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Navigation Woes

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Spark website is awesome, has so much valuable info and tools. But I find the navigation very frustrating. It's hard to figure out how to get where I want to go. And today I tried to enter my weight and measurements, but I kept getting the message "use only numeric entries." I don't know what could be more numeric than "37."

While walking, I recently came cross the most amazing vegetable garden in my neighborhood. Raised beds with drip irrigation, protection from varmints, etc. Yesterday I went there to ask the owner who had set it up. Instead, I encountered the gardener who had created it! So I asked him to come and look at my garden and give me an estimate for doing something similar. I'm now waiting to get his bid.

It was such a beautiful day I went to the nursery and bought a few cold-weather veggies that I haven't grown before: onions, garlic, potatoes, broccoli, and lots of greens

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CINCIAMPA 1/8/2011 1:15PM

  Numeric entry ???what do you want? my ht. is 5 ft. 3 1/2 in. and this keeps asking for numeric number.

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JEANSHEP2 1/25/2010 1:11AM

    Darlyne, ask questions, dear. We all had to have help at the beginning. Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe that at our age, we can do this at all! After all, the younger generations have grown up with this stuff!

And what a joy to have a nice garden ~ nice you could find someone to make it easier for you. I have always wanted a raised garden. Enjoy.

Walking is good too!

Keep sparking!

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GRAMMAP1 1/24/2010 10:47PM

    It will come to you soon. I still find new stuff and I don't think you could ever read all the recipes. Try doing your weight tomorrow. There may have been a glitch today. I have had some problems at times, but eventually they clear up.

That garden sounds great. And to get someone to put it in would be a real blessing. Hugs, Jane emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HAPPYBASKET 1/24/2010 8:18PM

    Welcome to the most wonderful program for losing weight!. I too have some troubles finding the right place to do what, but I am very fortunate to have our daughter who lives too far away, but I can send her a spark mail with my problem & she always tells me how to do it & in a way that is easy to follow. Only having been a member 1 month, I still findstumbling blocks but have learned that it isn't the program, it's me. So just hang in there & your Spark friends will help you. emoticon

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SUNSHINEGB 1/24/2010 7:25PM

    Hi Darlyne ~ I know it can be overwhelming when first on Sparks, it takes a bit of getting used to but please keep at it. In a short while, you'll wonder why you found it difficult! emoticon
Is there anyone at your house who could help you some? Or a friend maybe? Just don't give up on it, this is an awesome site, best on the web!

The garden sounds just beautiful and yes, if you can, take some photos and post them? Just put them in your photo gallery on your spark page and we can go there to look.

Keep on working at it emoticon
emoticon Gloria

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CRIS76 1/24/2010 2:43PM

    I am not a fan of the message board navigation.... it all definitely takes some getting used to.

Interesting garden setup too... you should post some pics :)

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Ray of Sunshine

Friday, January 22, 2010

Went to Costco today. I love their broccoli salad! But how does one account for calories in all the food samples available? I choose to just ignore them (the calories, not the samples).

The sun peeked out for a while today, so I really enjoyed my walk.

I'm anxious to get back to gardening, so hope the rain lets up for a while.

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GRAMMAP1 1/23/2010 7:24PM

    Sounds like a fun excursion! Our City is too small for a Cosco, but we have a local supermarket that disperses samples. Just weekends and I avoid shopping weekends! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ILOVETOCRUISE 1/23/2010 10:18AM


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SUNSHINEGB 1/23/2010 6:25AM

    I agree, great solution!

I'm glad you were able to get out for a walk, our weather is too "iffy" for that yet. Do you have a vegetable garden or flowers or both???

I'm glad you joined our team and it's great to read your blogs!


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JEANSHEP2 1/23/2010 1:12AM

    Going to Costco can ruin a day's allotment of calories! I love your solution to it. Funny!

Nice to have you on the team and posting.


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Best Year of my Life

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm setting out to make this the best and happiest year of my life.

Goal 1: To increase energy by being more active and losing excess weight.

Goal 2: To get organized by clearing clutter, keeping only those possessions that I use or love, and having a place for everything.

SparkPeople will be a big part of reaching the first goal. In the fall I began posting food and exercise. I went on vacation the last week in December, and did not resume posting right away because I wanted to read the book and follow the 28-day program.

I plan to establish a new positive habit every month. This month it is walking daily. I have walked every day since Jan. 3, an 18 day streak so far. I am only walking 20 minutes a day, because the object is to establish the habit, then next month I will begin walking further. Next month my new habit will be to do at least 10 minutes of additional exercise daily, using Coach Nicole's programs.

We are having an unusual amount of rain in California this month. It's great, because we need the water, but it does make walking a bit more of a challenge.

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NOTSPEEDY 2/6/2010 5:38PM

    Those are two of my ongoing goals. I just joined SP and hope it will help with the first one.

For the organizing, I will try to spend 15 minutes 6 days a week. Sunday is my day of rest and just enjoying relaxing.
Yvonne emoticon

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SUNSHINEGB 1/23/2010 6:28AM

    Great goals for the year Darlyne! Walking is one of the best exercises there is and it's good to see you are doing it daily.

With your good attitude, you'll do so well in 2010!


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