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Freezing Rain Monday Morning...

Monday, December 03, 2007

I guess winter is really here. Darryl's school has their first 2-hour delay. (Of course the call came too late for him...he'd already left for work!) My school is running at regular time. :~(

I had a nasty headache that lasted all weekend. It's gone this morning, but I'm left feeling exhausted. I took two naps yesterday, to try to escape the headache. I was still able to sleep last night..maybe it was a bit of a bug.

I was supposed to go to Ithaca yesterday, to stock up on stuff we can't get locally at our natural food stores. But due to weather and my bad headache, I didn't go. I was thinking about taking a day off during the week and going...but we're supposed to have snow flurries off and on all week. And the roads to Ithaca are windy and hilly...I don't like going unless it calls for sunny, clear weather. Perhaps the forecast will change later in the week.

I'm wondering if my iron level is low...I should NOT be this tired. I'm very good about taking my iron every single morning. It's the supplement I'm best about taking! Maybe I should have my iron level checked.

Daisy's not feeling well. She's been walking around, whining and went outside and threw up this morning. She didn't get into anything so I'm not sure what's going on with her. I don't dare put her in her crate when I leave for work...I'm afraid she'll get sick in there and have to stay in it until I get home for lunch. Poor girl!

Well, I have to get my supplements pulled together for the day...and make a mug of tea to take to work. Maybe even regular tea, instead of decaf, to get me going this morning!


No cancer!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I got the results of my biopsies on Friday...no cancer! Phew! I didn't really think it was cancer. But you know, with a week and half to wait for the results and to wonder, you begin to let your mind go to dark places.

I do have a hormonal imbalance that will require medication, but that's certainly a lot better than cancer!!!

Still haven't heard anything from DSS...I'm thinking they're not interested. I'm torn between being relieved and disappointed.

Devon's waiting to use his computer, so I have to run.

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AQUAGIRL3 12/2/2007 11:14AM

    Thank God what a relief, Decaffie. Congratulations. I have had some scares myself and they are NO FUN. enjoy your health! love and light, r

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Still no news...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I called the doctor back yesterday...she wasn't in the office, so I still don't know anything.

I'm up almost 5 pounds...I'm not eating badly...I know it's just my being more sedentary lately. I hate doing anything after dark, and now that it's dark when I get out of work, I'm doing NOTHING! I'm ready to go to bed right after dinner. Instead of going for a walk with the dogs or doing anything that might burn calories, I'm crocheting or reading. I MUST fight this!

I'm also hitting snooze several times each morning...not doing sun salutation as regularly as I had been. :~( What's going on with me?!

Not ready for work yet...had better get it together, so I'm not late.


Just a moment of paranoia...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I don't know what I was thinking last night...I got myself all worked up because the doctor didn't leave a detailed message on the answering machine. I think if I was a doctor, I wouldn't leave lab results on a machine, even if they were completely fine. I don't think it's professional...I just sort of freaked a little last night. I'm back to normal today and sure that everything will be just fine!

Today is a week since my interview. As of last night, my references had not been called. Not very promising. The trouble with civil service jobs is that often times they already know who they're going to hire and they just have to hold the interviewing process, to make it look good.

It's so strange how I feel about that job, anyway. I don't really want it, but I don't want them to not want me to do it. I think it's a boring, easy job and the place is positively dismal. But I know I'll feel bad if they don't offer me the job.

Yoga ran over last night, so I had to literally jog to the pizza place for a quick slice before my UCCCA film and then jog to the theater, after having shoved a slice down, not even tasting it...only to find that LAST Tuesday was the last UCCCA film! I could have walked to the pizza place and leisurely enjoyed my dinner!

I slept in today...now I must make up the time elsewhere...must go figure out how to do that now...



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well, I called the doctor, to get the results of my biopsies...her secretary said she'd call me back...I missed her call and her message just said she'd call me tomorrow...I'd really expected/hoped it would say, "Hi Kim...everything came back fine. Nothing out of the ordinary." But the fact that she didn't say anything either way has me a bit concerned. Perhaps she's just not willing to leave any kind of message on an answering machine. (Although I did specifically tell her she could leave the results on the answering machine.) I'm not going to get myself too worked up over it. Not yet, anyway.

My other, much more minor, disappointment was that there wasn't an UCCCA film tonight. I guess last Tuesday was the last of the season. I rushed out of yoga, sort of jogged to the pizza place and then really jogged to the theater, only to find it all locked up. :~(

Oh well...it's giving some much needed time to catch up on emails. (I've got 41 to plow through!)


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