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What a great week it's been.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monday we acquired a new addition to our family....a 4 week old feral kitten, not named yet. On Monday my husband found a kitten in our yard, we had been watching the momma kitty move the kittens from one place to another, but for some reason she left this one in our yard. So we now have a new member.

The kitten seems to be doing fine, I've been feeding it goats milk and canned kitten food. On Monday all this kitten wanted to do was hiss and spit, now all it wants to do is play with "mom and dad". Since we now know where the other kittens are, we are going to try to get them too. We think it's better to get them now, since they are old enough to wean, and get them used to people so that we can find good homes for them. It's better than letting them become feral and having more wild cats running around sick or getting hit by cars.

The mother cat is just a kitten herself, maybe 6 months old. I'm going to try to catch her in a live trap and maybe get her settled down enough to find a home for too. If we have all of her kittens, she may quiet down more easily. I hope so, she is such a pretty little calico.

Well, that's how my week has been. Hope yours has been full of wonderful surprises too. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.


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DZINE4KING 8/26/2011 11:18AM

    Awwh, that is great that you are doing this! I just love kittens...they are all so cute! When I was a kid, I used to bring home all the strays! Ha! Hope you can find them all a good home.

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DOGMOMMY 8/25/2011 9:28PM

    good luck!!! sounds like you have quite an adventure ahead of you.

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DZFIT4LIFE 8/25/2011 6:55PM

    Glad you had a great week, and kudos to you! Such a great thing you are doing. Oh, and Squeaks is a cute name! Have fun getting to know your new baby! ;)

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MOMFAN 8/25/2011 3:55PM


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TWNOMWE 8/25/2011 2:44PM

    Good luck with the kittens.
You will be doing a good job to get them or spayed.
That is commendable.

emoticon Job emoticon

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A Sunday Ride

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Went to church this morning and had a wonderful time. I always do, and look forward to Sundays. Not just because we go to church, but because
Sundays are just for fun, no pressures, nothing to do but enjoy life.

Last night a friend of ours called and asked if we wanted to go four wheeling, if it wasn't raining. They were calling for some heavy rain today. Plus he has a four wheeler he wanted to sell, an of course he wanted us to buy it so we can always go riding together. So we went for a ride.

We covered 15 miles of mountain trails, saw some deer and a lot of mushrooms. None that were edible though. We crossed small streams and big mud holes, went up steep terrain and down sharp hills. The weather was beautiful, and the rain stopped shortly after we started out. It only rained enough to keep the dust down. The trees dripped, the weeds were wet, the road damp and the creeks and streams low enough for an easy crossing.

Yes, we bought the four wheeler and look forward to many more Sunday rides together. We don't fly through the mountains, we just putt putt along and enjoy the scenery and today was an absolutely perfect day.



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MOMFAN 8/22/2011 4:41PM


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DZFIT4LIFE 8/22/2011 10:29AM

    Sounds like you had the best time!! I hope you have many more with your new purchase!! emoticon

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I need some cheese to go with this whine!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ooowwww!!! My arms are SORE. I didn't think I lifted too much or did too many reps yesterday, but as today wore on, my arms told another story.

My legs feel pretty good, they are a little tight, but my biceps are really stiff, good thing I didn't have to do strength training today. I get to do it again tomorrow and you can bet I will reduce the weight by about 5 pounds and then we'll see how that goes. I'm pretty sure it was the curls that got me. It didn't seem too heavy and I did 2 sets of 10 then my trainer asked if I could do one more set. Of course I said yes, I struggled a little at the end, but didn't think I would be this sore. Whine, Whine, Whine..... emoticon.

Okay, I got some cheese to go with my whine, I feel better now.

Today was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and other than being a little sore I had a great day. I was going to make seafood marinara for dinner, but hubby came home a little early and asked me if I wanted to go out. Well, that's a silly question to ask me. We went to one of those buffet places, they have a really good salad bar, lots of local fresh greens and veggies.

Of course I loaded up on that, I never use those little salad plates, oh no, when I eat a salad I want a big salad. I had about 3 cups of baby greens, fresh cucumbers and mushrooms, fresh tomato and broccoli a little cheese and some sunflower seeds. I topped that all off with about a teaspoon of olive oil and some fresh lemon juice. Yum! emoticon

The hot bar was a bit of a disappointment though. Everything on the hot bar was either fried or smothered in globs of sauce. I did manage to find some grilled summer squash that didn't seem to have anything on it except maybe some cooking spray and some pinto beans, which I smothered in fresh salsa. The salsa was nothing more than tomatoes, onions, fresh cilantro and maybe some salt and pepper. It was quite tasty.

No dessert yet, I always save dessert for later in the evening when I get the munchies. Probably going to have fresh, local grown cantaloupe. It smells really good, that's the sign that it's ready. If it smells sweet, it's going to be sweet. Tomorrow is the farmers market and I am so ready. I love the farmers market, all the food, all the people. It's just great!!

Have a great evening and I'll see y'all tomorrow.


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MARZIPAN22 8/27/2011 8:45PM

    emoticon emoticon

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DZFIT4LIFE 8/19/2011 5:52AM

    You did really great at the gym, and such healthy food choices you made!! emoticon Keep rockin! Have a great day at the farmerís market too. ;) emoticon

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1986LIVE2076 8/18/2011 8:27PM

    Mmm...your salad sounds good. I've never had lemon juice on my salad before. But I like to put red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar on my salad. I even use it on my sandwiches when I put spinach leaves or lettuce on my sandwich or wraps then I sprinkle some Mrs. Dash seasonings on top. I'll have to try lemon juice.

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ANNIEV 8/18/2011 7:34PM

    That dinner sounds yummy! Great job on getting to the gym and working it! Keep up the great work!

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First Day At The Gym

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, it isn't exactly my first day at the gym, but it is my first official day with a trainer. I actually joined the gym on Monday after a free week trial.

Of course during my free trial period I used the treadmill and stationary bike, but today my trainer put me through most of the strength training machines, and introduced me to the elliptical.

I liked the strength training, 10 reps 2 or 3 times with lighter weight. Enough weight to be effective, but not enough to really make me struggle and hurt myself. The elliptical, wow, that is a lot of work. I have seen people on it and they make it look easy, just running away for 30 minutes at a time. Not me, I did 2 minutes, at a quick pace and thought I was gonna die. I asked my trainer if he wanted to kill me the first day, he just smiled and said it would get easier with time. I asked him to bring a camera for our next session, because I was going to become his "poster child". I'm serious, and he knows it, he said he would bring one next time.

I did a 20 minute mile on the treadmill before my session, just to warm up. My trainer was happy with that. We discussed my diet, my goals and what type of a workout I was looking to do. Of course, I told him I needed to do strength training and that the sculpting and weight loss would come as a bonus. Maybe later I will concentrate on some sculpting, we'll just have to wait and see. He asked me how many days I wanted to workout, I told him 5 days a week for cardio and 3 days a week for total body strength training. We are going to meet once a week for now. Of course I will still be working out everyday, but I can't afford to have a trainer every day, so for now once a week is good.

Well, I still need to get some more cardio in, so I'm off to work out with Leslie Sansone. If you haven't ever worked out with her, go to Exercise TV on the net and find her workout videos. She is amazing, she has a 1 mile and 2 mile full length videos that you can workout to for free. You don't have to download them. Plus there are all kinds of full length workout videos, bootcamp, dance, cardio, strength training, you name it and they have it. Great place and it's free!!

Well, gotta go.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!



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DZFIT4LIFE 8/18/2011 11:41AM

    Awesome!!! Can't wait!!!! emoticon

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DEBBIEG8S 8/17/2011 5:57PM

    You can bet that as soon as I can get pictures of me at the gym I will post them here. Of course I tell anyone who will listen about SP, including my trainer. emoticon

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DZFIT4LIFE 8/17/2011 3:56PM

    Thanks for the info! I sure hear a lot on this Leslie Sansone, so I definitely gotta check her out. The elliptical is my cardio choice. Well, yesterday I did have to back way off, and drop down to at about 68-70% of my target hr just to finish. Today, I opted for the same zone, and let me just say, I was in elliptical heaven! I still sweated (quite a bit actually), and I was still in the weight loss zone getting in that good workout. My body was definitely telling me to not push so hard. I listened! LOL Now, Iím not dreading the rest of the weekís workouts. When the time is right, Iíll up the ante again, and will push harder of course. It is important to keep in mind (saying this from personal experience with a trainer) to listen to your body. Only you know whatís going on with it. Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week at the gym!!! You're doing SO emoticon!!!

PS - can't wait for you to share those "poster child" pics!

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1986LIVE2076 8/17/2011 2:56PM

    Wonderful!! And yes I agree with you about Leslie! Her workouts are WONDERFUL! And there are so many to choose from; it's hard to get bored! I, too, have used exercise TV...Love it! I like doing some of their 10 min exercises. I should get back in the swing of doing them! I'm so happy for you that you were able to get started at the gym with a personal trainer! Good luck!!

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BRAVERUDE 8/17/2011 2:08PM

    Great work! Be careful not to overdo so you don't hurt yourself - All of these activities will burn calories and fat, so do whatever you like the most!

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Gained 2 Pounds This Week!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grrrr. emoticon

I gained 2 pounds this week! I'm having a fit and right now all I want to do is rant and rave, but that isn't going to help anything. I exercised, ate right did everything I could. I will be so happy when my metabolism catches up with the rest of me. I really think that's what it is, my metabolism is so messed up from years of yo-yo and fad dieting, that now that I'm doing things right my body doesn't know how or what to do with itself. It will straiten up eventually, It didn't get messed up overnight and it wont correct itself overnight either.

I moved my ticker back 2 pounds, as much as I hated to, but I have to be honest or there is no sense in going through all this. Honesty is so important in working my program to get fit. If I can't be honest with myself, why would I be honest with anybody else.

Well, that's it for today.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow


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JANNYGIRL3 8/14/2011 11:23AM

    I weigh myself daily without giving any importance to the days when my weight is up because I know that I have not deviated from my plan. I generally see a steady decline throughout the week and if my weight is higher on my weigh in day I know that I didn't gain muscle overnight so it has to be water weight. I look forward to a bigger drop the next week and it always happens.

Hang in there. You are doing everything right and the weight will come off.

Have a Grrrr8 week!

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MYRUN4THEROSES 8/14/2011 9:01AM said you gained 2 lbs. May I ask 2 lbs of what? Fat? Water? Muscle? Muscle and water? The body has so many fluctuations. If you did "everything right" as you say....and I believe you totally....then it's only common sense that you did NOT gain 2 lbs of fat. So if it was muscle then hooray? Water...then it will go away. I'm one of these people who does not believe in "messed up" metabolisms. God made our bodies to work perfectly. For example when you go to the store you see the calorie content of every single food on the shelf. 100 calories for this.....60 calories for that.....600 calories for this....etc. etc. Now I ask can the calories be accurately printed on all the labels if there are so many people walking around with messed up metabolisms?? Does that mean that when the calorie label says a piece of bread is 70 calories that my body traps 70 calories but yours traps 150 because your metabolism is messed up? NOT. Be patient. Be persitant. Don't stress about it. If your doing everything right then everything right will happen. It's just not going to happen the way you want it to or on your schedule. Hang in there!

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ANNIEW-C 8/14/2011 12:07AM

  So many pounds gone.....and then tadah!.....2 pounds back! You are doing just fine! You have the right attitude needed to do this, and you are going to reach your goal! There are many things that can make our body weight fluctuate. Keep going, my Spark Friend! emoticon

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DZFIT4LIFE 8/13/2011 11:17PM

    Hi Debbie - Grrrrrrr...too funny! Okay, it's not funny I know but the emoticon made me chuckle. When the scale goes the wrong way there could be many factors to consider. I say just keep Sparkiní away! Itíll all sort out like you said.

How often do you weigh? It was hard at first for me, and even now Iíll still get the urge to jump on that darn scale. Iím winning that battle because the urges are not that often anymore. Anyway, because we beautiful women (hee hee) fluctuate a lot with our weight, itís wise (Iíve learned) to only weigh once a week Ė making that weigh in at the same day and same time. Also, it sure alleviates some unneeded stress we might put onto ourselves.

My weigh in is each Monday in the am. To say Iím runniní to that scale would be an understatement! Itís exciting and nerve raking at the same time, but it only happens once a week, and Iím so okay with that now.

I think youíre doing great, Hun, so keep going!!!! Like you said, your body is sure to respond/catch up.

Have a great evening! emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/13/2011 11:17:30 PM

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