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Friday, February 20, 2009

This has been a long week with many challenges at work and with my plan.
I am surviving all of them - I feel so good that the end of the week is finally here!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Streaks are self perpetuating, the longer they are, the more you try not to break them. I have found myself on a four day long streak of finishing under my calorie limit - not much under, but under all the same. My daily SP program range is 1,920 to 2,270 - so finishing at 1,900 calories is probably OVER for a lot of other sparkies' high limit while it is under for me. Still, when I am near or just under the low of my calorie range the pounds feel like they are flying off my body - we will see come weigh-in day.


Making habits out of programs

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My wife recently stated that I was "predictable". Well, that could be bad, or good. I do not think that one is born "predictable". It is a result of environmental stimulus and the deveopment of habits. Hopefully we have more good habits than bad habits. SP gives us the resources to develop some good health habits. In the area of nutrition, I have developed a daily habit of making my own lunches to take to work. Actually, the lunch habit is ther result of other habits. Here is the strategy that developed into my daily habit:

1. I have a standard breakfast each day - one of three options (Poach Egg breakfast or Oatmeal breakfast or Dry Cereal breakfast - juice, coffee, fruit and a grain product usually accompany the main entrée)

2. Each day I take out my dinner "meat, foul or fish" from the freezer in the morning. That makes me commit to the type of dinner I am going to have early on. No eating by whim, or on the fly.

3. I usually prepare my next day's lunch at dinner. I cook just enough for dinner and a little left over for lunch the next day. This does two things - First is stops me from eating seconds (or helps me spoon out a small "first" portion) at dinner - you have to save enough food from dinner for tomorrow's lunch. Second you have planned for two meals at once - ensuring healthy good nutrition and portion control for two meals


Making Decisions

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I read somewhere that the human brain makes about 1 billion decisions on any typical day. Most of these decisions are on a subconscious, or automatic level - like whether to breath in or breath out at any given time.....those are the very easy decisions. Some of these decisions are more difficult - like which college to attend, what career to pursue, whether to buy or rent, etc. Somewhere in between are the decisions to choose what we eat. For most of us this is a decision of luxury. Only about 25% of the earth's population has a multitude of options available to then as to what to put in their mouth. That leaves the rest of the world to make easy decisions because most of the time there is no decision involved - a hungry, starving person will eat whatever is put before him, or whatever he can harvest, kill or steal. I want easy food decisions, but I do not want to be cast into this lot.
So I have all these tough food decisions to deal with - because I am part of the fortunate lot. Over most of my life I have made very bad decisions. Decisions based upon immediate pleasure, not long term affect. So here I am, trying to train my mind to make smart decisions that are easy, almost subconscious - like breathing. For in that path there is true success. How to train my mind to operate this way has been the toughest decision of my life - when I decide on an answer, I'll let you know. In the mean time, my mind is working overtime on its 1,000,000,001st decision of each day!


Back on track - confirmed

Monday, February 16, 2009

This morning's 233 lb weigh-in confirmed that I am back on the right track to success with substantial improvement from that 237 lb reading I saw only 5 days ago. True, the 237 was a false high due to my vacation regimen and a build up of bulk, but the retest was 235 the next day, - I like 233 better! Now for a killer week to help me break the 230 mark before the month is out! Then on from there!


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