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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Only half thru or more than half thru the weekend. I like Sunday's better.


Prep for the weekend

Friday, January 23, 2009

OK its Friday and my whole week of work is at risk - the deadly weekend land mines will be out and ready to blow holes in my progress. I guess knowing this is one big advantage. Now, the hard part.......


Do Overs

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lessons learned: Even Obama allows "do overs". The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court messed up the administration of the oat of office during the presidential inauguration ceremonies. So the very next day it was administered again in the oval office - a do over at the very highest level!
So I guess it is OK to allow a "do over" with our SP health plans from time to time. Don't get upset, just start again and do it over! The final result does not change.



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of today's Sparkpeople Blogs was submitted by Nancy Howard. Nancy has a degree in nursing and was a member of SparkPeople before joining the staff as a community moderator. Nancy recommended getting rid of one's bathroom scale - because weight is not an accurate measurement of one's health and the scale may give one a false reading of one's progress on "the path to good health". Like giving us a reading of gaining weight during a week where we were especially careful to monitor our nutrition and log in lots of positive exercise. Hey, these things happen all the time. So do plateaus. Both are frustrating. However, they are a fact of life - and will continue to happen on that good health path. But to give up your scale - NANCY, ARE YOU CRAZY??!! You say the real measurement is how you feel and whether your clothes are fitting. OK, then why does the doctor weigh you every time you walk in his door? Shouldn't a blood or urine test, or blood pressure reading give the doctor all the information that is needed? ... and, if my path to better health includes losing about 40 to 50 pounds (like about half of us SP'ers) don't I need to know how I am doing every week. Achieving goals and objectives requires feedback and monitoring and (usually) adjustments to one's plan? What other device will hold us accountable? Having no scale would be like going to a golf course with no holes in the greens - after all, you do not need a hole to determine if you are a good golfer or not. We need golf holes to determine our SCORE. Some days we score great, other days we do not. But we do not stop golfing if we continue to get poor scores. We go to the range and work on our problems. Well, we need a scale to determine one of our health "scores". I am not saying we live or die by the scale - only to use it as one of our many tools to provide feedback.
Nuff said.

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CHERIE55 1/23/2009 2:21AM

    Excellent Blog. I like your forthright, straight forwardness!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Regardless of who you backed or voted for in the Presidential election of 2008, there is no doubt that today is the start of something new and different. With Obama the country will definitely get change. Whether this new and different "change" will result in success for the United States is far from known at this time. However, change is what we need. It is my intent to give this man and his administration due consideration and support - for without support from us, failure is certain. So, with this in mind I will look on our country's glass as half full of hope, potential and success. Also, when the time presents itself I will submit to participate in a charitable act of support for this man and his dream of a better America.


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