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Always cold...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm ready for my internal thermostat to get regulated already!!! Since losing weight, insulation, I'm always cold. Even when the weather's not that bad. I wear turtlenecks and sweaters and long pants and heavy socks every single day. I sleep in flannel pajamas, with socks and flannel sheets and a heavy comforter and an extra heavy blanket just on me. (Poor Darryl kicks off everything but the sheet.)

We keep the heat turned back, for economical/environmental reasons, so when it actually IS cold outside, I'm especially cold! I sit under comforters in the family room, often times with it pulled up over my nose!

On the plus side, in the summer months, when everyone is complaining about the heat, I'm quite comfortable. In fact, I like it. Hot showers and saunas feel so good, as the heat really seems to get deep inside then. I hope things will regulate and I'll feel less cold all the time. Getting out of my bed mornings has become so difficult, especially since the weather got cold.

Must run...much to do today!

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OLIVEJUICE2 12/9/2007 11:00AM

    I hear ya! I'm always cold too--except at night. Cold when going to bed, then I get really warm & find in the morning I have my socks kicked off. (Guess I do that in my sleep.)

You should try to find a Bikram (hot) yoga class! You will be really warm for about 90 minutes & have gotten an excellent workout! I love it!

Grace & Peace,
OJ2 =)

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not a very creative blog title, I know...

Anyway, Kate and I went to an art opening last night...local people loaning their artwork to the gallery. There was an Andy Warhol there. It wasn't in great condition, but it was okay. There was some other interesting stuff there. No names I'd ever heard of before.

Then we walked down to the Japanese restaurant. We shared a seedweed salad, an AAC roll (avacado, asparagus, cucumber), miso soup and vegetable fried rice. I know better than that! I know I shouldn't have tried to eat a rice dish. I mean, I know I can handle a little sushi rice, but an entree of rice isn't a good idea.

So I ate my half of the salad, the AAC roll and some miso soup. I was completely satisfied and should have stopped there. But no...I had to try a tablespoon or two of the fried rice. It got "stuck" and we had to make a rather hasty exit. I thought I was going to throw up on Main Street!

Fortunately, I managed to hold off until we got back home. Why won't I learn?! I KNOW rice doesn't work for me since I had the gastric by-pass! (I guess because I've heard of people who started out not being able to eat rice or pasta and then later on they can...but clearly I'm not one of those people.)

Have to run...am taking Kate to my parents' to spend the night with her cousins, then going grocery shopping.


Quick note...running late...

Friday, December 07, 2007

I hit snooze too many times this morning...running late. Only have time for a quick blog.

I was trained yesterday to administer DIBELS tests to 1st and 2nd grade students. I think we're going to begin testing today. I think it will be fun. I like working with the younger kids.

Kate and I went to my friend Marie's house last night, while Darryl and Marie's husband and daughter went to a basketball game. We had a nice evening, visiting with everyone.

Tonight is an art opening that I'm planning to go to. I think Marie is going, too.

I am within just a couple of pounds of my husband's weight!!!! He's at 212.6 and I'm at 215. I could actually weigh less than him soon!!!!! Gosh, that would be great! I haven't weighed less than him in so long! This inspires me!

Have to go to work now...more this weekend!


Hump Day already?!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We ended up with a snow day yesterday...the weather didn't clear up until like noon. It was a good call. The kids and I went out for coffee, then Devon met his ride and went to college and Kate took the bus up to campus. I went to one of the natural food stores in town and visited with the owner for a bit. It was a nice, laid back morning.

I've been having trouble with low blood sugar if I don't eat a protein in the morning. I didn't have any eggs so this morning I made some flax seed and oatmeal with 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, for a full serving. It tasted like baby food, but I forced it down. I'll see how the blood sugar situation is today. If I still have trouble, it's certainly NOT from lack of protein!

I walked all over the city yesterday...I love being out there during the day like that. When I'm usually at work. It's so interesting to see the people who are out during the day. It's like a whole different world of people (those who work second shift or don't work). Usually I see tons of people I know but it's like being in a different city when you go at a time you don't normally go.

I've got to go get ready for work...get my supplements together, get my coffee mug made up and my water bottle filled.


Bad weather...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Darryl said yesterday the roads to work were completely fine, even though they had a 2-hour delay.

This morning, however, they were awful and they didn't have a delay. It took him forever to slip and slide into work. (I made him call me as soon as he got there, to let me know he made it okay.)

My school has a 2-hour delay...just now got the phone call. But really, they should close, since this is supposed to continue throughout the day. Maybe they will close it soon...I'll cross my fingers.

Anyway, I've noticed that since I've slacked off on my evening walks with the dogs, they've put on some weight. So now I HAVE to get back to walking. (Funny...I won't do it for me, but for them, I'll do it!)

Well, I've got an extra 2 hours this morning...think I'll take advantage of it and go do some crocheting or reading or something.


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