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Metamorphosis & TurboFire - Making beautiful music

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I just read my last blog post and my goodness was I dramatic that day?! HaHaHa...Sheesh - this one is more upbeat and less doom and gloom. Good gracious.

I missed posting here yesterday but I didn't miss working out! I had missed three days of doing Meta - a record but not a good one - and I was feeling really icky. Thankfully the weather has been beautiful here and every day this week I've been able to get out for lunchtime walks. Burned a bunch of calories - 250 and 2.39 miles on Monday, 289 and 2.37 miles today - and as wonderful as that is, it's not even the best part!

When I'm able to do something physical that I enjoy during my workday, it always puts me in a good mood and seriously ups the odds of exercising after work. I sleep better, I wake up feeling refreshed - all positives... so why the heck don't I workout every day right?! It's usually not a case of just not feeling like it, although I do have days like that. Most of the time life and responsibilities are the culprits - and there's no cure for it. That's why I'm always thankful when I have days like the last two.

Yesterday and today I got back on track with Metamorphosis, completing days 16 & 17. I recognize from the first 10 days of exercises that I start out worrying I won't be able to do the exercises, they're just going to be too hard. I push through it and by the 5th or 6th day, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm doing more reps and really connecting to the movements as Tracy suggests for the best results, and I'm looking forward to the workouts. Today was that day. Even though it still kicked
my butt, I felt strong and knew I was improving. Burned 132 calories yesterday and 149 today. A great feeling - love it.

TurboFire had also taken a semi-hit, but I got back to that too and the Fire30, which is kind of my go-to TurboFire workout. It has two HiiT series and it really gets my heart rate up. The amount of calories you burn doing any TurboFire workout is really up to you, determined by how hard you push. Are you following Alee - the low impact exerciser - or are you following Chalene - who you KNOW is hype?! Today I pushed pretty hard, but I could tell I was fatiguing - so I kept good form while doing a few of the moves low impact. I went all out for the HiiT portions, though, which is why I still burned 239 calories. That's lower than my average calorie burn of 267 for Fire30's, but it's in the vicinity, so I'll take it. Most important was the getting in the workouts - so YaY!

Weekend's almost here and I'm looking forward to it as usual - here's to having a good one! DC

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MINIUM 10/6/2011 2:31PM

    Congratulations for being back to consistency! Way to go!

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Day 3 - and it's not a good look

Monday, October 03, 2011

Today is the third day in a row that I haven't done a Metamorphosis workout and it's gnawing away at me! Have you ever watched a squirrel take little bites of the nut or whatever it is they're eating until it's gone? That's how I feel about not working out - like the guilt is taking itty bitty bites of my sanity and before you know it, it'll be gone!

Saturday I had a wedding and was super busy with family all day. I spent yesterday recuperating from Saturday, and today I went back to work and really need a vacation from my mini-vacation (because it really WASN'T a vacation). And now, here I am.

What's become obvious to me is 3 days is my limit - anything beyond that would be testing limits best left untested - no one wants that. I'm going to work on gearing up mentally and physically for a great workout day tomorrow - the weather is supposed to be gorgeous here in Southeast Wisconsin. I should be able to eat very clean and then get in a power walk at lunch, then get home and do my Metamorphosis and TurboFire workouts. Only then will that squirrel of guilt stop gnawing at me.....go away!

Peace. DC

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BEANIE926 10/4/2011 6:49AM

    It's hard to get back on track after a break, congratulations on not letting your guilt get you down! Once you get started it will be like you never stopped. :-D

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MINIUM 10/4/2011 2:56AM

    Congratulations for being back on track after resting for 3 days. We all need some breaks so that we are even more eager for exercise!
Keep up the good work!

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Metamorphosis Omni Day 11 - No Let Down (or up)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello - today I did the real day 11 of the first phase of Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis Omnicentric workout and it was no walk in the park. I say the real day 11 because I've watched the DVD and then did a dry run of it last night and it still kicked my butt.

These are hard workouts and when I'm finished I can always tell the muscles Tracy is getting at. Although I really feel it, the arm segments don't give me much trouble. I'm not crazy about the standing ab work this go around - but the floor ab stuff is hype just like in the first 10 days. Once again, the leg stuff is a beast (I'm actually running out of mean nice things to say about this workout!).

There are the now usual different angles to the leg movements, which I expected, but now Tracy adds in plank work - one with an arm behind your back - no joke! That move challenges your balance, core, arm and leg strength and I can still feel it in my shoulders. Again my glutes and hamstrings are talking to me - asking for mercy is more like it - but there will be none! HaHaHa

The bad thing about today's workout is my heart rate monitor took an unscheduled vacation day, so I don't have that data to use for comparison purposes, but my BodyBugg told me I burned 131 calories - by far more than the workouts from the first 10 days. I'll take it.

Later I'll do something fun like a TurboFire workout. If any Turbo folks read this yes, I consider TurboFire fun after Tracy's workouts, and TurboFire is no joke either! Just saying.

Have a great rest of the weekend and have a wonderful week too! DC

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FITNESSJEN11 11/13/2011 6:29PM

    Okay, I'm glad Transform Day 11-20 are kicking other people's butts, too!!! I think the plank work is crazy hard, but I'm on day 16 now and it's getting easier. I also talk to my body parts...and sometimes have to curse a little!! LOL!! But I'm so amazed with the results I'm getting from TA!
Keep up the great work!!

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MINIUM 9/24/2011 5:21PM

    Well done! I like the way you talk to your glutes, hehe!

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Next Phase - Metamorphosis Day 11

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today was day 11 of the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Omnicentric workout, and if I thought the first 10 days were challenging I just didn't have a clue.

I'm glad I decided not to watch the future workouts - I wanted to completely focus on the workouts I was doing, and if I HAD watched them, I might have gotten discouraged. This workout is challenging and I'm in pretty decent shape. I do the TurboFire cardio workouts in their entirety and get good results from my power walks, so I feel like my endurance is okay. But I'm doing these workouts to tone up, and it's obvious I need a lot of strength work. Some of the moves use such unconventional angles that I have no real experience to draw from, and it's taking some time to develop the good form that will provide the best results.

No matter - I'm going to keep at it because I believe things are tightening up - especially my thighs. I'll take my measurements today and again after 10 workouts as suggested and see what the numbers have to say. I don't want to discount the TurboFire workouts I do - I try to do one of the Fire or HiiT workouts every day and as I suspected, the Meta & TurboFire really complement each other.

So, today was a great day. Lots of exercise and I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep. Here are the stats from my workouts today. It's such a benefit to get lots of exercise, since it keeps your calorie burn higher for a much longer time after you're finished. I'm still burning 3.5 calories a minute and I've been finished working out for almost 2 hours - what a perk! Enjoy your week! DC

Mon Sep 19 2011 @ 119p - walk during my lunch hour
243 calories burned
5.1 calories burned per minute (at the end of my walk)
5232 steps
43 min of moderate activity

Polar FT7 HRM:
39:00 minutes / 227 calories
FatBurn: 27:05
Fitness: 11:55
111 avg heart rate / 137 max heart rate

Sportline 360 Pedometer:
2.41 miles
5091 steps
38:37 minutes
3.74 mph / 132 steps per minute

Mon Sep 19 2011 @ 535p - Meta Omni Ph1 Day11
141 calories burned
4.2 calories burned per minute
581 steps
25 min of moderate activity

Polar FT7 HRM:
32:16 minutes / 126 calories
FatBurn: 32:16
Fitness: 0:00
96 avg heart rate / 118 max heart rate

Mon Sep 19 2011 @ 617p - TurboFire Fire55 EZ
405 calories burned
7.3 calories burned per minute
5982 steps
52 min of moderate activity

Polar FT7 HRM:
53:09 minutes / 310 calories
FatBurn: 44:24
Fitness: 8:45
111 avg heart rate / 130 max heart rate

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MEGANNICOLEX1 9/25/2011 3:23PM

    Woww 141 from meta! I want to skip on her DC and replace with with different cardio. I'm starting back up on the meta mat work. That's awesome you can still burn that many calories!

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MEGANNICOLEX1 9/25/2011 3:23PM

    Woww 141 from meta! I want to skip on her DC and replace with with different cardio. I'm starting back up on the meta mat work. That's awesome you can still burn that many calories!

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MEGANNICOLEX1 9/25/2011 3:22PM

    Woww 141 from meta! I want to skip on her DC and replace with with different cardio. I'm starting back up on the meta mat work. That's awesome you can still burn that many calories!

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MINIUM 9/20/2011 3:47AM

    Fantastic job! So it does work wonders! Keep it up!

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Making a Least Favorite Day a Great Day

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesdays have always been my least favorite day of the week. It has you held in limbo - can't look forward to the beginning of the week, that's already past, and the weekend is just as many days out! To my crazy way of thinking, it's just a standstill kinda day and I hate that.

Believing in the power of positive thinking and putting it into action are not even close to the same thing, but I've been giving it a go for Wednesday's sake. I try to only do things that I enjoy, and when possible, try to do things I'm not crazy about on any other day. It's been working.

At lunch, I walked to a farmer's market and picked up some fresh produce. I love the farmer's market - to see stands of fruits and veggies in the middle of a busy downtown area is so inconsistent with the people walking around in business suits carrying bags of lettuce and eggplant - so cool.

From there, I was able to get a nice walk to the lake and back to work - 2.03 miles and about 193 calories - I'll take it. After a nice brisk walk I always feel ready to finish my workday strong. Even on a Wednesday.

Got home from work and did my 8th day of Tracy Anderson's Omnicentric Metamorphosis workout. You repeat the same workout for 10 days, then move on to the next progression. This evening's workout was the best so far - with me being able to complete more reps (and in some cases all the reps!) of the exercises and burning the most calories - 111 per my BodyBugg. I feel a lot better about moving on the next phase. Well, my thighs don't feel exactly better, but they'll thank me for it when they're super toned in a couple months!

WooHoo Wednesday! Have a great rest of the week and make it a point to do some things that make you happy! DC

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MINIUM 9/17/2011 4:42PM

    Seeing progress or feeling it, rather, is so exciting! Well done!

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