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New discoveries

Friday, July 08, 2011

So today I learned that I can eat what I like and what I want and stay under my calories. As a matter of fact I came in below calories. I think in this case it is okay because a few of the foods on my tracker are as close as I could find. I think realistically I came in right on track. You know what though? I'm not hungry. I brought this cup of strawberries out in case I needed a snack and here they sit. I don't want them. In a minute I'm going to hop up and put them away. My husband says he is going to be on board but that I cannot cut out meat in the household all together. Our daughter needs to cut back on calories. Her weight is climbing and her BMI puts her at the 96% for kids her age. Too much. IDK the actual BMI number I'll have to figure it out. It is time to get serious about the weight. It is for her, it is for my husband, it is for my son, it is for my brother, and it is for my friend Brian. Somehow if I feel like I am doing it for somebody else I feel like I can stick with it better. I know ultimately I'm doing this for me. The trick will be to keep up the good eating or at least better eating. The hospital I work at tomorrow typically doesn't have good for you foods in the cafeteria. I might be able to throw together a halfway decent lunch from here. I bought some flat out flat bread for sandwiches. I can do a sandwich roll and take my strawberries that are still sitting here. I have some watermelon and some oranges and grapes. If I take some of all those things maybe just maybe I can feel full again and not missing out. That is the part that worries me. I am so food obsessed that I worry I won't be full if I take my lunch. I guess that is one of the things I need to work on. I do good making lunch at my "home" hospital because they have sandwich and salad bars every day. They are my fall back if the choices for main dishes are too bad. The salad bar at my second job is usually poor quality. I may make my sandwich and take my fruit and investigate a salad at the cafeteria. If the salad bar is good then I'll have salad if not I won't be out anything. If I take a ton of fruit then I should be able to snack on that if I get to the point of "starving" Oh and I bought yogurts too. I could take one of those. Wish me luck on my new road of eating better. Volumetrics teaches eating volume without calories. If I do as well as I did today I will be just fine. The theory behind volumetrics really is that week to week you eat the same volume of food even if the calories vary greatly. This is part of my new way of thinking. Why eat half a candy bar when i could have a whole bowl of watermelon instead. I love it.



Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Just a plain old boring day here.

I did get the scoop on the crazy police thing. Apparently the house that it was at the guy's ex wife locked herself in her own car in his yard and was freaking out. Like mental freaking out. So when I called the police she told them that she had a bomb and it all went downhill from there. She ended up being taken to the hospital and IDK where from there. Sounded like one hot mess.

I want to get myself back on track so bad right now. My current goal is just to eat better and see where I can go from there as I begin to feel better.

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DENNETJ 7/7/2011 7:38AM


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JENN_IS_LIVIN 7/6/2011 9:18AM

    Hey there.. just take one day at a time. Remember it is 85% eating and 15% exercise. Truth be told I've not been to the gym all week. Spent some time with the guy and friends instead. Life needs to go around.. may just have to go around the horse and gym schedule..

You are doing just fine.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Holy smokes. I just figured out my BMI as I am reading this new book on volumetrics. I have to get a handle on this. 55.3 Really I should be at less than half of that. Really gets scary when you look at it. Time to put this volumetrics to work. I hope to report good things soon. On the upside I am 0.5 pounds down since my last weigh in. Not great but I'll take it.

So I get farther in and for my weight and lifestyle it says I need to average 2784 calories a day to maintain my current weight and to get in less than 2284 to lose a pound a week and 1784 to lose 2 pounds a week. My first thought is hot damn how do I eat that much.

Also the book recommends losing weight for 6 months then maintaining that for 6 months and then start losing again. This I guess is to help you learn to keep the weight off. Interesting.

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WCUNNINGHAM3 7/5/2011 1:21AM

    Progress is progress, just keep your mind on the goal and make small changes, you will get there.

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PWS in a nutshell

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Okay so for now without getting too in depth into the types and genetics and junk here goes. My daughter right now has low muscle tone and is consider to have severe multiple impairment. She is almost 5 and her highest "scores" are about 18 months. She wears ankle braces, a back brace at night for scoliosis and gets nightly growth hormone injections. Her outlook for life is good/very good. The main hang up is that PWS comes with a drive to eat like no other. It is a primal urge that no medication can touch. It doesn't have to be food it can be anything. She will have to be watched very carefully as she moves into this stage. We don't see a lot of it yet. Some days are far worse than others. The future prospect for us holds a really real possibility of a steel entry door on our kitchen. The drive is really that bad. As it stands we consider ourselves lucky each day we can keep the eating drive under control. She is bad with sweets. Once she gets a little she could eat all day. If we can limit that she does alright. Even with all this our biggest hangup right now is really potty training. She just doesnt' get it 100% of the time. She does great for a while and then just can't do it anymore. She has a heart of gold and is the best big sister any little brother could ask for. I'll take and try to answer questions so fire away.


How Sweet!

Monday, July 04, 2011

It has been an interesting night so far. Midnights at the lab usually are. Throw in a holiday and BAM you just never know what the ringing phone will bring. So far I've had the sweetest old lady who loved my hair. She said it was so beautiful and she could tell it was natural--LOL I'm a redhead and really ladies the dyed kind doesn't even come close to the color of mine. I love it. Then after the sweet lady I get a baligerant legal draw. Probably only the first of many tonight and tomorrow night. We will have to see. I love my job. The variety is always there no matter what.

Earlier today was odd too. When I went to church this morning there was an odd looking car in the front yard/driveway of a house I pass. It was a normal enough car but inside the windows there were lots of papers taped. Not like covering the glass to hide something but like you would see a for sale sign. Taped at the top and just hanging but there were like 15 of them and they were on all the windows. The trunk was open and the caution flashers were on. I thought oh well maybe their kids were playing in the car and they'll find it and fix it. Well on my way home from church it was still like that. Really like an hour and a half later. WEIRD! So I went home and called the dispatch non emergency number. I felt kind of dumb calling but it really didn't feel right. I never heard back from them even though they took down my info. I wish they would have at least told me it was no big deal or whatever. Funny thing is that my husband said he saw a state police car with his lights on sitting in front of the house at 4pm or so. Then we saw on facebook the people next door asking if anybody knew why the bomb squad was in our town. So I have no idea what was up. Nothing on the news. I'll drive by there on my way home in the morning to see if anything looks abnormal. Its a small town mistery--LOL

I'm still feeling pretty down but they said it could take a couple weeks to see real improvement. I'm hoping to get myself to walk this week. I think at this point expecting 7 days a week out of myself is asking too much. I need to be realistic. Until I get this depression thing under control it just won't happen. I don't sleep well and I physically ache all over. I feel like a slug ambition wise. I'm always ready for a nap. Moody only comes close to my temperment. My poor family. Plus to top it all off I started out these new meds and they have one hell of a side effect. I keep getting these dizzy spells. Like 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to passing out. NOT COOL! They seem to be for an hour or two when the meds are at their peak in my system. I left work early on Friday because of it. I'm hoping that the night dose doesn't do that too since I'm up all night tonight and tomorrow night. I'm thinking that I'm trying to fool myself though. I just feel like I could pass out down here and nobody would know until they kept calling and I didn't answer the phone. We have the lazy security guard and the lazy shift supervisor on tonight. Bad combo. I'm feeling pretty good still though so I'm hoping it is alright. Maybe I'm starting to adjust to it.

I take my certification test on July 21st. I just realized how close that is. Thing is I'm not even a little nervous. I should be pertrified. (shrug) I'll be jumping up from an MLT to and MLS. For you non lab geeks I'll explain. :) MLT-Medical Laboratory Technician- associates degree. MLS-Medical Laboratory Scientist -bachelor's degree. Basically the same responsibilities at my hospital with the exception that I can now write polcies which I doubt I'll do anyway. But it does mean more $$$ so that is really what counts. I really am disappointed in a way though because before the 2 certification organizations merged the title was MT-Medical Technologist. I worked all these years for that. I wanted to be an MT and now I can't be--Jerks. I think MLS sounds gay(no offense meant to anybody-my brother in law is gay).

This holiday weekend is bittersweet as always. This July 3rd is the 20th anniversary of my papa (my dad) comitting suicide. It is hard to believe that I have spent twice as many years without him as I did with him. My parents were not picture perfect by any means and I didn't see him much but the image of him in that casket is not the one I want to remember all the time. What a horrifying thing for a little kid.

We (a friend and I) took the kids (her two granddaughters and my two kiddos) to the zoo on Saturday. If I ever get that dumb idea again somebody reach through this computer and slap me. Seriously. Our zoo is retarded. All hills and it is like a maze with a ton of deadends. Plus for the kids to really see anything we had to keep getting them out of the stroller/wagon and pick them up. Plus it was like 85 degrees. We went to the mall and they had more fun in the funny little breakfast themed play area. I picked up my laptop which I am super happy to have back. I missed it--sad but true. Bonus the repair was FREE!!! Some internal cable had wiggled loose. They don't know how but it is all better now :)

One of these days I will delve into my daughters disorder. I am the momma of a very special little girl with a very long road ahead of her. She has prader-willi syndrome. There have been a few cable specials on it so some of you may know what it is. Maybe not. Awe hell this maybe the longest blog ever but lets do it. My daughter is 4 1/2 she was born at 31 weeks after a crazy bad pregnancy. I was in and out of the hospital and on bed rest. She was rushed to the children's hospital and spent 6 weeks in NICU. About the second week (maybe) we started to notice that babies much smaller than her were moving so much more. I bet it was earlier than that really. One of the doctors , his name is Dr. Doctor by the way, suggested that there were some tests he wanted to run due to her lack of movement and really poor muscle tone. She was so floppy. One of them showed up positive, I guess you could say. My baby has PWS. I can't even begin to describe to you the feeling of learning that your tiny baby is on one of the longest roads ever. I guess at this point I will have to cut and run. Several hours have elapsed since I started this post and it has gotten so busy I won't be able to complete it. Stay tuned...

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DENNETJ 7/24/2011 8:45PM

    Deb can you send me a friend request--I can't seem to find you

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    I just read your post about your daughter having Prader-Willi Syndrome. I have a 20 year old son with PWS, so I know the road that all of you are on. I'll be glad to tell you our story, give you advice, support, and ideas. If you ever have any questions or just want an understanding ear to listen, feel free to let me know. Debbie

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BAYSIDE07 7/4/2011 6:19AM


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