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Getting Serious!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I finally started back running!!! It was raining outside so I started not to go, but I headed to the treadmill and got my 3.2 miles done! It feels so good to run. I feel great after it! The only thing is, I just have to keep the motivation or I won't do it. I also don't want to burn out so I am starting back slowly only committing to ONE day a week for at least 5k. I have a longer run planned for Friday since I won't get to workout over the weekend!

I am doing like my girl Mary says," Work That!"

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HEADRICK 3/31/2008 5:16PM

    Every few days I make it a point to stop by your page, because you truly motivate me. I'm so glad for're on your way.

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SPADESGURL2008 3/30/2008 5:12PM

    Way to go!

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CINNAMON40311 3/30/2008 8:54AM

    I'm glad that you've started back up with the running. I need to start that myself. I just drove through an area in my neighborhood to figure out how many miles it would be to run or walk it. About a month ago, I ran/walked a 5k and I felt great. It felt even better knowing that I did it with my kids with me giving me that extra motivation.

Just make sure you have great music to keep you motivated throughout your run.

Keep up the good work.


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I did it!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I broke into the 160s!!!! I lost 4.8lbs this week! I am on a roll now! This loss has motivated me to stay on course and that is exactly what I will be doing. I am going to keep my cardio and strength up and get to my goal weight.

Just looking at my body, I think my personal goal weight will be lower. My goal weight right now is set so that I am in a healthy BMI range, but I am still jiggly and my stomach is a major problem.

I am trying to find the right one and the right price, but I really want a personal trainer for these last few pounds. I want to get my body fat tested too. But in the meantime, I want to go ahead and get back to running. That by itself takes the inches off pretty good.

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LASVEGASLES 3/22/2008 5:05PM

    C O N G R A T S on your weight loss!!

Stay STRONG and you'll get what where you want to be!!


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MONTANAGAL 3/21/2008 10:14AM

    Wooohoo!!! WTG girl!!! Welcome to 160 ville!! Be proud!!

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HEADRICK 3/21/2008 9:29AM

    Hi, Congratulations on your success...Way to Go!! You have come a long way. I know it wasn't easy, but you did it. This does nothing but motivate me to do the same things that you've done to lose your weight. I'm just getting started, and have a long way to go, but God willing; it's going to happen. Take Care.

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SERIALKNITTER 3/21/2008 9:00AM

    Way to go! 4.8 pounds! Rock on! Your children are BEAUTIFUL. Keep with it - you are doing great!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tomorrow is my weigh in. I really want to break into the 160s. i am at 172.2 right now and have been in the 170s since November. I am so much more committed right now because I know that my goal weight is soo close!

So, here's to losing these last 25.2lbs!!!!!


I'm Back!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I haven't Sparked since January, but I am back now! Today I have restarted this journey so I can finish what I have started. I will make my goal this year. I am 25lbs from a healthy weight and 32lbs from my goal weight. I am about to get serious and with the help of GOD I will prevail!!

My starting weight today is 172.2 and I will weigh in on 4/4 before I go out of town for the weekend and hope to see that I have made it into the 160s!!!

To God be the glory!
The joy of the Lord is my strength!

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MY_TIME_2_SHINE 3/20/2008 1:27PM

    OMG, Nikki!!!! I have missed you so much! You were such a big help to me and I hated to see you go Welcome back and thak you for the advice on my blog. Since the weather is getting better here, I plan to get back out and start walkining/jogging. I even ordered a Leslie Sansone's Walk and Jog dvd to do when I feel like running and can't. I am still in this and hopefully by the end of June I will be where I would like to be. Please stick with me!

172, wow! I can't wait to just see 199 if I ever make it there. May God bless you as you finish up your journey!


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M3NOMOFAT 3/16/2008 9:24PM

    WooHoo! Glad to see you back!! Wow!! Only a few lbs to go. Let's get losin'.
To GOD be the glory!!!

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MZPERSEVERANCE 3/14/2008 10:44AM

    Go girl...

Welcome Back!!!!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

I lost 3.3 this week!

3.3/15lbs for my personal end of year challenge! 11.7 to go!

7.2/12lbs for Sppoktacular challenge! 4.8 to go!

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MZPERSEVERANCE 10/15/2007 3:48PM

    Congrats...Thats awesome.

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GOTTHATFIRE 10/12/2007 2:35PM

    How wonderful! Whatever you did to adjust certainly paid off. Great for you. GTF

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LILSHINE 10/12/2007 2:03PM

    Congratulations! We have the same end of the year goal.

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CBRANCH76 10/12/2007 11:37AM


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