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still at it

Friday, April 08, 2011

I am still excited about seeming how much I can lose, and how much exercise I can squeeze into each day. I have now lost 3.4 pounds in 3 days. Tomorrow I weigh and measure and I can't wait. I have not seen progress in inches in a couple weeks despite gradual loss on the scale, so I hope this week it shows up.
I also jsut pulled the bike out, looks like I need to pump u the tires. if it's not raining Sunday afternoon, I am gonna make a test run to work and time how long it would take me. I am not sure I am ready to ride to work when the temps at 6 am are still in the 30's, but it will warm up soon, right? Heres hoping!


back in focus

Monday, April 04, 2011

I have really been stalled in my weight loss efforts the last week or two. I completed the Indoor Ironman at my local YMCA, and really liked pushing myself to finish that well. But to do that, I focused almost exclusively on biking (spin classes) and running, which I did on the elliptical. I opted to do twice the running and skip the swimming simply because I can not spend long enough in the pool to get the needed laps. By the time I finished the competition, I was really bored with spin and Elliptical. A new sessions begins soon at my YMCA, so I wrote down all the classes that fit my schedule and found several new ones that will work. I am also adding a morning walk with a friend (who just joined Sparkpeople after our walk to day!) twice a week. I am very excited about my new schedule and ready to get serious again and see some pounds drop off. My previous goal had been 60-90 minutes a day, but I am upping that goal to an average of 120 minutes 6 days a week. I did a step class today for the first time in a couple years, and tomorrow will take my first cardio kickboxing class. I think this was the boost I needed to get back on track.


eating out

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, today could have been pretty good. I went out to lunch with a friend. Choose Applebees for their AYCE soup and salad, and made good choices. Had no idea how good the french onion soup would be till I tracked it, and it was awesome! But then I ordered cheesey brocolli soup. It really wasn't worth the calories or even the time to eat it and by the time it arrived, I was not hungry anymore. But my upbrigning won out and I ate the whole cup. Consiously knowing I was not enjoying it. I have done better, I know I can, I will next time. But I did pass on supper when I wasn't hungry. (It helped that it was not a great recipe and a high stress night, but it could have gone either way and I just had a yogurt later when I really was hungry. So over all, an alright day, and I know what I can do better. (Next time I will get an extra breadstick and skip the second soup!)


Snow day

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today school got cancelled, we are having a major snowstorm. So much for my hour on the elliptical! But I know I will get more than that shoveling :( I am so glad I put in some extra time at the YMCA the last few days. The Ironman indoor triathlon ends this weekend and I am almost done. I need 2 more group cycling classes, which I will get on Thursday and Friday, and I am only a couple miles short in the running, so I can squeeze that in around the cycling and finish Friday! I wasn't sure I could do it, especially the full even, but I am going to finish and finish well!
The real trouble I will face today is eating from boredom. I had my lunch all packed by the time school got cancelled, but sitting here I have already had 2 cookies and a mini bag of popcorn that were NOT part of my eating plan for today Now I need to get back on track before I succumb to the "stinking thinking" that today is shot, I might as well really binge. I will make today work for my good!

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