruit and vegetable lunches often and find that I really like this. Easier at this time of year when there are plenty of choices and its all fresh and grilled and yummy. Not so sure how that will go as we move out of the fresh produce season. I've been open minded about trying things like squash and found it was good. Of course that is when someone who knows what they are doing prepares it. I haven't mastered making these things quite as yummy on my own yet but I've been experimenting there also. I've found that using the variety of vinegars I've acquired from taprooms in our travels, I can make some really tasty variations on grilled and steamed veggies.

And I'm finding that I really can have just a taste or small amount of things like ice cream and candy and get my fill. I don't need to eat an entire bag of something or even a whole serving of something to get the satisfaction of having it.

So, this is where I am today. Making some little but important changes and seeing some good results. And I'm feeling like these changes are for the better. I'm not feeling like these are things that I am doing just because they are good for me or they are bringing off the weight. I really feel good about these changes and I like making them a part of my new lifestyle.


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