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Day 39 - Toast – Innocent yet EVIL!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Read on – all is exposed. And yes my friend down the road in AD – I thought of you and your sister while I was writing this:)

Why is it impossible – IMPOSSIBLE – for me to stop at one slice?

Oh yes – its sits there in its packet, all meek and mild, smelling of that bread freshness, soft and warm and all “who me?” looking. Its slices all innocently lined up with their flecks of grain running through them looking all healthy like, inviting you take a bite.

And you should – bread by itself is not a bad option at all – a couple of slices will fill you up and don't cost too many calories – or that's what the bread would have you THINK.

Please take your your closest loaf of bread, look at the base of the packet and search for the fine print. You will see it right there. “Unable to be consumed by itself – requires the addition of ingredients – preferably high in fat, sodium and sugar”. Did you find it – no? Look harder – it's there believe me.

This simple little food is the support act for a whole lot of devious behavior.

Simple yet deadly – buy it fresh from the oven, lash on lots of good quality butter and eat – delish.

A sweet treat – pop it in the toaster, lash on lots of good butter, add your favourite strawberry jelly (peanut butter optional) and munch away – heavenly.

Salt – mmm - salt - Pop it in the toaster, lash on lots of good butter and smear on some Vegemite – OK OK purely an Aussie treat but sooo good – and so full of wholesome sodium.

Feeling fancy - Pop it in the toaster, lash on lots of good butter, pop on some bacon, a poached egg and some good quality store bought hollandaise – yuuummm. (Bacon on the side, ends and all over it is also optional).

I could go on – but you get the picture. And did you see a pattern there? Toaster...butter....toaster....butter....t

I have it on good authority (source refuses to be named of course) that the power players in the butter and toaster industries formed a club many years ago and now make their money preying on the toast-challenged such as myself.

Latest reports indicate that the big bread boys are about to join this dynamic duo to create the perfect axis of evil - beware - your toast addiction will seem like a passing fancy once this triumvirate starts to work together.

It has been scientifically proven that those toasty scented swirls that waft from the bread-soon-to-be-toast have the ability to bring a grown man to his knees and the skinniest supermodel to eat more calories on 1 piece of toast than she has eaten since last Thursday.

Scientific studies also prove that too much toast can make you completely delusional... hmmm.

Alas – I will always have a soft spot for that soft evil slice made brown and crunchy and just begging to be smothered in anything you want.

But admitting the problem is half the battle....right?

Hang on – I could swear that loaf of bread just whispered “eeeaaattt me” - better go and check it out .

Spark on:)


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JHADZHIA 1/16/2011 8:12PM

    my step dad snacks on peanut butter and toast all day long -he uses a spoon to scoop it out! it is a nasty one. i am surprised you can get vegemite there, but i am guessing there are less healthy options then that. you can sub marg for butter and turkey bacon for bacon tho its not all that much better,,
at least its not crisps or buttery popcorn my weakness
good luck with it

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WENDYJM4 1/15/2011 2:41AM

    LOL, I probably lucky I don't actually have butter or margarine on bread. That's probably why I don't eat much bread. But you sure made me lick my lips a couple of times.

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GRACEANAQAH 1/13/2011 11:22AM

    LOL, what a wonderful and funny post emoticon

I have been soooo guilty with the bread thing....the weather has been so nice and cool that just "had to" bake some lovely whole wheat rolls emoticon it was hard to resist reaching for a second roll...at least I can say it was whole wheat...right?...LOL

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CRAUDI 1/13/2011 1:26AM

    You are a great writer! Haha, thanks for the laugh and the wonderful insights on the evils of toast (so true, by the way).

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KISSYTINA 1/12/2011 11:46PM

    You are brilliant! This blog really made my day for some reason! Toast really is addicting! My personal favorite right now-- 2 slices of light sourdough bread (toasted), some peanut butter and a banana all sliced up on top! YUMM!

Just remember that everything, even toast, can have a place in a healthy diet (in moderation)!

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NEVERMIND2010 1/12/2011 10:13PM

    Haha! My sister and I may ask you to contribute to our cookbook! Vegemite AND peanut butter? Interesting concept. I like vegemite on sourdough toast only; that's safe, since one can only get really good sourdough in California. ;)

Step away from the toaster, my friend!

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REALLYHOPIN 1/12/2011 9:51PM

    hope it is at least whole grain bread!

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DUTCHPETE641 1/12/2011 8:39AM

    You are pure evil. Hungry now!!

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PEGGIET 1/12/2011 12:58AM

    Ahh, you sound just like me with bread - one is never enough!! I've tried vegemite - I'll pass, but ya got me with the fried egg, bacon and mayo!! Uh oh - hubby just requested toast with his eggs - pray for me!!

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SEASONS_CHANGE 1/12/2011 12:43AM

    Now I'm craving a grilled cheese sandwich

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PILLOWFOOL 1/11/2011 11:10PM

    hahahaha - for once I am thankful that we are out of bread because DAMN I think your bread is calling to ME all the way over here in the Marina. hahahahahah

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KLS777 1/11/2011 10:30PM

    LOL! Hmmm, you just made me have a craving for vegemite on toast, might get on the treadmill first!

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JEAN111766 1/11/2011 9:29PM

    You can have your bread... and eat it too!!! Just do the workout first!!!

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Day 38 - 5-HTP, Green Tea and Me

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have been trying to change things around to get myself motivated in a different way. If you keep doing what you're doing you'll keep getting what you got as they say.

A few days ago I stopped in at the health food store to pick up my Omega 3 and Gingko Biloba - if that doesn't tell you something about me nothing will :).

While I was at the counter waiting to pay I spied the spine of a book buried under several others - all I could see were the letters 5-HTP - and it rang a bell from somewhere so I dug it out and read the back cover.

It helps with the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin which assist with mood, sleep and appetite. Basically its a natural pick me up.

Why or how I happened to see this book buried in the stack I don't know - perhaps it was one of those meant to be things.

I have battled depression most of my life - i am sure many of you know what I mean - and have tried several different anti depressants with varying degrees of success.

I decided to try it considering I have been torturing myself with this blah'y kind of mood that wouldn't seem to shift - and it seems to be making a difference.

The first day I didn't read any dosage instructions and the girl at the store said to have 100 mg a day - why wouldn't I trust a trained, uniformed 14 year old behind the counter after all.

So being me I decided to start with a double dose in the morning, had another tab that night and then another the next morning - 400 mg - its just vitamins right? Errr no. I started to feel decidedly out of it - for those of you who have tried antidepressants you will now what I mean - that first day or 2 feeling of fog - so thought I should read something about it. And people say I am smart - ha!

As it turns out the starting dose is somewhere between 50-100 mg per day NOT 400 mg per day!

Have cut back to 100 mg each morning and after 4 days it is making a noticeable difference - I feel lighter, less blue and more focussed about things. Worth checking it out if you tend towards depression - lots of info online and unlike me please make sure you read about it BEFORE you start taking 50 million mg a day! If you do try it, let me know how you go - would be interested to hear.

One of the side benefits is appetite suppression as a result of an increase in serotonin production - I didn't know bout this until I started reading online. If any of you have tried those god awful appetite suppressants that contain a mix of ephedrine and caffeine you will know how bad they are for you so this a safe natural alternative.


Green Tea - yuk - tastes like herb flavoured cardboard. Have tried to drink this as I know its good for me in a whole lot of ways but I just don't do the whole herbal hippy tea thing.

Its getting ridiculous. Strawberry and gingko root. Jasmine and apple tree bark. Peach and dirt. Yum! I can not stand these things - where's my cuppa Joe!

But - I am trying to move things around - so bought some Green Tea with Lemon tea bags and they are not too foul actually. Green tea as you would know is rich in anti oxidants including epigallocatechin gallate (are you impressed? well I just copied and pasted but it LOOKS good right?). Good for immune system, cholesterol and fighting cancer.

Trying to have about 3-4 cups a day and it works in as part of my water consumption - give it a shot if you don't like just Green Tea by itself.

And again - lots of thanks to all my spark friends who have been so lovely over the past couple of days - its made a huge difference:)

Right - off to start another splendifirous day. See you on the Spark:)

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JHADZHIA 1/16/2011 8:08PM

    awesome you found something to help you! i drink matcha green tea, more natural, with a more robust, earthy flavor. i am a total non coffee/tea drinker, it was a leap for me to drink this stuff at all, but we do whatever we must to improve our lives, like you are doing! Well done!

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NEVERMIND2010 1/12/2011 10:17PM

    I personally have not tried the peach and dirt tea, but I'm glad you found the green tea with lemon. Mint green tea is good, too! I can't stand the plain stuff, but those flavored ones are not too bad. Sometimes I'll throw a plain and a flavored bag together - I can get at least 3 cups of tea from that combo. (Why yes, I am of Scottish descent. Why do you ask?)

Glad you checked your dosage! And glad that you're feeling better.

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REALLYHOPIN 1/11/2011 10:57PM

    just a quickie note as I need (NEED) to go to bed...

please make sure you look up all the side effects and stuff of the supplements you take... and also check into efffects of mixing different things...

I forget why, but there was something that prevented me from taking the 5-HTP... I think? not sure... mind not functioning after too much streess tonight

be good to yourself

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JEAN111766 1/11/2011 12:46PM

    Very happy to see your lighter side coming back around!!! Just keep telling yourself... one day/ one hour/ and sometimes one minute at a time... just stay with us!!!

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SLFRISBEY 1/11/2011 11:56AM

    "why wouldn't I trust a trained, uniformed 14 year old behind the counter after all" - lol, absolutely!

I am going to look this up, I have to check out the side affects and how it plays with other drugs... Sounds like a good thing though! Thanks for letting me in on this!

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GRACEANAQAH 1/11/2011 5:56AM

    I found green tea more bearable for me if I steep 1 tea bag in a huge (2 cup) tea mug...very pleasant, even without the sugar. emoticon I also like the Green Tea with Mint and Green Tea with Jasmine from Twinings.

Nice to know that you are able to take something naturally for your depression. I hope that it continues to work for you! emoticon

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WENDYJM4 1/11/2011 4:28AM

    thanks for the info. My son is suffering from depression and on tablets but I am going to look into this as he says they are not working.
Will look into the green tea for me.
Glad you are happier. emoticon

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SEASONS_CHANGE 1/11/2011 1:59AM

    What a marvel idea... thanks for the tips. Will have to check it out... It's cool to try something new and actually enjoy it!

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PILLOWFOOL 1/11/2011 1:30AM

    so glad you've got something that's helping you feel a bit better! I'll drink to that! also: if you hate green tea I found some green & peppermint tea that tastes mostly like peppermint and is quite nice as iced tea. of course if you hate peppermint also then it's a no go - but I like it :)

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PEGGIET 1/11/2011 12:58AM

    I've started drinking a green tea that has just enough "stuff" in it to taste good and is supposed to help cleanse your liver at the same time. It's called Detox. I'm not really a green tea drinker either, but I do feel somehow lighter when I do drink it (2xday only)

The key thing is that we all need to listen to our bodies and when it is telling us that something is not quite right we find what works for our body. But our bodies are all unique, with their individual history and needs. That's why there is such a vast array of diets and remedies out there.

I'm so glad you were led to that book and that you have found something that is helping you feel better safely, and you are listening to your body.

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DUBAIGIRL 1/11/2011 12:34AM

    I like green tea but have had to give it up as it contains caffeine and I'm giving that a wide berth at the moment. Am currently doing The Harcombe Diet and it's awesome. If you ever fancy reading her theories (which made complete sense to me for the first time ever) message me your email address and I'll send her book to you (svaes downloading costs).

Glad you're feeling happier. Being blue is never fun and it's great that you've taken such a pro active stance towards it. emoticon

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Day 37 - Dinner for Lunch, Breakfast for Dinner and getting a routine

Sunday, January 09, 2011

After being blah and down for so many days i decided (thanks all for your support!) I need to swap things around and shake my routine - or lack of one.

I work from home and have tended to fall into a sloppy non scheduled way or working whcihc means things like exercise and diet can easily fall through the cracks because I can always find something else to distract me.

So I decided to flip things around and had my largest meal for lunch and a much smaller dinner later in the evening as well as writing my schedule for the next day. When I actually (and finally) wrote down the standard stuff I should be doing I was surprised to see that my day is pretty full - how I manage to watch 6 hours of TV a day and get things done is beyond me - well actually I DON'T get things done. But - I am ready to start again and embrace a new way of doing things. And as one of my Sparkfriends wisely said - if you can't do it for real fake it and eventually it will happen:)

Have an awesome spark day to all of you:)

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TENNISJIM 1/10/2011 7:29AM

    Changing your habits are good. You can do it. You know you can. I'm rooting for you.

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REALLYHOPIN 1/10/2011 7:17AM

    Remember Bert?

Yes, my friend, good ole Bert is alive and well. He's also really pretty ticked off at you. You thought you had him beat but he is a very worthy adversary. He'll find ANY excuse to get his own way and he's going to be sneaky about it... count on it.

Do what it takes to shake yourself free of his grip. I'm glad to see that you are back in command again... We're all in this together ya know... Your support and humor make the task just a little bit more enjoyable each day... so when you are not here, you are missed...

~ Keep on being good to yourself...
~ Barbara

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DUTCHPETE641 1/10/2011 6:17AM

    It must be difficult to keep motivated and stick to a plan when you work from home.
I tried it one day and did not get any work done!
Hope you are more disciplined than I was.

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ISLANDBETH 1/10/2011 6:10AM

    David, sometimes we all need a little shake up. I recommend going a week without tv and seeing what happens... it is amazing what you can accomplish! And you might find that you don't miss it! :)

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PEGGIET 1/10/2011 12:58AM

    Good on you for shaking up your routine!! Every little change for the better gets you closer to where you want to be!! Keep it up! I work from home too and it is so easy to let the exercise slide when work is calling!! Or TV!!

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-AD-ASTRA- 1/10/2011 12:49AM

    Fake it till you make it. :)

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NEWHORIZONSR4ME 1/10/2011 12:02AM

    Been there done that. I ran an online business and worked from home. Wow I had strange schedules. I got a lot done most of the time, but developed a lot of self-destructive habits too. Now that I am "just" going to school, and not working, I find myself not using time effectively. It is on my mind to develop a daily schedule. Thanks for the great idea! So here's to us developing better time use habits! No more six hours of tv unless there is cardio involved!

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Day 36 - Needing some support

Sunday, January 09, 2011

I thiiiink asking for support from my Sparkfriends is a good thing right?

It took me awhile to even agree with myself to post this - I never ask for help from others - that opens you up, leaves you vulnerable - all those things - so .... I am not where I want to be right now.

Things started well with Spark but after the honeymoon period was over I have gone back to old habits and can not seem to get myself jump started. I just feel like I am being lazy and disinterested - or rather can find ANY thing else to be interested in (errr read TV) apart from logging calories and exercising.

Not feeling sorry for myself by any means - just a bit down and feeling very blah - a little stressed about a few things but nothing so major that it is consuming my life.

I just don't understand what is going on.

So - any thoughts or support gratefully accepted - I know I just need to get past this and keep going - its that part I am finding to be a struggle.

Hope you all have a great Spark Day and send me some of those amazing will power vibes many of you have cultivated with your hard work and persistence:)


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ISLANDBETH 1/10/2011 6:15AM

    To me, it is just a loss of excitement, I think. I get so gung ho and then I lose that full steam ahead attitude. I think the best thing to do is change things up every few weeks... like, do a certain video for a while, but then change to something else. Or, try dancing around your house for half an hour in your underwear. Do a free online Yoga video, or even belly dancing. (There is a good one free on Youtube)

I absolutely love Nevermind's comment above... don't feel like it, do it anyway. That is so true! The number of times I have forced myself to get up and do a workout is astounding, but you know, you never regret that you did it afterwards!

Good luck, David!

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JEAN111766 1/9/2011 10:09PM

    Hey Sparkfriend... I'm glad you are reaching out. Everyone posted such great comments and suggestions... and I echo everyone of them. I also HIGHLY recommend reading the Spark Book... this is such an awesomely motivating book!!!
Just remember... one day/ one hour/ one minute at a time... read some of the motivational spark pages... these have been awesome also!!!
And sign in on this site everyday... even if that is the only commitment you can make right now ;)
Hang in there!!! emoticon

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JHADZHIA 1/9/2011 12:08PM

    So David, that major crisis you were having about your job and future was averted or still hovering there in the background waiting to pounce again? Stress is the first thing that sends us spiriling back down into our old habits.
If you can ease the stress, you can lighten up on the problem. If you can't you will have to try control your reaction to it. Exercise is actually a good way to bust stress and get out your frustrations.
Everyone has given such great advice, and the key is to take it slowly, one step at a time. A good work out will get those feel good endorphins going. So try starting with that.
Step away from the couch. Keep away from the remote.
Your exercise is calling you. The free, no side effects, feel good drug is calling you. Go get some of those endorphins released. NOW!!

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KATIKID 1/9/2011 11:41AM

    I feel ya!! Here's what I have to do: #1: drink my water and log that (easy), #2: spend 15 minutes doing "it" whatever "it" is that I have to do (exercise, read a boring book, whatever),#3: spend some time (may have to limit because this part is addictive) reading my SP friends blogs, #4: plan out and prepare a new recipe from SP or Eating Well or another healthy site (I just made the chicken escondido from SP last night...delish!), and FINALLY #5: sign up for SP Bootcamp That last one forces me to do 10 minutes/day of exercise. How can I rationalize NOT spending 10 minutes on myself?? Well, I can, but then I feel bad so I do it anyway. Get a couple of friends to start with you and then you won't want to let them down so you'll keep it up. After a month, it'll be such a habit, it's hard to stop.

Now, I signed up a week ago for SP Bootcamp and didn't start! Yikes! So I'm going to start today, again. Want to start with us this week?

Good luck! Remember: this too shall pass! emoticon

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PILLOWFOOL 1/9/2011 11:23AM

    ugh - haven't we all been here!? everyone's already offered up great advice and encouraging words but I thought I'd add my two cents to the mix anyway. I had been having this very same issue a few weeks ago - hadn't worked out in about a month, was eating JUNK and drinking waaaaay too much and so I decided to do baby steps my own self right now I'm only concentrating on TWO things: I walk every day (even if it's just around the block) and I drink a ton of water. I just got myself a 32oz refillable bottle and make sure I drink at least 2 (usually around 4) of them a day. that's it. that's ALL I make myself do for right now. and then when this gets to be second nature I'll go for another goal.

it's easy to back slide - and it's OH-SO-HARD to pull yourself out sometime, but hey! you took the most important step. you recognized that it needed to change! you reached out for help! those are difficult things! give yourself a pat on the back, have a glass of water and chin up! :) you are doing a GREAT job

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TRAILS7 1/9/2011 11:16AM

    The first thing to do is not be hard on yourself.. That only intensifies the problems you face daily. Second, you take the time to think about what your goal is and why you made it in the first place. Third, you look at what you've accomplished already and how that it makes you feel about yourself. Then, you realize you do this hard thing for yourself... No one else. You. And, no one is going to do this for you. Most don't even care if you succeed. They are busy with their own lives. But, when you realize that you are the most important thing you have and realize that you are indeed worth your goals for a better life..it gets easier. You just got to keep struggling on even if you don't see it at first. But, you will find, in a while that it gets easier. Then, once you are back on track, you'll wonder why you ever doubted yourself in the first place. You know you are worth what you want for yourself. Grab it and hold on tight! You will make it. emoticon

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MINIDRIVER63 1/9/2011 8:28AM

    Oooh, do I know those doldrums! Maybe it's because I've been on a plateau for months, but it's awfully tempting to just bag it and stop making the effort.

But this is the time that tests your resolve. Anybody can jump in full of enthusiasm for a few weeks. But we're on lifetime mission. This is not going to go away and we won't have to try any more. There is no finish line to this race.

Sounds kinda depressing, right? Let me phrase it another way.

We aren't going back to our old way of living. It wasn't healthy. This is the new status quo, the new normal. It's not exciting and new anymore, but it's how we intend to live our lives - intentionally making the choice to live with healthy choices.

And that's something to celebrate, even on the days you're not feeling inspired. No turning back, full steam ahead!

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TENNISJIM 1/9/2011 7:52AM

    Just keep reminding yourself why you are changing your life habits. I did it because I saw a photo of me (and there aren't too many of them) that I didn't like. I was so FAT! I had a belly that protruded so far out that it wasn't complimentary. So, every now and then I look at that photo to keep me motivated.

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DUBAIGIRL 1/9/2011 7:41AM

    Definitely been there, however my blah period lasted about 6 months! don't allow that to happen to you as then you'll just be annoyed and angry with yourself, trust me! ha ha. The poorer food choices have a cascade effect (feeling it myself today) as I swear sugar is as addictive as crack! So have a detox day and you'll notice your mood improve and your willpower get stronger towards making the right choices.

At the end of the day, we can't be amazing at this all the time. No one is, so have a couple of off days and then get right back into it. emoticon

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REALLYHOPIN 1/9/2011 6:58AM

    I completely agree with everyone that already posted.

I'm going to stress one part of it a little more though...


I went through a period of a few months in the blah zone and gained back just about every ounce of the 25 pounds I had lost. Things did not start clicking back on track for me again until I decided to focus on JUST ONE GOAL PER WEEK (for me it was drinking 8 ounces of water a day).

I know the temptation is to go full swing back to doing it all, exercise, count calories, eat all the fruits and veggies, skip all the sweets and bad fats, etc. But doing all that at one time makes the healthy lifestyle thing feel like an enormous hurdle and, for me, it was too much to deal with at one time. I felt like it would just take too much effort and there was no way I could do all that... so I didn't.

It may seem like it will take forever to make progress by doing just one new goal a week, but from what I understand, you are interested in changing your life, not just your weight. So start building strong foundations for that healthy lifestyle with some very basic daily habits. In seven more days you'll have your first habit down and you can start with another one. Each week you build a new one, or take the time to reinforce those that you already have, you set your own pace.

One day at a time my friend... one habit at a time...

~ be good to yourself
~ Barbara

PS: I'm so proud of you for reaching out to all of us... Supporting each other on the way to a healthy lifestyle is why we are all here. If you didn't ask for support today, I wouldn't have been able to type what I just did. Typing those words to YOU helps me to reinforce my goals for me... so see... by asking for help, you actually helped me... and if nobody asked for help, well, what would this forum be?

Comment edited on: 1/9/2011 7:03:43 AM

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NEVERMIND2010 1/9/2011 2:46AM

    Yes, everyone goes through phases when we just can't be bothered. Half the battle is recognizing that there is a problem. Here's a key thing to remember: Fake it 'til you make it.

So you don't feel like exercising? Do it anyway. You want to eat crap? Drink a glass of water first. Maybe you still eat crap, but you got some water in, too.

As PEGGIET said, baby steps, my friend.

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GRACEANAQAH 1/9/2011 2:39AM

    Hi David, I get that way too, we all do...and the best thing to do is get onto SP and ask for support. There are so many wonderful people on here who give wonderful encouragement and inspiration.

I always have SP on. That way I can log the foods I eat and the water I drink. I am not consistent with it but I do it most of the time. And just by looking at it through out the day I can easily see how much I have left or where I went wrong.

When I am feeling down I also go to SP's motivational pages and the blogs of people who have succeeded. I have quite a few that I go to over and over again to get emotional support just by reading it. I like reading how they didn't think they could ever do it but ended up succeeding.

PEGGIET AND JIBBIE49 made wonderful suggestions.

emoticon emoticon

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PEGGIET 1/9/2011 1:21AM

    We all get the blahs from time to time, and yes, asking your Spark Friends for help is the right thing to do!! You've already made the first big step to getting yourself back on track!! Congratulations!!

Now you just need to take baby steps to get back into the swing of things of tracking food, drink lots of water, get some exercise. Join a challenge (there is a new one just posted in UAE Team) get active in a chat thread, read motivational articles here in Spark!! Take one that you feel you can handle, and when you've conquered that hurdle, take the next!! I usually start with reading motivational articles while drinking a large glass of water!! Then things start to fall into place again!! Come On - you Can Do It!!


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JIBBIE49 1/9/2011 1:15AM

    emoticonTrying to do to much at a time can be a real issue. Work on doing FIVE MINUTES of exercise and mark that as having done your exercise for the day. Getting STARTED is the hardest part.
Work on getting your WATER in. I buy DIET OCEAN SPRAY JUICE and mix 1/2 cup with 3 1/2 cups water and make like Fruit2o drink that cost $1.49 a bottle. It has 3 calories.

Keep going.

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Day 35 - Recommitting

Friday, January 07, 2011

Hmmm - that whole Christmas/NY thing didn't go so well!

My 2 best friends here in Dubai were both OS for Christmas and NY but I have always been a loner - due to my weight - so just figured I would not have a problem with it. Christmas here is easy to dismiss as its not as fully celebrated as elsewhere and so Christmas Day was uneventful but fine.

NY eve was harder - I just didn't realise it - those goals and dreams for the New Year are not as potent if not shared with someone. I dropped exercise and ate badly.

Fortunately those first couple of weeks of being Sparked stuck with me and I did not fill myself to exploding and my first weigh in for the new year has seen me 400 grams lighter than when I started.

Based on this thats an average of 11 grams a day which means I will reach my goal weight in 2022. I know we should be losing slowly but I think that maybe a little TOO slow:)

So - back into it.

Today is about sitting down and working out my goals for this year - weight and exercise, personal and business - and I will post the weight and exercise goals tomorrow.

Work like you don't need money.
Love like you've never been hurt.

Heres to dancing in 2011!


P.S. Thanks to those of you who checked in on me - that was sweet:)

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JIBBIE49 1/9/2011 1:16AM


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JEAN111766 1/9/2011 12:57AM

    Hey you... you know what you gotta do... so JUST DO IT!!! Make that commitment to yourself!!! Go to your sparkspoints page and scroll to the bottom... do the one time challenges- one of these is signing the pledge card. Then... make that commitment to yourself and stick with it... one day/ one hour/ one minute at a time!!! You can and you will do this!!!! You also need to check in on this site everyday... especially when you don't feel like it ;) Have you been using the Nutrition and Fitness Trackers? they are great tools!!!
Looking forward to reading your goals!

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TENNISJIM 1/8/2011 6:55AM

    Very thoughtful blog. Thank you for sharing. You can do it. Oh, and make sure to dance today.

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LOOSEIT57 1/8/2011 1:12AM

    Yes me too. Love your saying and I shall start dancing more. emoticon

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NEVERMIND2010 1/7/2011 10:42PM

    Yeah, 2022 is a pretty long way off. LOL

Glad to see you're back and ready to go! You might consider joining the 28-day Bootcamp Challenge; a lot of people (including me) are doing that right now.

Here's to a fantastic 2011!!

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REALLYHOPIN 1/7/2011 10:24PM

    I'm happy to see you are back...

what is it they all say? fall down 7 times, get up 8...

I'll be watching for your post tomorrow...

~ be good to yourself
~ Barbara

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