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4:45 AM...too early!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I had to get up at 4:45 AM this morning, to take Darryl to work, so I could have the car, so I could go to my gyno appointment later this morning. That's too damn early! Especially on a dark, rainy day! It's so nice to sleep in on a rainy morning!

Anyway, I work from 8:25 until 10 AM, when I leave to go to my appointment...then I'm free until yoga/film this evening (well, I do have to pick up Darryl at 2 PM). Yay! No more work until next Monday! I'm happy about that.

Last night was our monthly "on track" education for the gastric by-pass patients. It was a really good one. A lot of people were there and I really got inspired.

One woman, who weighed about 15-20 pounds less than my all-time high was there...four years after surgery...and she is about 140 pounds. I'd LOVE to weigh that! She's had a lot of reconstructive surgery, which I don't plan to have...so I don't think 140 is really a realistic goal for me. But I'd still love to weigh that! And look as thin as she looks!

Anyway, it was a good meeting and I'm glad I went. It's time to go to work...only for an hour and a half...I can do it!!!!!


Telltale signs of what's to come...

Monday, November 19, 2007

I didn't weigh myself this morning, since I've got every single sign of PMS known to ma...woman! My ring is tight (normally loose), I've been having headaches, my skin is bad, I'm more than moody, my bowels are off, my hip is bothering me, I'm having insomnia trouble, I ate carby chex mix, which I normally don't even like...I would be very surprised if I didn't start by tomorrow morning. (GREAT! Tomorrow is my gyno appointment!) And yes, that would be my second one this month...sort of the third, since I was finishing up one on the 1st of November.

I'm joining my first book club. Beginning in January. I'm quite nervous about it...the women I know who are in are very smart. My "Stupid Phobia" is starting to rear it's ugly head.

Stupid Phobia is what I call my insecurity about my level of eduation...or lack there of...it began back in high school...thinking I wasn't as smart as the kids I hung out with...and continued into young adulthood. I got it under control when I went to college at age 27. My 3.8 GPA helped me feel better about myself. But when I left college to care for my grandfather, the old phobia crept back in. I know I'm intelligent. I do. But I have very educated, very smart friends and I'm not terribly well-read, so I do find myself feeling on the outside, looking in sometimes.

Darryl and I have had lengthy discussions about it and I am planning on going back to school...part time at first, taking some online courses to begin with. I'm sure that will help quiet the beast within...but that won't be until the fall...and the book club begins in 2 months!

Wow...guess I should have added emotional to the list of PMS symptoms, too, huh? Didn't know I was going there when I sat down to write this!

Anyway, it's time for work...more next time.


No breakfast out with uncle and aunt. :~(

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My uncle and aunt came up from SC for a quick visit, arriving Thursday and leaving today. We saw them for about 45 minutes on Thursday night and planned to have breakfast with them this morning, on their way back down to SC, but there was a snow storm coming that they wanted to avoid, so weren't able to go out for breakfast together. :~(

Well, at least we had some time together on Thursday night. They hadn't seen Devon in several years...they were very surprised how tall and "manly" he looked.

I think we're going to host a Christmas time gathering...since Annie hosted the Thanksgiving one last night. Maybe Daisy will miraculously mature in the next month and be calm! Or we'll have to really wear her out during the day, before people come over,so she'll sleep through most of it.

Have to get busy...cleaning/laundry day.

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METALBABE 11/18/2007 3:17PM

    Hi Kim -
Just wanted to pop in to say hi and give you kudos for your consistency and positive energy. You're an inspiration to me as I get back on the wagon. Thanks for thinking of me - I am sending good thoughts right back at you!

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Wonderful evening with friends

Saturday, November 17, 2007

We had such a good time tonight...we went to our friends' home for a vegetarian pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Tofu loaf, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetarian gravy, sauteed spaghetti squash, garlic green beans, garlic-stuffed olives, salad, and pies. It was great! We laughed and laughed all night! We're going to do it near Christmas and we'll host this one.

I'm bushed and it's late...


Friday morning...snowy and cold

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's snowing out this morning. We're supposed to get 1-2 inches. It's only going to get to the mid 30's today...have to dig out the real winter coat and gloves this morning.

I went to the hospital to visit my grandmother last night. She's having some sort of internal bleeding and required several units of blood, which she promptly bled out...I'm not sure what's going on with her. She didn't know anything and the nurse wasn't terribly helpful. I'll make some phone calls today and see if I can find out anything more.

Yesterday at work was wonderful...I played in the kindergarten room, I worked with kids in grades 2, 3, and 4. I loved it. I was supposed to do it again today, but I heard through the grapevine that I'm being pulled from that to "babysit" an in-school suspension (a kid from my regular class), so I packed a bag with several books. Those are the longest days ever...you just sit in the hallway, periodically checking in on the student, taking him to the bathroom and bringing him his lunch. It really drags.

Oh well...it's one day and I only have a little more than a full day next week. I can handle it. (But it's much harder now that I've gotten a taste of what regular ed is like! They get breaks and everything!)

I've got two very cuddly little dogs at my hip. I think they're telling me they want me to stay home with them all day...I'd love to oblige them. Really, I would! They're so cute and sweet and loving...and amazingly warm for such little things.

Meanwhile, the beast (Daisy) is tearing around here, moving furniture and thrashing about. She's lucky she's so cute! She really believes she's small...she watches the little ones climb on the back of the couch, so she does it. She sees them go under the coffee table, so she tries and knocks it over. She sees them jump into my lap, so she tries.

Well, Thanksgiving was moved from Thursday to tomorrow, because my uncle and aunt came up from S.C. unexpectedly. We already have plans for Saturday. (Darryl's cooking for the local soup kitchen during the day and Saturday evening is our vegetarian Thanksgiving meal with our friends.) That opened up Thanksgiving for us, so we called a friend of ours, to invite her to our house for a vegetarian small-scale Thanksgiving. She ended up inviting us to her commune-esque home for a huge all-out vegetarian feast! Yay!

Oops...time for work. Can't be late!


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