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Green Guinea Pigs

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another thought I had as I entered this tiny room into which a treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike were crammed was: whew! Is it HOT in here! This fellow running on the treadmill has generated such HEAT! Reminds me of ME! I get so hot when working out. If I go for a walk on a chilly day, say 30-40 degrees or so...it isn't long before I take off my coat and feel just fine. In fact, I've gotten so I don't bother with a coat if I know I'm going to go for a long walk. Same on the treadmill. At home I have a window behind me and a window on the left. I throw them wide open in the coldest of weather as I get so warm so quickly.

This got me thinking...remember the old high school science project where one would wire up a guinea pig in a treadmill cage and as the wheel spun around under the crittter's feet (hamster? guinea pig? forget which) a light bulb would light up with the energy generated by the rotation of the wheel.

I'm no Einstein or Edison, but what if one could hook up our treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes to a generator which could store up the energy generated by our exercise?

Heck maybe we could whack down our electric bills...?

Silly thought of the day...! :-)

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EXIT2LEFT 10/10/2007 10:50PM

  it's a fab idea! i have a crank radio that can be cranked when it's solar panel doesn't provide enough energy. what if we could store enough from the dreadmills to cover power outages! Recharge batteries??? That would be 2 cool! I also, being mentally allergic to exercise & a tad self-conscious, hate 2 sweat in public.... i'm working on embracing it as a sign that i'm doing something heart healthy & to look forward to getting my endorphins a rockin & a rollin! Of course, if i could get dh to walk w/ me irw, i could avoide the dreadmill ;)

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Sweat & Re-Wiring

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rats, he's still on the treadmill!

I'd been waiting and waiting for the treadmill while away from home at a hotel this past weekend. Never mind the fact that yesterday I was on the treadmill for over an hour and somebody was waiting for ME! :-)

Anyhow, he finally wraps up his run on the treadmill and this shorter, but muscular, not obese fellow is so TOTALLY sopping wet with sweat! I thought I was bad...! The treadmill was COVERED with sweat as well as the mirror than ran along the wall beside the treadmill. Not that I minded as I knew I was about to add my pints of sweat to the mix...lol. He was kind enough to swab it up with his towel.

This got me thinking about my attitude toward sweat and obesity. To me it has always seemed to me that my sweating was a form of broadcasting my obesity and I have always felt self-conscious about it. Even after having lost the weight I've lost I still sweat easily and profusely with minimal exertion. BUT: here was an average-weight, average-build person sweating even MORE than MOI!

So it's not just a "fat" thing...it's a BODY thing...some folks sweat more than others, no big deal!

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HEALTHYGAL01 10/12/2007 5:32PM

    My coach tells me that you sweat more the better shape you are in. She is a personal trainer and coaches cyclists and triathletes. When I was training for the MS 150 I did spinning classes with the bicycle in a stand. Obese me did not sweat near as much as the super fit guys. My DH is now training for a 1/2 iron man and he definitely sweats during a work more now than he did before.

So excessive sweating during exercise means our bodies are working well!

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The High Cost of Oversleeping

Monday, October 08, 2007

The high cost of oversleeping...there's never enough time to hop on the treadmill until night time and it is SOOOO much harder for me to do it then rather than first thing in the morning...ugh!

But: got 'er done... 50 mins. on treadmill (was hoping for 60 on this last day of the holiday weekend) and my upper body dumb bell work.

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STARLIGHT42 10/8/2007 11:47PM

    I am sorry - I was laughing at the title, even before reading the blog! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Even just a few hours will completely throw my day off. Glad you were able to recoup on the exercise :o}

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Waiting For Santa Claus? Not Me! (Diet Supplements)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Here is my take on supplements:

If there was ANYTHING out there in the WHOLE wide world that truly worked and effectively, safely turned fat people into healthy people, do you REALLY think there would be any more fat people around?!?!

Secondly, if there WAS an effective, safe supplement that truly promoted weight loss, don't you think there would be SUCH hoopla and media hype far and wide?

The biggest media hype would be supported by the junk food industry: LOOK FOLKS! You CAN have your cake and eat it too and NOT GAIN WEIGHT ANYMORE! Eat to your heart's content! Spend your money on our products, because now THERE'S NO MORE PENALTY OR PRICE TO PAY!

I, for one, am not waiting for Santa Claus, because the answer lies fairly and squarely inside of me.

And perhaps technology and greed will prevail and prove me wrong, but I think it always will...

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SEOULSEARCH 10/6/2007 12:16AM

    I certainly understand where you are coming from regarding diet supplements, with the myriad of different diets and drinks and pills to choose from, but I would like to share with you that I have found a line of supplements that are, in fact, SAFE and EFFECTIVE. They don't claim to be a miracle cure, nor do they guarantee that you will lose weight, because they believe that it is about a lifestyle not about a single pill, drink or diet method. You're right, there is not a supplement that will turn fat people into healthy people, but there are products that can HELP people become healthier along with their own personal 'healthy lifestyle' journey.

The reason there is not a big "hoopla and media hype far and wide" about these products is because the company is not out to take everyones money based on claims of 'quick weight loss'. The companies that do that, know that if they say it will do what people want it to do, then people across the country will buy it and before everyone figures out the fraudulent claims, they've collected millions of dollars for a product that is useless or even worse, harmful!!! Everyone is looking for a quick fix. Health and weight loss are neither of those things.

They do not need the media hype. The media will tell you whatever you want to hear. It is disgusting. The proof of the effectiveness of the supplements is in the results. People take the products (not just for weight loss, but for many aspects of health) and they get the results they are expecting...SAFELY. Period. Scientists and doctors developed the products which are manufactured to the highest standards. There are no secrets. You can read about the people involved, the manufacturing standards and processes, the results. No one is trying to hide anything! Well known doctors in the medical community (and some known to the general public lately) stand behind these products. They put their own credibility on the line. I take them, I recommend them to my patients, and my friends and family take them as well. I put my own credibility on the line! That's big for me as a healthcare provider. It's easy to watch TV and let the media tell you what the 'highest bidder' wants you to buy from them. People have to do their homework and find out who's really out there to help, not harm. Just wanted to let you know it's NOT ALL bad!!

Best of luck to you on your personal 'healthy lifestyle' journey. It looks like you have found what works for you as you continue to shed the pounds (I saw some of your posts on the message boards). Keep up the good work and stay healthy!!

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Otherworldly Funk

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Had set out to do 60 mins. on the treadmill, but then up popped "Making Flippy Floppy" by Talking Heads on my mp3 player.

It was just what I needed to go an extra 5 minutes...!

The great techno, funky bottom would get boring if it wasn't for David Byrne, the King of Weird with his offbeat vocals and loopy lyrics...ya gotta love 'em!

And THEN outta nowhere drops in this fantastic electric violin solo from another planet!

"Burning Down The House" is another great tune from Talking Heads.

Sorry if I get too carried away by my music...but it's like my daily high...treadmill and the right tunes...what could be better than that? :-)

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FALCONETTE 5/31/2009 2:22PM

    I know what you mean; sometimes it's so hard to go running but when I play my favorite tunes, it pumps me up and I actually go. Sometimes the hardest thing is making yourself go exercising but afterwards you feel great and don't understand why making yourself getting to do it was such a big deal.

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