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Weekend Survival

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not sure whether winter weekends or summer weekends are harder to survive through my sp program. All I know is that this is winter and this weekend is hard. To help, I prepared a big ole pot of boiled dinner - corned beef and cabbage with red skins and carrots. This should be a low calorie meal that I will repeat over the course of the weekend. Also, I am trying to stay active, finally clearing all of the holiday decorations and doing a little "mid-winter cleaning". The proof will be in my weigh in tomorrow morning. We will see.


Coldest day of the year -SOUP

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nothing like a nice bowl of soup on a day like today. Mine was home made vegetable soup with a couple of pre-cooked pasta shells added just before serving. YUM!


Weigh-Ins - when and how often?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Three years of spark and still I (internally) debate when and how often to jump on the scale. I feel that an "official" recorded weigh-in should be once a week and that in reality, the monthly mark is a more reliable score of one's progress since it records the results of your efforts over a longer period of time. I also believe it is perfectly fine to jump on the scale about mid-week to see if there has been a "slip" in one's progress, or a "correction" from a false low or false high at your previous weekly weigh-in. This mid-week weigh-in should not be considered as "official" - only a peek at what might be... and to provide an opportunity to react if required.
Now, that I have the "how often" figured out, here is my reasoning for "when".
I believe that the weekly weigh-in should be at the beginning of the week - Sunday or Monday. I am picking Sunday. I also think that it should be early in the morning, before I get dressed. I tend to wake up at the same time regardless of the day, so the time of day for my weigh-in will be consistent. I feel that a Sunday morning weigh-in will help keep me vigilant on those dangerous Friday and Saturday nights, when I feel most likely to celebrate - with food and drink. If for some reason I miss Sunday, I will allow myself to record Monday's weigh-in as the official weekly weight.
Nuff said.


Dog Days of Winter

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold, bare landscapes, cloudy skies, very little sunshine. That's Michigan's mid-winter reality. Times like these are challenging for most of us, but esp. for those, like my wife, with health problems and depression sensitive mind sets. Will try some positive thoughts today!


Can we do this alone?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No, we are all a product of our environment and our family, friends and co-workers are a key component of the type of environment we occupy. The support of others always makes our journey more enjoyable and our goals more attainable.


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