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Last Day of Summer Vacation...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm actually a little happy about it, because being at work keeps me from grazing between meals. I can eat a breakfast, go to work, come home for lunch, go back for work and after school program, home for dinner and brisk walking after dinner. Much eaiser to control my eating when I'm busy at work.

Have to make today's entry very short. Devon's going back to college today and needs his laptop. (My computer is still not working.)


A Litte Fear is a Good Thing!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Okay, so I've been working the SparkPeople program again for eight days. And in eight days I've dropped 6.8 pounds. I know some of it was period water weight. But it's been a real boost, and kept me going, consistantly exercising, journaling, counting calories/fat/sugar/protein, drinking water. But I'm stepping on the scale each morning with fear that today will be the day that I go back up again.

Although I don't particularly like living with that fear, it's keeping my honest for the time being. And I need to use whatever motivation I can to be successful, right?

My newest fear is that I won't be able to keep track/log all foods if I go to a restaurant, as I won't know exactly what they've put in my food, exactly what size it is, etc. I know I can estimate, going on the high side, to be safe. And that's what I did last night, when I went to my friend's house for a potluck. I guessed high on everything and stayed within what I thought were healthy choices/amounts of food and made a mental note of what I had.

Darryl's been running three times a week. I'd love to, someday, be able to go running with him. I think it would be great to do that with him, since running is something he loves doing.

We used to play tennis together, when we dated. Later, after we were married, we played racquetball together. I taught him how to play and I used to be better than he was. But then he started playing with some guys from work and got better than me. Then I gained all kinds of weight and couldn't play anymore.

I guess that should be the way I work up to running with him. Start with racquetball, then tennis, then maybe running with him.

We used to go hiking, too. We've been talking recently about doing that again. We're so fortunate that we live in a beautiful area, with many hiking trails all over the place. Gilbert Lake has several trails, all different lengths. Glimmerglass Lake has beautiful trails, as well. We can pack a lunch and hike to a nice, quiet spot and have lunch together.

Today we're going to my parents' for a Labor Day weekend BBQ. They live in a beautiful park-like setting. I'll see if anyone wants to go for a walk or hike after the meal today. That can be my exercise for today.

Tomorrow is my last day off, then we're back to the grind. So I've got to get all those little projects done that I needed/wanted to get done before school started. (Taking furniture covers/sleeping bags/comforters to the laundromat to wash/dry, clean out closets, moving school clothes to the front and summer clothes to the back)

I should go shower and get ready for church. More tomorrow.


I love my community

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I love where I live! We are very centrally located in a very small city. We can walk to the farmers' market, the three health food stores, library, pharmacy, parks, etc. Today is such a beautiful day, too.

Darryl and I walked down to the farmers' market and the health food stores and got most of our groceries there. We saw several friends along the way and had good discussions with them. (As a result, Darryl's signed up for a bowling league on Tuesday evenings!)

We are so conveniently located that we're able to buy locally, not use the car, visit with friends and get exercise all at the same time. How great is that?!

I do miss living in the country, but environmentally speaking, it really makes sense to live here. Perhaps when we retire it will be to the country. But it just makes sense to stay here now.

We've been talking about putting in some raised vegetable beds in our back yard next spring. Now that the kids are grown, we really don't need the space for them to play. We'll still have room for the little dogs to run around, our table and chairs and hammock and such. But along the borders of the property it would be nice to have raised vegetable beds. And it would certainly save us money in the long run.

I'm down another pound today. It's amazing what recording everything you eat does for your eating, huh?! I've lost 6 pounds since I started getting back on track. It's coming off quite easily, so far. I know there will be plateaus again and I'm going into this remembering that. Hopefully, I won't get discouraged the next time I come to one.

Tonight is our Foreign Film potluck...we're doing Irish tonight. Darryl and I are making an Irish vegetarian stew. We're watching "Waking Ned Divine". Great movie, for anyone who's not seen it yet. Should be fun. Have to sit down and figure out the calories/fat/protein content for my food journal. I'll do that later.

Have to go take laundry down and hang some more. Beautiful day for hanging laundry!


Taking better care of myself with supplements

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been slacking all summer with my supplements. I haven't been good with taking my multi-vitamin, cacium, iron and especially my Allegra, which I need seasonally. I thought I was over the season, but the last three days I've had a growing headache...and it dawned on my this morning that it's a sinus headache. So I took my Allegra and I'm hoping the Allegra and Tylenol will do the trick.

My arms are sore today, from carrying Jade nearly all the way home from the store yesterday. Good! It means I worked those muscles, right?!

I'm eating my breakfast as I write this...I really love the Kashi Go Lean hot breakfast. It fills me up and keeps me satiated for a long time. It tastes good and I feel healthy eating it.

Not much of an entry now...perhaps later today, if I rid myself of this headache, I'll be able to think more clearly and add more.

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DCFKAF 8/30/2007 8:30PM

    Pretty good day...I found myself out for dinner, which I hadn't planned. I made the best choice I could, which was a thin-crust slice of mushroom pizza at a pizza place. I didn't know how many calories/grams of fat/carbs/etc in it, so I chose the Pizza Hut pizza stats for my food journal, thinking it would be better than that, as it seemed to be a lot less greasy than Pizza Hut pizza is. And even with a snack my numbers all came either low or within the range I've set for myself.

I didn't exercise today. I did a lot of errands and the day seemed to slip away from me. :( I hate when that happens.

I really think the key is logging everything that goes into my mouth on this site. If I know it's going on the site, I'm less likely to put bad stuff in my mouth. So far, anyway!

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Feeling back on track

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Okay...I'm a couple of days into my menses and beginning to feel more human again. I recorded my breakfast online, which is a goal I have. I'd like to get organized enough to record every meal. But I'm going to start small. Leave room for improvement.

Today's exercise will be either a bike ride or a brisk walk. And gardening...not that gardening is a great exercise, but my gardens REALLY need some attention!

Better get up and get busy while I'm feeling so positive!

Good luck to all today!!!

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DCFKAF 8/29/2007 4:05PM

    What a lovely surprise afternoon I had!!! I hung out my laundry and walked down to the natural food store to get some vegetable broth, to make my delicious kale/sweet potato soup, and a sandwich for lunch...on my way out of the store, I thought I recognized the little girl in the park across the street...it was my brother and his family, having a picnic. And since I'd just bought a sandwich, I was able to join them. Then, after lunch, they mentioned that they were going to go grocery shopping, so I offered to take the little girls (3 1/2 and 18 months) while they shopped...so I walked back home, with the backpack full of groceries (I never get just what I go in for!) and Jade on my hip. What a workout that turned out to be! But I had so much fun hanging out with my little nieces! I didn't get more laundry done and I didn't get my kitchen cleaned, but I did have a lot of fun and worked up a sweat carrying Jade all the way home, along with a backpack full of groceries! Such a nice surprise!

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