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Quick Entry: Alcohol v Soda

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So I've pretty much cut back severely, almost completely (for a month and a half) all of my alcohol consumption. The problem is, and I don't know if this is related, but my soda intake is sky-rocketing. I used to very rarely have soda - and now when I'm in social settings where I'd likely have a beer, I'm opting for a soda. And in other situations as well. Does anyone know, calorically speaking, which is worse for you - soda (not diet, full fat dark soda) or beer (normally unfiltered wheats and dark porters and stouts...).

And my coffee consumption is creeping up again - and I'm not someone who can drink it plain - I add sugar, flavored creamer, the works.


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NINJA_SMOO 4/23/2013 4:17PM

  That's a really hard question, actually, since so few beers (or alcoholic beverages in general) list their nutrition values on their bottles or packaging, but I'll give it a shot :)

Firstly, alcohol is 7 calories / gram - but every time I've measured alcohol has been by volume and not by weight. Assuming an alcoholic beverage weighs as much as water at the same temperature (I don't think it does, but it would be close, I think?), and for argument's sake you're drinking a 5% ABV beer (pretty standard, right? So long as you're not drinking 12% Russian Imperial stouts all the time), 5% of your volume of, say, a 20 oz pint is... 560mL (28mL = 1 oz) so 1g = 1 mL, your 20oz pint has 28g (5% of 560mL, ya?) of alcohol times 7 cal/ g alcohol = 196 cal/pint. It is worth noting, however, that pub pints seem to range anywhere from 14oz to 20oz that I've seen, and that's just places that actually list their serving sizes.

HOWEVER that does not account for any undigested sugars, and there will be some (more if you're drinking something sweeter, especially something like a milk stout because yeast can't digest lactose - it's lactose intolerant - Hahahah!), and I have absolutely no idea how to calculate the calories you'd get from hops or any other adjuncts either...

So at least 196 cal/ 20oz?

On the other hand, the nutrition tracker does have 'regular beer' and 'light beer' in the generic selections, and you can input by bottle, ounce, mL, etc. It might just be easier to do that? Or call up your favourite brewery and see if they actually have the nutritional information? They might surprise us :)

Pop is generally about 110 cal / can I think? And a can is like 12 oz? I don't drink pop often at all, correct me if that's wrong... So ounce to ounce pop would be 9.17 cal/oz and beer would be at least 9.8 cal/oz (for a 5% ABV). Pretty darn close, I think, so I guess it really depends on what you actually prefer. If having whatever your regular beer intake is actually means you'll drink less sweetened beverages in general, I'd stick to beer. But that's just me, and I like beer way better than any soda.

Don't forget, if you're drinking light beer, it will be less and the opposite is true for heavy beers like imperial anything, barley wines, etc.

*edited for proofreading*

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Jump Started!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

So the last time I blogged it was pretty Debbie-Downer. Today is better. I still haven't been back to the gym/boot camp in a while, but I think today makes up for it and will hopefully keep things jump started.

Today I biked to The Color Run (1.5 miles), walked around a bit, completed The Color Run 5k without really stopping! (3.1 miles), biked home (1.5 miles, approximately), drove to Roller Girls outdoor skate, and skated nearly 8 miles. Woo hoo! And, I really pushed myself and booked it most of the outdoor skate - I finished first, really pushing each stride to feel the power through my thighs, and even beat our fastest jammer. Granted - it wasn't a race - if it were it'd be different - but the point is I didn't phone it in or give up. I skated to the front and stayed in my zone of focusing on each stride and keeping an even pace - just for me. It just so happened on this day that consistently pushed me pretty far up.

So I'm feeling pretty BA.

I'm also on day 6 of biking and day 21 of no alcohol. I've avoided a lot of temptation, including the previously mentioned thank you gift of alcohol (mead) and having a derby League meeting get moved to a bar.

Today, I really love my body. I love and appreciate my legs. They are gorgeous to me and today they pushed me with their great power through 14 miles of awesomeness.

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AEGISHOT 4/6/2013 3:01PM

    You really look gorgeous. emoticon

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30 days

Monday, April 01, 2013

So it's been a while since I've blogged. I've fallen off the fitness wagon as well as the healthy eating wagon. I decided to start eating all kinds of meat again, and it just so happened along the same lines I gave up on healthy eating. I'd get into the terrible thought process of "I'll do better next month/week/day" and use that as an excuse to gorge myself on junk. I know I should feel bad, but it felt pretty good at the time. I'm a victim of the clean plate club where I feel I have to eat everything that is on my plate, some times others' plates as well, and I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction over feeling "full" or even overly full.

It's rough, especially paired with the inevitable weight gain that goes with it. Luckily I think I've only gained five or so pounds from the bad habits (doesn't account for muscle loss). It's tough to say for sure as I've been slacking on going to my MWF morning boot camps - especially the Friday weigh-ins (I even had a nightmare that my class & instructor ridiculed me for my weight gain - which, of course, would never really happen).

It's been a combination of bad weather, lack of sleep, and work trips that have kept me away from the gym - but let's all be fair, it's really all about a lack of motivation and will power.

For a while, I was really quite depressed over the 5-ish pound weight gain, then I reminded myself I've still sustained a pretty good loss and try to remind myself that focusing on numbers is detrimental, that I am actually in control (because otherwise I'll sink into work eating disorder habits).

So that's that personal info purge.

So now, I have two simple 30 day challenges going on for myself. The first is no alcohol for 30 days (since one of my best friend's weddings). I'm on day 16 of that and I'm pretty proud of myself. I just returned from a work trip to DC with plenty opportunities for FREE alcohol. At a dinner I even took a glass of red wine but let it sit throughout the meal, not even a sip. If I can just get through the next two weeks, especially tonight where I'm sure I'll be offered a thank you drink for house-sitting and April 13th when we have a bout in Memphis, I'll succeed.

The second "challenge" is to ride my bike every day in April. This will require a bit more planning and willpower. I'm lucky that at this point my bike was already in good shape because I know if it needed any maintenance, no matter how small, I would've used that as an excuse. I biked to a meeting today, so day one is complete. I'm hoping after this I will at least bike around the block to meet this challenge.

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SNAFUKEN 4/1/2013 7:38PM

    Lifestyle change is no easy matter.
Staying at it is the key.
I just find that beer or any alcohol for that matter is a trigger for me,
which makes it hard to control eating.

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It's been a bit - boot camp & measurement summary

Friday, March 08, 2013

Goal/measurement update: (this is a part of my boot camp, measured every 4 weeks, and things are pretty consistent which is good but some times frustrating)
- Weight: 156.4 (down from last week, which was really rough)
- Body Fat: 25.6% (which means about 40lbs body fat & 116lbs lean muscle mass - I was at 118lbs lean muscle so I think I need to eat more protein...)
- Chest: 36.5"
- Waist: 30" - down 1"
- Hips: 38.5" - down .5"
- Thigh: 21" - same
- Arms: 10.5" - same, I want some guns...

Need to measure calfs on my own & double check my last chest measurement, because SP doesn't seem to track that...

I also had a killer (I felt weeeaaaakkkk) workout this morning, so I'd really like to find a way to be a push-up machine (and i know that means working on it a ton, but still, it's rough...)

Rd1: 30 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 10 burpees w/ pushups & jumps
Rds 2-4: 25 pushups, 50 jumping lunges, 25 push-press with 12.5lb dumbbells, 50 kettle bell swings w/ 25lb kettle bell, 50 double crunch (or rather straight out with ball b/n legs, up, transfer to hands, straight out, back up/repeat), & one other thing.

My trainer was rough this morning. I may've wanted to cry and cheat myself a bit.

Hoping to do a bit more cardio or something today & Saturday. Sunday is our home opener for derby - I'm getting nervous but hope i build up my confidence again along with my muscle and strength by Sunday!

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DLDROST 3/8/2013 8:44AM


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WALLINMW 3/8/2013 8:43AM

  Stay motivated!

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Indulgent weekend & today's workout

Monday, February 25, 2013

So we had an ice storm in the Midwest last week which led to me working from home and a little more of an excuse to skip my workout Friday, especially because I had the day off from work. Friday I took a road trip to St. Louis which led to a great nourishment of my soul, and was supplemented by less than ideal decisions of lots of beer, fried food and other delicious things - and because of the weather, little physical activity.

It's still worth it.

I have today off work and managed to get my booty up early for the 6am boot camp, and despite my killer migraine right now, I'm glad I didn't sleep in.

Right now I cannot remember the first exercise of this routine, but the rest are solid. Good workout and because we started with the most reps and knocked five off each round, even when adding weight, it made it much more manageable.

Mystery exercise: 30-25-20-15-10-5

Rd 1..15lb set of dumbbells, 30 reps
Rd 2..20lb set of dumbbells, 25 reps
Rd 3..25lb set of dumbbells, 20 reps
Rd 4..30lb set of dumbbells, 15 reps
Rd 5..35lb set of dumbbells, 10 reps
Rd 6..40lb set of dumbbells, 5 reps

Rd 1.. 30 reps
Rd 2.. 25 reps
Rd 3.. 20 reps
Rd 4.. 15 reps
Rd 5.. 10 reps, incline
Rd 6.. 5 reps, incline

Rd 1.. 30 reps
Rd 2.. 25 reps, 5lb medicine ball
Rd 3.. 20 reps, 8lb medicine ball
Rd 4.. 15 reps, 10lb medicine ball
Rd 5.. 10 reps, 15lb medicine ball
Rd 6.. 5 reps, 25lb plate

Burpees (no push-up or jump, just basic)
Rd 1.. 30 reps
Rd 2.. 25 reps
Rd 3.. 20 reps
Rd 4.. 15 reps
Rd 5.. 10 reps
Rd 6.. 5 reps

1 mile on the bike
Rd 1.. level 5
Rd 2.. level 8
Rd 3.. level 10
Rd 4.. level 12
Rd 5.. level 14

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BATCHICK 2/26/2013 1:52PM

    That looks killer, great job!

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JULESJET 2/25/2013 7:03PM

    Wow! I'm impressed!
Keep it up!

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