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1 Year, 12 Days - My New App, the RunKeeper

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I just recently downloaded the free app, RunKeeper. I LOVE it! It maps out your distance, minutes, calories burned, and elevation. I have mine to speak to me every quarter mile. When the female voice comes on, it says something like this: 0.25 miles in 4.08 seconds. At this pace you are doing 16.32 minutes per mile.

I am doing a free training app to get me into shape for a 5K run. I did my 3rd training objective this windy 65 degree morning. First, I took my inhaler (a must!) and walked the puppy so that the inhaler can work. I walked .67 miles. Then puppy went home and I started my training objective of 1.5 miles. I ended up doing 3.12 miles in 50.18 minutes, which is just slightly more than 16 minute miles. I burned 357 calories and my elevation was 108 feet. It even had a cool map of my route! So cool!

Then I came home to cool down in the backyard with my "overly excited to see me" puppy and I noticed that the large rock I have placed on the gated wooden fence was pulled away, leaving a nice gap. I opened the garage and came around the house to put the rock back against the gate and sure enough, my puppy was at the side of the house. He saw me...I saw him...and off he went like a little bat out of hell!

I chased that puppy into neighbors' backyards while calling my husband to help me. Then my husband came out and came up with a brilliant idea...make the puppy chase us! So we ran away from him and sure enough, the puppy chased us all the way to our back yard and we slammed the gate shut! Whew!!!

I must have been sprinting a good quarter mile!

Well, the weather is definitely Spring-like and I am getting so motivated to get back into my last year's routine and start losing the weight! I gained 8 pounds between January and April, not too bad... and I want to get that off and start losing once again from where I left off in January.

Well, time for a shower!

Deborah emoticon


1 Year and 5 Days!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I was going to blog on my 1 Year Anniversary on here but time just kept on slipping. I think it was because I was so discouraged with the crappy April Fool's weather and I was feeling slightly sick.

Now I feel better, still a runny nose, but I can deal with that.

Lately, I have been feeling the aches and pains from not exercising. I sort of stopped exercising in January and ended up becoming a couch potato once again. I feel it in my lower back and I also feel "fat" and "jiggly".

Since January, I gained 9 pounds...oh my new goal is to lose that...and then start losing more. If I don't, then I may need to buy a size larger in jeans since they are getting snug...and that is NOT going to happen!

Here's to 3 miles of walking / jogging for today when it warms up! My first day goal.


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    Hope you have a great walk/jog! emoticon

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    emoticon At some point it has got to get warmer here! I have been slacking too. I really think if we can at least get into the 50's, maybe lower 60's, we can really get into a consistent exercise regimen. emoticon

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ANDARUS 4/5/2014 9:41AM

    Well all suffer setbacks now and then. It's awesome that you are bouncing back from it. :) I hope the weather is pleasant for your walk/jog.

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Day 359 - Updates

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I got a new, full time job back in late November and the paperwork to process was over a foot tall! I am a social worker and recently obtained my Masters. I work in residential group homes. The job is very challenging and I am enjoying it very much. Sometimes I make the other day...and I got reprimanded yesterday (giggle)

My house manager's personal belongings were damaged from a client and called me screaming. For 10 minutes she was going off and heading to where I was at the main office. She wasn't blaming me but wanted a resolution ASAP.

So, when she found me, we went to my supervisor's office. She wasn't there...then we went to her supervisor's office and she wasn't there....then we went to her supervisor's office, which was THE PRESIDENT OF THE CORPORATION and spoke with her. (I didn't know what to do and I was panicky to get this resolved)

Yup, I got in trouble for going over my supervisor several times over....

My supervisor yelled at me in a nice way. She said I can "talk" to her supervisors...but not in "that" way. LOL

My job is very demanding and in the beginning, I was working 60+ hours. Now I am working about 45-50 hours each week. I am on-call this weekend which means the other peers on my team get a break. I am on-call once a month and for a total of ten group homes.

I am starting to feel caught up but still learning the ropes. I had a different director who recently got fired for not doing his job and just making a total mess with the financial aspect. Now, I am cleaning up his mess and my two group homes will be audited next week. I'm okay with that...

The weather is turning nicer (except for this weekend with another cold front, grrrr). I jogged a mile several days ago and I plan on getting back to a regular jogging routine. I have gained 8 pounds from my lowest recorded weight and I know I can shed those pounds quickly. I am now recording my food intake and also began drinking my water.

My size 16 jeans still fit but getting a little snug in the upper thighs. One pair of jeans is starting to fray and I do not want to buy another size 16. I prefer to buy a size 14, so that is my goal. Another goal is that I have a ton of size 12 shorts. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wear them this summer!


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SPARKMCKENZIE 3/24/2014 10:40PM

    So sorry to hear about you getting into trouble with your supervisor, but I'm glad you handled it well. Keep working out and you will fit in those size 12 shorts. emoticon

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LOVELESMILLS 3/22/2014 10:17AM


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Day 357 - Jogged a Pathetic Mile

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It turned out to be a nice day (after the weird morning snow storm) in the mid 40's with a light breeze, so after work, I decided to jog outdoors.

I took my inhaler and walked / jogged a block with my puppy as my warm-up exercise. I did okay...

Dropped him off at home and off I went for my mile run. The last time I jogged a mile was the first week in January. Wow, I was pathetic!

Last summer, I was able to jog up to 6 miles with several small walking breaks...and once I jogged a full hour without stopping which was 3.5 miles. So, by me not being able to jog a slow mile is pathetic!

I seriously need to get back to where I was and begin dropping those pounds! So glad that today is the first day of Spring!


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    Hey you got up and got moving and that in itself is not pathetic. emoticon

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MOTTAMAMALOU 3/20/2014 7:17PM

    You did GOOD!! You jogged a mile and I think that's great. You can do more than I can.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day 337 - March 1st - Going Active Again!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I reset my weight in which I gained 6 pounds. Not too bad since I stopped working out altogether in the last 2 months. I have been insanely busy with my new full time job...which is just going to get more insanely busy since we are going paperless. Talk about scanning mega-documents into a .pdf format and saving to certain locations on the new company well as switching old material from the old software into the new software. Sigh... I've come to realize that everyone else is in the same boat as me and I cannot be the "Superwoman". I need to take time for ME!

So, starting today, I am going back to tracking, eating healthier, and quit soda once again! Yeah, the old habits came I am surprised I only gained 6 pounds in 2 months...

The weather is insanely miserable with way too much snow and wind chills. We are expected to get another 1/2 foot of snow today. I think this winter will never end and when it does, we will still see the remaining snow in July! (I am exaggerating....most likely in in late April will it all melt)

In my past blogs, I have stated that I got a new position within the company that reflects my Masters Degree and complained about the director who really should work elsewhere due to lack of support, lying about his whereabouts, losing important documents, was told that his position may become available soon....and I was thinking....maybe, just maybe....I may apply for his position. I shall see what the future brings...

Well, time to get off this site and go for a walk on the tread...and maybe jog a little, just to get the blood pumping!


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    You should go for the job if it opens up. Maybe then you will be in the position to make some real changes that will better everyone.

Good luck on your restart! emoticon

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    Welcome back! Like you I also did the same thing, but now I"m back but this time I recruited my buddy and we both are doing sp. I also started my master's degree so that has been keeping me busy. Well I hope you get the director's job, he sounds like he fools around on the job. You will be awesome if you get it. Keep us posted and talk to you soon. bye for now.

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NEELIXNKES 3/2/2014 10:05AM

    Make March Memorable :-). emoticon

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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