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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

That's how I feel today after indulging too much for Halloween. Ugh. Hubby and I are both totally feeling the aftermath in clothes that are fitting a little more snugly than we would like. It's nothing a little extra cardio and some serious tightening of the diet can't fix, but if I look back on it and ask myself, "Was it worth it?" the answer is, "No."

Hubby and I made buckeyes for the party, but we dipped them in white chocolate, put a green, blue, or brown M&M on top of each one, and then painted red "veins" so they looked like eyeballs. I think I ate one or two, but they were so sweet that it was impossible to eat more than that. Actually, it was so sweet that we might experiment with the recipe a bit to see if there's a way to make it less sweet. I had bought some PB2 in the hopes of making something similar with powdered peanut butter and protein powder, and while those things turned out so absolutely freaking disgusting that I'm going to throw out the whole batch (all 7 of them), it did give me the idea to try using some powdered peanut butter in place of the sugar. Although now that I think about it, powdered peanut butter just got stickier the more I added it to the mixture -- it didn't get drier and more dough-like, so that might be an epic disaster. We might also try it with natural peanut butter instead of the standard stuff that has sugar in it. I ate some of that yesterday, and honestly I felt like I had sugar overload on just plain old Skippy. Amazing how sensitive you become when you stay away from that stuff for a while.

So I think I need to share a picture of my costume!

Yes! I went as the Fifth Element, and everybody at the party got it!

Here's a picture of the hubby and me:

It's kinda blurry, obviously, and the lighting is kinda bad, obviously, but hopefully you can tell that he's supposed to be Bruce Willis!

Hmmm, how come in most anything, the women either get a totally kick-butt or slutty outfit, while the guys are always, always, always... guys? Ah well, not worried about it. But now the question is coming up with another couples costume for next year. Fortunately I have a year to worry about it!

Yesterday hubby took the day off, so we hit up this new "super-foods eatery" just up the street from us. This swanky organic grocery store opened up its own little Starbucks-type place with an emphasis on super healthy foods. Actually, I was impressed. I walked in, and just like any old Starbucks, the first thing in front of you is the pastries, parfaits, juices, and what-have-you. The veggie juices were clearly fresh-made: they were in standard clear plastic cups and there was some serious veggie settling going on in the bottom of those cups. You could buy single-servings of soy, coconut, or Greek yogurt (the same stuff you could get in the grocery store, but can't the same be said of Starbucks yogurt?), and then they had normal parfaits, fruit cups, and such. A few of their pastries were gluten-free. They did serve coffee. But they also had a small menu with some breakfast and lunch-type items. Hubby got a grass-fed beef burger, which came with a side of sweet potato fries, and I, on a random need for something that didn't feel heavy at all, tried their vegan burger, also with a side of sweet potato fries. The burger came fairly plain, his with a variety of lettuces and two tomato slices, mine with just the lettuces and some vegannaise, but there was a wide assortment of condiments to put on top -- we opted for super-spicy habanero sauce, used sparingly! The sweet potato fries were more like big honking wedges of sweet potato that were thoroughly browned. That's cool, because I know you can't make a sweet potato fry that is crispy unless you do some weird unhealthy things to it. They were definitely homestyle fries. Hubby also got himself a small bowl of beef and potato soup. So all-in-all, I would say it was successful: simple and fresh, garbage-free.

And that pretty much sums up whatever was important. Today I'm on my own -- hubby is substitute teaching and I have the day off. I kinda wish I didn't, because then I wouldn't be so bored. It's like I have too much time, and so I don't get anything done because I have. All. This. Time.

I think right now would be a good time to make more pumpkin muffins for the week. And maybe get a cup of coffee to get my butt moving!

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WATERMELLEN 11/1/2011 7:51PM

    Amazing costumes . . . and you must have taken the pictures BEFORE the Hallowe'en excess because there sure is no evidence of it!

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PUDLECRAZY 11/1/2011 7:06PM

    I love your costumes!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Well, I didn't max out my PRT, but I did put up the best numbers yet. I maxed out my sit-ups at 103. The goal number was 101, and then when my friend who was holding my feet down asked why I did two more than I needed, I said, "Because you guys kept cheering!" She laughed and said that for my push-ups, she wouldn't cheer me on past my max number.

I also maxed out my push-ups. She said I could stop when I hit 46, but pride made me go for 50, the solid round number that I always stop with. Then I did my run. I had my tunes all planned out: an opening tune that set me at a 6:36 minute mile, and then a few more tunes around a 6:50 minute mile. But the wind was so strong that after I rounded the first turn, it blew the headphones out of my ear, so after the first lap (which I completed in 1:30 -- I was cooking!), I ditched my iPod. Well, after that the run was torture. I finished in 10:40. When I rounded the first corner of the last lap, I felt like I hit a brick wall of wind. Even my friend, who was keeping the half-lap time, said that yeah, I picked up the pace, and then I hit the straight-away going toward her and it seemed like it took FOREVER for me to make it halfway. Yeah, it hurt.

Did I say it was 43 outside and windy? Not the best running conditions. I feel like I could have done it without the wind, or with my tunes. Gotta get a REAL pair of sport headphones.

Honestly, I was really disappointed in myself. I can max out situps and pushups no problem -- I've already done it once. I suppose I should be glad that the fastest I've done my 1.5 mile that is on record with the Navy is 11:00 flat at boot camp. My last PRT took 11:15. So I guess I shaved over 30 seconds off my time, but I did practice runs faster than that, so I'm disappointed. I was hacking for an hour afterward and felt like I needed a nap like none other, so I know I exerted myself as hard as I could, but still. I suppose there is always next May.

I had a few bad food days recently, too. On Wednesday, I got a little (okay, a lot) nervous for the PRT and stress-ate like mad. Then yesterday I was depressed and comfort-ate like mad. I've kept the food tight and clean on the in-between days, but I gotta just get back on track.

So far, this diet is working well enough for me. The nice thing about brown rice farina instead of steel-cut oats is that it cooks up a LOT quicker in the morning. I've been making it with pumpkin, and today I tried mixing in some cranberries, like my muffins. Well, it doesn't work so well in hot cereal. I might have to go with apple instead, but I'm not arguing! My pumpkin muffins taste so much more amazing with fresh-ground spices instead of powdered garbage. For lunch, I've been eating three-bean-and-three-pepper salad with some brown rice and some cod, then a sweet potato and chicken for a snack, and then whatever for dinner.

Today I did a slightly different approach, though. I just added egg whites to my breakfast, no whole egg for extra fat, had the muffin for a snack with no protein shake, and then for lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner I was able to eat larger portions of meat and add some fat. That seems to work a little better than trying to make every single mini-meal a perfect balance. Have some protein and heavier carbs in the morning, and toward the evening be shifted toward more fat with the protein. Plus, I like being able to have a tablespoon of nut butter if I feel like I want some.

Now I need a new exercise plan. I am thinking of doing steady cardio after lifting and doing Insanity Plyo and Pure Cardio on two of my off days, with a long run on the 6th day. I did Pure Cardio on Monday, and whereas a little bit ago I reviewed the video and thought it wasn't that different from Plyo, when I went through the workout, I was wrong! It kicked my butt! If I can do that, the kind of cardio fitness I'll be in will translate well into running come spring. The long run is to keep up the muscle memory, and besides, there's a good chance I will have to stop running once the cold hits.

Speaking of cold, we are definitely settling into the long haul. We were supposed to have friends up for "Uncle Steve's Halloween Party," but with all the snow they predicted for areas west of us, they weren't able to come up. I had to perform for a mixed-service pass-in-review at Boston University today, and it was 40 degrees and overcast. It was really freaking cold. Not to mention, we had to muster at 7:00am to make the trip out there, and we got there with just enough time to get settled and get instructions. We weren't at risk of running late, but we definitely weren't at risk for having too much time on our hands. They held the stinking pass-in-review outside. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible we sounded. We couldn't tune because it's so cold that the instruments are all over the place, and we can't wear gloves so our fingers are frozen and we're missing notes left and right because our fingers just can't make it happen. The guest speaker, a rear admiral from our own base here in Newport, made his speech extra super-short because he didn't want to be in the cold, either -- and he made that clear. But he loves the band, so he spent a good chunk of his speech telling all, what, five people in the audience how awesome we were.

I slept in the van on the way to the gig. At least, I thought I slept, until I fell asleep in the van on the way back. Then I knew what real sleep was! But I got home, ate some lunch, and curled up on the couch, thoroughly chilled, thinking about taking yet another nap. I ended up passing out for two hours.

Must have been some combination of being so freaking cold, being up too late finishing my Halloween costume, eating too much junk last night, and not getting real rest on the van. In spite of that, I'm exhausted and ready for bed, but hubby and I are also watching the Buckeyes game on this computer, so that's that. Thank goodness it's almost done!

So tomorrow we have a Halloween party to go to. I already know it'll be a bad food day, and that's that. I plan on going for a long run and getting back into my workouts on Monday. I was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend to make good old-fashioned Buckeyes (the chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls), but this evening I thought it would be an even better idea if we made them dipped in white chocolate so they looked like eyeballs! Alas, I'm not as genius as I thought I was, since I found a recipe online with no issue, and they even had the wonderful idea to put an M&M on top of the ball so it really looks like an eye. Still, it feels "authentic" since we've made them before and they're a piece of home.

I can't wait to show some pictures of our Halloween costumes! They're AWESOME! But for now, it's time to watch the last three minutes of this game and go to bed!

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REEKU731 10/31/2011 12:12PM

    I can't wait to see pictures of your Halloween costumes!!! You're going to look fabulous!!!

I always had issues with headphones falling out of my ears - so I picked up a pair of these and SWEAR by them! They are so comfy and never fall out when I run (plus they don't interfere with any of my piercings or jewelry at all)!


Hope you have a fabulous day and it sounds like you did a STELLAR job on your run given all the nasty conditions you had to run through! I'm proud of you!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today was a good day. I had phone watch this morning, and I was able to use the time to practice, study, and chit-chat with colleagues. Then I had my lunch break, where I ate my cod, rice, and three-bean-and-three-pepper salad. All pretty tasty! I had rehearsal, I made copies of parts for the quintet, I did my cleanups, and I went to the uniform store to buy a long-sleeve PT shirt for the PFA. It's on Thursday, but I'm doing the outdoor run and since it's supposed to rain that day, I guess I'll be doing my PFA on Friday. It is supposed to be 49 degrees and sunny.

49 degrees?!?! Yes, I hate running on treadmills that much. I would have to practice any other machine to get my scores there high enough, so maybe I'll consider something like the bike for the next PFA, given adequate time to prepare. Or I will just stick with the run because, well, I'm pretty good at it.

After I got home, hubby decided that we should go to the package store and find some pumpkin ale for this weekend, especially since his friends and their kids are coming over and his friend says pumpkin ale is impossible to find in his area. We also went to the Five Below store to pick up a few random things for the kids. I scored as close to the perfect wig as I'm going to get for my costume. It's just too bad it's the third wig I bought! Yikes! Hubby also talked me into getting some little battery-operated jack-o-lanterns for inside the apartment as a little decoration.

We hit up Old Navy so hubby could find a pair of pants for his costume -- with the right pair, he would be able to wear them for the costume and then as regular pants later. My hubby got skinny! He bought a size 32x32! Then, just because they were 50% off and he though, oh, why not, he tried on a pair of men's skinny jeans, and they looked GOOD on him! As in, he-had-to-have-them good. I was astounded.

I feel like I went to boot camp, he worked out a ton, and now I think his body is repaired. His eating habits are a little strange: whether or not he eats breakfast is a crap-shoot, but when he does it's eggs and chourico. All the time. No questions asked. Unless he grabs one of my pumpkin muffins that I just made. If he eats lunch is a crap-shoot, too. If he has to pack it, he probably won't. If he can walk home for lunch, he will and will whip up a sandwich or hot dogs or grab some trail mix, and then he's good until he eats whatever dinner I've made, and then if he's still hungry, he will grab another snack. Sometimes it's a smoothie, but our smoothie attachment for the Magic Bullet bit the dust the other day, so he hasn't made one recently.

Nope, it's not all the healthiest, but he eats my super-healthy dinners and the other day told me I was awesome because I make delicious food all the time for him. Okay, I'm only helping him be healthy one meal a day, but it's something. It's enough that when he went to visit his friend, and his friend's wife made pizza and wings, he was like, "Where's the veggies?" Even though he clearly doesn't eat a ton of them, he still desires them in some capacity.

He hasn't been working out a ton, either. I'm trying to coax him back into something, but with his schedule being so variable, too, it's hard for him to get into a routine. I'd at least like him to get back into a strength routine, but it'll come.

The point is, he eats sporadically and with varying degrees of healthiness, and now his workouts are very sporadic, but he hasn't put on weight. Sometimes he even gorges a little, but then he adjusts his eating. If he's up a few pounds, he goes, "Hmmm, time to take that back off" and is as skinny as he's ever been without ever depriving himself of the stuff he loves.

I'm tempted to start packing some light lunches, though, so maybe I can put some veggies in that mix... He likes veggies with hummus.

So he scored a pair of really good pants and a pair of skinny jeans. Plus, Old Navy is promoting their new line of workout attire, so he tried on a green Dri-Fit style shirt and had me try on some of the women's stuff. I ended up with two tops with built-in sports bras and one pair of pants. I mentioned I was glad to have new stuff because my regular workout gear was starting to look a little skanky, and he said, "I know. I've been keeping an eye on that and was like, whoa, she's gonna need some new workout clothes soon!" So, two new tops and a pair of pants! Sweet!

I forgot to mention that before all this, we stopped by the consignment shop that I love and finally bought my yellow honeymoon dress. It's Lilly Pulitzer, but I've been watching it for a few weeks until it made its final price drop, and I got it for $50. It should be, like, a $200 dress! It's awesome!

I had to share. It's just that awesome! It's just too bad the picture doesn't do justice to the pretty eyelet work. I dunno, it doesn't seem like something I would wear, and yet it's perfect, like it walked out of Pushing Daisies or something. Love love love!

We finally trekked out to the liquor store, where we were unsuccessful at finding Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale. But we did find some other pumpkin ales, and the guy told us they were getting a new shipment tomorrow, so hubby bought one large bottle each of two different pumpkin ales, and tomorrow he'll check and see if they get in the Sam Adams. Then we came home, it was time for him to go to rehearsal, and it was time for me to blog a bit. So that was that!

And now it's time for me to go to bed. Got an early day tomorrow.

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REEKU731 10/26/2011 8:49AM

    First that yellow dress looks incredible on you!! Congratulations on your fabulous purchase!!!

Also pumpkin ale is AMAZING!! One of the best things about the fall season for sure!!! What are you going to be for Halloween??

Next 49 degrees is FREEZING!! I ran a 5K outdoors this weekend and it was around 47 degrees and it was fine for a little bit but then it was just TOO cold!! Haha!! Ill stick with my indoor treadmills once it drops below 55 degrees! Haha!

Dude your hubby is TINY!!! YAY for skinny jeans and new pants! I love Old Navy stuff!!! They have some super cute clothes sometimes!!! Isnt it amazing how guys can still eat pretty much anything, at any time, and still stay smaller??? If only women worked that way too, huh???

I *wish* I could eat randomly thoughout the day, not workout regularly and fit into a size 32 pants! Haha!

Hope you have an awesome day honey!

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ONEKIDSMOM 10/26/2011 7:44AM

    Great photos of that honeymoon dress! You look like Audrey Hepburn gorgeous, woman! Bet you feel just as great.


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WATERMELLEN 10/26/2011 7:32AM

    Love your honeymoon dress -- it looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!(and like you, love a consignment score).

Those workout tops with the built-in bras are the best -- and I have a few golf tops with built-in bras also, also excellent.

So nice that your DH has buffed up too -- by whatever method!

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Sunday Update

Monday, October 24, 2011

Even though this will post on Monday. Oh well.

And now, a little snippet of life in my world.

On Friday, I played a luncheon for the Internation Seapower Symposium. It was nice and short -- a 40-minute gig -- and then we were allowed to eat some of the leftovers. Since I'm on this diet and had all my meals planned out, I said that I was good and would pass. My boss, however, was like, "No, Deanna, you will eat food." I took a look at the spread and obliged. I had a little bit of lamb, some ratatouille, and some orzo salad. Actually, it was pretty good, and I was glad for the lamb since I never get lamb. So I just counted that as one of my meals, adjusted my intake for the day, and still ended up with a successful day.

Yesterday was a maintenance day, plus the Navy Ball. Let me say, 2100 calories of whole food when you're eating low fat is a LOT of food, whole grains included. I wasn't sure how to beef up breakfast without adding yet another half-cup of oatmeal. Three-quarters of a cup, pre-cooked, is a ton of oatmeal, so I added carbs by adding molasses, and I added protein by subbing out the egg whites for protein powder. It wasn't my most successful venture ever. Next time, I might just eat the ton of oatmeal and add a lot of extra protein at later meals.

Two muffins, though, that was easy to put away! My mid-afternoon snack was normal, and my lunch was pretty normal, too. Hubby and I went hunting around for our Halloween costume parts, with limited success, ordered a new rug for a room in our apartment, and stopped at a used bookstore. I picked up a neat book out of curiosity's sake, which I'll get to in a minute.

The Navy Ball was uneventful for me. Unfortunately, they don't feed us, and we don't get to do all the dancing and fun stuff because, well, we're the entertainment. We played the national anthem at the beginning, before dinner, then were ushered to a back room where the leftover from the guests' arrival was sitting. Most people noshed, and then the waitstaff decided to bring by random trays of the hors d'oeuvres they were serving. It was stuff like some seafood spread on a hunk of bread or mushrooms stuffed with something that looked mostly like bread.

Eventually I got hungry and munched on a handful of grapes and one little piece of cheese to give me some fat and protein. Then, it was time for the toasts. But the commander decided to get started without us, so when he said, "Here's to the Commander-in-Chief!" there was nobody there to play "Hail to the Chief." Oops! So instead of marching out smartly in formation, the band went tearing haphazardly onto the dance floor. Then we played each service song for a toast to each service, and then our unit leader had us march off the floor. Someone was like, "Hey, we're still supposed to play Happy Birthday!" Oh, I forgot to mention that the Navy Ball is in honor of the Navy's official birthday, which is October 13. So crap, we turn around and try to look smart as we march back to the dance floor and gather around the stand with the cake.

The unit leader was humiliated and furious at the same time. I feel so bad for the guy -- you don't really want to screw up the Navy Ball. Well, you don't really want to screw anything up. Not like that.

Since we weren't getting dinner, I had thought maybe hubby and I would go out and get dinner, but we decided to pinch our pennies and eat in. But, since I bought one when I saw it at the commissary, we decided that Navy Ball night would be a good night for our swordfish steak and a side of spaghetti squash and homemade pasta sauce. It was pretty tasty!

Today was just another average Sunday: yoga in the morning, quick grocery run, and then, the un-average part where hubby and I continued our search for costume parts, this time with more success. Plus, we stopped in H&M, and they had these beautiful wool-ish coats for 50% off. I tried one on, and hubby just looked at me and said, "It fits perfect, and I know you don't have a good coat at this in-between weight." So I tried on a few more coats and then we just went ahead and bought that one.

Hubby nailed it. He said that he was pretty sure I had a coat that looked like it, but wasn't it the one that used to be my grandmother's that I liked a lot but it was too big? Yes, it looks a lot like that coat, especially the texture, and it kinda broke my heart that when I took it to the tailor, they nipped in the waist, but it still looked like a coat that was 2-3 sizes too big, but with a nipped-in waist. Well, now I have this coat! The cashier said she was really glad I bought the coat, because she saw me try it on and it was perfect. Yep, it's perfect!

I gave myself a weigh-in today, after eating my morning oatmeal, in full sweat clothes because it's getting cold and I was on my way to yoga. Even after yesterday's maintenance-calorie day, I'm still holding on to my weight and spent today feeling pretty hungry. I'm going to have to see how my performance holds up. Yoga today was not my best performance, but I'm not sure if that's because my sleep has been erratic or because the increased cardio has completely stoked my metabolism.

Oh, I did do a 6-mile run yesterday in somewhere between 54-56 minutes. I accidentally paused my GPS at one point, so the reading isn't totally accurate. But just about a 9-minute-mile pace, and yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day for a slower run. No wonder I've been hungry?

But like I said, I'll have to see how my strength holds up and see if I need to bump up calories further. I don't want to be losing strength and muscle, only fat.

So, briefly on to this book I bought. It was $4.00, and it's called the Blood-Type Diet. Yeah, I haven't read the intro, so I have no idea what kind of science the author thinks this is based in, but I've written it off as a primarily entertainment-value book. The funny thing, though, is that my blood is Type O (O-positive specifically, but the book doesn't differentiate between positive and negative types). The perfect diet for Type O?

Drum-roll please...


Creepy. I'm supposed to be very good on lean meats, particularly fish, but I should avoid wheat completely, corn almost to the same extent, and the vast majority of dairy.

The book divides your diet into each major food group and then lists representative examples of beneficial foods, neutral foods, and foods that are harmful. Under beans and legumes, there are only four beans that are beneficial, there's a whole host of beans that are neutral, and then as far as harmful ones, I'm to avoid all legumes, including peanuts and all lentils. As far as cereal goes, not a single cereal grain is listed as beneficial for my type. There's only the ones that do no harm, and the ones that do harm. Funny, oatmeal is one of them, but rice is okay for me to eat, so in that spirit, since I need to replace my hot cereal, I decided to switch from Bob's Red Mill Steel-Cut Oats to Brown Rice Farina. Maybe it'll be tasty?

Apparently I do very well on beef, bison, and veal, and all poultry is neutral except for goose, which is harmful. I should not eat pork. I can eat practically any seafood on the planet except barracuda, beluga (I hope they mean a fish and not the whale), and I remember octopus being on the list, but squid being something neutral. I can't remember all of it -- most of it is stuff that I don't eat normally anyway. I know the fish I do have access to are either highly beneficial or neutral.

Oh, and I should eat lots of seaweed, and a good source of calcium for me is canned salmon with the bones still present. Good thing I eat that pretty regularly (although I already knew that calcium trick)!

I don't remember much of what it said about fruits and veggies. Most are good, a few are bad. I think I'm supposed to stay away from citrus or something. And veggies, oh who knows. I think I can't eat domestic mushrooms, but I can eat just about every other kind of mushroom. That's okay, I never buy the white mushrooms because I like the portabellas more anyway.

As far as drinks go, I should never drink anything with caffeine, unless it's green tea. That's it. No black tea, no sodas, no coffee, and none of the above in decaf, either. Whatever. That's not going to happen.

But the funny thing was how reflective the diet was of my own personal tastes. The things I could eat and are beneficial are things I tend to gravitate toward. The stuff I can't eat, for the most part I could live without. Well, except for avocado and cabbage. I'm not supposed to eat cabbage, which pretty much stinks for all my sauerkraut, except that i'm going to eat it anyway.

But just to dispel any fear that I might be buying into this stuff, I also read through the Type A diet and compared it to my husband's personal tastes. A lot of seafood is supposedly harmful, his favorite spices are supposedly harmful, he can't eat any kind of potato whatsoever (I get potatoes), he can't eat jalapenos, and his dairy is surprisingly more restrictive than mine -- only soy cheeses are beneficial for him. Whoa! So he called b.s. on the Blood-Type Diet. I do, too... for the most part. But, since it was pretty reflective of what I like anyway, I made the one concession for the brown rice farina for breakfast.

Now I have a wicked Oxygen Magazine chili sitting in the CrockPot. It's the one with chipotle powder and chocolate, and it smells INTENSE! It might be the best chili ever. I suppose I will find out tomorrow! Yum!

Okay, okay, time for bed. This lack of a schedule has really thrown me off...

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REEKU731 10/24/2011 9:46AM

    Everything sounds like you've had a fabulous weekend!!! The Navy Ball sounds super fun!!

And The Blood Type Diet - I'm afraid I'll have to call BS on that one too...However, at the very least (if it has recipes in it) you paid $4.00 for another cookbook of kitchen ideas (at least that's what I always tell myself when I waste money on a nutrition book I'll never use!)

How did your chile turn out??? I'm sure it was fabulous! Happy Monday!!

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SUNSHINE99999 10/24/2011 1:15AM

  Wow, what an exciting life. Blessings!

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Diet Thingy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

So figuring out this new diet is tricky. I feel like I've spent my whole day obsessed about food, but I have some resources and some ideas, so I should manage. I will just have to spend Sunday preparing the next week's meals.

Fortunately, this diet doesn't stray too far from what I would normally be okay with. In the end, the BFFM version of A+ carbohydrates are from a wide assortment of veggies, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, beans, and legumes. Okay, I'm down with that. The carbs that get an A are whole wheat things like breads and pastas and whatnot, quinoa, white potatoes, etc. I can deal with the A+ and A carbs.

The problem is going to be having my food ready for the week so I'm not doing a million years of food prep every single night. But, like I said, I have my sources.

Enter Oxygen Magazine. Yeah, I know it's associated with "Clean Eating," but their focus is definitely on female fitness/bodybuilder stuff, so their recipes are right in line with what I'm looking for. I have a great recipe for turkey and black bean chili that I found. I know, I did that one not too long ago, but this one is a little different, calling for chipotles in adobo sauce and UNSWEETENED COCOA POWDER! Coming from Ohio, I'm already quite familiar with the intricacies of chocolate in Skyline Chili, but to see this in-the-flesh was pretty awesome.

Over some brown rice, should make a nice bodybuilder lunch.

I did make a recipe this morning -- I actually had almost all the ingredients hanging around the apartment already. It was pumpkin pie oatmeal, so oatmeal with a little bit of pumpkin puree, egg whites, and pumpkin spices. It was pretty good, but it got even better when I added a little sweetener. Today at the commissary I picked up some crystallized ginger, so now I have the last remaining ingredient. I think I will stick with this for a while.

The problem is the second meal. I'm thinking of making Oxygen's pumpkin cranberry muffins. The book recommends oatmeal and an egg white omelet for first meal, and then a different kind of omelet for the second meal, and I'm thinking, if I'm at work, there's no way. Pumpkin muffins to the rescue!

For lunch today, I had two slices of Rudi's gluten-free bread topped with spinach, topped with black beans, topped with scrambled egg whites with one yolk, topped with salsa. It looked like lunch for a king! But again... how to make that travel well...


I did pick up my Cantina book that some relatives sent me with all kinds of delicious, authentic Mexican recipes. There is a three-bean-and-three-pepper salad that looks fabulous and would make a good side dish for a basic hunk of protein, like fish. That might be my lunch, just a variation on my Big Salad lunches.

My mid-afternoon meal was not something I was looking forward to. All I had today was some turnips, rutabagas, and beets that had been hanging out for a while, so I ended up roasting them all and eating them with some canned salmon. I was REALLY not looking forward to the canned salmon. Boo. But... it was BumbleBee Wild Alaskan Red Salmon, not the Pink Salmon I picked up last time. It was so good! For a cheap salmon fix, I would highly recommend it!

Dinner tonight is stuffed carnival squash. I have some Splenda Brown Sugar blend to give the squash a little sweetness, and then they're being stuffed with a chili chicken. Hopefully they taste good. Unfortunately, I will be bringing it with me to my gig tonight instead of eating it with hubby. Fail.

The other thing I like about this diet plan is that Venuto recommends carb tapering, or eating most of your starchy carbs early in the day and tapering them off. That means that dinner can be something I'm a little more familiar with. Or just a bowl of turkey chili, since that's an easy standby!

In other news, today has been a total fail in terms of practicing and studying. For some reason the motivation is lacking, probably because I'm obsessing temporarily over this new diet. Once I get in a groove, though, I'll be fine. I'm really only doing this for the eight weeks leading up to our honeymoon, but I guess if it turns out to be better for me than stricter Paleo or Primal, I might have to stick with that. We'll see.

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REEKU731 10/21/2011 2:53PM

    Mmmmm - chocolate in that chili sounds like it might be a twise on a mole (my keyboard doesn't have the accent thing to go over the E) - sounds yummy!

The hubby and I are contemplating starting this up as well - but we just don't have time to be cooking 24/7. I know its about "priorities" but when it interferes with work - well then there's no option...the paycheck will win every time! Are you finding it to get any easier if you plan stuff out in bulk? Let me know! I can't wait to see your progress on this!

There's a few meal plans we're looking at right now - not sure what we'll go with yet - but this one is promising! We just can't spend the little free time we do have in the kitchen every day!

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WATERMELLEN 10/20/2011 6:01PM

    Love the idea of cocoa and chipotles in the chili -- gonna try that!

And: canned sockeye salmon isn't a bad thing . . . really!! (prefer fresh or frozen).

Did not know that Splenda (my sweetener of choice) did a brown sugar version: will have to look for that!

Love your blogs: they are full of good food ideas!!

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DIANEGLORIA 10/20/2011 5:25PM

    BFFM version?

need to google to figure that one out...


whatever works for you, go for it

I am refocusing now as well. Halloween candy is heading out of the house today. Not waiting for the 31st!

No more excuses

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