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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All went VERY smoothly today...my one complaint is that all that gas they pumped into me won't GO anywhere so it sits in my belly making me cross. BUT the good part about that is that ache in my gut totally kills my appetite...lol. Just sipping along on water...feel so PARCHED!

Did a little bit of walking about as we stopped to pick up my pain rx, went into the store and walked about while waiting. Just taking it very s...l...o...w and easy.

Now, what DVD shall I catch up with? Man On Wire?


A VERY inspirational documentary about a FASCINATING man. Recently heard an interview with him on NPR and he is still an active wirewalker, says it is in his blood and it would like dying if he could no longer do this. His addiction to wirewalking reminded me of all of us Sparkie's collective addiction to working out...lol!

"James Marsh's dazzling, invigorating documentary MAN ON WIRE tells the story of a truly inspiring figure. In the early 1970s, a fiery young Frenchman named Philippe Petit wanted to shake up the world. When he saw the World Trade Center being built in New York City, he found his mission. Petit was a trained high wire walker, and his goal was to set up a wire between the two towers and give the world a show it could never have expected. As is often the case with these endeavors, the actual high-wire walking was the easiest part of the plan. For nearly seven years, Petit worked on the project, recruiting associates who supported him every step of the way. Finally, after eight months in New York, the day came when Petit and his cronies jumped into action. This wasn't easy. They had to find a way to sneak past security and make their way to the top of the towers with heavy equipment, at which point they had to battle the elements to install the wire. After many close scares, the time came for Petit to realize his dream--and the rest, as they say, is history. Marsh crafts MAN ON WIRE like a heist film, presenting rare and fascinating footage of the actual event alongside flawless reenactments and modern-day interviews with the participants. The result is an immersive, emotionally gratifying motion picture, made all the more stimulating by Michael Nyman's electrifying score."

I'll get back to you and let you know if it lives up to the hype.

BTW this past weekend my DW & I saw Duplicity with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen...BORING! Definitely did NOT live up to the advertising. Clive also bombed in The International...not a good run for him.

See you 'round everyone and thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of your wonderful support!


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CHRISTYARIEL 3/27/2009 9:18AM

    Glad to hear things went well! :)

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JAZZYJUDE 3/26/2009 8:19AM

    YAY Don! Glad to see all went well. And just because I'd walk for you ahead of time doesn't mean for you to not walk! LOL, so yes, the others are right...you need to walk, walk, walk. Do lots of mini walks, not just one long one, to get all those sneaky little gas bubbles moving around and out. They like to stay in joints as well, so while sitting, raise your arm up towards the ceiling and then the other arm. Also, roll your neck and shoulders, as gas bubbles have a tendency to travel upwards. Good luck babe!

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LADYWEZ 3/25/2009 2:30AM

    So glad all went well. Rest. Take it easy.

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ANDALEX 3/25/2009 1:42AM

    awesome! glad to hear you're home and feeling reasonably well!

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TRAINOF4 3/24/2009 10:33PM

    Yep - walking will help that gas go down, but take it easy and be sure you don't get going too fast! I don't want you to feel dizzy & maybe fall!

I take it they did the surgery with a scope? You'll be feeling back to your old self in no time - glad everything went smoothly and you're home safe & sound.

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GMACAMI 3/24/2009 9:25PM

    Like I said before... walk walk walk walk... that is the only way to get the gas to absorb... walk walk walk walk. Glad the rest went smoothly...so walk walk walk walk...



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JIBBIE49 3/24/2009 8:38PM

    I'm NOT a JR fan, as I think she is so over-rated, so I won't be watching Duplicity. I did see her in The Mexican, because I love Brad Pitt.
Glad everything went well for you~~!!! emoticon
I will have my son get MAN ON A WIRE on the internet and I'll watch it. He can find everything. emoticon

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KHARAHLYN 3/24/2009 8:21PM

    You gotta love the gas........but walking will help it pass more quickly! Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope you continue to feel well!

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So How To Prepare For Surgery Tomorrow...?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oversleep the day before, have the craziest, busiest day EVER, and THEN before going to sleep, FINALLY get on my 'mill for a good session that will have to hold me over for a few weeks or so until I'm up to getting SPARKED again!

I bid my buddy the 'mill my farewell for now...

Getting ready to take it easy and catch up on DVDs I haven't seen, books I haven't read...slowing life down real easy.

Could be worse, eh? :-)

Thx again all you wonderful Sparkies for all your support and well wishes!

Will keep you posted as I can re: my progress...


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LADYWEZ 3/24/2009 6:05PM

    Good luck. Speedy recovery

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JIBBIE49 3/24/2009 5:19PM

    Best wishes~~! I know all will go well.

I'm reading Dr. Agatston's book "The South Beach Diet" because he is a cardiologist and he explains METABOLIC SYNDROME or Pre-diabetes, from obesity, and how it causes heart disease. It really is educational in making me understand why it is so vital to be at a normal BMI, and not just for the outward looks. He explains WHY we crave foods, because of carbs and insulin, so I've found it very helpful

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KUROSMOM 3/24/2009 9:35AM

    Best wishes to you, but, I think you will be surprised at the speed of your recovery. I will wager the DVDs will collect dust, you may get through a book and the treadmill won't have time to be lonely.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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SUZANNERN 3/24/2009 1:07AM

    Good luck on your surgery! I don't even know what you are having done? Do tell. I am headed off to snoop around your site to try to find out!! Regardless, I hope you feel better and enjoy some time off!
Suzanne emoticon

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HEADLINES1 3/23/2009 11:36PM

    best wishes for tomorrow's surgery...... take it easy and enjoy being pampered... you will be back to taking out the trash soon enough!! emoticon

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TWUKAWITZ 3/23/2009 11:31PM

    That's what I did too. DVD's, books, magazines, recorded tv shows. I would walk in my house during comercials until I felt strong enough to go outside, then around the block. Slowly built up my time and distance. Slowly is the key. My surgery was different but the same principle applies, I'm sure.

Take care Don,

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Paying Forward The Hope!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I have received SO MANY well wishes for my upcoming gall bladder surgery this Tues. 3/24 that I wanted to thank EVERYONE for all your positive, HOPEFUL energy! It really adds so much to my sense of calm, confidence and hopefulness regarding my abilities to deal with slowing down for a bit and moving beyond the pain.

At the same time I know I continue to offer hope to others to assist them in overcoming obstacles in their lives.

SparkPeople brings us all together as such a community of STRENGTH in which we all serve as *bridges over each others' troubled waters*!

I love this place and am SO GRATEFUL to have each of you out there for support!

Keep the SPARK and keep PAYING IT FORWARD! :-)


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JAZZYJUDE 3/23/2009 2:26PM

    I DID IT! I even posted a blog! I walked a total of 1.9 miles...
Here's to ya babe! emoticon emoticon Jazzy!!

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JAZZYJUDE 3/22/2009 6:18PM

    You are gong to be just fine hun! I had my gall bladder laproscopic and the healing time was quicker than being under the knife. Not sure how you are having it, but my recovery time was one week of total rest and then I progressed to moving around...slowly! LOL But all in all, never had a problem afterwards. Good luck babe! Will be sending extra positive vibes and walk an extra mile for you Tuesday!
emoticon emoticonJazzy!!

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JIBBIE49 3/22/2009 1:01AM

    I sure hope you will be getting your APPENDIX taken out, while they are in their removing your gallbladder, so you won't ever have to have it removed later in a second surgery. My brother had an appendix attack at age 54 and his ruptured just before going into surgery, and he was in ICU for six days.


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CHRISTYARIEL 3/20/2009 10:39PM

    I'll be praying for you! emoticon

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TRAINOF4 3/20/2009 10:33PM

    I SOOO believe in paying it forward. Or to put it another way, what goes around comes around! LOL!

I know things will go great for you. Don't fear pain, it won't be so bad! You've been through worse things in life & have great things ahead of you.

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Next Tues.: Goodbye Gall Bladder!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well at last the date has been set! Tues. 3/24 I'll be heading in for my gall bladder surgery.

Looking forward to putting this behind me...of course not eager for the pain of recovery, nor the end of my daily cardio streak which I've been keeping up faithfully since Jan. 6th! I worry a bit about gaining weight while being unable to work out, however I hear one's appetite isn't so hot following surgery so I'll take it one day at a time. Still kicking around the notion of going vegetarian, but not sure about this just yet...will be open to it if my body seems to want to go that route, however...

Till then, going to try to ramp up my workouts, hoping for another couple of bike rides beforehand to keep my spirits high.


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TWUKAWITZ 3/23/2009 11:26PM

    Hey Don,
Just saw your blog....I want to wish you well with your surgery and recovery. All the previous advice is so true. Listen to your Doc and your body. Stay ahead of your pain, eat what they say you can, and when they say get up and walk...just do it. We all know how important movement is in post-op healing. Just don't overdo. I did one day and paid for it the next. Ah well, turned out ok in the long run and you will too.


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    Go Don,
Sorry to hear you have to have surgery, but I am glad it will be therapeutic for you. Keep on Sparkin'! emoticon

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KENSINGTONC 3/19/2009 2:13PM

    Best of luck to you! I hope it goes really smoothly.

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ANDALEX 3/18/2009 11:54PM

    break a leg! thanks to your health consciousness, i'm sure you will heal quickly and be back at it in no time. keep us updated!

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ANDALEX 3/18/2009 11:54PM

    break a leg! thanks to your health consciousness, i'm sure you will heal quickly and be back at it in no time. keep us updated!

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TRAINOF4 3/18/2009 10:46PM

    Hey there, glad you have a date finally set. that will get a resolution & make you feel better in the long run, right!?

Ask your MD what sort of diet they recommend for you post-op if they don't offer it.

Stay ahead of your pain with whatever meds they give or suggest, don't overdo it too early. Follow your doctor's instructions, but also your own instincts. I know you're going to be A-OK!

I'll put your surgery on my calendar so I can send healing thoughts your way for a successful op & recovery! emoticon

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LADYWEZ 3/18/2009 6:50AM

    Good luck Don. Just think about how easier this recovery will be with all the weight that you lost. You have been amazing.

Will be thinking about you next Tuesday.

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CHRISTYARIEL 3/17/2009 10:45PM

    I'll be praying for you Don! emoticon

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GMN5153 3/17/2009 4:07PM

    emoticonhere's a little Guardian Angel to watch over you during you hospital stay!She's carry all our prayers for you with her.One day at a time is the only way to plan for it.Everyone's recovery is different..so just do what you can do to maintain your weight and return to health. emoticon

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BUNN43 3/17/2009 2:03PM

    Hi Don - I had my gall bladder surgery about 38 years ago (emergency) when it was a huge procedure - my scar is appallingly large, and I was in hospital for about a week!! Now, however, with the cute little scopes they use to do the surgery, you have a tiny tiny scar, and much less invasive surgery - excellent results!! You will be shocked at how good you feel afterwards, and ohmygoodness - no more of that horrid pain from the stones trying to get out!! As for the possibility of diarrhea after losing your gall bladder, that is highly variable, so don't need to expect it.
Don't you dare rush into exercise however - give your body time - I'm sure you'll get excellent advice from your health professionals, and the great thing is you are in excellent shape!! You'll be having a very good "recovery". One of my clients - a mother of 2, 36 years old - turned up the day after her surgery, looking great, just "a bit tired". Cheers!

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AMYGRINER 3/17/2009 1:31PM

    I will keep you in my prayers. I had my gallbladder removed about 6 years ago. At first it helped me with my weight loss because (not to be graphic but...) everything goes right through you. Take it easy until the doctor says you can exercise again. Just keep your calories at the lower end until you can get up and move again.
Good luck!

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JIBBIE49 3/17/2009 11:40AM

    GB surgery isn't the difficult procedure it use to be, so I'm sure it will all go well for you! emoticonHappy St. Pat's Day Next year we will dance our JIG because we will be thin and in shape!! emoticon

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1st Ride of the Season...woo hoo!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a GLORIOUS day for my first bike ride of the season! Mid-50's, not a cloud to be found...I felt so strong...! There is some *potent* magic stirring when I'm on my bicycle! Biked up around our local Chenango Valley State park 'round highway 79 and 369...I noticed I could bike up hills without shifting into lower gears as I've had to in the past. My legs are feeling so powerful!

I can tell this season I'm going to be traveling far and wide on my two-wheeled buddy!


Oh...sported my bright blue SparkPeople t-shirt on this ride too! :-)

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FIFTEENACRES 3/16/2009 3:53AM

    Sounds like you're doing well too!


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JIBBIE49 3/15/2009 10:53PM

    emoticonIt is amazing how our bodies will get stronger the more we push ourselves.

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GETTO140 3/15/2009 8:19PM

    Thanks for the inspiring blog! Yes..I've felt better this weekend..did some good walking and today went a little further to work back to the distance we were going last summer. Even the dogs need to work back into it slow...just like us! emoticon

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OUTDOORGIRL69 3/15/2009 7:41PM

    Don.... It is so nice that you have such nice weather to go bike riding.

They are saying another 5-8" tonight and 5-12" tomorrow.

Enjoy your nice weather I really mean it.

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LADYWEZ 3/15/2009 6:41PM

    I was wondering if you got out. I did scholarship interviews all day. Kept saying to the director "lets do these outside". I think she thought I was kidding.

Glad you got out there.

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