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Still no internet

Monday, October 08, 2007

We're still having internet troubles...am sort of illegally "pirating" the internet from one of my neighbors right now. I'm taking the internet box to the cable company today, to see if they'll fix it or exchange it for a working one. Should be back online at home by this evening or tomorrow...I hope, anyway!!!


No internet... :~(

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Our internet is only working occasionally...we have it one minute ad then it's gone...so I guess I have to call someone to come look at the router or whatever it's called. No blogging or recording my weight/exercise/food intake until it's repaired. :~( (I'm at Darryl's work, using his computer right now.)


Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's so beautiful out! I'm really appreciating and enjoying the incredible sunny warm fall weather we've had. It's supposed to continue throughout the weekend. How glorious!

I'm feeling so positive and hopeful about reaching my first goal (under 200). I'm so close to weighing less than Darryl (husband), too! He's about 212 or 213 and this morning I was 214.8...I'm so close!

I guess that's really my first goal. I haven't weighed less than him in a long, long time. (The killer is that he used to weigh like 225-230, so I would have been less than him a long time ago, but when I started getting close, he decided he needed to drop some more weight! He would like to drop some more weight, too, so it may be neck and neck for a while.)

So I guess the goal order is as follows: 1) less than Darryl, 2) under 200, 3) 175, 4) 150. That makes it all sound so much more doable when I put it in chunks like that. Perhaps I should set up some sort of rewards for each goal met...I'll have to think about that for a bit.

I have to search for a green tomato bake recipe I used to have...have to run. Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day!
http://Beautiful Thursday Morning!


Dreams that make you wake up angry...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ever have a dream that was so real that you woke up angry? I did this morning! And once I became fully awake, I realized how silly it was...my son, who is currently 20, was about 9 in the dream. But my daughter, who is 18, was her current age! They were both acting goofy and silly and loud and making a mess of their food in a restaurant in my dream. And I was trying to clean it up because I was in a hurry to go someplace else. And suddenly my dogs were in the restaurant, trying to eat the food I was trying to clean up. No matter how quickly I cleaned, there was more and more food to be cleaned up. And the kids just kept laughing and making more of a mess. What do you suppose that means?

Anyway, it was just a dream and I'm not mad at them anymore. Phew!

Last night's movie ("Talk to Me" with Don Cheadle) was very good. I reccomend it. I think it's out on video now.

The theater, since it was the first film shown there since last spring, was smelling a bit musty and it was cold, as always. (We usually bring a blanket but I forgot it last night.) But it's such a beautiful old building. If ever I came into a large sum of money, I think I'd buy and fix up that old theater and show more indy films and foreign films and such.

My grandmother used to take me to that theater when I was a little girl, to see all the Disney films when they came to town. It was a big deal. She'd bring my sister and cousin, too. Just the four of us. (My grandfather would drop us all off and he'd shop and/or nap in the parking lot while we watched our movie.) I always remember that when I go into that movie theater. I also went on my first real date in that theater.

I went to yoga yesterday, which was great. I really love going and wish there were more classes offered around here, so I had more options of when to go. Oh well...Tuesday evenings are better than not at all.

It's Wednesday...hump day...with Monday off...I CAN do this! I've got to get some breakfast and read the paper before work.


Tuesday morning

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I think I may get tape measure and start taking measurements...wish I'd done that all along. I think it would help when my weight is yo-yoing but my clothes are feeling different. I think it would be a truer guage.

Today is yoga/movie day! :~) The fall film series starts tonight. I've got time to go from yoga to grab a quick bite to eat and then walk to the movies...I love Tuesdays!

Have to go to work!


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