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A Few Days of Limited Sparking...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Due to some work being done around our home which may necessitate shutting down our home network, ongoing lack of access to SP @ work AND the mysterious return of the old problem of not receiving all my e-mail notices of SparkPeople activity you might not see too much of me over the next couple of days.

I'll be keeping at it with my bike and catch up with all of you as I can!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ZELLAZM 5/23/2010 9:03AM

    If you're on your bike, you won't just catch up to me, you'll PASS me :)

Hope to see you back soon,

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USARUNNERGIRL 5/21/2010 2:42PM

    I know how you feel about the mysterious lacking of spark mail. I am way behind on keeping up with my peeps and have a lot of new work to do at work. Although I feel off track the last couple of weeks, I am trying to pick back up and get back to it.

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DAISES2 5/20/2010 4:12AM

    i don't often reply to your glogs,but i read everyone.you are so inspiring.you will be missed

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FERRETLOVER1 5/19/2010 7:01PM

    I will miss ya! I missed seeing your huddle!

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L*I*T*A* 5/19/2010 10:03AM

    good to know.........
hope all goes well with the work you are doing....
take care...........blessings and hugs......lita

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COLOURFULME 5/19/2010 9:17AM

    Hope you don't get withdrawal symptoms!!

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SKINNYPOWELL1 5/19/2010 7:58AM

    Hope you survive living without your electronics, what did we ever do before the internet?

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AMABILE75 5/19/2010 7:50AM

    Will miss ya! Hope all goes well for you until you return.


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SVELTINGTON 5/19/2010 7:45AM

    Too bad internet access does not have backup plans similar to jumping rope when you can not get to the gym!

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JESPAH 5/19/2010 7:40AM

    When you return, please tell us what it's like to live in the 18th century.

J/K ;)

I'll miss ya, hon.

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Starting Off National Bike-To-Work Week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It was a great day of riding during yesterday's commute to work and on the way home with a detour to physical therapy. Here I am just getting off my bike and what do they have me do first...? Hop on the stationary bike! :-)

They put me through the paces with extra moves and I shared what a fine and active day I had on Saturday and they are close to agreeing with me that further PT isn't necessary at this time. One more session on Friday should do the trick!

Today looks to be a wash with rain in the forecast for later, BUT: I suspect every OTHER day this week looks good for riding...woo HOO! Especially Friday which is THE DAY: National Bike to Work Day!


Some more fun links:



On your bikes, get set, SPARK!


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    Wish I knew how to ride a bike!!! Oh well, too nervous to learn at y old age lol....

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DONNELDA22 5/18/2010 7:24PM

    You persevered and you made it. Now you can enjoy great biking for the rest or the spring and all summer. Great way to stay healthy. emoticon

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FERRETLOVER1 5/18/2010 7:05PM

    That's funny that you did your physical therapy on a stationary bike - I'll bet they got a kick out of the fact that you had ridden your bike there!

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LUREAH21 5/18/2010 2:49PM

    So glad to hear you're doing so much better!

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L*I*T*A* 5/18/2010 10:06AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MIZZSB 5/18/2010 6:54AM

    I am glad to hear everything is going great with you Don!!
Your always so positive and full of happiness when i read your blogs.
It really does inspire me ;)

Keep doing this great job!

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_VALEO_ 5/18/2010 6:53AM

    Glad to see that the weather is cooperating with yoyr biking!
The bike-to-work-day is a great initiative.

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Everybody Wants to Rule the ROAD...!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've always loved the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears and today while riding my bike along this song has been stuck on my brain...nice driving rhythm:


I like the outdoor imagery used in the video of driving along, flying in an airplane, etc. It has that wide open sound which makes me think of the rhythm of biking out on the road.

Today was just wonderful! I was BACK! Between biking to the Annual Walk/Fun Run Against Obesity and biking the LONG way home I totaled almost 22 miles on the bike PLUS jogging / walking 4.8 miles for the event...woo hoo! What a GLORIOUS day!

It was SUPER to catch up with one of our fellow members of SparkPeople, FRECKS96 ( www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=FR
), who went on the RUN ahead of me. Although I mostly jogged, I don't feel like a *runner* per se, so ended up kinda in the middle of the group doing my own thing...but felt GREAT to be able to jog along as consistently as I did with just a little fast walking here and there.

One of the COOLEST things about the event was catching up with folks and turning them on to SparkPeople! I had a chance to speak at length with the social worker for the local bariatric surgical group which sponsored the event ( www.stscny.com/walk.shtml ) and shared much about SparkPeople and my own "failed" weight loss surgery background and how I came back with the support of my SparkFamily accomplished what I have the "old-fashioned" way: healthy eating and physical activity. I stressed the benefits those considering and / or carrying out weight loss surgery could reap through joining SparkPeople and passed along flyers.

ADDITIONALLY I met with our area's real-live successful Biggest Loser Trent Patterson www.people.com/people/package/galler
who has gone on to opening his own fitness training studio: Training For Life Systems www.trentpattersonsst.com/index.html

Trent's a terrific fellow, VERY approachable and open. I again pitched SparkPeople to HIM, suggesting it could be a SUPER adjunct to his efforts as a personal trainer. He was very interested and planned to catch up with me to talk further about SparkPeople.

There has been great effort undertaken through our local pharmacy / health center nearby Binghamton University: HealthyU www.clintwoodhealthyu.com/

They've been sponsoring their own version of Biggest Loser and a number of folks participating in this were at the event. We had fun sharing some of our experiences and I pitched SparkPeople as something that could be helpful. Their ears certainly perked up when I spoke of my successes!

Lastly, a sweet thing, I ran into my old primary care doc. Yep, the one who "knew me when"...back in the bad-old-days of morbid obesity. He was impressed and implied he thought I had lost weight through bariatric surgery, but I shared the "not this time" story with him and AGAIN pitched SparkPeople and suggested he pass this along to patients of his who might benefit.

It felt so wonderful to be both celebrating myself and to be Spreading the Spark so actively today! The folks to whom I spoke seemed like instrumental people who were in positions of affecting many MORE people by pointing the way to THE SPARK! :-)

My thighs are "talking to me" tonight..suspect the jogging worked those muscles sweetly...it's one of those pleasant, gratifying bouts of soreness...YES!

Stretching throughout the day and have another round awaiting me before bed...night all...and Keep on SPARKING!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

_VALEO_ 5/18/2010 7:00AM

    Thanks for the link to the song... it has been such a long time since I've heard it.

Good job on spreading the Spark and being an inspiration.
You jogged/walked for a good cause, and I'm sure you've inspired those who just came to support the racers.


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GRACEFULIFE 5/16/2010 9:33PM

    That entire Tears for Fears album is great work; really well put-together rather than a random collection of songs like seems to be most common anymore.

Sounds like a great time, and LOVE those post-workout soreness bouts. It reminds you that you are alive!

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ZELLAZM 5/16/2010 4:20PM

    Wow, you have really been spreading the Spark! WTG!

Glad you've recovered and are back to enjoying all your activities!

Blessings for a good new week

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L*I*T*A* 5/16/2010 10:36AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FERRETLOVER1 5/16/2010 8:51AM

    You are simply the BEST advocate for SparkPeople that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing...keep on Spreadin' the Spark!!

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MIZZSB 5/16/2010 4:31AM

    awesome Don... spread the spark!!
And amazing that the doc thought it was by surgery, i can imagine the look on his face hihihi!

How are your thights feeling this morning?

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SUZIAND 5/16/2010 2:56AM

    WooHoo Don!!! Excellent day all the way around! Very, very happy to hear that you are back and going full speed!

I hope you realize how much you are affecting soooo many people's lives... through your own testimony, your encouragement to your spark family, and to helping people discover Spark.

Suz : )

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COLOURFULME 5/16/2010 2:02AM

    Great to read that you are back in business!!!

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SATYAGRAHA 5/15/2010 11:16PM

    Sounds like you had a Sparking Day!

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VALERIEMAHA 5/15/2010 11:13PM

    GREAT on all counts! You are SUCH a terrific ambassador for SparkPeople...you should be on the payroll I swear! LOL

Rock on Don!

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IRISH_EYES_66 5/15/2010 11:07PM

    Sounds like you (and Spark People) had a great day. I too do my best to spread the word about Spark but it sounds like you are way more successful at it than I am. For me the greatest part is that all of this is 100% free!! I am happy to hear you had a great day with your race. Embrace your muscle aches as a badge of honor!!


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FRECKS96 5/15/2010 10:56PM

    Awesome! I'm so glad that today was such a success for you-in so many ways! Even though I didn't spread the Spark, I really enjoyed the run and it was a pleasure to have some time to chat this morning. Make sure you get those stretches done so you don't get sidelined again! It's great to have you back!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Well, I've been sitting on the sidelines long enough!

Missed a GORGEOUS day of biking due to a mis-informed weather map which showed a bunch of rain off to our west which I thought would douse me...instead we have a BEAUTIFUL day...say 85 degrees on a bank thermometer...! I just LOVED the warmth! Kept being so surprised over the numbers of people I came across who were like "whew! It's so HOT!" ...Me? Just basking away...! I remember the bad-old-days when all those pounds would have me sweating at the drop of a hat! Which makes me savor all the more being able to enjoy the warmth and the heat.

So! Had another round of physical therapy today...tried to weasel out of going back, but they cautioned against it because I haven't been up to speed with my physical activities just yet.

Well! The gauntlet is DOWN! Time to get GOING again! I have NO pain anymore...it's been a few days since finishing the steroid. I'm ready to pump it UP! The difference? Going to be WAY more diligent in my stretches. Now that I have a repertoire of several different stretches instead of my cursory token two types of stretches in the past, I'm going to get going again, add the stretches and see how it goes. I also have two PT sessions scheduled for next week as back up. If I get through the week without trouble, I think it will be time to wrap up the PT. Those co-pays add up! And if I've got the right moves, I can't see the point in keeping on with it.

Going to kick it off tomorrow by riding my bike down to the park where the Annual Walk/Fun Run Against Obesity will be held. This is sponsored by our local bariatric surgery group.


I'm arming myself with my mighty red SparkPeople shirt and a fist full of SparkPeople flyers and going to join in with the 3 mile walk and plan to tell my story and talk up SparkPeople with as many folks as I can! Woo hoo!

With a little luck I might be able to either help a few folks to prepare to make their weight loss surgery a success OR to SPARK their lives in such a way that they can sidestep surgery altogether!

I am SO looking forward to getting out on my bike and connecting with others on the walk! Doesn't look like rain for the foreseeable future which also means MORE BIKING & COMMUTING on my bike too!

Hope everybody's Making your May a SPARKING good time! :-)


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRAINOF4 5/15/2010 9:47PM

    I hope you don't overdo it today - but you know your limits As long As you LISTEN to them!!

Wish I could say that losing weight would cool me off - alas, even when I was underweight I was a sweaty, hot misery! emoticon Just my nature .. still complain that with that sort of metabolism why am I so fat!? LOL ... no I KNOW why!

Hope your day was just WONDERFUL! Way to go spreading that SPARK! emoticon

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ETAGGEL 5/15/2010 3:10PM

    Enjoy yourself Don, but take care you don't do too much at once!

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LADYGWEN25 5/15/2010 10:40AM

    have a great time at the run! glad to hear you're back in the swing of things :)

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FERRETLOVER1 5/15/2010 8:03AM

    Have a wonderful time at your walk/fun run! Don't overdo it, though.

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SMILINGBREYES 5/15/2010 6:53AM

    Glad to hear you're able to get back to the biking commuting! Yep stretches, stretches, stretches is the way to go and praying that with the new ones you're able to stay the course and not have to go back to PT again! Praying for you Don and hoping quite a few is Sparked on from your story!

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COLOURFULME 5/15/2010 2:58AM

    That's why I belong to my own club AWG! It is an acronym that has many explanations. It started as All Weather Girl but soon I was joking about it and turned it into All Weather Goddess!! LOL But then thinking it could mean All Weather Guy, All Weather God, All Weather Group, All Weather Gang etc.......
So pleas join my club! LOL AWG, it means whatever suits you!!!!

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_MAOMAO_ 5/15/2010 2:13AM

  Haha! I left home yesterday w/ a low turtleneck, the single layer mock variety. It was over 70. I took off the t-neck and re-donned the light cotton shirt I'd had over the black turtleneck.

Congrats on being done w/ therapy!

I'll be at church in the morning, saying an extra prayer for that walk, perhaps you can help someone save their life - Spark on!


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DAISES2 5/15/2010 1:09AM

    is'nt it a drag when the forecast is wrong,it makes a lot of people change their plans ugh.glad your getting back to it,enjoy the event.

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PUDDLE_JUMPER 5/15/2010 12:07AM

    Take care of yourself Don, Way to Spark it UP!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FRECKS96 5/14/2010 11:05PM

    Glad to hear you're back at it. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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VALERIEMAHA 5/14/2010 10:59PM

    I'm SO HAPPY that you're "back in the saddle again!"

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VARMINT3 5/14/2010 10:19PM

    Bummer about missing out on biking - it was a lovely day to ride, whether your choice is bike or horse emoticon

Have fun at the walk tomorrow!

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MORGANLAFEE 5/14/2010 10:13PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FreeCycle: Downsizing & Paying It Forward!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I just LOVE Freecycle! www.freecycle.org/

Rather than just plopping and dropping off bags of "stuff" anonymously, it is so cool to touch base with folks during the process of posting and arranging for passing things along. In doing some spring cleaning I came across some 2X / size 18 shirts that I should have gotten rid of long ago. I discovered another case manager who was looking for clothes for her client just as I had been looking for a TV for one of my clients in the recent past and managed to get one through Freecycle. A few weeks ago I unloaded HUNDREDS of music cassettes as I no longer own a cassette player...brought lots of smiles to some fellow...doubt his WIFE will smile when he comes home with all of THAT...lol! The personal touch...paying it forward...it's all GOOD!

Made up my mind I couldn't just sit around cringing over the possible aches / pains I might suffer if I worked out so I hopped onto my 'mill tonight for an hour...felt GREAT! Enjoyed James Taylor's song "Never Die Young" ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4qjS5Q2Xqg ) which to my ears sounds like: "Live your life with as much youth and vigor for as long as you can!" Had another round of PT this a.m., added another stretch, got another piriformis (yes, my butt...lol!) massage. Finished off the steroids today. We'll see how things go. I'm quizzing my bike club members to see if anyone else has dealt with this.

Time for my bedtime stretches and a good night's sleep...!

Keep on SPARKIN' everyone!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DONNELDA22 5/13/2010 8:24PM

    I agree Freecycle is a great way to rid yourself of your excess "stuff".
Keep up the good work.

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USARUNNERGIRL 5/13/2010 3:12PM

    Wow that is such a cool thing. I usually donate to goodwill, but this is actually better because the people don't have to pay for the items. Woot.

I hope you are getting to feel better. Sounds like you are making a little progress.

Thank you for the goodie you gave me over the weekend. I really appreciated it.

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TRAINOF4 5/12/2010 11:34PM

    I LOVE freecycle! I got my 55 gal fish tank AND the handmade wood stand (with brass fittings, casters, and cutout in the back for access to the filters & air lines etc.) I love being able to get rid of things by passing them on to people who need them! It's a great idea isn't it!?

And giving away clothes that are too big!? Whew, that must feel even better! Way to go!

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SASSYCHRIS1952 5/12/2010 11:56AM

    Does it feel great to get rid of clothes that are now too big or what! During my moving process, I got rid of big-sized clothes too!

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GR8CATSBY 5/11/2010 10:44PM

    I have a bunch of LPs and a record player. I TRIED a year or so ago to put all this away in a closet but then decided "no, I'll start listening to my LPs again." Which I haven't. On my someday list is to convert these LPs (and my cassettes as well) into .mp3 files...

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MSAGER2 5/11/2010 10:48AM

    I love to bike too.. that is the one exercise I don't "hate" doing and I can stick with. Go you!

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COLOURFULME 5/11/2010 1:50AM

    Hoping that the medicine has relaxed the area and you indeed won't need them anymore. Keep us posted!! I know you will! :)

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L*I*T*A* 5/10/2010 10:54PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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THEUPS1 5/10/2010 10:37PM

    Yay for freecycle!! And YAY for giving away clothes that are too big now!!

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