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P90X - Day 64

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Okay, yesterday I BROUGHT Chest/Shoulders/Triceps. And AbRipperX. But that means I also don't know if I'm going to have anything left for Back and Biceps tomorrow! Who said that Phase 3 is like hell week, every week? Yeah.

Got up this morning and did PlyoX. That workout hurts a lot more now that I'm doing doubles -- my legs are tired from running. But I did a little bit of mind over matter and brought it. I'm starting to think that bringing it is really more about my mental state than how I actually do. I'm fitter than ever, so if I'm bringing it, it's because I'm fully mentally engaged. Although I guess when I'm fully mentally engaged, I do things like actually force myself to do the Mary Katherines with my arms in the air instead of on my hips, so I guess being mentally there means I really do bring it, which makes my first point moot. Oh well!

Still playing around with this makeup. I read some of the cards that came with my makeup, and what I said about the concealer was true: the concealer also doubles as a heavier-coverage foundation. But I tried something a little different today. I actually used the wedge sponge that comes with the foundation instead of the brushes and pressed the powder into my skin. Much more success, especially with the concealer. So I guess I'll keep playing with it, but I still stand by my observation that this is not user-friendly. It's just nice and safe and all-natural so I REALLY want it to work.

One of hubby's co-workers bought us tickets to a Rangers/Indians baseball game, so we went last night. It was a lot of fun, especially since my team (the Cleveland Indians) actually won, which is unheard of and probably shouldn't have happened against the Rangers. But even though we won, it was a long snoozer of a game. And it was a little weird cheering for the visiting team. Oh well!

The woman who sat in front of us was amazing. She was very large, and once she started eating, she didn't stop. Lemon slushees, cotton candy, nachos, Almond Joy pieces, pulled pork and chips, five cups of soda... I mean, it was so much food it was impressive. Not that I'm a food angel, but holy cow. Honestly, it was so hot and muggy that sugar and grease was the LAST thing I wanted. Hubby and I had a good laugh about it afterward.

Well, my boss brought up a good point yesterday. Since I'm on stipend, if I'm going to get paid the full amount this month, I need to make up the days I missed last week. So today, full eight-hour day. Woo-hoo. So I'll be thoroughly bored. Oh yeah, and there's cake and "piggies" in the break room again. Yep, not going to participate.

Anyway, that's all I have for now, so I'm going to make like I'm busy!

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XENA47 7/6/2010 4:05PM

    I have been like that woman at the game. That's how I got to 260 pounds, and I never want to forget that despite all the work and time it has taken me to shed the weight, I have been there before and could easily go back. Old habits are easy to fall back into.

Wow, you really are dedicated to those workouts. What an inspiration you are!


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    I can't believe you're doing doubles. I restarted P90X last week and I'm replacing all the cardio workouts with running since I'm half marathon training and I just couldn't imagine doing both running AND Plyo/Yoga/Kenpo! So well done to you! I'm actually killing time here for I do Shoulders and Arms. Its definitely my favourite up to now but I can't wait to get to the other workouts (last time I did it, I didn't get past week three).

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YESSICASUE 7/6/2010 2:03PM

    I have also been finding that with doubles, the mental battle is ON. Some days I have to talk myself into bringing it like every second of the workout. But you are kicking butt!!! This is the beginning of my 3rd week of doubles 4 day/ week and it IS actually getting easier. I am less tired and I am just more used to the schedule. Hope work goes by quickly today!

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SALINAMATHER 7/6/2010 12:29PM

    LOL, isn't it amazing how much crap someone will eat when out at a game or something like that?
I am amazed every time we go to the movies and the people around us are just crunching their popcorn, slurping their pops and crackling their candy bags. Do they think it doesn't count because they aren't at home????
For the makeup, have you ever heard of ultrapurecosmetics.com?
Thats the only makeup I use anymore. Its the only one I've been able to ever use that doesn't make me break out!

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MEGHAN2012 7/6/2010 12:16PM

    The mind over matter is soooo true

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REEKU731 7/6/2010 11:58AM

    Sounds like you had a good weekend! That woman at the game is astounding!! That is a crazy amount of food! Kudos for staying away from the break room! You are kickin butt!! Your 90 days of P90X are going to be over before you know it!

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P90X - Day 63

Monday, July 05, 2010

Okay, the epic fails are over. For real this time.

Hubby and I had lamb shanks last night. They were pretty tasty, but hubby and I agreed that they probably weren't our favorite cuts of meat. Next time I'll be better prepared and do the full Primal Cookbook braising, and hopefully it'll be deliciously tender and fall-off-the-bone. It was good, but I bet a proper braising would make more than just good. Had sauerkraut on the side, which was good. It was the real kind, that gets fermented and then has to be stored in the refrigerator, and when hubby tried it, he said, "Holy sauerkraut!" Yeah, that's because it was REAL. Then he suggested we have some wine, so we did, and the wine was strong, and my tolerance has been very low since I started eating primally, and then I wanted chocolate again, so I indulged in a lot of Hershey's Special Dark Pieces (way better than M&Ms) and Duble Stuf Oreos.

Which means I didn't do Legs and Back last night. It's the only week I ended up skipping a workout yet, but I'm going to tack on an extra week to the end of P90X to make up for it. I want the momentum of four full weeks of Phase 3, instead of half of a good week, half of a fail week, and then three good weeks. And now I'm ready to bring it.

So this morning I dragged my sour stomach out to the track and did sprints. I decided to switch it up this week and do Tabata intervals. I was a little worried that I wasn't going to get as good a workout as I did doing the 30-second sprint/60-second recovery, but after only two 20-second sprints and 10-second recoveries, I was sucking air like never before. I managed to get through all four minutes of intervals, which I'm proud of. Then, after a four-minute "cool-down" and a minute of walking, I went into long-distance mode. I maintained a 9-minute mile pace for a half hour, and I'm proud of that. Next week, I'll go back to the 30-second/60-second intervals and 20-minute distance run, but try to do the distance run at the 8-8 1/2 minute mile pace.

After my run, I put on my swimsuit and went to the park to catch some morning sun. I got out there around 8:40am and just kind of napped for 40 minutes and walked away rested, but no closer to getting a tan. I'm not wearing sunblock, and I'm pale, so I wonder if this eating-whole-foods thing really does help build your defenses. I'll keep doing this every day, and if I seriously am not getting anywhere, I might start getting small doses of midday sun. Or I just won't worry about it.

Okay, I've been trying to work my way toward poo-less, and it's just not going to happen. I'm to the point where I wash my hair only twice a week, and honestly, I'm not the biggest fan. I spend a lot of money getting my hair cut and colored, which is probably very un-primal of me, but I love it and it makes me feel good, so there. But my hair color looks the most vibrant and awesome when it's freshly cleaned, and with as much time and effort as it takes to get my hair to this color, I want it to look awesome all the time. So poo-less, you'll probably have to wait until I'm 50 and not dying my hair blonde anymore or something. I might just look for a more natural shampoo, but shampoo is definitely important.

Then there's this makeup from Coastal Classic Creations. I have some samples of new powders and concealers, and at the least I now know that I had the wrong colors to begin with. The new colors look a lot better, but I'll be honest, the concealer leaves a little to be desired. Mostly it fluffs up into the air and doesn't seem to give any more coverage than the powder. It's okay for undereye circles, but for blemishes it basically doesn't work. So I'm tempted to buy the facial powder, but I'll keep hunting for a decent concealer. I wonder if there's a good organic creamy concealer out there. I will soon find out.

Breakfast was a hardboiled egg that I pickled overnight in some fermented beet juice. I hardboiled the egg in the microwave per some instructions I found online. Don't do it. Just hardboil your eggs the old-fashioned way, unless you really want an unattractive egg explosion on your hands.

Lunch was sausage and beet soup, but of course I dropped my lunch bag, burst a small crack in the plastic container with my soup, and most of the liquid ended up in the bottom of my lunch bag. So really, mostly what I had was beets instead of soup. Still delicious, though. Dinner will be some grass-fed beef chuck roast and sauerkraut. Yum yum! And low-carb.

I think I will skip the carb re-feed this week. I think I had a triple re-feed and would like to get rid of the water weight first!

I am looking forward to Chest/Shoulders/Triceps this afternoon. I am definitely ready to bring it, and being on a normal schedule again should make it easier to stay on track. And one of these days I'll post my Phase 2 results. I too pictures last week a little before Day 60 because I was feeling good, so I just need to get those up. I'll be honest, I don't think my photos do justice to the changes that are happening. My weight isn't changing, my measurements aren't changing, and I don't think my body fat percentage is changing, but my SHAPE is changing. My arms have curves and my torso looks strong. My abs have some curves to them that I didn't know abs could have. When I told hubby I might just have to accept my little lower-belly pooch, he said, "Well, yeah, it's called having a uterus." Um, way to be subtle, honey. But yeah, generally really pleased. Maybe that's why I've been kind of lax! So from here on out, I'm hoping to eat cleaner than ever and just keep pushing myself. If I'm already happy with my reshaping, who knows what I'll end up with at the end of these next five weeks. And it'll be just in time for vacation, too!

My MIL is coming to visit on Thursday. I'm still a little miffed that she finally, after three years, decided to visit us two weeks before we move away. And apparently we need to do something almost every day they're here because she doesn't want to just sit around. Um, that's what we do at her house every time we visit. But no, I guess we are going to Six Flags and a rodeo and a waterpark, and hopefully nothing else because that's going to get expensive! At least hubby was cool about food. He told me to just do what I do, make what I make, and he'll worry about feeding his family. They're all going to eat lasagna and ramen, anyway. Disgusting.

Well, that's all I have for now. Definitely not boring.

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XENA47 7/5/2010 7:15PM

    I tried the baking soda paste method on my hair and actually found it rather drying on the ends and not strong enough for the scalp. And yes, I used the vinegar solution afterwords. I may try it again applying it mainly to the scalp next time and see if that helps. The whole "poohless" thing is interesting, and I am intrigued, but not about to make any major sacrifices in my job or social life. I'll continue to experiment, but only when I have nowhere important to go.

I love reading about your food, you are making such interesting dishes. Sorry to hear about the makeup, but at least now I know. Thanks for sharing.


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YESSICASUE 7/5/2010 6:08PM

    Aw, sorry about the epic fail. It happens sometimes! Haha :) I think it sounds like you are really going all out with your running though, that is super impressive. Oh, I wanted to comment on the lamb shank. You are right, if you braise it well it is the most delicious thing. I love love love braised lamb shank! I have probably said this before, but you always eat the best stuff! Your MIL would be LUCKY to eat your food :) Hope the visit goes well, or at least better than expected!

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JAMARCIL 7/5/2010 4:35PM

    I am excited hearing about all your changes, and amazing how much change can occur without a budge of the scale or measuring tape.

Good for hubby with taking the food pressure off regarding his family. That can be so hard!

Yeah, when I tried no shampoo, I was using baking soda paste and then a vinegar rinse. I can't imagine not using anything...YIKES. Have you looked into Tom's of Maine? They must have an all natural shampoo?

Thanks for your comment on my blog, too. Seems the more deep stuff I get into, the comments just disappear. Weird...but that's OK. LOL

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P90X - Day 62

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Well, all good intentions for yesterday went down the tubes, too. I had a light breakfast of a banana, lunch was sausage and sauerkraut, and then hubby, my friend, and I went bowling and played Dance Dance Revolution. The arcade that we usually go to obviously hadn't been maintaining their DDR machine, so we only played for a half hour. But, it was a hard, sweat-inducing half hour! Then we bowled for an hour. Okay, so I got some cardio in.

I had plans for what I was going to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, but I don't know what happened, we all suddenly decided about halfway through bowling that we were STARVING and needed food ASAP and couldn't stand driving a half hour to the Cheesecake Factory. So instead we went to El Fenix, a chain of Mexican restaurants born right here in Dallas. So delicious! I ate my fill of chips and salsa, queso, and had chipotle chicken with cheese, rice, and a side salad (no baked beans, because it was a "healthier" meal), and the ubiquitous "hollow leg" that I was famous for as a kid opened up. I mean seriously, the waiter must have thought we hadn't eaten in a week. All three of us didn't speak, we just ate. Then, on the way back, we picked up desserts. I made mincemeat of a box of cookies and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Okay, there were three cookies left this morning, and hubby ate one of them. But yeah, super-high calorie day.

I've been having a hard time keeping up with P90X, too, I think just because I was so tired. I did sprints on Friday, then did YogaX in the evening and dragged myself through it the whole time. I did do better on some moves, but some things like Warrior III were weak. Still, I held wheel for 9 breaths and held crane for the full 60 seconds, so it wasn't a total wash. But then today I did KenpoX and I have to Legs and Back still! Yikes!

I did well at the beginning of the week -- Monday through Wednesday were good days, did the doubles workouts and all, but Thursday through Saturday not so much. I'm tempted to redo this week when I get to the end of the program. We'll see how I feel and how I am in the process of moving. Either that or I'm just being a little too hard on myself for having a few off days in the middle of three months of hard training. Like I said, we'll see.

Fermenting has been going well. Beets are in the refrigerator, and two jars of chutney are fermenting away. Actually, I had to put one in the refrigerator today because that thing is working on exploding. I opened them up to release some pressure this morning, and the one puffed up a good two inches from the top of my jar with all its bubbling! So I had a mess to clean up, and then after some mixing got the air out and the sauce back in the jar. But sure enough, by the time I dropped my friend off at the airport and got back, that one jar was starting to leak from the bubbles, so into the refrigerator it went. The other peach jar is hot on its heels. The two jars with just berries, though, are taking a longer time to get going. I'm not sure if it's because they have lower-sugar berries as opposed to peaches or if it was because some of those berries were still semi-frozen when I added the whey. It's not starting to smell rotten, though, so I'll let it sit.

Somewhere in all of this, I forgot that I had a dead jar of scoby-attempt sitting on the counter. Sure enough, while I wasn't watching, I grew a BIG scoby! Holy scoby! Well, now I have scoby cultures that I ordered online and a homemade scoby. So if anyone is interested, I'll let you know which scoby makes the better kombucha.

I can't wait to get going on that, either. I can't figure out exactly what happened, but it seems that due to some concerns the FDA has with the increasing alcohol content of kombucha, it's been pulled from shelves indefinitely. I'm addicted to the stuff (not literally, but it sure is delicious), and I'm sad that I can't buy it. Oh well, I guess that means I have to make it for much cheaper anyway. I'm not crying here. This fermentation thing is easy if you just have patience.

I bought some more sauerkraut and also picked up some good REAL relish to mix with my beets. I think I'll need to pick up sour cream, too.

So after all that bad food, what's for dinner tonight? Lamb shanks with sauerkraut. Hubby might have some of my beet soup. I was going to use the recipe from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook, subbing lamb shanks for the bison shanks, but alas the recipe would take anywhere between two and eight hours, and I sure can't wait that long or even estimate what would be the better time. I'm sure it would be closer to two since it's just two little lamb shanks, but I can't be certain. So I tried a recipe I found online that is kind of like Jamie Oliver's baked lamb shanks. It ends up being some cross between baking and braising, and I hope it turns out good. That, with some sauerkraut on the side. Yum! How un-American can you get for a 4th of July dinner?

Well, July is finally here, and it's our last month in Texas. As the month progresses, we'll have to pack our stuff up, and we're going to be brutal about what goes with us and what we get rid of. Then, the last week of the month, we'll be making the very long trip back to Cleveland, where I'll prepare one last audition but more than likely prepare more for Navy bootcamp.

Hubby and I are re-thinking our hopes of buying a townhome and are looking into rental properties. We're also re-thinking our hopes of ending up in Norfolk, VA, and are thinking of aiming for Newport, Rhode Island. One of my closest friends, the maid-of-honor at my wedding, lives in Manhattan. Hubby's best friend, the best man at our wedding, lives in Connecticut and commutes to New York. From a being-surrounded-by-loved-ones perspective, Rhode Island would be lovely. We found some very cool converted textile and cotton mills that would totally work with our style. Yeah, it means I would have to hold off on any dreams of growing a veggie garden, but living in a loft in a New England port city kind of trumps that. Just a little.

It does mean we would be farther away from hubby's family, but he doesn't seem concerned with that. My mom, however, grew up in Connecticut and LOVES the area, so I'm sure we'd get plenty of visits from them. And we could DO things, like go mountain climbing. When my grandparents used to live in Connecticut, we would take a trip to go hike up Cadillac Mountain. It's not a hard hike, but it's beautiful and a lot of fun. And the seasons would be nice. And wild blueberries and cranberries. And fresh fish. Oh, and a solid income. Let's not forget about that one!

Can you tell I'm getting a little excited? Actually, I'm mostly excited about going back to Cleveland and being near family again. One person is not an island, and apparently with us, even a couple isn't an island. Hubby and I both want a community again, and being home and near family will help provide that. So yeah, that's what's going on. Just when I thought I had a moment to breathe and relax, it's on to the next big thing. And this one's BIG.

Well, that's all I have for now. Lamb shanks should be done soon, and then it'll be Legs and Back time in the evening. And then back to work tomorrow. Ugh.


P90X - Day 60

Friday, July 02, 2010

Yesterday was a much-needed fail. I had all the food planned out, but I was so happy to be done with the recording session and so mad at one of the clarinets that I decided to just let myself have my beer. So I had a lot of beer, ate ALL the meatza instead of just a third of it, ate the rest of the dark chocolate, and then really wanted snacks, so I had a whole bag of Hershey's Bliss chocolates and a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. I knew I shouldn't have had the cookie sandwich, but I really wanted a chocolate chip cookie and they didn't have single ones, so hubby thought it would be better for me to just get the sandwich than get a box of chocolate chip cookies. I dunno, I felt pretty sick afterward! And YogaX? Yeah, we'll call yesterday a rest day!

It made for a very high-calorie day, but I'm not too worried about it. Even though I didn't go to bed until 3am, I woke up naturally around 8:30am or 9am and went outside to do more sprints and running. My steady jog time wasn't as fast, but it was a 9-minute mile and I held it the whole 20 minutes instead of slowing down after completing one mile. So not worried there, either. And I fasted until my body decided it was ready to be fed with REAL food. I was really happy around 4:30pm when it was finally time to eat and made myself some beef chuck pot roast and some sauerkraut with alfalfa sprouts and flaxseeds mixed in. And I've been drinking water like it's my job. Later tonight, I'll do the YogaX and I'm sure will start feeling human again.

I weighed myself the other day, for the first time in a while. I'm down just a few pounds, so basically where I thought I would be. I'm happy with that. Actually, the bad-food day put me back up to where I was about a week or week-and-a-half ago, and I know that's mostly just water weight and food weight. So I'm not worried. I'm pretty happy, actually, since my body feels like a calorie burning machine now and really just wants real food.

So after the run this morning, I got all showered and then ran to the grocery store so I could get a few ingredients for my cold beet soup, a new bowl to store it in, and some more cans so I could pickle some more stuff. I'm trying some fruit -- I just bought four peaches, stuck them in the processor, and divided them between two cans with cherries in one can and cherries and blueberries in the other can. The third can is mixed berries, and the fourth can is whole blackberries that I just mushed down. These don't have any water added to them, and I used all whey and no salt (after reading that salt wasn't so awesome with fruit). I'm hoping when all is said and done, I have a delicious fruit topping to go with my yocheese (flaxseed crackers, yocheese, and peach-cherry sauce, maybe?) or on the meats that we're trying to get through. And now I also have a delicious bowl of beet soup, and I'm loving the sauerkraut that I bought.

Tomorrow will be more sprinting (it looks like I'll end up doing doubles four days this week, and SparkPeople will be freaking out despite my 5500 calorie day!) and Legs and Back. Unfortunately, having had the bad-food day immediately after the carb re-feed kind of negates the whole re-feed experiment, but here's what I can say. I did not, as some posters on the MDA article commented, end up bloated from eating too many carbs. Actually, I just woke up hungry the next day and had to eat something, so I made it my cherries and blueberries but added a banana. It was good and satisfying. And I ended up having a LOT of fiber on Wednesday, and fiber does what fiber does. I did notice that I rarely felt satiated on Wednesday and really missed eating fats. Who knows, maybe that left me high and dry for a Thursday night celebration. Or maybe I just needed a Thursday night celebration!

My friend is leaving on Sunday morning, so tomorrow we're just going to have a fun day. We love Dance Dance Revolution (wait a minute, people still play that?!), so we're going to do some of that, then since hubby isn't a fan of DDR, we're going to go bowling, then go out and get dinner. My friend suggested Cheesecake Factory. I'm sure with a menu THAT enormous, I can find something good to eat. It'll be a good day.


P90X - Day 58

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doubles day. I got up at 7am today to go do my sprints and run today. I was dog-tired, but once I got to sprinting, I woke up and seriously brought it. You can do anything in 30 seconds, right? Then I decided to try and bring it during my jog, and for the first mile I ran an 8-minute mile. At least that's what I clocked. I'm not sure I believe it, although I know I was going at a pace that was challenging, but not impossible, to maintain, as opposed to just jogging along. Then I slowed down to my 9 1/2-10 minute mile pace. I was pretty proud of myself!

I even got in a half-hour nap afterward before the recording session. Maybe it was just the crappy weather yesterday, or that it was the hump day, but today's session went better, at least in the morning. We were pretty much on schedule. We had a lunch break, where I caught another 20 minute nap. I should've taken a longer nap, since I didn't play on the first piece after lunch, but I thought things were going well so I should be there, just in case. Well, it took almost 2 hours to record that one piece! Ugh! I could've had a REAL nap. Goodness knows I needed it. The other three pieces went well, and we got out about 15 minutes late for dinner, but we don't have to come back in the evening.

Tomorrow, the director is getting Rudy's BBQ catered to the performance hall so we can all have dinner together. Well, it was supposed to be dinner, but since we're going to finish early and not have an evening session, he figured we could do lunch instead so that as soon as we're done recording, we can all go home. Sounds good to me! Plus, hubby really wants to have a pizza, beer, and RockBand night, so if we have Rudy's during the day, we can do pizza and stuff tomorrow. We were supposed to do it tonight, but my friend and I are just too tired.

Bad weather is moving in again, which I'm sure isn't helping that. Or my headache. I have to do Shoulders and Arms tonight, which I'm actually looking forward to. I just need to let dinner digest and hopefully get rid of this headache!

I think my fermented beets will be a success (unlike my scoby... which I'm still waiting to grow!). I opened the jars today, and each one of them hissed and bubbled, which is a sign of fermentation. By the time I start eating them on Friday, I should be in bubbly, fermented beet heaven. I'm already thinking of my next projects. Specifically, fermented fruits to top meats. Mmmm, fermented plums. Or fermented cherries. Fermented mangoes and cherries? That would be a nice change of pace with meat. Fermented blueberries with lamb? I don't have enough jars for all these ideas.

And then there's the yocheese sitting in my refrigerator now. I think that would make a delicious dessert with some berries from the freezer. And holy cow, all the probiotics!

So yep, I think on Friday when the beets are ready to go, I'll pick up some of the GOOD fermented relish from the Cupboard, and some sour cream if we're out, and mix some relish and sour cream with the beets to make something similar to a Lithuanian salad. Although I still need to make more beet soup, too, with all its kefir goodness. So in other words, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do next. But at least fermented foods don't spoil, so they can sit in the refrigerator if I'm not ready to eat them yet! w00t!

Today was carb re-feed day. Okay, getting 250-300g of carbs from nothing but whole foods is a LOT of fruits and veggies. It was all delicious, and I feel full, but I'm not sure I feel totally satiated. Not the way a good fatty sausage does. We'll see how I feel tomorrow and, more importantly, how I feel on Friday when I have my third doubles workout of the week.

Well, that's all I have for now. All I can really say is that I'm so happy about my fermented beets project. Yummy!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MOONFAIRY 7/1/2010 1:57PM

    That's a whole lotta fermenting going on. LOL emoticon

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YESSICASUE 7/1/2010 11:44AM

    Way to bring it with doubles. It sounds like you are going all out with running and sprints, so awesome!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is needing naps these days, ugh! Hopefully your carb refeed will give you a boost, no? And if that doesn't do the trick maybe the bbq will, haha :) Your beets sound amazing, I loooove beets. Maybe I will have to get brave and try to pickle some myself too. You know what else sounds so good pickled? Those little baby onions.

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JAC-ATTACK 7/1/2010 11:43AM

    Way to go on your P90 success. I only did 4 days.

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