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Things I have learned to live without ... and with

Monday, January 08, 2007

Foods I am learning to live with A LOT LESS OF:

Soda Pop
Milk Shakes
White Rice
White Bread
Fried Chicken
Foods with transfat oils, refined sugar, gluclose

Foods I am now embracing

Fresh fruits
Fresh vegetables
Steamed Vegetables
Poached eggs
Dry toast
Brown Rice
Multi grain tortilla wrapped salads
Whole wheat & multigrain breads
Whole wheat pasta
Whole wheat flour
Skinless chicken breast
Ground turkey
Healthy Snacks: Pop Secret Pop Corn, Jello Snacks,


Mantra suggestions:

Monday, January 08, 2007

Copied from SUNTINA at MISPARKS on 1-8-07

"In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite potential, turn and grasp hold of that potential and realize your dreams. You get to live in this idyllic state when you refrain from worry and regret."


"Writing your thoughts and feelings clears your head and helps you make wise choices. It also puts you in touch with inner wisdom and intuitive glimmerings you might not have accessed otherwise."


"This is not a diet" - NITEMAN

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The other point I would make is calling what you're doing a "diet". That always sounds to me like it's something you're going to do for a while and when you get to a point, you quit and go back to the old ways. There's no future in that. A healthy lifestyle allows for lapses and bad days, but it's not something you go back to. It's what you are. So, the best thing I can suggest is to keep doing what you know is the right thing as best you can and don't sweat the bumps and ruts in the path. Just keep getting back on course if you stray off the path a bit and your long term goal will keep getting closer and closer, in spite of temporary blips in the plan. Good luck and hang in there. The only way to lose the war is to give up. Never quit till you realize that sound you hear is dirt hitting the lid! (Niteman)


Being Selfish is Kind

Friday, January 05, 2007

Over the past 9 months my son, his wife and their two kids moved in with us - and sort of took over. They are out now, but it was difficult at times. I had to make up my mind that I was the most important person and that my health came first. My health came before everything else. Being a healhty person gave me more strength to help others. I was a better husband, a better family member and a better friend when I became more healthy. The more healthy I was, the more giving I became. This is simple and makes perfect sense - however, it is very difficult to employ, because it goes against our care-giving nature. We want to help others, NOW! All I can say, is I was able to continue on my path to better health, despite a crowded home with family tugging at my heart strings, because I was selfish... selfish enough to know that it would be the kindest way to help those that I loved! I hope I never forget this valuable lesson. Hence, the reason for the blog.


Another plateau..., what is my plan?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I appear to be at another plateau. In fact, it appears that I have gained 4 pounds over the past month! However, I am not going to beat myself up over it. I have enjoyed so much success over the past year as a resullt of solving my health problems that it would be foolish to do something rash. I will continue my current program through the month of January to verify that my "weight wall" is not the result of the "SANTA-TURKEY" effect! I will be patient and thoughful. This is not a race, it is a journey. If, at the end of January, 2007 I am still at my plateau, then I will decide what needs to be changed.

I also intend to make sure my recorded portions are accurate. I was given some nifty little measuring bowls from Santa that I intend to put right in the middle of our snack counter (where most of our meals are consumed). I will use them to dole out my meal portions and record (accurately) how much of each food I am consuming. I will also use them when I am making up my next days lunch from dinner's left-overs.

I do not think that I can walk more then I am doing right now. I average 4 miles a day and that is a commitment of about 10 hours per week. My problem will be to find a safe path that I can travel - I am sure that Mother Nature's snow reprieve will soon come to an end here in Michigan. I am checking out some local health clubs as a back-up plan.

I also feel comfortable that I am consuming the right foods. I buy a lot of fresh produce, fruits and juices... and whole grain products, brown rice and pasta and read the label of everything that I consume. I have built up a "healthy pantry" to support my sparkpeople lifestyle. I am comfortable with eating poultry and fish 5 days a week, saving the weekend for a taste of pork or beef. I need to work on my tendency to indulge in the nectar of the gods - wine. With the passing of the holiday season, that should be easy.

Never, ever give up! Two steps forward for every one back. Fall down once, jump up twice.


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