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Interesting Reading and a Pat on the Back

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pat on the Back
Eating-wise today was a good day. I discovered that McCanns Irish oats doesn't cause any sensitivity for me and that6 I can use just one package of the instant oats for breakfast and I am good to go. I also found some nice recipes for steel cut oats and as I have some gluten free steel cut oats I am going to try some of the recipes as a substitute for rice.

If that is wasn't good enough I had a large salad for lunch with a small amount of left over salmon. I had crumbled some feta cheese on top so no need t use a salad dressing and for a snack I will have a piece of chicken.

If only I remain a good girl at dinner tonight then I would have achieved some success.

I was researching facial hair and female pattern hair loss and came upon a website that I found very interesting reading. It makes me feel ike there is some hope. This feeling of hope grew as I read the sparkteam page "PCOS and Losing Weight" and saw are post by a member. The post was inspiring but the real motivator was seeing that she has lostabout40 pounds. That just reminded me that it could be done. For that ERICACEAE, thank you!


Time to face the Music

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ON April 7 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. What does that mean I asked my doctor. She indicated that my thyroid was inactive and hence my metabolic rate was slow (what else is new) and it may also explain why I was feeling tired, the slight swelling of my feet and feelings of listlessness. Well will medication help, I wondered. Yes to a point she said, but it may take a while for us to get your dosage correct and some people advise that they do not see immediate weight loss. Wow just my luck. I have PCOS and am gluten intolerant and now this. Welcome to my pity party.

Well I wallowed in in for over two weeks. It was as good as any excuse to eat chocolate seeing as I couldn't eat cake. It was good wile it lasted not for my hips though) but the time has come to pull my act together and get a focus on my life. Over three years ago I was discovered that I was gluten intolerant and although difficult I learned to adapt. After that this should be easy. I know that I will have a higher tendency to diabetes and high cholesterol and I will have a hard time losing weight. "What is new that was true with the PCOS so there is no need to wallow. You just need to get your plan of attack together!" At least that was what I said to myself. Easier said than done but yeah it sounds good. LOL

I have done my reading... I will need to follow a Low GI diet, lots of water, more vegetables ( but be careful of soy, cabbage, broccoli etc) lean protein.. in other words do the things I know I need to. Get off the couch feeling sorry for myself and do some sort of exercise... walk, dance go to the gym something, anything but get moving and introduce a more active outlook. Get some movement everyday as that was what the body was created to do.

Today I started by eating carrots for a snack , a salad for lunch and getting in my glasses of water and going for a walk. Tomorrow I go to a zumba class...

Who knows, soon I will not just be facing the music maybe I will be singing the tune.



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