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Counting Down

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Today; I realized just how close I am to my "graduation" with the P90X program. My official graduation is March 6th!

I realized that being that close meant that in order to get the results I REALLY want; meant that I had to push myself HARDER.

People often say, "I gave it my all." I questioned this with myself...."Did I REALLY give it my all?" I soon realized that I was working hard; but NOT fully applying myself 110%. This extra 10% effort is NEEDED to get to my goals.

So when I wanted to be lazy today due to the weather and the cold; I got dressed in my workout stuff; put the DVD in; and gave it 120%.

Doing this at every workout EVEN beyond "graduation" is going to allow me to maintain what I have worked so hard for.

So next time you are working out; ask yourself the same question, "Am I REALLY giving it 110%?" BE HONEST so your Fit-N-Journey is as successful as you want it to be. YOU CAN DO IT!


The Benefits of Being Consistent

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exercise provides many great benefits. Keep in mind the results are often seen weeks or even months after you begin.

When you are consistent:

* Your metabolism speeds up to allow for weight loss
* Your body will adjust to the stress of exercise and you’ll feel more rejuvenated
* Your immune system improves to help prevent sickness
* Your strength and endurance improves, making exercise (and daily tasks) easier
* Your mood and energy levels stabilize throughout the day
* You sleep better at night
* You look and feel better!

Consistently building new habits can lead to personal breakthroughs that wouldn't have otherwise happened.

Some tips to staying consistent:

Never tell yourself “I’m not motivated.”

Build momentum one step at a time.

Always have a plan B.

So take that first step. And then another. And another....

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” - Author Unknown



Sunday, January 02, 2011

It is officially the end 2010. What a perfect time to write another note about my FitNess Journey.

I started my journey in April of 2010 and what a journey it has been, and continues to be. I was never involved in any type of sports and was severely out of shape. I was beginning a journey towards being overweight. I just racked up my thoughts as I was going into my mid forties and it was just part of "aging"; and had not even remotely given any thoughts to a "exercise program". However, I did start to feel very depressed and hated my body. Fortunately, I did find a small goal - to look "good" in a bikini for my upcoming trip to Orlando.

So at last I "started". Or at least that is what I told myself. I did the bare minimum and said it was good enough. I went on my trip, wore my bikini but realized I was lying to myself about how good I looked. It was time to change and get real about my fitness and my eating habits.

I came home with a refreshed mind and a new passion to give my fitness journey a fighting chance. I could have just given up and stopped right then and there. But I chose not to stop, instead I chose to fight and work harder to change. Was it easy? No.

I changed my daily eating habits, and scheduled time each day to workout. I did not "just do it" anymore. I listened to what was being said by the instructors and did what they said. I started paying closer attention to labels on the foods I was about to ingest. I put it all together and worked out 5 - 6 days a week. When I worked out, I pushed harder and harder always remembering my goals. When I did not feel like working out, I did it anyways. I rescheduled my life to include fitness. I stopped buying the junk when I went grocery store and started to learn about what foods were good for my body to incorporate mindful and healthy eating.

It has been 9 months since I started this journey and I have learned so much along the way. I am working out to P90X and by pushing that play button at 5:00 AM; I can honestly say that for the first time in years - I LIKE what I see in the mirror. My body is responding to the workouts and changing - eliminating the years of building fat. I have muscles where I didn't even know they existed. I like what I see now.

Along with the positive body image, I have also obtained a joyful inner being along this journey as well. I feel good inside of my heart, soul and mind. I can honestly say I don't think I have felt this alive inside since I was a kid. Being fit on the outside, brings along a fit of my mind as well. I am very proud of myself and what I changed and become with this journey. I like me again.

"Pushing Play", "Rev'ing It Higher", and "Bringing It" are the BEST things I have for myself in years. Now I am paying it forward to those I love and reaching out to others to help them obtain success with their fitness journey's as well - including children. Our children need this! If not, they will be the first group to age the most unhealthy of any generation. It is time to change.

Who would have known nine months ago that this GREAT JOURNEY would evolve into such a positive way? It is perfect and I would not have it any other way.

I would also like to take the time to thank my boyfriend, my daughters, my brother, my sista, my family and my friends for supporting me. I know the support you all have given me as provided me more opportunities to continue my journey. Thank You So Much!!!!

You can have all this too, don't put it off or making excuses any longer - get up and get moving is all it takes!!!

Find me on Facebook at D's FitNess-Motivation-N-More and online at http://beachbodycoach.com/dfiacco713

Here's to a Successful YOU in 2011 and beyond.

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Our Fit-N-Journey

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Since April of 2010 I have not only lost 27 pounds and so many inches that I wear a size 0 – but I have also gained knowledge of mindful and healthy eating among other “habits”.

I get a lot of comments on my body image now. I love it and I love how I feel. It has almost become an addiction because I now understand the importance of this journey.

However, it must be said that I have not been alone in my journey. Others have watched, congratulated and encouraged – but there is one person I am most thankful that has been witness to the journey. That person is my 9-year-old daughter.

She has watched me from the day I bought my new bikini for our vacation until now as I continue along my journey. She has seen me sweat, dance, crunch, push since that first day. She has also seen me when I just didn’t feel like exercising to complaining about my sore muscles, knees and more. She has seen me “push play” even on those days.

She joins in our aerobic/dance style class and recently started biking alongside of me when I go jogging (yes sometimes jog and workout both on the same day). She joins me with Hip-Hop Abs workouts – modifying where she needs to (and I encourage of course). She has recently started her own “fitness” quest using her jump rope.

I have been teaching her along my – now OUR journey in regards to being active and healthy/mindful eating. She reads the nutrition labels while grocery shopping with me. She is really “GETTING IT”. She is mindful of the junk she is turning away instead of eating. She is mindful of the over “Healthy Life Style”. That is where it begins and she completely understands that!

It didn’t really dawn on me just how much she has been paying attention until one night when I was teaching her the breathing technique during our “dance workout”. She asked me how to a flat stomach like me. Of course I re-iterated what we have been learning; and simply stated the biggest thing is to “get up and get moving” and the rest falls into place.

Together with my girly-girl we have launched a Face Book Page geared to educating parents and their children - Fit-N-Me-Mommy. She helps me with postings and I have no doubt that at some point she will become the “admin” and take over the page. She knows so much already, I am certain she can share and teach just as much as her Mommy-Coach.

I am happy to know she is started so young because she will not become a number in the “obesity” studies. We are together – her and I on our Fit-N-Journey and sharing with others as best as we know how to encourage the same! What a gift it is!!!

Side note: she wants to participate in challenges we are incorporating on Face Book as well…Mommy said, “it takes commitment, as long as you can commit – you can go for it!” (modifying of course…)



Sunday, December 12, 2010

From April 2010 to today:

Chest = 33" = Minus 4"

Right/Left Arm = 10 1/2" = Minus 5" (total of each arm)

Waist = 27" = Minus 9"

Hips = 32" = Minus 6"

Right/Left Thigh = 19 1/2" = Minus 3" (total of each leg)

Total FAT inches gone: 27"

Weight = 115 Lbs. = Minus 27 pounds

How'd I do it? I had all the elements:


And hence....I move forward continually PUSHING PLAY!!!

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