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No Candy For YOU!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Recently someone passed along to me via email a coupon for a free bag of candy at a store chain.

Now I love a bargain and I love to pass them along if I can...that's a fundamental value of mine.

However, there's a NEW fundamental value on the block: health, wellness and NOT buying into the corporate sugar machines!

I realized that I could not, in good conscience pass this coupon along. I certainly knew that I was NOT going to use it...why encourage ANYONE to use it?

We have "Delete" buttons on our keyboard for very important reasons!

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DDOORN 10/23/2007 8:43PM

    Re: united2gether's comment...it is truly astonishing the amount of candy that is being pumped out there...the industry does its almighty best to OVERWHELM us with candy...as though it is UNAVOIDABLE! You WILL EAT CANDY!

Well...guess what? It IS avoidable! And my money is staying in my pocket, thank you... :-)

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EXIT2LEFT 10/23/2007 6:29PM

  hmmm, my *eyeballs* pinged at the thought of a coupon! i think this will be the 1st year i don't buy any bags of candy for halloween. we're giving quarters for the kids who do come bye... i would consider apples, but i don't want to candy them and don't want em chucked thru our window ;) Can't say as I won't be tempted though. Was in the store the other day and utterly amazed to see 6 or more aisles dedicated to Halloween and the piles of candy.

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GLORYSEEKER65 10/23/2007 12:24PM

    Good job for you !!!
i recently felt the same way with free donuts at work.
They aren't doing anyone any favors .
You really encourage me !
60lbs is amazing.
My husband likes the 10 i have lost and he says he is proud of me .
If I lose 60 i will be a whole new woman! lol .

Much continued success


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Monday, October 22, 2007

At last the leaves of upstate NY have begun to peak in their color...such a glorious time of year!

Which has me thinking about color and clothes. I've become aware that one of the things draws me toward others, that I find appealing is the colors they choose in their clothes. I long realized that the obese me never cared much for color...the more drab the better as far as clothes were concerned...let me fade into the background as much as possible!

Now, however, one of the not-so-little ways that I celebrate my weight loss is that I gravitate toward color and as much as possible attempt to bring a splash of color to the clothes I choose. Instead of picking the same or similar colors in my slacks and shirt, I'll pick contrasting, yet complementary colors that I believe are more striking and pleasing to the eye.

Maybe it's paid off, my off and on eves-droppng when my wife watched "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"? or "What Not To Wear?" :-)


Morning Magic

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I grumble at times about the growing dark in the morning as I fumble my way in the dark to my treadmill. I don't like to turn on the lights, but have everything situated so that I can just slip on my sneakers, hop on and get going.

But this morning I was in awe witnessing the dark outside gradually lightening as the sun rose, with three of our cats lined up in their respective windows taking in this daily magic.

It was a reminder of the daily miracle of darkness turning to light which, if we're vigilant, we can see and appreciate in our lives over and over again.

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EXIT2LEFT 10/17/2007 10:27PM

  mmmm, thanks for posting this. i blew off water aerobics this morning for a number of irrational reasons. i hadn't been able to go b/c of work the last 2 weeks and had scheduled to start back today. i'm mentally allergic, i swear, and i'd rather do most anything except go. I'm fine when i'm there and after, but my resistance is strong and strongest when I haven't gone awhile. but i think i need to make going 1st thing less complex. i'd been cooking up breakfast. maybe i need to do grab & go (banana & cheese sticks or something)... will have to think on it... the winter is harder. up when dark, home when dark. blech. i've always let it derail me, but this year, i need to stay focused on those am workouts.... or i'll talk myself out of them at night ;) i had already talked myself out of Fri this week, assuring myself i would go this coming mon. :::snort::: i feel like i'm lying to myself. ok. if you can do it, so can i. Fri it is! My other days aren't quite so early. we'll see how tomorrow goes ;) Perhaps you'll have a beautiful sunrise tomorrow! Cheers :)

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KSSME39 10/17/2007 12:51PM

    Awesome, Don! Thanks for sharing! It's the "little" things that speak the loudest sometimes, huh?

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KYNBRECK 10/17/2007 10:57AM

  Absolutely know what you mean!! I live by a lake and when I jump on the elliptical early in the morning it is amazing to watch the sun come up over the water. I am not really a morning person and I soooo relate to the not wanting to turn on the lights! lol But don't you feel pumped afterwards??? Appreciate the simple pleasures in life everyday!

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New Food Documentary: King Corn

Monday, October 15, 2007

I heard on NPR today about what sounds to be a SUPERB documentary coming out:

King Corn

Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, two best friends from college, made this documentary about their decision to move from the East Coast to the American heartland to find out where the food they eat actually comes from. The two pals became farmers themselves, raised their own crop of corn in the Iowa soil and followed where the grain went after they sold it into the marketplace .

The Basics: A documentary about two college graduates growing an acre of corn in Iowa. Then they follow that crop through its various lives as cattle feed and as an ingredient in countless other processed foods. They're helped along the way by a government subsidy, some ammonia fertilizer and an entire American food production system that's become completely dependent on the crop. In other words, it's a lighthearted horror movie about where your food comes from — and what it's doing to you (aka making us all fat).

What's the Deal? This is a post-Morgan Spurlock/Michael Moore-style activist documentary but one that goes about its business in a really even-handed, genial way. It exists to reconnect viewers with the idea that the food you eat actually comes from somewhere, and just by being made puts it in a headbutt situation with an agribusiness culture that would just as soon not have the public know much about the whats, whys and hows.

One of Many Gross Facts You'll Learn If You Watch This Movie: If you ever saw that episode of Oprah where Dr. Oz brought out the tray of solidified high-fructose corn syrup (it's probably on YouTube) and made the audience shriek, then you'll do that, too, when you learn this: The average American consumes 73.5 pounds of it each year.

Another Fact (Not Gross — Just Weird and Sad): Most of the corn that grows is unsuitable for eating right off the stalk. It's now just raw material for other processes. In other words, a farmer growing it couldn't feed himself with it.

Now Go Check Out: The silent-but-deadly-serious documentary Our Daily Bread and the book The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

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EXIT2LEFT 10/16/2007 3:35PM

  :::nods::: i hope to see it. i was shocked to learn about HFCS, and am concerned about agri protocols. It's hard as 1 consumer to effect change but 2gether we can vote with our pocketbooks and our fingers on the net, and whereever else we can be heard.... it is distressing to me that the label laws allow a certain level of transfats and still claim 2 b zero. it's distressing that food with hfcs is cheaper and abundant and healthier choices are treated like luxury items (like when i finally 1st found real pomegranate juice, perhaps 8 oz for $5 or some other outrageous amount)... that organic and pesticide free is much more expensive as are free range... and i don't mean the kind where they leave the door open for 2 hours a day but the chickens don't go outside b/c they are accustomed to their 1x1 ft sqare of habitat.... it will take a chorus of voices...

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INQY1974 10/15/2007 11:58PM

    Thanks for the info. You're always a great help!

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Green Guinea Pigs

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another thought I had as I entered this tiny room into which a treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike were crammed was: whew! Is it HOT in here! This fellow running on the treadmill has generated such HEAT! Reminds me of ME! I get so hot when working out. If I go for a walk on a chilly day, say 30-40 degrees or so...it isn't long before I take off my coat and feel just fine. In fact, I've gotten so I don't bother with a coat if I know I'm going to go for a long walk. Same on the treadmill. At home I have a window behind me and a window on the left. I throw them wide open in the coldest of weather as I get so warm so quickly.

This got me thinking...remember the old high school science project where one would wire up a guinea pig in a treadmill cage and as the wheel spun around under the crittter's feet (hamster? guinea pig? forget which) a light bulb would light up with the energy generated by the rotation of the wheel.

I'm no Einstein or Edison, but what if one could hook up our treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes to a generator which could store up the energy generated by our exercise?

Heck maybe we could whack down our electric bills...?

Silly thought of the day...! :-)

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EXIT2LEFT 10/10/2007 10:50PM

  it's a fab idea! i have a crank radio that can be cranked when it's solar panel doesn't provide enough energy. what if we could store enough from the dreadmills to cover power outages! Recharge batteries??? That would be 2 cool! I also, being mentally allergic to exercise & a tad self-conscious, hate 2 sweat in public.... i'm working on embracing it as a sign that i'm doing something heart healthy & to look forward to getting my endorphins a rockin & a rollin! Of course, if i could get dh to walk w/ me irw, i could avoide the dreadmill ;)

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