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Walking .... again

Sunday, February 24, 2008

During the past three months I have been nursing a bum hip joint back to good health. Pain in my joint has resulted in my absence from the sidewalks, hiking trails and treadmill. But now I am back. My first mile was recorded today outdoors without incident or after effects. So, this is good news. With the addition of regular cardio to my program I should see more progress on my path to better health.


Twelve Week Report

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wow, three months pass quickly! Well, I am not as far along on my return to better health as I had hoped that I would be at by now, but still, I am making good progress. I have lost 17 lbs in three months, about 35% towards my end goal weight. I am feeling better and with more energy. I have not been able to incorporate cardio into my program because I am recovering from a late November set back with my (artificial) hip. It is getting better with the rest I have given it and soon I expect to be back out on the sidewalk or on the treadmill and elliptical machines at the gym. My slim clothes are starting to fit - I hope to be wearing most of them again in about 6 weeks when I break 220 lbs. Being fit for summer is my big motivation right now. I am visualizing myself on the golf course in a short sleeve golf shirt and (skinny) shorts. Also, how much more healthy I will feel walking the course, bending over to get the ball from the hole, raking the sand traps, etc. When I visualize myself with better health, I can see a big ole smile on my face - ALL THE TIME!!


Mistakes learned, never to repeat

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This blog is to record a question presented to me by a fellow sparkie and my response.

Question (by BIKERGIRLJAN):
Welcome back and I bet you will be zooming your 2006 numbers in no time. Being a yo-yo weight loss person myself but never been dedicated to tracking anything, I can see that SP is an incredible deal for anyone who joins. There is so much available here. For me, no matter what the scale showed, I could somehow deny it despite my mirror too. As I review some of the charts on SP (being totally true to everything I eat and do) they are so eye-opening. My question to you is, during 2007 where you still honest in your entries on SP while you continued to gain all your weight back? How is it that you would lose that motivation looking at the charts and other things on SP? I would hope for myself that I can continue to post in good times and bad but hope that actual charts and paper will help me to get back on track or not veer too far from it. I am hoping that i won't get into denial like I have before with a scale.

My answer:
Hey, hang in there gal! As long as you never leave SP, you will be a success. During my 2007 re-gain time I continued to post exercise and nutrition, along with my other cheklist of SP to-do's. I was probably not tracking accurately, letting my mind record portions that were not accurate. Also, I was accepting a 300 to 350 over-run on my upper range of calories - along with that one "party" day a week where I was 800 to 1,000 over - with the simple explanation that I was doing a lot of walking and/or that I would get serious with my nutrition "next week". One thing I skipped was the weekly weigh-in, fooling myself that I was in maintenance mode during my "rest" period between re-newed weight loss. It is funny (actually not funny) how our minds really control and rationalize all the bad stuff that we do to ourselves. Well, I have learned from this big time. I am on a mission and I will not stop till I have reached my goal. If I hit a plateau then I hit it harder the next week, and the next. I need to save my life from the misery of obesity. I am an intelligent person, I can figure this out and succeed. No doubt about it! I have SP, my spark buddies and my plan - what else could I possibly need? Thanks for the question.


Be Great in 08!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The holidays are past and I was able to stay on track. Now I need to take advantage of a good finish to help me with a fantastic start - for the new year. I really believe that 2008 is THE year when I reach my health goals and learn how to live a permanent, healthy lifestyle. I know this is so, so, I will make it so!


Four week report

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I happy with my progress on my re-newed path to better health. I know where I am going and what lies ahead because I have been here before, only one year ago. I am glad that I caught myself before I REALLY went over the deep end. I have lost 9 lbs, I can now fit into the 38 inch waist pants that were too tight, forcing me to buy 4 pair of size 40 pants till I got back into the 38's. They are a little tight, but that is fine, I need it for more motivation. In a couple of weeks they will fit just fine. I look forward to getting into the 220's by the end of the year. My original goal was to be at 230 by New Year's day, but 229 sounds sooooo much better. Anyway, I am (back) on my way!


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