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I was BAD BAD girl this weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I figured that if I blogged about the positive things I should be equally honest about the negative events. This weekend I was a bad girl. It didn't start out that way but it serves to teach you the importance of planning your meals and bringing lunch. ON friday I came to work with the intention of buying a salad for lunch but when I got there I found that a guy from my team had resigned effective immediately and that I was to take him to lunch. No prob I thought, I guess I could find somewhere healthy. Thought lost! We went to the nearby curry shop and I had mutton curry with rice and beans (with coconut milk) and coleslaw and fried plantains. Enough calories for about three weeks (LOL.) No prob.. they said to eat like a king at breakfast, a queen at lunch and a pauper for dinner so I would have salad for dinner. Well that was not to be! That evening I went to the supermarket and found that they had white yam. I LOVE YAM! Did I say how much I love d YAM? Well I bought the fruit but I also bought yam saying it would be used for my complex carb. Yeah right ! I cooked that baby on friday night and mashed it with some water and a little butter. I then grilled some shrimp and prepared my husbands dinner. ( No the yam and shrimp were not for him... he doesn't like them.) No you dont have to ask. I ate yam and shrimp for dinner and if you know anything about yam then you know I was weighted down like crazy. SOLID!

Saturday I had some left over mashed yam and so I added it to a can of tuna (in water) and that was lunch ( woke too late for breakfast.) A bad start will lead to a worst ending so I ate some grilled octopus (not nice... I really miss octopus from home) and to make me feel better I has a starbucks frappacino (got a gift certificate from work) and an ice cream to round thing out. I skipped dinner but I did have some cheese and gluten free bread sticks and ate two oranges.

The pig fest continued on Sunday when I cooked some more shrimp for me and some gluten free pasta with vegetables for lunch. I added some fruit and prunes and continued to snack on gluten free bread sticks and cheese. By dinner I was tire of eating so I had two boiled eggs.

Well today my stomach is saying enough is enough. No exercise and all of this crap for food is not acceptable so I am trying to lighten the load. I had a salad for lunch. ( I added some greasy fries because I yielded to temptation) and have been drinking a lot of hot water to settle my stomach. I have to stop this self abuse.

Tonight I will continue my research on colon class and slimming tea... anything to lighten the load!

The one thing I have learnt from this exercise (event may be a better word) is that having fell of the wagon I can get back on up there. Failure like success is a habit. Continuing to do the wrong thing is staying with the bad habit. You need to change to create the new habit and if you fall of once in a while, get back up and get back on. Only you can determine which habit wins in the end; success or failure. I am betting on success so tonight I will look to eat like a pauper. LOL


If at first I dont succeed, I need to try and try again!

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DHINDS2 1/23/2012 5:29PM

    Thanks. Your comments really give me food for thought (good ones.) I agree with not purchasing the items in the first place but with respect to the yam, given my gluten indolence it is one of my alternate low glycemic carbs but maybe if I had put away the excess I would not have fallen so far off of the wagon. That however is no excuse for all of the other rubbish I bought this weekend so not purchasing items is excellent advice and a good wagon rail.

Guess I need those wagon rails after all. LOL

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BLUE42DOWN 1/23/2012 4:13PM

    Some thoughts for the future.

One comes from the Daily Spark blog author for The Biggest Loser. "You can't eat what you don't buy." Before it's prepared and on its way to your mouth is the best time to stop.

Tied in with that is searching for what triggers lay behind the buying and eating events. The thoughts did pop up in there to pick healthy options. What caused those thoughts to be ignored? Stresses? Cravings?

A couple come from Beth Donovan, aka ~INDYGIRL.

First is (paraphrased): "If your car gets a flat tire, do you go around and pop all the other tires?" Related to eating, when you fall off the wagon initially, the time to get back on it isn't after breaking the wheels, miring it in mud, and going 15 miles back in the direction you started from. It's immediately.

Second one is from one of her blogs (again paraphrased): "I had to get rid of the wagon." Another Sparker had a similar concept saying "Put the guard rails on your wagon." Basically, don't make falling off the wagon the easy thing to do. Put protections in place. Get rid of the wagon by making any change to how you eat something you can live with permanently.


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Training for the Half Marathon

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Monday we began our training for the half marathon and for one moment I had a doubt as to my sanity. We planned to run from downtown Nassau from the Central Bank to Goodmans' Bay looping through Arawak Cay. I estimated that the distance there and back was about 6.5 miles. The run there was not bad and as it was only a little over the three miles it was very doable but the way back against the head wind coming of the sea was not easy. My colleague could not run back so we decide to walk and run back as by now it was dark and even though I felt that I could run a longer distance I believe on the Motto-- No man left behind so we walk and run together. we did it all in a little over an hour and forty mins but I FEEL GOOD!

Today is a light day. we run about a mile to the Fort do some light exercises and com back to the office. On wednesday we do a another 5 k over to paradise island and back and then we lighten it up again. I am hoping that by June we can run 10 -13 miles. Come on the journey with us. We would love to have you.

Thanks for your encouraging words BHSUZYCUE. I hope that one of these days I too can say I am training for me second half marathon. Take care and all the best. Let us know how the training is going. It make me feel inspired to know that there are others walking this same road.



I did it - My first 5k- Fat girls can run.

Monday, January 16, 2012

On Saturday morning I joined hundreds of persons downtown Nassau Bahamas to walk/run the Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure. No matter how much your prepare you are likely to forget something and this time I forgot my Ipod with my music to get me over the hurdles. But the devil is a liar and I intended to run every step so I mentally prepare myself to run without the music and that I could do it. The crowd was large and everyone was in their pink and white and excited to share in the cause. The route ran from St. Matthews Church up over the Paradise Island bridge down past Atlantis hotel made a loop and passed Atlantis down to Ocean Club.

I positioned myself near the middle as I wanted to run the race not walked but I knew that I would not be one of the 5 minute milers.. in fact my intended pace was much closer to a 14 minute mile. Off went the starter's gun and the crown rushed forward and I decided to jog around the edge to that I would not get trapped. Well the fast runners passed me. The fast walkers passed me and even the babies in their prams passed me. Each time someone overtook me I wondered if I shouldn't just walk this thing as I was sure I could walk faster than I could run but the devil is a liar and my promise was to run each step of the way and so I continued along. At some point when even the old seventy year old man in his bright yellow shirt passed me I said that fat girls weren't meant to be runners and then I realised that I was still running this thing so maybe fat girls could be runners. Well me and my old knees made it to the finish line in 43 mins and we ran every step. The best feeling was realising that I wasn't winded and that I could have ran for a lot longer. To warm down I walked back over the bridge then to downtown to catch the bus home ( the hubby was home sleeping.) I was so proud of me. My knees hurt, my inner thighs were sore but I was smiling like a cheshire cat.

Next year this same time I will be running the 1/2 marathon... ten more miles than I did on Saturday so today, Monday begins my training and now I know for sure that fat girls can run.... we just have to pace ourselves.

By the way. I weighed in today and I am now 209 on a full stomach. At this rate I may lose this 50lbs by the end of the year. LOL

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DONGINZU 1/18/2012 9:10AM

    I did my first 5k (also a Komen Race for the Cure) this past October as a new, fat runner. Congratulations! It's a great accomplishment and you're right to be proud of yourself!! I only started running in August ... and I am now also training for my first HM, this May. I am slower than slow, but the way I see it is the only person I am racing is myself (and the liar in my head telling me I can't do this).

One step at a time ... one day at a time ... one mile at a time! Best of luck in your journey. You're going to have a fabulous trip! :)

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DHINDS2 1/17/2012 2:24PM

    Thanks everyone for your comments. It feels so good to have the support of the spark family.

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BHSUZYCUE 1/16/2012 9:48PM

    A big emoticon to you. Fat girls certainly CAN run - I am living proof. I'm training for my second half-marathon as we speak.

You GO, girl! emoticon emoticon

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REAH_EVANIER 1/16/2012 8:56PM

  Yay! Way to go sticking it out all the way to the end of the race! Congratulations and keep it up.

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BLUE42DOWN 1/16/2012 4:21PM


What a emoticon feeling!


The difference between walking, jogging and running is not nearly as much about the speed as some things (like the mileage tracker) seem to think. There's a very different body motion - how the feet contact the ground, whether the torso is upright or leaning forward, and more. So we can be a "very slow" runner, but it's definitely not a fast walk.

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MSRESA8401 1/16/2012 3:42PM

    Congrats to you on your accomplishment!!!!
I am so proud of you!!! emoticon

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Three days to Go - My first 5K

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maybe after Saturday january 14, 2012 I will be able to say that I am a runner but today I feel like a winner. I remember when I indicated that I wanted to run the 5K. Back then I was lucky if could run for three minutes without dying but it is true that practice make perfect. On December 31, 2011 I was able to run for 45 minutes on the treadmill, that is about 45 more minutes than I could when I stated. LOL. It was for about 3.1 mile or a 5K and it was amazing. I could not believe I had done it. By January 5, 2012 I was able to run the same distance in 42 minutes. The race is on saturday but whatever the out come I am a WINNER! Going to change into my running clothes now as I have to keep my training up. Don't forget join me in the Race for the Cure on Saturday January 14, 2012 at 7 am eastern time. It is in the Bahamas but you can join me virtually. Let us do this! emoticon

Just a quick note...I just got back from training with my work colleagues and I ran for the 45 mins for the first time on the road as opposed to the treadmill. It is a lot more work but it feels great. My song list... I just moved to the rhythm of the Black Eyed Peas and I was good to go. After the 5 K my next goal is to train for the half Marathon in January 2013 so by June I need to be able to run for 7-8 miles straight.

I weighted in this morning and I am still a stubborn 210 lbs. I feel smaller but the scale remains the same. My short term goal is to break the 200lb mark by Feb 14 2012. My gift of love to myself. I will let you know how that turns out. lol

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DHINDS2 1/11/2012 4:50PM


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TIFFY0906 1/10/2012 7:04PM

    emoticon on your upcoming 5K - I'm sure you will do well.

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I can't find my body at all

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We did it. at 5 pm we changed into our work out clothes and started the training for the 5 k. we ran from downtown nassau to fort charlotte- maybe about 2 miles. Road running is very different to running on a treadmill. I am still tired thinking about it. My knees hurt, my legs hurt, my waist hurst and I think even my nose hurt but I feel GREAT. I forgot how good getting out side and exercising could feel; the people on the road who congratulate you telling you to keep it up, the feel of the breeze in your face and just the feeling for freedom as the stress levels fall. I can't wit to do it again

PS. Silly me. I felt so good that I felt I lost a 100 lbs in one run and as soon as I went home I tried on all of the clothes that were to small. Guess what! They were still too small. The only thing I seem to have lost was my common sense. LOL But by the time I got to bed, my body was so aching was hoping to find my common sense and lose my body instead. lol

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DJ4HEALTH 11/29/2011 10:10PM

    emoticon emoticon

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JANEMAR2 11/29/2011 4:18PM

    Congratulations on a great workout. I am on week 4 of Couch to 5K and I wish I had started it earlier. I love running outside rather than the treadmill, but it is going to get too cold here soon.


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TIFFY0906 11/29/2011 2:59PM

    emoticon on having a good workout. Sometimes having a good workout make you feel like you not only lost a lot of weight but that you can also conquer the world. Keep it up and you will soon be in those too small clothes.

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