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Rainy, dark Thursday morning

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's dark and rainy this morning...'sposed to change over to snow this afternoon. It's always so hard to get out of bed on a dark, rainy morning. I hit snooze so many times today! No time for anything, so this journal entry will be quick.

The principal called me last night and said he's pulling me from the classroom today and tomorrow to fill in for someone else...I like that! And next week is one full day and about an hour and a half on the next day and then Thanksgiving vacation! I can do this!!!

(I actually went to him on Tuesday and said I'd like to be pulled to substitute whenever he needed anyone, as long as our student enrollment was so low...he said he'd have to talk to the teacher I work with, to make sure it was okay with her first...so I knew then that it was pretty much a done deal. She wants me out of that class as much as I want to get out!)

Out of time...


Getting over the hump...and coming down the other side...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well, having Monday off sure makes it easy to get to Hump Day, huh? And next week is a full day on Monday, a half day on Tuesday (which will be even shorter for me...I have a 10:30 doctor appointment, so I'm leaving at 10), no school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Yay!

Wednesday, a week from today, is my interview...I'm nervous. I haven't been on a real interview in such a long time...my last two jobs I got without having to go through the formality of an interview...and I've had those two jobs (combined) for like 14 years! That's a long time...I've been reading tips online for what makes a good interview. The trick is going to be to sell myself, since I have no experience in this field.

Toby (tiniest of our three dogs) lost another tooth. He's not terribly old by small dog standards...but he's had to have like six teeth pulled and a couple of tumors removed. I swear it's from my grandmother! When she lived with us, she constantly fed him chocolate, even though we insisted she not do that. I'm sure it's caused all the tooth decay and the tumors. All her dogs had tumors and she always fed them chocolate! He's not lived with her for over seven years now, but for the first year of his life, he was constantly fed it...and it really seems to have aged him. Daisy and Roxie, both arrived after the time with Grandma, have never had chocolate and they have good teeth and no tumors yet!

Saturday we're having a vegetarian Thanksgiving with our vegetarian friends...it's going to be a blast! I'm very excited about it. It's our family, and two other couples, one with a three-year-old daughter. Should be fun! We're not hosting it, so I don't have to freak out over making the house spotless, either, which makes it that much more fun for my family!

Yoga last night was great...I had such a nice, deep relaxation. We've got two weeks off now before beginning the next class. I'm really going to try to keep up and do it consistently on my own during the down time. A fellow sparker suggested I do it just before bed, to help with my sleeping. I think I may try that. It really made me feel so relaxed last night...had I been home, I could easily have slipped into bed and slept!

I didn't go to the UCCCA film last night. I was just so tired and I'd been cold all day, which is a lousy feeling. And the theater is infamously cold anyway. The thought of staying out that late, walking in the cold to the theater to be cold throughout the movie and then have to walk back home in the cold again just didn't sound good to me. So instead, I came home from yoga, had a piping hot vegetarian potpie, a hot cup of tea, took a hot shower, got into very warm pajamas, and climbed into my bed, with an extra blanket on, and went to bed.

Today is supposed to be in the 50's...I hope it does get that warm...I'm dressed in layers, so I'm ready for anything.

I hear a cat calling...must go let him in. And finish getting ready for work.

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HEATHER_MARU 11/14/2007 11:30PM

    You know, sure we put on weight during the holidays and what not but there is definitely something to be said for the feeling you get from curling up with a warm drink, comfy jammies, and a pile of blankets. You can only get that feeling one time during the year and it's priceless. I'm excited b/c this Friday our high here in FL is supposed to be 66 and 48 in the morning. I LOVE cold weather! Oh and since you have time before your interview, perhaps you should practice? Have your hubby or a friend, if it's more comfortable, set up a mock interview with authentic questions and everything. It's even better if you have access to an office to have your mock interview. My mom is a manager so I'd always have her do this for me and she'd ask me the usual questions, then also ones that are more related to the job. Think of it like preparation for a debate or some kind of other public speaking. It helps to smooth any rough edges. Now it's my turn to be off to bed - enjoy the downslope to your week!

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Tuesday evening...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Devon took his laptop to school yesterday morning...and ended up staying on campus with a friend, so I didn't have access to the computer yesterday or all day today...so I didn't journal or track my weight or food.

So anyway, I have access again...and I'm trying to catch up...131 emails. Not all personal, although there were a lot. Mostly all my SparkPeople action.

I didn't go to the UCCCA movie...haven't been sleeping well the last 3 nights and it's really catching up with me. It's also so cold in that theater...and I just couldn't stand the thought of staying out that late and walking home in the cold...I'd never warm up from it. Yoga was in a very cold church and I still haven't warmed up from that! (Although that was really wonderful. I missed last week due to having to go vote.)

We have 2 weeks off from yoga before it starts back up again. I'm going to really try to do it on my own...I'm so lacking in discipline!

I'm dragging...have to close and go to bed...am hoping to sleep well tonight and be back to my normal self tomorrow...

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HEATHER_MARU 11/13/2007 10:58PM

    LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one who not only checks her spark daily in order to stay on track, but also to just not have her mail box get so darn full! :-) I am a SAHM so I have the time to try and check mine morning, noon, and night - that tends to keep it down. Plus I used to be on FlyLady's mailing list and MAN! Does she and her staff send out a ton of emails a day! I had to unsubscribe from that..... I'm on the Nifty and Thrifty team w/ you btw. You know, Toby (Tocobear) does his yoga every night before he goes to bed b/c it really helps him to unwind and get to sleep. Maybe doing something like that could help you not only stay disciplined, but also get a restful night's sleep? Good luck with that, now's not the time of year to be wearing our bodies down - there's just too much to do! :-) ~Heather

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Cold but sunny Sunday

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm in a quiet house (well, as quiet as our three dogs and the dog we're sitting for can be), fairly early on a Sunday morning, enjoying a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and soy milk, catching up on emails, just enjoying the morning before everyone's up and milling about. This afternoon will be filled with doing the weekend chores and what not. So I'm just taking this moment to sit and be...and think about all I'm grateful for.

Perhaps that's something I should try to add to each journal entry...one thing that I'm grateful for. This morning I'd have to say I am grateful for silence. I do a lot of great thinking when it's quiet. I love to sit in a "quiet" house and hear all the little things...the furnace kicking on, to keep my family warm...the toenails of the dogs walking across the floor...the branch scratching the outside of the window...even the breathing (bordering on snoring) of the old dog we're sitting for. So much to hear when you stop and listen for it.

I've dropped a little weight, even without exercising. Not a lot...just a couple of pounds. Normally I'd be thrilled. But with my messed up menses and my irregular bowel patterns, it concerns me just a little. I just had a normal pap smear, so I shouldn't be worried at all, but recently I read something that said those are all signs of something to get checked out. Since I already have an appointment to get this 2-3 periods a month thing checked out, I'm not completely freaking out. I can talk to her about my concerns and see what she thinks. But having that in the back of my head does take the fun out of seeing the scale go down.

Daisy is insisting I give her some attention...and since she keeps tossing her old shoe onto the keyboard, I think I'll give her what she wants, to keep the computer in good working order.


Snowy Saturday

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I was so surprised when I woke up this morning and found everything covered in snow! But it was all gone by noon. And heck...it is November! For this area, that's pretty darn good!

Today was the last women's empowerment group. We're going to facilitate Course II in the Albany area in the spring. Thursday nights, so I'll have to give up a Thursday afternoon at the After School Program for a couple of months.

I didn't track my food on the nutrition thing today...banana and kashi peanutbutter chewy bar for breakfast...banana and part of a tempeh sandwhich for lunch...and a tempeh reuben and a cup of soup for dinner...the banana and kashi bar I could easily log, but the other things were bought in cafes, so I don't have all the nutritional information.

Have to go...much to do and I'm very tired...want to go to bed early.

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KNITSKI 11/10/2007 8:51PM

    When I saw your post title I wondered if you were near me. I'm up in Saranac Lake where we were in the teens this morning (ugh!). We drove down to Hudson Falls to see a high school playoff football game. It was in the low 40's then and the sun was great! Keep up the good work with your weight loss!

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