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The Dawning of a New Day?

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

When do you consider it a new day? After you've slept for a certain number of hours? Or do you just go by the time? When does our body consider it a new day?

Now, I know that those questions sound like the beginning of a blog that's going to give you an answer but it's not. I really do want to know, lol.

I work graveyard and I'm having trouble determining when I should begin my new day when it comes to tracking my fitness and food. I don't sleep for a long enough period of time for me to make it a definitive answer. I get home in the morning but I only sleep for about four hours before I have to be back up again and then I go back to sleep in the evening but it's only for another 2 hours (if I'm lucky) before I have to be up for work.

So I'm wondering when I should count it as a new tracking day.. After Midnight or after I sleep in the morning?



Monday, April 01, 2013

We're (the family) trying to eat healthier and that includes eating more fish. The problem is, I only like two kinds of fish - shrimp and tilapia. Now, with shrimp, I only like it in pastas; I can't stand it by itself or without heavy flavoring like tomato sauce or alfredo. so that's not so healthy but we've found a couple ways to cook tilapia that are relatively healthy and are delicious so that's good. I realize that tilapia probably isn't the best fish out there, but I like it best because it doesn't have a strong fishy taste to it. Now if only there was a way to buy A LOT without spending $50, lol.

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    Talapia is one of my favorite fishes, too. Wish it was one of the cold-water fish oils fish, but ... Sigh, no. emoticon

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NIKKICOLE83 4/1/2013 2:29PM

    If you like tilapia, you will probably like Mahi Mahi, Whiteing, and Walleye. One of my favorite preparations for fish is to roast it in a parchment bag. Here is a quick recipe:

Tilapia in a Bag

Two filets tilapia
1 cup broccoli
2 small red potatoes, quartered
Red bell pepper, sliced
1 lemon, sliced into 1/2 inch circles
White wine
1 Tb minced garlic
2 tsp cayenne pepper
black pepper and salt to taste
Olive oil, drizzle

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut a piece of parchment paper about 12 inches long. Drizzle with olive oil. Spread the oil about two inches from parchment edge. Place all veggies on paper. Top veggies with tiliapia filets. Drizzle fish with white wine and press minced garlic into fish. Sprinkle 1 tsp. cayenee pepper on each filet. Season with a little salt and pepper. Place lemon slices on fish. Cover with parchment paper and work around edges of paper rolling both pieces until you have formed a pouch. Cut two slits on top to vent. Place in 400 degree oven and allow to cook for 20-25 minutes.

You can make this recipe with any fish and even with skewers of shrimp! It is a little spicy. If you don't like spicy, you can replace the cayenne pepper with lemon pepper.

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LAST20FORME 4/1/2013 2:28PM

    Did you ever try salmon patties? You buy a can of salmon and mix it with a little bread crumbs, and other things you like. I mix with sauteed onions, garlic powder and one half raw egg per patty. Then saute in olive oil on both sides and you can finish off in the oven. You can make it into a sandwich or eat it as a main course with sides.

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Trying to Push Harder

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So, I'm going to try to push myself hard than I have been the past month. Our family vacation is coming up as is my birthday (St. Patrick's Day) and I don't want to feel like I do (a whale compared to everyone else) during either of those times.

I could really use some help staying motivated and going, though, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've tried to push myself benefited and have always failed to stay on track, so if anyone could help me with that, I'd REALLY appreciate it.


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TRACYLYNN853 3/12/2013 12:56AM


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Food Tracker

Saturday, February 23, 2013

You know, I'm sure that the food tracker is a good tool but I've found that I can't use it. The main reason for that is because I tend to starve myself just to make sure that my calories stay under the limit. :/ It's not good but the it is and so that's why I don't track my food. Just an FYI ;)


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PURPLE180 2/23/2013 9:43PM

    I track my food at emoticon but I find tracking here to be a bit too difficult and time consuming. Plus, on when you track your workouts and your food it adjust your calories for the day so the more calories you burn the more you are allowed to use. I only track on mfp, I do not use it as I do SparkPeople for support, motivation and etc. but I have found it to be a good tool to track my food intake. Best wishes.

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KANATAGIRL 2/23/2013 9:10PM

    I had a tendency to use the tracker very little myself. Problem is that when I skimped to stay in the low end or even less I not only ended up starving myself, I wasn't losing weight after a while. It wasn't until I ate a little more that I started losing weight regularly again, so be careful. emoticon

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

As promised, here is my official "Goals" blog post...

My main goals are simple - I want to get healthy and look healthy. As for how to get there, well that's a bit more complex.

Right now my nutrition goals are about as simple as my main goals. I am trying to cut out one quarter of the junk food in my life. For me, that's a fair portion because I LOVE my junk food. As of today I haven't had any soda in two weeks and for the most part it's been pretty okay to do without it. There have been times when I've been tempted but it's mainly when I've been out and getting something to eat and since I mostly stay at home with my boys, I don't do that a lot. Now, however, it's hard to ignore the soda in our kitchen (we recently had a birthday party for my eldest son's birthday and so we bought a couple cases for that occasion). Still, I'm holding strong and haven't touched any. Instead I've been supplementing with Crystal Light (Cherry Limeade or Raspberry Lemonade) and water flavored with orange slices or cucumber slices. I've also been eating more berries (Strawberries and Blueberries), oranges, and salads to help increase my vegetable and fruit intake. I prefer veggies and fruits raw so I'm taking advantage of that.

I'm going to the gym six times a week. Well, I was and then I got a chest cold that made it hard to breathe and so I haven't been in a week and I'm DYING to go back; tonight in fact, lol. Thankfully my gym has a pool and so I'm planning on swimming tonight instead of doing my usual weights-then-elliptical/treadmill workout. I've been told that it's a full-body workout but I've only felt it in my lungs and my arms and those two parts could definitely use the strengthening.

As my body gets used to the changes, I'll definitely be upgrading my nutrition and physical fitness plans but if there's anything I've learned over the past few years of trying to lose weight it's that I need to learn the meaning of "baby steps" and take things slowly.

Wish me luck! And if you want to be my personal cheerleaders and let me do the same for you, let me know!


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DESERTDREAMERS 2/20/2013 10:23AM

    emoticon go, Grrl!

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INGBADEN 2/19/2013 8:51PM

    Great goals

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AURORAMILLET 2/19/2013 6:32PM

    I wish you luck!!

Those are GREAT goals!!


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