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New Beginnings...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Can I tell you how much I love when a new month begins on a Monday?! I'm all about new beginnings. I love when new months begin on Mondays. And those rare times when a new year begins on a Monday? Well that's just the bomb for me!!!

So...today...Monday, October 1st, 2007...new beginning opportunity! It's my favorite season. The forecast is for nice weather. It's a new week and a new month. No better time to reaffirm what I'm working toward. I'm about 15 pounds away from my first goal. I can do this! I can get below 200! It's been many years since I was under the 200 mark. But it's in the foreseeable future!

We went to our friends' house yesterday...we had attended their wedding a couple of weeks ago and we watched part of their reception video...it's funny how she kept saying, "Kim, look how great you look!" and I kept thinking, "Oh...dear...I thought I was smaller than that." So it was a bit of an eye opener. I didn't think I looked very good, which reminds me of how bad I must have looked before! It's all relative, I guess. And I'm still working on it...I'm not done yet. By the next wedding, I should be ready to be photographed/video taped!

I'm a bit concerned with Kate's weight...I'm even afraid to say it outloud. She has always been very thin...too thin, even. But she, like me, since graduating high school, has been gaining weight rather quickly. She is a little over 5' 7" and was about 104 pounds in May. She's now about 117. Not a huge amount, but it's come on rather quickly. She doesn't exercise at all and eats a lot of carby food. She looks fine now, but I'm worried that she won't slow down with the weight gain and poor eating. She doesn't ever exercise...not even going for a walk. I hate to harp on her, but I really wish someone had kindly told me I was gaining weight and helped me gain control when I was first losing it, at her age.

Devon's also gained a lot of weight since graduating high school. He was about 145-150 when he graduated. He's now 172. He doesn't exercise, either. And he eats worse than she does! I don't know how to reach either one of them. I guess watching me balloon up to 337 pounds and having to have surgery to regain control of my eating wasn't enough to keep them eating right and exercising. It worries me.

Darryl has yo-yoed with his weight the entire time we've been together...he goes through phases of exercising (running) and eating right and not working out at all and eating junk food. He's currently running three days a week. He's lost some weight. (Sure, just as I was getting close to weighing less than him, he decides to start losing weight! Damn! I was almost there!)

Well, I need to get some coffee and get to work. Start my new week, new month, new drive!

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WOGENST 10/1/2007 8:03AM

    Great blog entry! I am glad to see that others look at a new day, a new month etc. as a new beginning also! That is a great way to look at things.

Good luck and make it a great month!

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Beautiful Sunday morning

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a beautiful, sunny, cool day out there!!! Days like today are why Fall is my favorite season! It's so incredibly beautiful out...the leaves are turning awesome colors, the temperature isn't brutal yet, the sun is shining, it feels "crisp" out there! I just love it! I can wear a turtleneck and sweater without feeling too warm. I've got a lot of sweaters and turtlenecks. (I wear them all winter!) I've been anxious to get them out and start wearing them again.

Today we're going to some friends' house for football and dinner. (I don't plan to watch football! But the boys will...on a big screen, high definition tv, which I guess is a big deal...so I'm told.) Anyway, we (the girls) are going to make a run to the mall to get Kate some new sneakers for work. (She stands on her feet all day when she works and none of her shoes have any kind of good support.) Then we'll hang out in the kitchen while the boys watch their game(s?).

Devon can't go with us, as he has an art lesson this afternoon. So he's hanging out here with the dogs so we don't have to hurry back.

But it is time to go...it's a beautiful day out there...we need to get out in it!!!


Forced Silence

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I woke up this morning with no voice whatsoever! I guess all that coughing yesterday really did a number on my poor vocal chords! I'm still coughing today, with very little progress...I may have to start taking an expectorant to get things moving.

I'm not feeling awful, except for the bit of a headache and sore throat from all the coughing...if I was able to stop that, I think I'd feel just fine.

Today is the farmers' market...I think I'll see about getting a pie or something nice for dessert tonight. I think all four of us will be home, so it will be a nice change of pace.

Devon came home with the form to move on campus yesterday...I guess it's really going to be an empty nest in January! Strange thought! I think our house will feel big and empty. Well, maybe not...it's not like they're going to take all their stuff or the animals!!!

The exhibit was very nice last night...a series of pinhole camera photos and cut paper collages that were really awesome! Also some children from Zimbabwe (spelling?) made dolls. They were so wonderful! On Thursday they're bringing in more of them and having an auction. I think Kate wants to go with me. She almost bought one last night. You get the doll and a photo of the child who made it, with a little bio included. 100% of the proceeds go to the children and their families. What a great idea!

I was given a pocket calendar recently and since I already have one in my planner, I am using this one to write down all the fun-sounding local entertainment. It's really interesting...anyone who says there's nothing to do in this town just doesn't know where to look!!! There is something to do...often multiple things...every single day/evening! Jazz, blues, reggae music, plays, lectures, exhibits, all sorts of fall festivals, yoga, tai chi, the film series...I've got multiple things written down for every single day. Even if I don't do many of them, it reminds me that I always have choices, even if I choose to just stay home.

I dreamed I went back to work for an agency I worked for 20 years ago. Very strange. I have been talking about changing jobs recently and last night at dinner it came up again. So I guess it got in my head and it made me dream about it. The place was so different from when I left. (Of course! It's been 20 years!) It made me start thinking about the people I worked with, the residents (I guess they call them clients or consumers now) I worked with. Several of them have passed on. Makes me think of that Grateful Dead song...."What a long, strange trip it's been". 20 years later and I'm still working in the same sort of field...went from working with the mentally disadvantaged to working with the emotionally disadvantaged in a school setting, as opposed to the home environment.

Here's something kind of strange...I got a message from a member of another site that I'm a member on...this person made comments about my life that are not posted anywhere on that site. I went to my page on the site and read everything I've written on there...three things this person commented on, which are true in my life, are not posted on this site at all!!!! So am I to believe that this person may be sort of cyber stalking me? I mean, I don't tend to be all freaky about this sort of thing...I mean, I AM posting an online blog. Not like I'm trying to keep a really low profile. But either this person knows me and is playing a bit of a joke on me...a really kind of creepy joke...or somehow I must have mentioned these things on other sites and this person is sort of tracking me. The things were not secrets or something I'm not proud of...just not mentioned anywhere on the site this person reached out to me through. He/she did leave an email address to contact him/her directly. But I don't think I'm going to do that. I think I'm going to just ignore him/her and see what happens, if anything, next.

Well, I'm quite cold...am thinking a nice hot shower will warm me up and then I can make some oatmeal, which will also warm me up. Then off to the farmers' market and begin my day of housework drudgery.



Friday, September 28, 2007

my head cold has moved...to my throat and chest. I have a little tickle that is keeping me coughing, even though it doesn't sound like I need to cough...it's a dry, unproductive cough and doesn't satisfy the tickle at all...but I'm compelled to keep coughing, which is driving me insane!!!

But it is Friday...and there is an art opening tonight that I'm planning to go go. I NEED to go and see art and talk to people about art and NOT think about work or my house that needs cleaning or dirty laundry or other every day drudgery.

And next week starts the fall film festival. UCCCA brings in a bunch of indy films to be shown for one night only (Tuesday nights) at the downtown theater. (Think big red velvet curtains and funky gold piping..not that crappy tiny theater chain stuff in malls.) It's always totally freezing in there, since it's a huge building and they only open it up once a week for UCCCA, but I bring a blanket and go and I love it! I'm so glad it's starting again! And there are some great movies on the list this season.

Still menstruating, so I know my weight's not "true" but it's going back down even while I'm still menstruating, so that makes me happy.

Have to go to work...only 9 and half more hours until I start my weekend!!!


Very quick entry...running late...AGAIN!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I got regular iced coffee by mistake last night. Darryl asked for decaf and I'm quite sure they gave him the "real" stuff, as I was up past midnight!

Therefore, I hit snooze far too many times this morning...didn't do sun salutation or any of my other regular routine things...and am now trying to fly through my sparkpeople routine before heading out the door.

I'm so glad it's Thursday...and just today and tomorrow before I get two days off from work. It's been excruciating this week. Yesterday, especially! Ugh! I can't relive it to write about it. Just awful.

This period is a very heavy, crampy one. I would think since I'm doing it like every 9-14 days, they'd be lighter and easier, huh?! Not so much!

Darryl made a vegetable soup last night, overnight in fact, in the crock pot. I had it for breakfast. (I'm all about having dinner foods for breakfast.) It was very good and really satisfied me this morning. Yum!

I didn't weigh myself this morning...am not going to until I'm done with menstruating. It only depresses me, even though I KNOW why it goes up. No sense in adding THAT to my list of worries.

'Kay, so I do have to run now...must get coffee before I go!


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