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Down another smidge...and knee is healing!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I know I promised to call a doctor about my knee...and I fully intended to. But I just didn't do it. And I do believe it's finally getting better. It was a week ago yesterday that it started bothering me and it's now definitely beginning to get better. I'm icing it and elevating it and taking it easy when I'm walking. As long as I don't make any quick twisting motions, I'm basically pain-free, whereas before, even while sitting, icing and elevating, I was in discomfort, occasionally crossing over into pain.

And now on to the other subject of today's entry...even during my menstrual cycle, I'm down a little more! Joy of joys! So I figure, with the added water weight and being down a little, I've probably lost a couple of pounds! I'm really looking forward to weighing again, when I'm done with my menses. Just think what I'll be able to do in another week or so, when I will start gently exercising again! (I figure I'll need another week to fully heal...but maybe less...I'll play it safe.)

We had a snow day yesterday, which was a lovely surprise...having an unplanned day off in the middle of the week is the best...and by the afternoon, things had cleared up enough that Darryl and I went downtown. We went to Salvation Army (half off on clothing on Wednesdays) and I got several old wool, accidentally washed in warm water sweaters. I cut off the arms, to make leg warmers and keep-pants-cuffs-clean-and-dry-ers. (That nasty white stain that happens when your pants cuffs touch the de-icer on sidewalks) With the remaining sweater bodies, I'm planning to make dog sweaters for the little ones and a tote bag. I'll photograph and upload, if they turn out as I see them in my head!

Have to go to work...have a lovely day!

In Peace, Light and Love,

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MAINEROCKS 1/8/2009 11:18AM

    YAY!! I"m so glad your knee is healing. That old RICE treatment really does work well. Also congrats on the scale moving down. Woohoo!

You are so creative! What a neat idea with the sweaters!!

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Down a smidge...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well, even though I'm unable to exercise, I'm down a whopping 2/10 of a pound! I know it's not much, but I'm not complaining...I'll take whatever I can get with the limited movement I've got now. I realize while I'm incapacitated, I need to really keep the caloric intake down. Once I'm healed enough to walk or swim, I can perhaps eat a bit more. But for now, I'll have to be super vigilant and disciplined. As long as I keep seeing the scale move in the right direction, albeit slowly, I'll keep plugging away!

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MAINEROCKS 1/6/2009 10:16AM

    a loss is a loss!! woohoo!! :-)
do you do any strength training? maybe while your lower half is wounded, you can really focus on some upper body workouts.

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First day back at work and my messed up knee...

Monday, January 05, 2009

So I woke up on New Year's Eve morning and my knee felt "funny"...sort of loose, for lack of a better word. It hurt a little, but not horribly. I thought perhaps I'd slept on it funny and sort of ignored it. Fast forward nearly a week later...I'm afraid I've really done something to it. While on vacation, I really babied it. If I'm sitting, I'm okay. But walking around (to work, home for lunch, back to work, home from work), it's not only giving out and causing pain, but the six days of sort of favoring it and limping is causing my hip and back and even the other knee to hurt!

Here's the crazy ridiculous part: I haven't scheduled a doctor appointment because of the weight I've gained. I don't want to hear the doctor tell me to lose weight, when I KNOW I need to do that. Clearly I need to. And I'm back on track to do that. My food plan is much better. The exercise hasn't happened in six days, because of the knee, but I really can't do anything on it right now.

I made a chiropractic appointment (next Monday is the soonest they could squeeze me in), in hopes he could do an adjustment and that would take care of the problem. But I have to say...this pain and strange loose feeling is unlike anything I've ever felt before and I'm afraid I've really done something serious to it. I may have to break down and make an appointment and listen to the lecture, in order to get an expert's opinion. I certainly can't continue on like this!

Anyway, I'm back at work. I'm eating better. I'm trying to remain positive about my knee...this, too, shall pass!

In Peace, Light and Love,

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MAINEROCKS 1/5/2009 9:04PM

    I know it is not what you want to hear... but I REALLY think you should go to the doctor. The moment he/she walks in the door, just say "I know I need to lose weight, my plan is already in place and started, so please, let's just discuss the knee." Get it out there and over with. Knee problems can be so tricky... I think it's really best to address it ASAP. The sooner you get it healed up, the sooner you can get back into your more active lifestyle. :-)

I hope it's better soon! :-)

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Must figure out how to change my settings...

Friday, January 02, 2009

I used to get notices whenever someone from sparkpeople sent me a note or wrote on my wall...but I'm not getting them anymore. I used to follow several people's blogs, too...I no longer get their updates. I'll have to go into settings and see what I can figure out. (I'm quite horrible with that sort of thing.)

Anyway, I've been cleaning, rearranging and organizing all vacation. My house is looking better than it has in...well...forever, I think. I'm very motivated to take back my life. I think I needed a major overhaul. Not just in the kitchen and gym, but my entire environment. I need organization everywhere, not just in certain, selected "public" areas. My closets needed it. My cupboards. The basement. The garage. I'm feeling better already, without a single pound shed, just knowing that things are more organized and in order. My body being out of control was a symptom of my life being out of control. I'm ready to reclaim both of them!

Happy 2009!!!

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MAINEROCKS 1/3/2009 10:26PM

    I tried to find it for you also and can't figure it out. I think that part is not so user friendly on this site!
Anyway, sounds like you have great motivation to clean up lots of areas so take it and run with it! :-)
Good luck!

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Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Good morning, New Year! May you bring better health and happiness to the world!

Although I have a wonky knee right now, I'm feeling otherwise healthy and eager to regain my health. Darryl and I are going to do it together, which I think will really help. Having a buddy makes the commitment seem much more real.

In addition to getting healthier, my resolutions also included being more frugal and keeping the house in better order.

Okay...I've got a lot to do today, so I need to close to start. May everyone find 2009 to be the best year yet!

In Peace, Light and Much Love,

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MAINEROCKS 1/1/2009 1:58PM

    I love that January 1 feeling of a fresh beginning and so many good things lying ahead. That is great that your husband is in on the plan... I am always more successful when my husband is on a health kick with me (which he is planning for January). I hope 2009 is an awesome year for you!

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