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Busy week = weekend will be here before you know it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've got something going on every single night this week! All good things, too! I don't usually like to stay that busy, but it does make the work week fly by. (The housework tends to go by the wayside, but we'll catch up on the weekend.)

Last night I had Small Group Ministry, which included a meal...tossed salad, fresh beans and onions, and vegetable stromboli. Very tasty. The topic for discussion was "Regrets"...it was good to hear most people didn't have any huge long lists of regrets.

Tonight is yoga, quick meal, UCCCA film (last of the fall season). I'm not sure what the film is...I guess I could look it up on their website....maybe later.

Tomorrow I've got a chiropractice appointment and then I'm helping a friend rearrange furniture.

Thursday is a lecture at SUCO that a friend is giving.

Friday is an opening at a local gallery.

Unfortunately, I'm up a few pounds and nearly every one of these activities involve food! I'll really need to make some good choices! I really don't want to gain back the few pounds I've taken off since the summer!

I've got to go get the newspaper and get my supplements together.


Good Monday Morning!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Although I didn't get up the first time the alarm went off, as planned (to do some yoga before showering), I did get up and do some stretching and I feel good...strong, positive, relatively happy (remarkably happy for a Monday following a mini-vacation), and ready for any challenges at work!

Tonight is Small Group Ministry/potluck. Darryl made a huge crock of lentil soup, so I'm taking that. I don't remember what our topic of discussion is for tonight...oh well...it will be surprise!

Tomorrow I can call and see what the results of my biopsies were. And decide what the next course of action will be. I'm thinking she'll say it's just my body adjusting to the weight change and that I should just give it more time. (At least that's what I'm hoping she says!)

Tomorrow is also yoga class and UCCCA film. (Last film of the fall series, I think.) Wednesday I'm helping our friend prepare for hosting the monthly foreign film potluck. Thursday I've got nothing and then it's the weekend...I can do this!!! The week should fly by!

I made a scarf for Devon, for Christmas, over the Thanksgiving break. Nothing fancy...crocheted with some fringe on the ends. It's a nice dark beige color that matches the gloves we bought him for Christmas.

We had another eternal flame candle break on us...that makes like five that have done so. I guess that's what you get when you buy your religious candles at the dollar store! I should find a place online and order them by the case. I tried doing that with these cheap ones...but at least when we go to the store and buy them, we can pick through and get the ones with the wicks at least MOSTLY in the middle, with no huge air bubbles in them. The ones we bought by case from there came with wicks right up against the glass, huge air bubbles, no wicks at all...just awful!

It's warmer here today...it's supposed to get up to the mid 40's later. Even our cold weather has been seasonably warm. It doesn't really feel like it's the end of November or that Christmas is fast approaching.

Have to go make some tea and get my supplements together.


Christmas shopping...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We got a good start on Christmas shopping yesterday. Since both kids are leaving home (to live on campus) in January, we got a lot of things they'd need on campus as gifts...new flannel bedding (darn dorm beds are TWIN XL...do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find that size this time of year?!), new pajamas, robes, slippers, underwear, toiletries.

Today we're going to visit my grandmother in the hospital. She's leaving tomorrow for the nursing home, for rehabilitation. The nursing home is about an hour away, so we'll have to only visit on weekends once she's there. Hopefully, she won't be there long.

I'm up a couple of pounds...but I think my menses is right around the corner (AGAIN!) as my ring is feeling tight, I'm craving salt and my breasts are tender. Oh yeah...and my mood is not so great. (Gotta love PMS, right?)

Tons to do today...must get moving...


What a great Thanksgiving...

Friday, November 23, 2007

I didn't really have time to write a journal entry yesterday...what a glorious day/meal we had.

Darryl was responsible for the dressing...and was asked to make a cornbread dressing, as some people had wheat allergies. He decided to make two kinds...cornbread, which was very tasty, and pumpernickel, which was EXCELLENT!!! He didn't have a recipe...just made it up. But he knows what he put together. He promised me he could reproduce it.

I should back up a bit...we didn't go to my family's house for Thanksgiving, which we usually do...my family changed the date to last Saturday (which we couldn't do, since we already had plans) and then after we made other plans for yesterday, they decided to have two meals and the second would be back on Thanksgiving Day. So we told them we could not go, since we'd made other plans when they'd canceled it.

Although I missed seeing my family, I must admit, it was the BEST Thanksgiving meal I've ever had! Being vegetarian, a meal based around a dead bird isn't so great...my family is a bunch of meat-eaters...they had all kinds of meat there...turkey, goose, duck, fish, bear, pork...not my idea of a feast!

So anyway, back to our meal...we had called our friend Esther, to ask her if she'd like to come over for a vegetarian meal, since we THOUGHT my family was not doing anything on Thanksgiving Day. (She lives on a sort of commune, I should add.) She said all the board members of her commune were coming over for a feast, so why don't we just go over to her place? Now let's see...stay home and make a meal here or go to a vegetarian feast? No brainer!

I don't think I could even list all the foods we had. There was so much, nobody could possibly have sampled a little bit of everything there. And it was all vegetarian and organic...it was phenominal!!!! Certainly the best meal I've ever had! The faux turkey was something one of the members got in a place in NYC. Best I've had...if only they sold it locally! Like I mentioned earlier, Darryl made the stuffings, which were both a big hit. He also made up a vegetarian gravy there, from ingredients they had on hand. There were several different kinds of stuffed squash, some Native American layered corn/bean dish that was great, tons of vegetables (mixed, asparagus, peas, glazed carrots, beans and almonds, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes with garlic, sweet potatoes, and others I'm not remembering), corn breads, with and without salsa, other dishes that consisted of tofu, tempeh, seitan, tossed salads, and an entire dessert table! I won't try to list all the desserts...just the ones I took a bite of...buttermilk blueberry pie (OHMYGOSH...delicious!), cranberry pie (What?! Who's ever even heard of making pie out of cranberries?!), pear tart (wonderful), and a bunch of other things that looked incredible but I couldn't possibly eat. I had a bite of each of the things I mentioned and feared anymore would cause me to have dumping syndrome.

I avoided dumping syndrome and left feeling completely satiated! It was amazing. We had fantastic company, incredible food, and a simply marvelous time.

They invited us to join them again for New Year's Eve. I think we're going. And Kate and I were invited to a women's only weekend in February...facials, manicures, pedicures, deep conditioning our hair...sounds wonderful! I really, really want to go to that! I can offer up hair-cutting for anyone who wants one. Kate said she'd paint fingernails. It sounds like so much fun.

I guess I should be glad my family kept switching around when they were going to have Thanksgiving. Had they not, I'd have gone to my parents' place and had potatoes and beans and some pie and heard all of my family talk about politics (we don't agree with their political beliefs). We would not have met all those wonderful people, not been invited to New Year's Eve and not been invited to the Women's Weekend in February. So I AM thankful they were so indecisive!

Today's been a bit of a laid back, easy day...I've read and took a 25 minute nap. I've had some tea and cuddled with our animals...the kids have been hanging out here today. Darryl's watched football. It's been nice.

Tonight Kate's having a friend come over (they're meeting some friends out for bowling later) and tomorrow night Devon's having a friend crashing here (on his way back to his place from his girlfriend's place...guess our place is mid point). So I'm just enjoying the time when it's just the four of us.

Darryl made a good dinner tonight...a wonderful tossed salad with beans and avocado in it and he roasted some vegetables with rosemary. (Then Kate heated up some vegetarian gravy to pour over the veggies...YUM!)

I've been cold all day...think I'll close now and take a hot shower...maybe that will warm me up. I've got some new decaf/sugar-free chai tea to try. And I'm reading a good book, so I'll put on some flannel pj's and thick socks and get in bed with my book.

(I know, I know...no mention of exercise...but I've not eaten a lot today and tomorrow I'm back on top of things. I'm just enjoying being a slug today!)


Wednesday night...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well, I had my doctor appointment yesterday...I ended up having a couple of procedures done...biopsies, actually. Endometrial and endocervical, specifically. Results should be back in a week.

Today was my interview. I think it went fairly well. The place is extremely run down and very cold. It's dingy and depressing there...the people were less than friendly and kind of boring. I'm kind of hoping they don't offer me the job, as I'd probably take it if they did. (More money, free education, they like to promote from within.) It would certainly only be a stepping stone. Not a place I'd want to stay for a long time.

Anyway, they said they'd have a decision in about two weeks.

My grandmother's still in the hospital...it looks like she's going to a nursing home for rehabilitation...we're hoping it won't be a long stay, as the place she's going is like an hour away. I think we're going to go visit her tomorrow morning.

I'm extremely tired...can't really focus any longer...am going to bed.

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HEATHER_MARU 11/27/2007 7:37PM

    I had read your other blogs - sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! You know what's funny? Everyone I've talked to seems to say that their best Thanksgivings are ones spent with friends.... I was searching to see how your interview had went, though. I was hoping you did well with it and it sounds like you did, as for the place... 'eh? Maybe it just needs a breath of fresh air? But I usually find in my experience that jobs with great benefits have them for a reason. Usually the job itself is a great burden on the person..... I hope your grandmother does well in the nursing home. My grandmother has been receiving treatment for throat cancer for the past 4 years or so and it keeps coming back. She's still smoking but her doc says (or this is what she says atleast) that since she's been smoking so long (since she was 8) that it would do more damage to her body at this point to quit. It seems like every Christmas I'm bracing myself for it to be the last. ... Not wanting to leave this on a sober note, I hope you have a great week!

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