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In Vancouver for Xmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I did very well with my wii prior to coming south. I missed the last two days before coming down, but I was so busy and stressed about coming south. I had this alarm system I was figuring out how to install as I don't want a repeat of going home to a dual break-in. I put it off for all the working out with the wii the weekend before and all the evenings so I really had to make that a priority.

I'm going rock climbing tomorrow.

I was finding the goal I'd set on the challenging side so I'm going to bring it down some. It seems to take in the 90 minute range to burn the calorie goal I'd set and something that take an hour per day is more realistic and manageable. I can still do more, but I think it is important to have a goal that you can achieve.


Lucky 13

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today was my 13th day in a row working out with my wii-fit. I sure do like it.

I got totally lost on the island bike riding a couple times this week. I started the free ride and I spent an hour and a half looking around the island for balloon today. The I did a 20 minute free-run.

I also have this gold's gym cardio workout that I quite like as well. I set a goal of burning 265 calories per day on the wii-fit plus and that seems to take while so I don't get to the gold's gym every day. But today I did 19 minutes of boxing, squats, backwards leg lifts, a level E boxing exam, jump rope, and push ups. The gold's gym gives you a punch stamp each day you workout and if you do enough they put stars around it and make it look better. I got the special punch stamp today.

I also got my bronze on wii-fit plus for working out 13 days in a row.

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FRIENDOFBACH 12/12/2011 1:00AM


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Just do it

Monday, December 05, 2011

The only secret to winning this health and fitness game is "just do it." I have been an obscene procrastinator on this. I have been heavier then I am now and I lost it and kept a great figure for about 5 years. I thought I had this battle won, but here I am, 40-45 pounds more then I want to be.

The biggest difference in my state of mind during those success years and today was I didn't play the "I blew for today" game. That is how you end up just not doing it. You erred and so you postpone your plan until tomorrow or the day after, or the weekend, or Monday or whatever.

In my success years if I had an indulgence I was did not let that pull off my plan. I just carried on and ate correctly the next time I opened my mouth for food. If I missed a workout one day, I worked out the next day. I was a runner when I was looking after myself and I'd get my 3-4 runs in per week. In other words, I'd just do it.

Currently I always have a reason to delay and I've yet to get on a good eating plan.

So, here it is, just over 2 months since my last blog entry and I haven't been checking in and I'm up a couple pounds, which I haven't entered. There is no way I'm reaching that xmas goal at this point.

The good news is I just got this wii-fit that I bought hooked up and I have worked out with it every day for the last 6 days. I love it. It is fun and it has great pace. I turned 50 today and I had a wii-fit, potluck birthday party. It was fun and I really worked out today. Ok, so the food everyone brought was delicious so I also ate well. I definitely over indulged, but not insanely so. I didn't go back for seconds.

Now, I'm not sure how much logging I'm going to do on here. The wii-fit does a pretty good job of logging your activities and it keeps a running tally of weight.

I'm definitely getting onto my wii-fit tomorrow. I love that I can choose how hard I'm going to workout and if I'm feeling tired from today I'll just work on balance and posture exercises.


Size inflation in action

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I just compared my new size 10 blue jeans to a pair about a year old and a pair about two years old that are size 14. The size 14 from the two years about an inch different in size, with the newer pair about an inch bigger then the older pair. My new size 10 blue jeans are about 2 inches smaller then last year's size 14, and for a while I was wearing size 16. However, if you compare the size 14 from two years ago to today's size 10 they are only an inch bigger and there is no way you have two sizes in only an inch.

It seems to me that the size 10 of my youth fit hips that were about 37 inches and my hips are 42 inches now.

In any event, I am down about 19 pounds from where I peaked and I although my weight loss has kind of stalled here, I'm not gaining. I guess I'm down about a pound in September. A pound a month is 12 pounds per year and I would like my figure 12 pounds lighter better and it seems to me the alternative to maintenance or slow weight loss is gaining.

I need to put a fire under myself as I'd prefer to be down 12 pounds by xmas. All I want for xmas is 40 inch hips.

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CANNIE50 10/2/2011 5:42PM

    Your last line made me laugh since I have a 7 y.o without his two front teeth so he is singing the originial version of the song. Sizes are crazy, aren't they? I try to focus on fit and flattery rather than the size on the label since they vary so much from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. Yes, people have been known to burst out laughing when they hear the ages of my kids (and I have been known to burst into tears when I realize I will be raising kids for 50 YEARS!) Oh, well, it keeps me young except when it makes me feel old. Here's to us wearing whatever size we are well, with a big old smile on our face, while we get to the next step or size. emoticon

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Getting the word out

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My new profile picture says it all...


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