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Refocusing.....again & again & again & again....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Seems like my motivation has waned once again. It's a daily challenge for me to keep up the "good fight." My husband and I have alot going on in our family right now. My dad died a month ago and my husband's younger sister is terminally ill with cancer and won't last much longer. On top of that I have an adult child going through divorce who returned home to live for awhile. So there is plenty of stress to go around!

For several weeks now, my focus on healthy living has helped me cope with this stress. But yesterday, I kind of bottomed out and felt like stress eating. I managed to stay pretty well on track but didn't put any effort into food prep or shopping to prepare for this week. So here I am at work on Mon morning, tired, depressed and unprepared for the work week.

I am hoping to use blogging as a tool to help me refocus. My plan today is to start being kind to myself:
1. Go have lunch with my hubby at a healthy lunch spot.
2. Leave work a little early & go home for a bike ride since it is a rare winter day....sunny & 50 degrees.
3. Tonight I will go to the store and buy what I need to be prepared food wise for the rest of this week.

Wondering what others do when they have a "down" day?

I have some medium term and long term goals I need to write down and put into a vision collage or something so I can remind myself of my goals & planned rewards. But for today.....I just gotta get through today.

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JAYMELYNN5 2/25/2013 11:24AM

    That's a lot to deal with!! Sorry about your dad, and sister in law.

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Return of the Post-It Note Goals

Monday, February 18, 2013

Two or three years ago I had the idea to post my fast break and streak goals as pictures on little 1 x 2 post it notes. My idea was to keep a small reminder of my goals on my desk at work. It really helped me think about my goals throughout the day and reminded me to go home on time so I could achieve my fitness goals. I don't remember how much weight I lost but it was 12-15 pounds. I learned that when I literally kept my goals in front of me, it really helped me stay motivated and focused.

Well suffice it to say, I eventually lost focus and regained the weight. I am refocusing again. It's the story of my life it seems! I am working on accepting the fact that refocusing on my health isn't something I can do every few months or years, it is a daily task. And for me, it seems, a minute by minute struggle at times!

One way I'm addressing this challange is with the return of the Post-it note goals. I started 2 weeks ago with 4 Fast Break goals. Since I have achieved success with those four, I have added 3 more today. I depict these goals with simple drawings that prompt me. Since my desk is in a public area, others who see them may or may not guess what the pictures represent. But their meaning is known to me.

I'd like to know other small ways people are finding success in the daily struggle to eat healthy and not pick up the donuts!

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PAPASMURF1957 2/18/2013 1:54PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Getting it together.....again

Saturday, October 01, 2011

I'm starting to get it together again on this life long journey towards a healthier life. I have lost 3 lbs and kept it off for 3 weeks. I am eating better most of the time and enjoying riding my bike 3 or 4 days a week.

I find that I can follow my eating plan fairly well during the weekdays when I have the structure of the work day. But I am struggling on the weekends with making time to log food and planning food around family activities. I travel with my son to his out of town cycling competitions almost every weekend in the fall. I spend a lot of time helping coordinate and plan our trips and making sure he has what he needs. But find it hard to manange my needs.

This weekend we're taking the weekend off from racing so I am working on regrouping and taking care of my needs. I am spending some time thinking about how I can take care of my food needs next weekend when we travel again.

So I continue on my journey. I am trying not to beat myself up for regaining weight this past year but think about what I've learned, what worked for me in the past, and how do I go forward and re-establish goals to journey towards.


Bike Commuting for the First Time

Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have friends who don't own a car and commute on their bikes wherever they go. They have a little cart that attaches to the bike for bringing home groceries and when they occasionally need to get somewhere in a car, they rely on friends who always come through for them. They are younger than me by at least 20 or 25 years. But I really admire there dedication. It truly is a lifestyle choice that takes commitment, not to mention good fitness!

In the January 2009 issue of Bicycling magazine, several people were featured who had lost more than 100 pounds. They all had used cycling as their exercise and that was a huge factor in their weight loss and fitness development. One of the women featured is named Barbara Wilkie. She is about my same age (55 now) and had started cycling in midlife because she was so heavy, walking was too hard on her joints. I don't remember now exactly how much she lost but it was well over 100 lbs. She said she started by commuting to work about 10 miles. And then she got strong enough and fit enough to race. I thought if she can loose that much weight at our age and get strong enough to race in the Senior Olympics, surely I could do that too since I have much less weight to loose. I began thinking then that I would love to be able to ride my bike to work. I live in Louisville, KY and spring mornings are so beautiful here. I often drive along the Ohio River rather than getting on the interstate and I see people commuting downtown on their bikes all year.

Within a couple of months of reading this article, I bought my first bike and the young man who sold it to me was so encouraging and non-judgemental that I couldn't help but develop a real fondness for him. He became a wonderful friend to my family and he is an excellent bike mechanic to boot. It is he and his wife I spoke of at the beginning of this blog. Michael and Brooke, I learned, had both been smokers. They gave up smoking and started bike commuting and got healthy. It was a revelation to me that other people had fitness & health challenges that didn't involve loosing lots of weight. They are thin and fit and young. But I learned they had a health and fitness challenge to overcome as well and they became an inspiration to me!

I've been riding my bike for a year now and very very slowly have gained skill and the ability to go a little further and handle some small hills. I can ride 6 or 7 miles with little problem now, and I can do 10 - 12 miles although it wears me out. With the progress I've made this spring I felt like I might be ready to try commuting to work, which is about 6 miles. Last Saturday, my husband rode with me so I could try out the route I had in mind and prepare myself for riding alone. This goal to ride to work is something I had hoped to accomplish by the end of the summer. However I felt like I was ready to try it today. Ironically, my friends left town today to move to DC. I though it was fitting for me do my first bike commute today in honor of Brooke and Michael who have helped me with my bike and inspired me to ride more.

The ride this morning was pleasant and problem free. It took me 40 minutes to ride the 6.25 mile route I had mapped out. I woke up early and nervous but this commuting thing for me is about courage too.....the courage to do something on my own and face my fears. I knew the only way to get over being nervous was to just do it and prove to myself that I could do it!

I was more worried about the ride home. I knew there would be more traffic, that it would be hotter, and that I had to go uphill several times. My sweet husband called me at my office at 4:30 and asked if I'd like for him to ride my way and meet me at Waterfront Park. I took him up on that offer. I made it down the mile or so of 9th Street that runs from my office down to the Riverwalk Bike Path with no problems. Drivers were actually courteous. But when I got down by the river the wind started gusting and the sky was getting darker. Just before I met my husband, I had to get off the bike. The wind was so strong it felt like I would get blown over. We walked a little ways to a more sheltered area of bike path where we were able to ride and the wind calmed as we made our way away from the riverfront area. Then of course the uphill section began. I had to stop and rest a few times and it took me an hour to ride home. But I made it intact and it never rained!

I still think the ride home is going to be quite the challenge for me. However I believe I will gain strength and confidence, and pretty soon it won't seem so daunting! I don't know that I've ever completed a personal challenge goal like this and I know for sure I've never met a fitness goal like is an amazing feeling!


Vision Collage and Goal Accomplishment

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love my Vision is such a great idea & is really helping me accomplish my goals. I just ticked off another goal today that was represented on my collage. I wanted to be able to ride 10 miles, from a local park to the downtown waterfront area & back. I finally did it today. It took me 90 minutes but who cares....I did it! The route is not perfectly flat. There are numerous little hills and a couple of good sized hills. I only had to walk halfway up one big hill. I can see tremendous progress over this time last year. A longer term goal is to be able to commute to work on my bike. The ride today is about 3/4 of the distance along a route that I would take to work. So I am slowly building endurance and confidence. And, I'm having fun and loosing weight too!



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