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Boo Colds

Monday, September 13, 2010

I did my push/pull workout today, although it probably wasn't my finest. Here we go:

Military Pushups: 10, 10
Pullups: 4.5/2, 3.5/3
Wide Pushups: 10, 10
Chinups: 3.5/4, 3.5/4
Military Press: 8, 6
Arms-in Pullups: 2.5/5, 2.5/5

All-in-all, not really an improvement since last week. Well, lemme rethink that, because I did do all my pushups with my feet elevated this time, so balancing on one leg on a chair. It was pretty cool. Hubby corrected my form on the military pushups, but my wide pushups were pretty solid. I'll do the same next time. Pullups, though, I was not feeling! I have this head cold, complete with sore muscles, and I'm definitely feeling it in my back. So hopefully Thursday's workout will be better because I won't be SICK!

Went for a run today, too, instead of swimming. I just didn't think I could handle the chill of the pool or the necessary breathing skills! So I did a 20 minute run and covered a little over 2 miles and sounded like I was dying of emphysema when I was done. I sound a lot worse than I feel, but honestly I don't feel great.

Then hubby and I went up to the recruitment office to drop off my transcripts. Now all my paperwork is complete. I also found out that I'm not the one waiting for the phone call from the skipper, they're waiting for the phone call, and then they will call me and tell me when to show up for a face-to-face interview. It would be nice if I could do the interview soon, but it would also be nice to do the interview without sounding like there's a dead frog in my throat.

We also stopped at Play It Again Sports. Hubby decided to join an informal Ultimate Frisbee League, and they played their first game yesterday. Everybody on hubby's team is a noob, so they didn't know cleats were a good idea. Hubby said there was a lot of slipping and sliding around, so today we searched for cleats and were lucky enough that they had one pair in his size! Size 12! And while we were looking around, I saw some kettlebells for $1.50 a pound, and since I've seen them for $2 a pound or more, I jumped on it and grabbed the 20-lb. bell. I may work it into my bodyweight exercises. Hmmmm, tabatas with four bodyweight exercises and then finishing with kettlebell swings for the full-body effect. Sounds like fun! Then we came home. And I took a nap.

So today I'm aiming for a 2,000 calorie day. That's a lot of food, although I don't feel stuffed. We'll see how I feel when it gets closer to bedtime!


Legs and Core

Friday, September 10, 2010

Squats w/ 40 lbs.: 8, 8
Hanging Leg Raises: 5/1, 4/2
Lunges w/ 50 lbs.: 8, 8
Pillow Humpers: 10 with 3 second hold
Side Lunges w/ 40 lbs.: 6, 6
Hip Raises: 9, 9 each side

I'm not convinced my squats are targeting my butt! I think they're working my inner thighs more, but my side lunges seem to hit some booty. Gonna play around with form and see if I can target that better. Or spend some time on Google looking it up.

Hanging Leg Raises got a lot better today. I did read that you should not attempt them if you're not strong enough to stop yourself from swinging. So I seriously just willed myself to not swing when I did my leg raises, and surprisingly enough, they went much better! And I felt it in my back, too. Woot!

I'm not feeling totally up to snuff, but I went swimming after my workout anyway. I swam 75 yards twice, then 50 yards, then 75 yards twice, then 50 yards, and then decided I was more than done! I was dying those last 50 yards! But hey, the 75s are getting easier, so it should be no time before I can regularly do 100 yards.

I made some apricot-ginger baked chicken for dinner: basically, I mixed Annie's Lowfat Gingerly dressing (which is really good and natural for something lowfat -- I'm pleasantly surprised) with some apricot preserves (with no unnatural crap in it) and coated some chicken breasts in it. I should have used more, because the glaze was so light that it was barely detectable, although what WAS detectable was good. And then I steamed up some spaghetti squash, mixed it with cooked up Italian vegetable blend, tossed it with a wee bit of olive oil and a generous splash of lemon juice and a little garlic, and that was dinner. The lemony was really good, but it could've used more garlic. Actually, hubby even went "Mmmm, the lemony is good!" so I guess it was a winner! My dad, on the other hand, coated all of it in pasta sauce. At least the pasta sauce he uses is good and all-natural. And apparently it was quite tasty with the undertones of lemon. As for the apricot-ginger chicken, well, apparently it was not apricot-ginger-y enough to have even a remote chance against the pasta sauce. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. At least I got the thrill of cooking up something I made up on my own. But note to self: more apricot-ginger glaze, and more garlic in the spaghetti squash.

Hubby and I were going to go apple-picking today, but apparently the fruit farm lost a lot of their early harvest to a frost (my dad asks when we had a frost...) So instead we just bought some apples. Honey Crisp. Apparently they're supposed to be the most amazing apples in the entire freaking galaxy because they're very juicy but also very crisp, which I guess is otherwise non-existent among apples. I dunno, these things are hyped up so much that I told my dad I'd better be eating a freaking apple pie when I bite into one, otherwise I will chalk it up to over-hype. To which he responded that it won't taste like apple pie. Hah!

I'm sure they're delicious, but the only apples I discriminate against are mushy apples. I like crispy apples, tart or sweet, just as long as they're crispy.

So, since we couldn't go apple picking, we went for a walk along a trail in the Metroparks. I forgot that here in Ohio, there are hills. One of them was pretty intense. I told hubby I didn't know we were going hiking today! Oh well, the fresh fall air was awesome! It was still warm enough today with the sun that with jeans and long sleeves I didn't need a jacket.

Oh, and pumpkins are coming into season. It'll be nice to make pumpkin foods in weather that feels appropriate to, well, pumpkins! Yep, and I'm trying not to care if my parents won't eat it, because it makes me happy, and they're not two-year-olds who need to be taught to eat new foods. Okay, they should try new foods, but there's only so much I can do. Maybe if they see enough of it, they'll want to try it. Oh well!

And that's that. Tonight is another home high school football game, so I'm going to go see it to support the hubby, even if he spends most of the time in complete boredom. Oh, and my transcripts finally came in, so on Monday I can go down to the recruiting office and drop them off so I can get my proper rank when I sign with the Navy. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!


Push and Pull

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today's workout:

Military pushups: 10, 10
Pullups: 5/1, 3/3
Wide Pushups: 10, 10
Chinups: 4.5 (yes, a half of a chinup)/2, 2.5/4
Handstand Pushups: 4, 3
Arms-in Pullups: 3.5/3, 2.5/4

Yeah, I'm giving myself those half pullups because at that point, it takes a lot of effort to even get halfway up! But I'm really pleased with my range of motion. I'm not just getting my chin over the bar, I'm fully bending my elbows so my fists end up next to my shoulders. That's a couple inches over the bar!

These handstand pushups just aren't working for me yet. I got up on the wall today with much less trepidation, but I'm not sure if it's the lack of upper body strength or if it's having to fight the friction of legs against a wall, I'm really struggling with getting any range of motion. So I'm going to try something different next time: prop my legs up on a chair and see if that makes the shoulder press harder without making it handstand-hard. If not, then I guess hubby can spot me again (he was at the high school, and I tried to do my workout by myself today).

I suspect that I'm undereating for my activity. Not that it's like doing P90X or anything THAT intense, and I'm not undereating enough to put myself in serious danger, but I'm betting I'll perform better if I eat more. So even though SparkPeople has me at something like 1440-1770 calories, I am going to make sure that, for a couple of days, I never end up below 1500. I may toss in an 1800 calorie day and see how I feel and zig-zag my calories up the Beachbody way.

Man, you know culture has a strong voice when you're a little paranoid about the scale, even though you have no reason to be and you know that exercising for performance and eating to fuel yourself is where it's at. Hubby said it best -- so many people approach the number on the scale like a status symbol. For what it's worth, every day I don't step on the scale and do one more pullup, the closer I think I am to breaking that paranoia.

Oh yeah, and today's breakfast was an apple (I had a banana pre-workout), scrambled egg whites with tuna, peppers, and onions, some chicken, and chipotle salsa on top (with no added sugar, woot). The foodie in me is satiated once again.

Getting back to non-dairy is every bit as easy as it was the first time I went non-dairy, once I decided to just stick up for my diet. I don't even mean "stick up" for it, I just ran to the grocery store yesterday and picked up some good non-dairy things like the coconut milk for my curry (which my dad took a taste of and kind of liked, as compared to stuff you get in a Thai restaurant -- because it was plain, which left me unsure whether that was a compliment or an insult!) and then a carton of coconut-milk-for-drinking (unsweetened, of course) that I used in a protein shake last night. Those Jocolat Larabars do a good job of giving me the taste of chocolate without any added sugar, so yay there. And I suppose if I really want pizza, I can make an easy almond-flour crust and either use a nut cheese (if I can find one) or, what I'll probably do, make it cheeseless but savory with anchovies and olives and other gross things that only I would eat.

And, well, those are my thoughts for the day. I'm having a particularly lazy day while I try to kick down whatever it is that briefly invaded my body. I am definitely not down with the sickness. Nor am I down with the sudden change to fall we've experienced here in northeast Ohio. Boo.

Hmmm, I think hubby and I need to go to a fruit farm and pick our own apples or something similarly appropriate for fall. It's been a long time since I've seen this season!

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MOONFAIRY 9/10/2010 1:52PM

    I agree. Sometimes I think too much attention is paid to the scale. I think we're doing ourselves a favour if we measure our accomplishment and strengths before the scale. :)

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NUTMEG1125 9/9/2010 11:51PM

    You go girl!!! I can't do ANY pull-ups, I am working on them though.

When you eat primal/paleo it is very likely that you can/need to eat more calories than on a SAD. Keep that in mind.

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More Navy

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

So... we spoke to the recruiters yesterday and asked them to clarify the Navy swim test. Apparently the 500 yard swim is if you're training to become a Navy SEAL! As best as they could tell us (and the one did boot camp 13 years ago), all you had to do was swim 25m and tread water for 5 min. I can pass that, so yay!

I decided to do my swim and run today as a break between my strength days. I did my 25-yard sprints at 45 second intervals, although after six sprints I extended the interval to 1 minute. But I added an extra interval at the end, so I did 13 intervals in total. That's... 325 yards! Cool! And then, after gasping for air for a while, I decided to try a 100 yard swim and completed it. It wasn't pretty. I was sinking at the end and totally sucking air, but I made it, which means next time will be easier! Yay!

Today for dinner, I made up a pot of my curry. Hubby and I talked about my food frustrations last night and we agreed that I should just feel free to cook up a pot of whatever so that if my parents decide to do something different one night, they can without feeling pressured to appease me, and without me feeling imposed upon. Of course, my mom said that I was free to cook some nights if I wanted to, but I explained that if I cook, I will GUARANTEED make something that someone doesn't like. It's fall -- it's getting to be squash season -- my dad hates squash -- so there you go. My mom wants to try my stuffed pumpkin, but my dad won't eat my squashed pumpkin. My dad is cool with cauliflower rice, but my mom thinks it's bland. As a matter of fact, she won't eat anything without some kind of sauce on it. She also won't eat any kind of seafood in any way, shape, or form. Except maybe fishsticks, but that's not seafood. So, at a loss for anything that will please everybody, I've decided to just please myself!

Not to mention, I feel a cold coming on, and I haven't had so much as a sniffle in longer than I can remember. Time to step the diet back up.

So how else is the Navy going? Well, all my paperwork is in. I'm waiting on my transcripts so that when I sign my contract, I can enlist as an E-3 instead of an E-2. But other than that, today my paperwork got sent out for one final signature. It'll arrive on the skipper's desk soon, and at some point next week I'll get a phone call. I hope it's early in the week so I can do my tests and physical. We're supposed to be going up to Chicago to visit relatives the weekend of the 18th, so I'd love to have the tests done, the contract signed, and a date set. It's like now that we have the ball rolling, I can't get it going fast enough! I'm so ready to get on with this!

I guess for now I sit and wait. And get a good night's sleep tonight!

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NUTMEG1125 9/9/2010 2:09AM

    SO you have already learned military lesson number one: hurry up and wait!

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Workup Catchup

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Okay, two workouts down that kicked my butt. Monday's workout:

Military pushups (on one leg, yeck yes!): 10, 8
Pullups: 4/2 unassisted lowered, 2/4 unassisted lowered
Wide pushups (on one leg!): 8, 8
Chinups: 4/2, 3/3
Handstand pushups, spotted (lol, I wish): 4, 4
Arms-in pullups: 2/4, 2/4

Haha, I have some improvement to do, especially on those handstand pushups! I did the first few against the wall, though mostly I got myself up and then kinda bent my elbows a little. The second time, I asked hubby to spot me, but I got scared that he wouldn't catch me when I kicked my legs up, so I instinctively tried to go into a roll and just failed all around and thumped head-first onto the floor! Haha! Next time it'll be better because I'll be less scared, I hope!

Then today's workout:

Squats w/ 40 lbs.: 7, 7
Hanging Leg Raises: 4/3 with breaks, 3/4 with breaks
Lunges w/ 40 lbs.: 10; w/ 50 lbs.: 8
Pillow Humpers: 10, 8 with longer hold at top
Side Lunges w/ 40 lbs.: 5, 7
Hip Raises: 8, 8 each side

I have those arm slings now so I can do my leg raises without feeling like my arms are being pulled from their sockets. They're definitely rough, almost like doing a pullup for abs. And I'm glad to be adding more weight to my squats and stuff, even though I'm pretty sure every joint from my hips down was creaking and crunching! Hopefully that will go away!

I ended up needing an extension on my contract because we packed my college degrees in Texas and I couldn't get in to do the MEPS on time. So that went through, and I'm extended through December 3. I'm hoping to have my transcripts in by the end of this week so I can do my MEPS next week and sign the terms of my contract. Then I'll know when I'm shipping off. Seriously, let's get this show on the road!

With my extension in, it's time for me to go down to the recruiting office and take care of my financial paperwork. So, gotta run!


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