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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Indian proverb: "It is not difficult walking at night thru a desert infested with rattle snakes as long as you know where they are."

Know where your rattle snakes are:

Mine were:

Snake: Restaurant food (portions, fat, sodium)
Fix: Put half in doggie bag before you start eating
Fix: Inquire about how the dish was prepared - stay away from butter, cream, salt, etc.
Fix: Choose a salad as your main course - with a chicken, shrimp or fish adder (Ceasar or Spinach)

Snake: Wine / Social Drinking
Fix: Drink two glasses (16 oz.) of water for every 1/2 glass of wine. Soon you will be too busy going to the pot to drink too much wine.

Snake: Eating after 8:00 PM
Fix: Baby steps: Stop eating after 10:00 pm for a week, then 9:30 pm for the next, 9:00 pm for the next ,etc.
Fix: Give the pain in you stomach about 10 min. to go away, then if it does not go away by then, drink water, a couple of glasses worth.

Snake: Becomming upset when the scale does not move:
Fix: Give the scale two to three weeks - check other measurements (clothes, waist, hips, etc)
Fix: Re-evaluate your progarm, re-evaluate your performance, validate and analyze; if possible, step your program up a notch to get thru the plateau you are on.

I have other snakes, but those are my poisonous ones.

Finally, NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP. That is the one thing that all successful sparkies have in common. They never, ever, give up!!!!




Friday, September 22, 2006

From my first Fast Break to daily food tracking to quick and easy exercise ideas, I have relied heavily on the power of consistency. More than anything else, I must emphasize the idea of creating (or breaking) new habits through small actions over time


Attitude and SUCCESS

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Attitude is supported by your belief in yourself and in your abilities. Attitude and the beilief that supoort it are wonderful, powerful tools, but it takes more than that. You've got to fight to stay on your program, take good care of yourself, and dig down deep for courage in order to overcome the obstacles in your journey. Visualizing your goal, believing in your abilities, and utilizing your strenghts to get your there will result in SUCCESS every time.


Big Dreams

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The sweetness of reflecting on a dream

Setting goals is easy. The tough part is putting time and hard work into realizing those dreams. The energy you are willing to put forth to reach your dreams is directly related to the probability of achieving them. Above all, be patient with the situation and with yourself. Don't lose your way by being blinded by disappointment, frustrations, and failures. Ponder the goals in your life and the obstacles you might face. Make appropriate plans to overcome those roadblocks even before they occur. Think of the reward of reflecting on a goal you have reached, rather than one you failed to see through. Most big dreams involve big effort!


Plateau Busting

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Plateaus can be very discouraging - esp. just starting out! I agree with the salt comments. When I travel and eat in restaurants,even though I am eating smart and watching my portions, and work out and walk, I gain weight - due to the high salt content of restaurant food. If you are eating take out or processed (frozen, canned, boxed, pre-made)
foods, you too could be having problems with sodium.

That being said. Are you sure you are measuring your portions correctly? That is another common error we all tend to make. I bought one of those little kitchen scales at Wal-Mart. About $4.00. I was very surprised how much I had miscalulated my portions!

Are you recording EVERYTHING that goes into the tiny little mouth - EVERYTHING - including gum? That too is a common fault. I had to carry a little black book in my hip pocket to make sure I caught everything.

Are you getting plenty of rest? During weight loss, your body will let you burn fat if it is sure that it is not in danger. A good nights sleep, every night will calm your body down into giving up some weight.

Are your cardio sessions burning fat? During a good aerobic work out you should be breathing so heavy that it will be difficult for you to carry on a conversation.

Finally, and this can sound kind of crazy, but sometimes you need to eat more to loose more. If your body feels deprived of nurishment, it will go into a starvation mode and will horde calories and protect against fat loss. It will fight you each step of the way. Most of us really need to eat within your calorie range, according to our spark plan.

Look, I am not an expert, just someone who has been on my program for over 8 months and has been through a lot. I have read ALL the articles in the resource center - most of them twice. I have read over 10,000 posts here in the community and have seen others helped my fellow sparkies. These others had the same problems that you are having. Some figured it out, some did not. The successful ones all had ONE thing in common, each and every one of them NEVER GAVE UP!

I wish you much success in your goal to be (more) healthy - as healthy as you want to be.



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