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To become a phoenix plan - phase ?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Insights:

*** The more I succeed, the harder life comes down on me. I feel like the past week has been a storm of emotions and flip flopping between AH HA! YES! to completely overwhelmed and I can't seem to handle any stress. And I know that I am finally reaching a point in my journey that I was always afraid to go but it is still just the beginning. I am kind of excited that I am here but worried because I feel like the imaginary noose around my neck is so tight I just want to hide but I can't. I must keep going.

*** I recorded Change your life, change your brain by Dr. Daniel Amen from PBS and can you believe I actually missed sections? How did that happen? I swear it is like the universe is saying, here is the next level, you are ready for this ---- Fly. I am noticing other things too and some I am like okay, I heard this before but it is finally grabbing me. But I am also running into experiences and wisdom that I should have experienced before but it is coming to me in weird odd ways....

emoticon My Plan emoticon

Drink Water
Brain is 80% water
Drink 1 bottle of lemon water
Eat Breakfast
Make Healthy Smoothie
----add fish oils(1-2g), flax, coconut oil.....
----whey protein and fruit???
High Quality Lean Protein through out day
(Broccoli, Spinach, Nuts, Fish, Beans)

Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables 7-10 and more veges
Try to limit lunch to 350 calories ish

Eat Frequently
Eat 30% less - don't overeat - just watch / track
Keep Blood Sugar Balanced
Stress Management Program
Limit Wheat Gluten
Cut Artificial Sweeteners
Write the benefits of good food and think on it
Massage Lymphatic System


For Impulse and Compulsion Control:
Boost serotonin - 5HTP
Boost dopamine - Green tea

For Sad Eating:
Vitamin D3
Fish Oil

For Anxiety Eating:

Track food
Take supplements
7-8 hours of sleep

Keep adding green leafys

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ANGELLYBELLY 6/18/2010 12:33AM

    Aweeesome plan.
Very similar to what I"m striving for.. I may have to take notes.
I went grain free (not for the first time) on my Doc's recommendation..and automatically that dramatically increased my fiber (I used to never reach 25g a day and now I"m always over!) and my protein which I struggled to get enough of before.
I'm feeling full of energy like never before.

I start my day with a morning "power shake": Almond milk (unsweetened), frozen berry mix, flax meal, super green powder.
I'm also going to add fish oil and an anti-inflamatory powder (high in antioxidants).

I love your 'Plan of attack' for each type of behavioral eating.


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KATELOSS2009 6/17/2010 10:25PM

    GREAT plan!! I love it!

and when the Universe says, "GO! You can DO it!" you should listen.


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SHERYLP461 6/16/2010 10:53PM

    It sounds like a great plan. You can do it!

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Erica's Aura Picture & Mini Mini Reading

Monday, June 07, 2010

~~ I have an exciting and creative future ahead of me. Orange is a mixture of active red and intellectual yellow. I will feel confidence and personal power begin and finally complete projects which interest me.

~~ Now is time to promote creative ideas and inspiration.

My Color Sign is Orange
My Left and Right sides are Balanced
My Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Chakras need some balancing and energy
My Solar could use some work.
My Root and Sacral are really good.

All my chakras had the color of orange/red.

RED: Vital, Extroversion, Likes Challenges
ORANGE: active intelligence, very creative, self-confident person
VIOLET: Spiritual, mysterious, intuitive, imaginative

The guy said that I have everything I need to create the life I want.
I have to work on finding a medium and a voice and doing it.

It was really cool and for nothing else reaffirmed me.

I asked him if it was bad that I didn't have lots of colors. He said No, this is your color sign.
You have an amazing energy **BEAMS***

It was weird because he wasn't just a picture. They put your hands on these hand sensors too!

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DEVOTEEOFISET 6/16/2010 8:53PM

    Jackie! I totally see you with a golden aura!!!

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FINDINGMYWAY09 6/15/2010 8:18PM

    i was told once I have a golden aura!

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    I love aura readings and that is a great one...yay for warm colors and the power they hold. :)

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DEVOTEEOFISET 6/8/2010 11:46AM

    It is a polaroid type picture. But you where a black robe if you have multi colored clothes on and then you put your hands on these energy sensors to read your magnetic field or something.

There are many reasons she probably said yours wasn't for reading. Maybe she couldn't read it, I think I heard that sometimes you will have multiple colors and if you get a healing and get the picture taken again, you see a difference, from what I saw at the place. So maybe she could see a lot of healing you needed and didn't want to make a judgement call, so many reasons...

I feel like I went through so much and now I see this positivity coming and I am not sure I am up for it. I mean I am gonna try but lol... I know a lot of hard work is needed and I am slowly accepting and incorporating that.


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SASSISPRING 6/7/2010 7:19PM

    I've seen folks at trade shows lining up for these but never had any interest in it myself. Interesting how the photo turns out, so how was that done? I take it's not a standard camera right? Positive reading, very cool. I worked with someone who said she saw auras. She read everyone's aura but mine. She said that mine wasn't for reading, whatever that meant and that it was all in fun anyhow. Couple other folks at work tried to talk her into telling me but she evaded. Not sure why, never did find out. Ah well. Kinda fun and cool that you got the positive reading eh. :)

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Out of the comfort zone into the fire.

Monday, June 07, 2010

I can't tell you how many zones I worked on this weekend.

~~ Leaving work with work incomplete
~~ Knowing I didn't meet my goals but went to an event anyway.
~~ Making a hard phone call
~~ Driving into the city and fighting rush hour traffic
~~ Instead of rushing and giving up Erica experience/time, I let go of the need and went on my time in my time and trusted everything will be okay and it was. (did this x3)
~~ Went to this event, I met at least 5 people and at least 1 I will keep in touch with. (we are going to the next event together!!)
~~ Ate alone at a restaurant
~~ participated in my first auction
~~ had a ghost experience and spoke up to ZAK (giggles)
~~ followed instinct all weekend, pretty good
~~ hung out all by myself in pitch black and did some ghost hunting
~~ Was really depressed about being fat meeting ZAK. FLIPPED THE SWITCH ALMOST IMMEDIATELY (AND THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE WEEKEND ) ---- Used this to propel me through the summer!!!


The whole weekend was an experience for me in almost every moment. I feel like I am working out some core issues!!!

I even sat down with this guy who takes Aura pictures and gives you reading. He said everything I already know and it reaffirmed my path. And the cool thing is my printout which he didn't read re-reaffirmed it all.

I also shared with him some feelings I had that I never really shared with anyone other than some besties.

I also decided to do more ghost hunting and went looking for meetup groups and joined.
I am out to do as many things as possible and meeting as many people as possible!!!

Aura and Ghost Hunt Blogs to Follow......

EDIT: OMG! Right before I got up I had the most magical dream EVER!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GRYFFINSONG 6/7/2010 11:31PM

    That's absolutely fabulous!!!


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Practice makes Better.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Since listening to Anthony Robbins, I have been trying to carry with me a new mindset of flow and bringing forth and being connected. I am worth it. I am beautiful. I am smart and funny and creative. Now I have to work through the issues, create a healthy body and find my purpose in life. Live my passion and purpose and find a new YES!

Work is stressful. I went to work at 630 an every 1.5 yesterday because I was taking a half day.
I will go in another 1.5 on monday because I took time off. I am going to push in all areas of my life and try to make this work.

This weekend is the Ghost Hunt with the Ghost Adventures Team and other notables. My goal was to be THINNER by now. If you don't know the crew is YUMMY! And I really don't carry weight well at all. And recently I have seen the worst pictures of myself. BIG HUGE THINGS! But I decided a few days ago, this is a lesson and reflection on the goals and choices I make as well as discipline and commitment. And I am not going to marry any one of these guys it doesn't matter what they think of me. I am here to EXPERIENCE AND GROW AND EXPAND. (LOL NOT LITERALLY )

I kicked butt at work and just hope the poop doesn't hit the fan while I am gone.
I know I have a tough road ahead with that and I am going to just relax. I need to recoup.
I need to keep centered. I will get healthy. I will one day walk into a room and feel sexy and self assured.

I feel great! I stepped out of my comfort zone so many times on Wednesday and Thursday. I drove into the city and allowed a valet to take my car, I had to play road warrior and fight the traffic, I went and am going to this event ALONE! I made friends the first night. I held my own and keep my morale high even though I felt like a sweaty sausage.

Tonight, I am going to win a semi private ghost hunt. I am going to have a blast. I am going to be awesome. I am going to rock!

What ever is to be, will be. I am rolling with the universe.
When this is over, I will remember and keep rocking!!!

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MELA1953 6/4/2010 2:25PM

    Anthony Robbins rocks!!! I have one of his systems and, when I followed it, it was awesome! Have fun on your ghost hunt.

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KATELOSS2009 6/4/2010 12:31PM

    very cool!! we all need reality checks now and then, but it sounds like you're taking this one and grabbing hold of what you need to make it work.


(and enjoy the yummies this weekend... LOL... looking never hurt...)


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    Have a GREAT TIME and make sure to give a full report. Sounds like fun! Great attitude!

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The Tony Robbins Value Train ~ chugga chugga choo choo

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I love personality tests and the like. I like to see myself from another view. Just something to think about and question against. How often can you sit down with your best girlfriends and get a real critique --- or a boyfriend/spouse and not be offended.

This one measures 7 dimensions of motivation -- HOW COOL IS THAT? AND HOW NEEDED...

My summary:

This reading breaks down each section into general traits, key strengths, motivational insights, and then sums it up with training insights and continual improvement insights...
Some of mine below.

Aesthetic: a drive for balance, harmony and form
High - Strong advocate for protecting personal time and space.
** Don't allow others to overuse or abuse your creative nature
**Make sure environment allows for creative expression
**Needs to remember that sometimes function is all there is time for or all that is needed

Economic: a drive for economic or practical returns.
Low - Team player, puts others before self (LOL)
** Avoid mundance tasks
** Tends to overcommit
**Get training on the profit motivation and revenue awareness

Indiviudalistic - a drive to stand out as independent and unique.
Very High
**Accepts struggle and hard work

Political - a drive to be in control or have influence
High - able to take credit / blame with the "buck stops here" attitude
**May show impatience
**May project a high sense of urgency which may also translate to some as high intensity - LOL ALWAYS

Altruistic - a drive for humanitarian efforts
Low - guards trust level as not to get burned
**Strong survivor in chaotic situations
**bottom-line approach
**Very guarded at first
**Can be seen as self-centered

Regulatory - a drive to establish order, routine, and structure
High - strong preference for following systems or creating them
**Put things in writing

Theoretical - a drive for knowledge, learning and understanding
High - very interested in understanding all aspects of a situation/subject
**Keep learning
**Gets bogged down in details
**Needs coaching in time management LOL
**a tendency to wait on some projects

This is 21 pages of some great information. Some is already known but it brings out some clear points to pat yourself on the back and areas of problems right there in black and white.
Obstacles to your success.

Again, I don't know if I am ready or what but I am jonesing on the Anthony Robbins. lol..
It is my chocolate replacement.

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    I try the mensa puzzle books and lots of reading. I might not get many of them right but I try and my brain smokes just trying to figure them out!! lol :) Also they have brain training exercise games on my phone I do those when I am bored.

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KAYWEB555 6/1/2010 11:52PM

    That was intersting thanks for sharing.
Oh by the way do you do anything for exercising your brain? I use the wonderful Sudoku Puzzles a couple a day to expand the mind and give it exercise just as the muscle of the body need exercise. Good luck on you jorney!

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