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Getting Back To 'Normal"

Friday, April 05, 2013

It's been over a month since my granny had her devastating stoke, and three weeks since she passed on. I miss her more that I can express. She was such a huge part of my life, it's almost like a part of me is missing. I know how much my granny loved me, and how important my health and happiness was to her. So I must pick back up where I left off many weeks ago, and return to a healthier lifestyle. I know I have it within me to take the journey, I just need to get back on the road! She will be so proud of me when I reach my goals!

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PATTYJ48 5/3/2014 7:29PM

    emoticon Diana--I am so sorry for your loss. I know you were so close to your grandmother. What a great photo of the two of you. I am here for you.

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LOOKINGUP2012 4/5/2013 2:56PM

    She looks so happy here with you. emoticon

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BIGDOG18 4/5/2013 10:43AM


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A Grandmother's Love

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can bring us the greatest joy. I never realized how comforting my grandma's voice was to me. And now I will probably never hear her sweet voice again, "Oh Diana, Diana! You make me laugh!" I will have to hear her in my memories of the countless times we have spent together. She suffered a severe stroke yesterday, and it took her voice along with most of the movement on her right side.

I am trying to stay strong and positive for her, but it is a challenge. I am reflecting on all the good times we've shared, all the long talks, even all of the short ones. I keep going back to last Tuesday when I skipped work to see her. As I was getting ready to leave for home, we were hugging good-bye and she said, "I'm so glad you came, you really made my day." Without hesitation, I responded to her, "Well Grandma, you really made my LIFE!" She laughed, we hugged tighter, and she said, "Oh, you're gonna make me cry!" That wasn't the last time I got the chance to talk to her, but it's a moment I am so grateful I didn't miss out on. I am trying to keep focused on the blessings, no matter how small, in this difficult time.

I have been so blessed to have her in my life, especially for this long, and in the health she has had up until now. No one will ever love me like my grandma does.

Her recovery is uncertain at this point, and she is still in danger of suffering another stroke. So me and my family are leaning on one another and helping her and eachother through this. It really brakes my heart that my vibrant and life loving grandma must bear this burden at the end of her life. Please keep her and my family in your prayers!

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LOOKINGUP2012 3/3/2013 7:27PM

    Lovely lady. I'm so glad you had that day too. I'm praying her speech will recover. I hope she can drink. Prayers are with you.

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It's gonna be a long week!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well, sometimes life throws you a few curves and you have to just roll with it. My beloved granny is still in the hospital. There is a surgeon coming to talk to her today about possible valve replacement, hers is narrowing. The interim boss at work is on a rampage, it feels like things are falling apart for him and he's scrambling to get it together. Makes things stressful for everyone else too! But I am trying to hold it together on my end. Continuing to track my food and exercise, still making it to the gym, and sparking every day. It's really a challenge when there is so much going on. But I know I need to take care of me first and foremost.

Time to get on the elliptical now before I shower and head up to the hospital to wait for the surgeon with my granny.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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KATES1970 2/27/2013 9:33PM

    Hope all works out well for your Grandma. Congratulations on keeping everything in balance with all that is going on. That is a lot to be proud of.

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SPARKLINGHOPE 2/26/2013 3:40PM

    emoticon best wishes!!

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MARY0825 2/26/2013 9:25AM

    Sending good thoughts for your granny and I know you can stick with your plan!

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DIANA3BANANA 2/26/2013 8:40AM

    Thanks everyone! emoticon

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GLORIAMAJDI 2/26/2013 8:38AM

    Don't let the stress get control, keep up the good work and take care of yourself! And remember, your health and your granny are more important than the job...just do the best that you can while you are are there and it will all work itself out!


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LOOKINGUP2012 2/26/2013 8:16AM

    Ugh! Work place stress is the worse. It's a major portion of the day. Prayers with you and Grandma.

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PICKIE98 2/26/2013 7:44AM

    Good for you for making you top priority. Granny would want it that way.. Stay healthy!

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BIGDOG18 2/26/2013 7:15AM


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SCRAPPINPOLLY 2/26/2013 7:13AM

    My thoughts are with you and your granny.

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GHOSTFLAMES 2/26/2013 7:01AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Thank You!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes! It really does mean so much to me. My granny got a room late last night after being all day in the ER department emoticon

Her vital signs are stable but she is still short of breath, even at rest. This worries me a lot. They will be doing some testing today, and hopefully we will have some answers soon.

I am going up to spend the day with her. Maybe I will get some good news. Thanks again!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOOKINGUP2012 2/23/2013 12:59PM


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ELRIDDICK 2/23/2013 8:26AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Prayers for my granny please!

Friday, February 22, 2013

I got a call from my grandma this morning at work. She doesn't usually call me at work unless something is wrong. She sounded short of breath, and said she was having trouble breathing, and that the veins in her neck looked 'like they are sticking out and puffy' She has been getting a lot of headaches too, and today was a bad one.

I called my uncle, and he came and took her to the ER. They are going to admit her to run some tests, she is just waiting on a room.

She is my rock and always has been. She is the love of my life. We are kindred spirits her and I. She is my special gal! We have always had a close and very special relationship. She would probably say the same thing about me.

I know she can't live forever, and I am so grateful that I have been blessed to have her with me this long. But I know there will come a day when she will be gone and I will have to learn to live without her. I don't think I will EVER be ready for that day, no matter how much I prepare myself. I know it's going to hit me like a ton of bricks, someone will have to scrape me up off of the floor.

So please say a prayer for my granny. I pray for her every day, but the more prayer, the better!

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LOOKINGUP2012 2/23/2013 9:26AM

    Praying for this dear woman and for you.

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GLORIAMAJDI 2/22/2013 7:54PM

    You are your grandma are both in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment edited on: 2/22/2013 7:54:49 PM

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MARYBETH4884 2/22/2013 6:44PM

    You got it! Grandmas are Precious!

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PICKIE98 2/22/2013 4:53PM

    I felt the same way about my only one.. I am adding her and the doc to my list. Hugs to you too!

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