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23 years ago today...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm so flabbergasted that my oldest child turned 23 today! How can that be?! I mean, I know I can do the math and it's true...I'll be 43 next Wednesday, he was born a week shy of my 20th birthday...it all adds up. But I can't believe it. He's a young man. Not a little boy, not a teenager. An adult. Wow!

And on to other more sparkpeople-related news. Today I'm starting ANOTHER diet. This regime is two weeks long and comes from my friend, a natural path, who's helping to "shock" my system into losing again. Absolutely no sugar for 14 days. Not even natural sugars in fruits. Lots and lots of leafy greens. 5 miles a day, instead of my 3+ miles...well, 25 miles a week, anyway...broken up any way I want. I did my 3 mile power walk this morning, so I have have to walk 2 more miles at some point today. May do it on the outdoor track at the college later today.

I bought a better fitting sports bra and 2 knee braces yesterday. (In hopes of eventually turning my power walks into running.) The brace certainly helped my right knee a lot. But the left, the one that has always acted up, it did nothing for. I really think there's something legitimately wrong with it. But it's still functional, for the most part. I don't want surgery, so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and hope it heals itself or at least doesn't get any worse.

I know...ostrich with the head in the sand. It's just that every time I've ever seen a doctor about knee pain, they've told me to lose weight...here's the kicker: every time I've complained of knee pain, it's been after a significant weight loss...it's all the exercise I'm doing to lose weight that's causing all the pain. When I'm heavier and sedentary, the knee doesn't bother me! Who wants to bust their ass to lose weight, only to be told they need to lose weight?! Not me!

So anyway...sports bra kept the girls still. The right knee really liked the brace. The left didn't find it useful. Won't bother using it on the left again...I now have 2 for the right. Didn't attempt running today. But if both knees feel good this afternoon, I may try a little on the track...it's a rubber track and feels kind of bouncy. Should be better on my knees than the side of the road or the sidewalk.


Attitude is everything!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Since my sciatica went crazy, I've not been able to get back to my 3-mile walk in 45 minutes...47, 48, even 52...but never back down to 45! This morning I woke up feeling great. The sun's shining, the day is not too warm...I just knew I'd make 45 today. And I did! It's attitude. I'd developed a bit of a block, thinking I'd not get back to 45 minutes...but today I knew I would do it and I did it easily. I didn't even feel like I was pushing it all that much. Now to keep this new found attitude!

UPDATE: A friend of mine, a natural path, spoke with me by phone...when I told her of my plateau, she gave me some advice...it's a 2 week regime...absolutely NO sugar! 25 miles a week. No eating past 7 PM...some other things, but that's basically it. I'm psyched! I can do this! Good bye, Mr. Plateau!


Plateaus suck!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is how I lose. I know this. I understand it. But I certainly DON'T like it! I get nervous, worried, obsessed about it. Haven't weighed in yet today, so I don't know if it's over yet...I'm guessing not. :(

I'm looking into joining a gym that's within walking distance. But not until bad weather hits. I enjoy walking outside and only want to join the gym during inclement weather. This place offers month to month membership. $37 a month...cheaper than the Y were all my students hang out every day and far cheaper than the posh gym I'd have to drive to. I may do it around November or so...

Ok...time to go weigh myself and jump in the shower...wish me luck!

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DCFKAF 8/15/2010 10:18PM

    Brewmaster, thanks for the note. My food has definitely been good...any errors there would be on the eating too little side, perhaps.

I'm briskly walking every single day (3 miles in 45 minutes). I do feel like I could go further...and have toyed with the idea of running a bit. I've got osteophytes (spelling?) in both knees and awoke one morning about 18 months ago, unable to walk for 2 weeks...kind of scared me away from attempting to run.

Walking daily is the only exercise I'm getting...haven't done any strength training, which I want to start. Taking 3-7 days off is a terrifying idea for me...I'm so afraid I'd never start back up again! Which is why I go out every single day. But if I was walking/running every other day and doing some sort of strength training on the opposite days, that would be okay, probably...

Stlrzgrrl, thanks for your words of encouragement...I'm definitely going to join a gym...it's just a matter of which one I decide to go with and when I start...thinking I'll wait until colder weather, as I'm fine using the tracks and parks around me until the weather is bad.

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STLRZGRRL 8/15/2010 10:58AM

    They DO suck.

I was on one for 6 months and my losses since then have been like pulling teeth and I have a LONG way to go... we are not talking about having to drop another 3 pounds here!

In my case, I needed to exercise more... more ST... more cardio... I didn't want to... I STILL don't want to...

$37 a month to give yourself a shot at moving forward? I'd do that, absolutely...

I believe in you and I KNOW the SPARK will get you there!

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BREWMASTERBILL 8/15/2010 10:12AM

    Plateaus don't have to suck entirely. It's really just another measurement in the process and an opportunity to reflect and change something.

If you're not really getting ANY results after at least a week or two, look back over the past week and ask yourself – honestly;
"Am I consistently doing what I know I should be doing – every day - or have I been cheating or "slacking off?" Have I put in a 100% effort or could I have given it more?” Have I been consistent in my eating and training habits every single day? Have I been eating perfectly one day, then eating junk the next? Am I tracking EVERY SINGLE BITE?

Usually when you hit a plateau, it means you need to work harder: You need to crank up the intensity and frequency of your training. You also need to "tighten up" your diet. Tighten up does not mean LESS calories, it means better food.

If you’re doing 20 minutes of cardio per session, you can increase the duration to 30 minutes. If you’re doing 30 minutes, you can increase it to 40 minutes. If your heart rate is 130 you can push it up to 140. If you’re eating only 3 meals per day, you can increase metabolism by bumping it up to 5 or 6 smaller ones. If you’re cheating 2 or 3 times a week you can drop back to only one cheat meal a week.

If you suspect over-training to be the cause of your plateau, then the best thing to do is take a rest. Taking three to seven days off from high intensity training might be exactly what you need.

The bottom line is, change something.

Hope these ideas help.

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Slow and steady wins the race...gotta remember that!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm the most impatient person I know. I'm all about instant gratification. This is a difficult thing to deal with when stuck on a plateau. If I don't see the scale moving downward every single day, I become anxious. I rationally know this is how it works with me...I'm a chunk loser. Maintain for a few days and then one morning I'll be down a couple pounds. It's how I've always done it. You'd think I'd be able to understand on the maintaining days that another chunk will be off soon...but, no. I don't. I get frustrated and angry.

I just did a 7-day detox diet...lost 5.2 pounds. Have not lost since then, and it's only Friday...I stopped the diet on Monday. I've maintained for four days...so I'm getting anxious. I'm forgetting the part of that diet that said you'll likely gain back a pound or two upon returning to regular eating. I've not regained an ounce. Am I happy with that? Apparently not. I should be. But this is me.

Okay...rant over...exercise done and logged...time for some breakfast.

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DCFKAF 8/15/2010 10:04AM

    I think you're right on the mark with the strength training...right now all I'm doing is power walking. (3 miles a day in about 45 minutes...sometimes I'll do 2 miles in the evening, too.) I think I need to start including more than just walking.

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UUCEEJAY 8/13/2010 1:57PM

    Just remember what comes off quickly goes back on quickly. Mostly because you are losing water weight or starving yourself of the things your body really needs and you can't really do that for long. Easy does it. Focus on healthy living instead of the scale.
Try to give your body the things it needs to be healthy. I actually was not eating enough and once I added more protein and more healthy calories along with strength training, I broke the plateau and continued to lose about a half pound to a pound a week until I got to below my goal weight by 5 or 6 lbs. and I am now maintaining it without starving myself.

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    emoticon emoticon

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Insomnia coming back?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I usually have a bad case of insomnia during the summer months...until recently, I thought I'd escaped it. The last 2 nights were quite horrible. Hoping it's just a phase!

I'm one day off my 7-day detox diet and maintaining my 5.2 pound loss. (It said most people gain back a pound or two upon returning to their regular diet.)

Busy day filled with errands and cleaning...I'm off!


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