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The Good News Is...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm eating next to nothing these past few days...!

The bad news is...this is due to a nasty gastrointestinal bug I'm fighting...ugh!

Lots and lots of water...flushing it out as best I can!


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SONGBUDDHA 12/15/2008 9:35PM

This has been a HORRID season for GI illness.
I hope you are resting and taking good care, and that it passes (no pun intended) quickly.

Feel better!

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Working Out When I Don't Want To...!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Been shopping till we're dropping, my DW & I both yesterday and today...not a lot re: $$$, but a lot of time as my DW is heading in for a surgical procedure (not a biggie, more of a diagnostic step) on Tues and figures she isn't going to feel much like getting out after THAT! So we've got gifts for the family pretty well nailed.

Problem is: we were out late last night, stayed up even later afterwards unloading, settling into the house and catching up on e-mail / SP stuff...

So...slept in today on Sun. My favorite thing to do on a Sunday...BUT that jams up the day's schedule as DW is chomping to get going as soon as we wake up.

Ugh! No morning workout...!

So by the time we're back home and settled it's 4 pm or later...I am on the wane as usual at that time of day. The pellet stove is running, as usual this time of day. In the morning I turn it off for it's daily cleaning and use my treadmill while it isn't running. This way I sweat only TEN buckets instead of TWENTY...! :-)

So two major strikes against me, late in the day & pellet stove running as it's COLD out there these days!

Do I throw in the towel and skip my treadmill time as I've been all to prone to do these days...?

For once, NO!

Turned the pellet stove down real low, got on and broke my jogging record...going 35 mins. at 5 mph...woo hoo! AND stayed on for another 25 mins. @ 4 mph...nice hour-long session, over 800 calories burned...woo hoo!

Now, finished making the beds, doing the laundry, scrubbed up the bathrooms, running the dishwasher and cleaned out the crockpots...next? On to de-bone the turkey and boil it up for soup, yum!

Looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can *relax!* :-)


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MUNS10 12/9/2008 6:44AM

  You are AWESOME!!!!!!

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Working In Exercise

Monday, December 01, 2008

For me, during the week I've GOT to get my exercise in first thing in the morning as I just can NEVER get around to it later. Either I cannot find the time or the day just wears me down to a point where I cannot find the energy to workout later. My energy levels tend to wane around 5 pm.

During the weekend, however I can get going later sometimes...a trick I like to use at times when I've gone someplace is to walk back from that place and catch up with others later. I did that this weekend on Saturday. We met with my parents at a restaurant downtown Kalamazoo (Food Dance, a wonderful restaurant featuring natural, locally grown foods!).

Beforehand I scoped out distances and found that my son's apartment was only 4 miles away. So afterward I arranged with my wife and son to meet them back at the apartment so I could walk back. Perfecto! Beautiful day for a terrific walk, which was more of a jog than a walk...lots up uphill to challenge me also...shed my coat before 15 mins. had passed...lol!


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    Great! I am just the opposite though, not a morning person at all, keep up the great work!

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How Will You Know When You've Reached Your Goal (s)?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

That was the question posed by today's "Healthy Reflection" email from SP.

It got me thinking a bit, as I agree with their point that "If you can clearly state and see what your vision is, you're well on your way to seeing it come to life."

While I have some ideas, I'm feeling a need to hone in a bit better on this and thought we could make an interesting message thread as we bounce ideas together.

Here are some of my "Signs I've Reached My Goals":

1) fitting into normal-sized clothes

2) fitting into normal-sized seating (restaurants, amusement park rides, theaters, etc.)

3) being able to enjoy physical activities either I'd long ago abandoned and / or never even attempted (biking, anticipating cross-country skiing, etc.).

4) cutting back on my prescription meds (for hypertension, cardiovascular benefits, etc.)

5) having greater energy levels, with less fatigue plaguing my day-to-day life.

However, since I've reached these goals to a great degree, what's next?

One thing that would REALLY make me feel I had TRULY arrived would be to feel comfortable going shirtless in public!

Another goal I'm GREATLY looking forward to is to bike the 34 mile Kalhaven Trail this spring with my son.

I'm also looking forward to tackling cross-country skiing this winter.

I think one way we know we've reached our goals is to always have MORE goals toward which we're striving! :-)



In Search of the Elusive "Runner's High"...!

Monday, November 24, 2008

During my 45 min. treadmill session today I jogged for 21 min. which is my record! Usually I walk @ 4.0 mph throughout the majority of my session with a couple upbeat songs @ 5.0 mph, occasionally 6.0 mph. But today I jumped right in at 5.0 mph and held the pace for 21 minutes...woo hoo!

But today I had a helping hand right off the bat when my mp3 player picked Sly Stone's "Dance To the Music" which is an IRRESISTABLE 5.0 mph song...lol!

And THEN came Chick Corea with his stellar Return to Forever band of 1972 performing their opus "Sometime Ago / La Fiesta"! This song is over 20 mins. long and although it has a slow beginning it quickly picks up the pace and gallops along to its crescendo finale...whew!

Here's the album if anyone would like to preview, check it out:


It felt wonderful to be able to jog for this length of time...this so-called runner's high continues to elude me...but who knows? May get there yet! :-)

We'll be heading out for Kalamazoo early tomorrow morning for our 11 hour trek to spend Thanksgiving with our son. Looking forward to seeing him again, even tho it was only Labor Day when he moved out there and we spent time with him then.

Hoping to bring resistance bands and walking shoes to keep up the pace!

Everyone have safe travels, warm visits and a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!


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MOV4WARD 11/27/2008 11:03PM

    emoticonHappy Thanksgiving! Enjoy :)

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ANEPANALIPTI 11/27/2008 8:52PM

    (Thanks for the SparkGoodie! You're doing AWESOME!!!)

I just graduated the Couch to 5K program, and in my second to last session before completing the program, I FELT IT!!!! I was listening to music and it just took on a different quality, I felt like I was being sung to, just me, my stride changed, it was DEFINITELY it. It was so cool I can't even describe!!! You've done REALLY well with walking have you looked into starting running? (I've fallen in love w/ it and I'm a slow runner ;) )

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WYOFRED 11/24/2008 12:20PM

    Ohh Wow,

I am a Social Worker too at a Long Term Care Nursing Facility.

Tough job huh?

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WYOFRED 11/24/2008 12:17PM

    Hi there,

I too have just started running, and can run now for like 15 minutes without stopping which is a great accomplishment for someone of my size and exercise history.

This "high" has eluded me as well. I do get pumped up and proud of myself for even doing it in the first place, but no "high".

Maybe you gotta be on there a longer amount of time or something.

I am happy for you that your journey continues to bring you surprises and that your quest for your true self is ever evolving in a positive direction.

Continued Success and Revelation,


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