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Rainy Saturday Morning

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It was very hard to get out of bed this morning...it's cold, dark and damp out there! But I've got so much to do today, so I had to force myself out.

We had an argument with Devon last night...it's SO hard living with a young adult child. He's at that age where he thinks Darryl and I don't know anything and he knows it all. And he doesn't feel he has to help out around the house. But the deal with him staying at home while he goes to college was that he WOULD help out. I'm hoping we made some headway and we won't have to hash that out again any time soon!

Yesterday's workout was bathing all three dogs! Daisy (6 month old lab) was RIDICULOUS!!!!! It took everything Devon and I had to bathe her. He ended up just getting in the tub with her and trying to hold her. It took forever to even get her wet, let alone lather her up and then try to rinse off! She fought us every step of the way! We all (Daisy, Devon and me) got drenched, as did the entire bathroom. I think someone needs to let her know she's a WATER DOG!!! She's supposed to love the water! It was so hard! She made the most horrendous screaming sounds. Our neighbors must have thought someone was being murdered in here.

But they're all shiny, soft, clean and hopefully, flea-free! And the little ones weren't all that bad about their baths. Toby, in fact, was good.

I tried Activia Light this morning. I didn't really care for the taste...too sweet. And then I read through the ingredients and saw there was gelatin in it. Ugh! Maybe just knowing that is why my stomach is feeling off now. Knowing I ate gelatin. Or maybe not. Maybe I have a legitimate reason. Whatever the reason, I hope it doesn't last, as I've got that wedding later today.

I should get busy...much to do before leaving this afternoon.

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MILAYA 9/17/2007 2:02PM

    LOL! I bet your house was like a circus trying to bathe that dog! Just to let you know that most conventional yogurts also contain carmine or Cochineal which is crushed beetles to give it color. It's hard finding veg friendly yogurts.:( You are doing great though and you have a beautiful family!

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No plateau

Friday, September 14, 2007

OK, I guess I knew it wasn't a plateau. And I'm down today, so I'm feeling better about the whole thing. I do need to kick up the exercise. Yesterday's exercise was at work. I had to restrain a student for some time...my arms are quite sore because of it. But exercise is exercise. Elevated heart rate for an extended time, right? Using my muscles and making myself sweat. Target areas...not so much, but I did get exercise.

I went to the doctor and had a physical and blood drawn...she didn't feel it was anything to be worried about. Perhaps just a natural body adjustment from losing all the weight over the last year and a half. But we'll see once the tests come back. It did make me feel better, though.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I don't know what I'll wear. Hmmm...have to check out the closet. Not a lot of dress clothes in there. But I'll see what I can come up with. I dress very casually at work, so since losing the weight, I've not gotten new dress clothes. I may have to go to a consignment shop tomorrow morning or something. Oops...probably should have thought of this BEFORE now!


Mini Plateau

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Okay, I guess three days doesn't really constitute a plateau...especially if I haven't worked out in three days, either. Man, I hate having to be completely honest here. (Promise I made myself) So it's not really a plateau. It's more that I'm eating well but not exercising. I MUST get more organized so I have more time to do everything I need to do and everything (or most everything) I want to do. Right now something's got to give and it's been exercise...and that can't be!

I ate a little pasta last night. Shouldn't have. I know it doesn't agree with me since surgery. And I ended up throwing up. When will I ever learn?!

Work is still a challenge for me...but each day I don't eat over it, I feel better about myself. Although I'd rather have it easier at work...for many reasons!

Today I have a doctor appointment...my periods are coming twice a month. I'm hoping it's not serious. I'm hoping I'm going through menopause a bit early. That seems like the least awful scenerio I've been running through my head. I think I'll probably have some blood drawn, to check hormone levels and we'll go from there. I know my emotions have been all over the place lately, too. Perhaps I could take something that would help smooth things out. I don't know. Guess I should start doing some research on menopause and supplements/hormones.


Don't eat over stress!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My new mantra is "Don't eat over stress!" Work is just awful and all I really want is to eat, eat, eat. I want comfort food and lots of it. I've taken to packing my lunch and not coming home on my break. That way, I control what I bring, the amount I bring and I can't grow weak in the privacy of my home to eat something I shouldn't...or overeat. It doesn't allow me to get away from work, but I am out of the classroom, which is the source of the stress, so that's better than nothing.

If I manage to get through this "adjustment period" without overeating, I'll be so incredibly proud of myself. My history has been that I feed my stress. I'm really trying to develop healthier habits.

My husband is so sweet...yesterday I called him from work, on my lunch break, to tell him how badly things were going. He showed up after school, as I was taking attendance at the after school program (my second job), with a large ice coffee. How sweet is that?! I didn't have the heart to tell him I'm not drinking those anymore because of all the fat/calories in the cream they put in them. He was just so sweet to think of me like that and try to make my day better. He did!

I talked to a very wise friend last night about my troubles at work and she's given me some great advice and I feel like I can actually go back there today. In fact, it's getting close to time to do that so I should close and get busy.


Talked into more than I wanted...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So last night the small group ministry all met out for dinner...at a place I don't like, don't want to give my $ to and yet I didn't complain or ask that it be some other place. First mistake.

Their vegetarian portion of the menu consists of 2 cheesy, creamy, fattening pasta dishes, which I can't really eat. So I was stuck getting a $12 salad bar that was also heavy on the pasta dishes. So basically, I paid $12 for iceburg lettuce and some broccoli.

But the waitress kept talking me into getting a soup, too. Tomato Basi...sounded okay. (Other choices had meat) Well, it looked terrible when it arrived and it tasted pretty awful, too. So I allowed myself to be talked into a restaurant I didn't want to go to, and into a food item I didn't want. When will I learn?!

Yikes...time to go to work...more later!


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