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How Things Happen In SparkLand

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OK, so on one of my teams, a challenge was posted. I've never actually done a Spark Challenge before, of any kind. It was to find a team member's page (someone you don't know), learn about them, post a comment to them, and then return to the challenge board to "report back." It sounded like fun, but I have to say, I went through a bunch of pages before I found one that I actually felt like I LEARNED something about the person. Felt a connection, so to speak. And I found Adrianne (aka JINXMEBABY).

JINXMEBABY leads a team called Club Curvy. I had just been shopping for new clothes for my newly smaller body, and had found, to my dismay, that a curvy body is always a curvy body, no matter the size. Grrr... so hard to find clothes! Intrigued, I joined Club Curvy.

I got an email from Adrianne saying that Club Curvy was kind of defunct, but that she'd just started a new challenge team: 50 days of 20 minutes a day of "Exercise Like You Mean It", if I was interested in joining. Looking at my overwhelmingly busy life, I said thanks, but no thanks.

But then something happened. I thought, I'm already exercising most days... would it be so bad to push a little harder, try for another streak? So I joined.

The first day I joined, Adrianne posted, asking for a co-leader for the team. I responded.

All of this happened within 48 hours. emoticon

So here I am, on Day 2 of my first workout challenge... working out is hard! (duh...) I was pushing myself to maintain a higher intensity than I sometimes do, and my mind kept trying to get me to back off, that it was "too hard." To which I responded:

Exercise... like you mean it... like you mean it... like you mean it...

My new mantra, and it all came from a get-to-know-you challenge on another team. Gotta love SparkPeople.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KCMKCM 7/24/2008 11:15AM

    Go Girl !!!

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JAZZYJB 7/18/2008 3:27PM

    good for you Denise! I have started doing that too, trying to get in shape for our cruise next year. My mantra is boat, beach, bathing suit ;0 We're in this together! emoticon

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SQUIRRELY_GIRL 7/17/2008 2:13AM

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! You go girl! Just remember not to burn out. What would I do without my co-leader and cheerleader? emoticon

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Am I The Cart, Or The Horse??

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes, many times, the time that works out for me to workout, is when DD sleeps... around 3-4 in the afternoon. The fact that this coincides with my body's natural sleepy time in the afternoon can sometimes be tough. Sometimes, I rally: the workout gets me energized and I feel so much better afterwards. Sometimes, like today, I feel like I've hooked myself to a horse and am being dragged through the workout.

And then I realized... if that's true, who's doing the dragging? Who is the horse? Well, no one else happens to be forcing me to stand there and follow my exercise DVD... so I guess I am the horse, too. I'm making myself do this, even on a day that I feel like I'd rather curl up with a book, or take a nap. I know it's good for me, and some days, even when it's not fun, that's enough to keep me going. Seeing the scale move, knowing I'm healthier, is good motivation. So... hooray for me! For being the horse.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FORMYDARLINGS 7/16/2008 5:18AM

    You are very insightful. I think you know, as we all do, what needs to be done. Youhowever, unlike some of us, are actually doing something about it! I'm so proud of you. Keep going, you're doing great!!

Gini emoticon

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The Ups & Downs of Sparking: UP

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've been meaning to post this for a week or so; it seemed to balance out tonight's "DOWN" post well!

I have a relatively new friend, Leslie (she actually joined Spark in December, MURFNLES, but has totally fallen off the wagon the last few months). My DH was out of town, her DH was working, and I was at her house for dinner. Our girls were all playing upstairs, and she and I were talking about weight loss, comparing histories: pregnancies, marriage, who gained weight when, and why. She asked me what finally clicked for me. I told her I'd been trying to track calories by hand, with a reference book, and trying to exercise--I knew that it was supposed to work. But I was only maintaining, not losing, and it was frustrating. I was web-surfing one night (which I rarely do) and ended up on some weight loss blog, where a woman mentioned SparkPeople. I clicked... and here I am, 10 months and 21 pounds later/lighter. My friend looked at me and said "Wow! So you really are a SparkPeople success story!"

I thought about it and realized she's right! So I'm not perfect. So I still have more weight to lose. I found something that works for me, and I have learned so much, made so many changes... I'm proud of me! It's a really good thing that I have done, and I am a Success Story, even if I am still a work in progress!

emoticon me!


The Ups & Downs of Sparking: DOWN

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

OK, so I was going to post the "UP" post first, but I've always been one of those people who, when you ask "which do you want first, the good news or the bad news", I always say the bad first.

So what the heck happened to me today? The morning got crazy, and I got frazzled. When I finally got to get out of there and take our DD home (we own our own business and sometimes she is there with us) I suggested ice cream on the way home--some fun, relaxing time together, something special. I only got one small scoop, but I came home and found Cold Stone Creamery's website... that little treat was 400 calories! OK, so with a lunch and dinner being both just on the higher side, I was already at the low end of my calorie range for the day.

But no big deal. DH and I had date night planned for tonight, and we were going to a restaurant where I could get a really yummy salad. I'd pass on the wine, and it would still be an OK day.

Then, the babysitter got sick and canceled on us. Of course, I couldn't find someone else last minute. And of course, at that point, I couldn't deal with cooking. I was so tired; DD skipped her nap this afternoon (she NEVER does that), I never got to workout (generally I do during her nap). So we went out to dinner... to our local sports bar sort of place... and DH and I ended up splitting wings and nachos. Can I just say, I don't think I've ever seen my fat calories that high for a single day before! And I came home with a sweet tooth, and grabbed one small chocolate bite (moderation, you know!) because I kind of figured, what difference does it make at this point?

I have managed, during my 10 months with SparkPeople, to avoid that all-or-nothing attitude, but tonight, I just didn't really care. (Well, I must've cared SOME, because I only ate one small piece of chocolate.)

But tomorrow is another day, right? I'll do better then.


Today Is Lousy

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today sucks.

I'm tired. So very, very tired, from 3 weeks of not sleeping well. I am not handling 6 days of single motherhood very well. The puppy is exhausting me, our daughter is exhausting me, just getting through the day is exhausting me. I'm counting the days till my DH gets home, even though sometimes, a break is kind of nice. I'm trying hard to not collapse into major emotional eating (like I collapsed into tears earlier). But it's hard. I will eat a halfway decent dinner, and then maybe some of the yummy light ice cream will make the sweet tooth demons go away. Is it tomorrow yet?

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JAZZYJB 6/30/2008 3:40PM

    I can so relate, My dh has been going to Vernal UT every week for four days for his job and being a single mother has its moments especially with a moody six year old grrrr. I hope you can get some sleep soon emoticon. Keep your chin up, it will get better!

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