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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Still craving carbs in the evening, Should try eating apples. (We have a great crop off our tiny trees this year.) I've decided to wait un til the apple crop is gone to start SB Phase I. Or is that just another rationalization?? Well, let's see how I do with preplanning meals this coming week. I did lose more than 25 of my pounds on II. But I do need to cut out the wine -- even a small glass throws my whole system off. Freeze the rest of the bottle in cubes and use for cooking. And no more wheat -- the allergies are acting up again. And "freeze" the chocolate -- set it as a reward for breaking 140. Likewise anything with sugar (which is what is creating the cravings.


Mindfulness of Mouth

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I will practice discriminating awareness in relation to what goes into and comes out of my mouth.

I will choose food and drink which is healthy, nourishing, and in balance with the needs of this body and this planet, both in quality and quantity.

I will choose words which are skillful, wise and compassionate, to the best of my ability.


Clean Pantry Club....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, I found another stumbling block, ie all of the fruit on hand that will "go to waste" if I don't eat it before I start SB Phase I. At least it's healthy II, and I did exercise today again. But my energy level is about zip -- i't dark and rainy and even after not getting up til after 9, I have just felt like lying around and reading all day. Adding the goal to knock three items off my MLO list each day is working well as a motivator. I may add the option of 1 frog as an alternative.


Moving to SparkPeople Phase II & Restarting South Beach Phase I

Saturday, October 14, 2006

OK -- I moved to Phase II today. I didn't complete all my fast break goals, but I did do a lot of prep work:
- learned to use the site tools
- read many of the resources
- set up my treadmill shelf and playlists and trialed the combo (including GForce and the light box) It works great and is actually a pleasure to use to workout.
- Determined to restart SouthBeach Phase I -- the problem is to find 2 weeks without food-oriented social committments.... It's probably my bigest hurdle to weight loss -- I always feel "celebratory" when getting together with friends. Maybe it would help if I made the Friends the object of my celebration rather than the food????
OK. I guess that's my first step. To explore ways of integrating a healthy social life with healthy eating. So SB Phase I officially starts tommorrow -- since I've already eaten a bowl of granola and a banana today -- but I can do healthy phase 2 and track calories for the rest of today.


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