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The View from the Other Side of the Bed (or, My Husband is a Smart Man)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My honey knows I've been really trying to get back up to speed after two surgeries in two years (rotator cuff and knee repair), so he quietly puts up with my Sparkpeople video exercises and my Wii Fit workouts in the living room. But, last night, I received the strongest show of support thus far...

On one of the rare occasions that our 3 kids were asleep before we were too tired, we closed the bedroom door and began to enjoy each other. Very matter of factly, he says "I can tell you're tightening things up. You look smaller." Best.turn.on.ever.

It seems he's not the only smart guy in my life, though. Our sons (ages 9, 9, and 11) sometimes have to endure my Wii fit sessions too. Usually, I try to weigh in when I'm alone, because that little tooting noise that preceeds the statement "That's overweight" would send my boys into fits of laughter. And the whole *overweight* thing...ugh. A few nights ago though, they were sitting in the living room and I did my daily check in, complete with the tooting overweight announcement. My sons, smart boys that they are, did not make a sound. They did not say a word. I cannot tell you how much I love them for that. Later, one of the twins told me - in a very confidential tone of voice - not to worry because he doesn't think I'm overweight at all.

That should be all that matters, but there's this drawer of shorts I'd like to wear this summer...

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KNITTERGAL73 6/3/2009 3:01PM

    The fact that your 9 year old told you that he doesn't think you're overweight is priceless. My niece is five and I know that kids say exactly what they think. She calls me "chubby" sometimes and tells me I have fat boobs LOL.

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NIKKITAKC 6/3/2009 12:48AM

    That is awesome! It really helps when the person you love acknowledges your efforts. and what smart boys you have to keep quiet when it counts! I'm am very happy that your family is so supportive of you !

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Bootcamp Log

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Since things are a little crazy on the bootcamp boards, I'm going to track my progress right here.

Bootcamp Goal:
500 exercise minutes during May

Started 5/5 (missed first day...was camping):
weight: 179
waist: 36"
hips: 41"
thigh: 24"

Cardio: 30 min. walk
Bootcamp lower body video: done
Bonus (3 svgs. fruit): no

Cardio: 50 min. walk AND 20 min. playing bball w/ kids= 70 min.
Bootcamp upper body video: done
Bonus (close-hand wall push-ups): done


weight: 176.5
Cardio: 40 min. walk
Bootcamp core video: done (make up from 5/7)
Bootcamp lower body video: done
Bonus (calf-raise w/ hop): done

Cardio: 40 min. walk
Bootcamp upper body video: done
Bonus (water):


Why I need sparkpeople

Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been trying to balance reading about a healthy lifestyle and actually enjoying one the last few weeks. My first week or two here on SP I spent immersed in the website. I spent a lot of time online, although I did get exercise time and made healthy meals. Then I started to feel like I was spending more time browsing SP than was necessary, and if I would only get up and DO SOMETHING maybe the weight would come off faster...

So last week, I really limited my time on SP. I still logged meals and exercise, but I sort of removed myself from the community aspect. What a mistake. I didn't realize how important that piece was. I guess just reading about other members' successes and trials was helping me stay on track.

Weekends have been difficult for me to maintain some of the healthy changes I've made. I guess the lack of structure during those two days is dangerous for me. Couple that with my self-imposed exile from the SP community, and now the scale is moving the wrong way. bummer.

So, this week, my goal is to check in with my teams and participate a bit. Still trying to find the balance, but realizing that I went too far in the wrong direction. Here's to a new week!

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HAVELIN5 4/21/2008 7:45PM

    I have felt the same way sometimes. I end of spending time on SP at night and think to myself, maybe I should be working out instead! However, at least while I am on SP, I'm not mindlessly eating in front of the TV, so that's something. emoticon

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Hopeful signs

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Its been so warm here finally! I'm not ready to put shorts on yet, but I wanted something lighter and more seasonal than jeans, so I tried a pair of pants that I haven't worn for a while (at least a year). Happy Happy! They fit. Still a little snug in the waist, but certainly do-able. That made me feel good. Partly because they were better than the stretchy-waist workout pants I've been wearing, but mostly because it means I'm making progress toward my goal.


Wow, did I eat a lot

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well, today I got a lot of yard work done that had been sitting for a long time. Our driveway has looked like a real-life Sanford and Son since at least Christmas. I've never seen a cardboard box I didn't think I could use, and our camping gear from LAST SUMMER was still scattered around. Really, I'm not lazy, but if I go outside long enough to get anything meaningful done, the boys are likely to destroy the inside of the house.

So, today was the perfect day to tackle the mess. Everyone was outside playing, and while the boys helped DH wash the car, I took the opportunity to collapse boxes for recycling, put the Christmas decorations back in the attic, and organize our camping gear on the shelves. Whew. I think I worked on it for about 3 hours.

I ate a really good breakfast before church (maybe could have done with 1 Tbsp. instead of 2 of the granola I sprinkled on my All-Bran...it was the Seedy Cinnamon Granola recipe from the SP site), then had a tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread and an apple for lunch.

I didn't have a snack in the afternoon, so by dinner time I lost all control. It seemed like I couldn't handle making the hamburgers until I ate everything I saw. I haven't lost control like that for 2 weeks. I think I would have been OK if I had taken a break for a snack rather than pushing though to dinner.

Unfortunately, even after I sat down for dinner, I had some of the Dorito's the boys had out instead of the green pepper strips I had on my plate.

The good news, though, is that my iron intake is finally in my desired range for the first time since I started tracking it, and my fiber is over the top. I guess I'll take that (the good) with the high calories, fat, and sodium (the bad) for the day, and start again tomorrow.

I have to make my grocery list tonight so I can shop tomorrow after I walk the boys to school. This week, I had only planned meals and shopped for half the week, and even though I did well with meals the last few days (today excluded), I can do better with a full week of planned meals. I know I can.


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