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The Prodigal Daughter Returns

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I have returned. After my car accident on March 9th, and unable to use my leg for a while, I got into a depression, and kind of gave up. after the doctor let me go to modify exercises, while in my boot, I got back on track again. Then on March 30th the unthinkable happened, something I wish on no woman. I was
sexually assualted. Here is what happened.

Yesterday evening at work, I had something happen, that I never thought would ever happen to me at my place at work. I was assulted. I was in my residents room, changing out his cath bag, and taking off his compression socks. I was squatted down, taking off his socks, when he started rubbing his knees aganist my breast, I stood up immediatley, and told him, that it was inapproiate behavior, and to please quit. He then grabbed me by my face, and started kissing me on the lips, I pulled away, and got out of his room. I got the med aide up there right away. My med aide came up, and I told her what was going on. Right away, she called his son. His son came to the facility right away, he asked if he should call the police or would we do the honors. I guess this isn't the first time his father has done something like this. He tries it with all the females of the facilities he has been in. We told him that we would have to call the administrator, and find out what she wanted to do in this situation. Administrator was called, and we were told to call the police, she couldn't have residents living there, who were going to assult her workers.

The police were called, and the administrator came in right away also. One police officer went in along with his son to talk to him, and the other officer, took me and the administrator down to the nurses station. The officer that I had was a real jerk. He kept asking me what I did to invoke the attack. I told him, that I did nothing, but squat down to take off his compression socks, and to change out is cath bag for the night. The officer told me, that maybe I should have found some other way to do these things. I told him, that we are not allowed to sit down on their funiture unless, the resident invites us to do so, and that he had no right to do what he did to me. After taking my statement, the administrator went and talked to the son. He was in total agreement, that his dad needed to be moved out right away, and put somewhere he would not be doing this again. His son apologized to me, and told me that he was sorry for his father's behavior. I told that I didn't blame him, he did nothing wrong. My administrator was going to give me the day off today, but I told her, that I wasn't going to let this bring me down, and that my other residents needed me, just as much. I was told that I handled the situation professionally, and approiatley.

Not sure where our resident will be going, but his son is going to move him out as of this morning. He said he would have him moved out, before I came back to work. The night shift was informed when they came on, that Laurie was not to go in his room, by herself. Thank God Dale, Laurie's finace was working with her that night. Then to top off my night, it had snow last as well. I was pretty much shaken up from the incident, and then having to drive home in the snow, after my car accident three weeks ago, made for not a very good evening. I also came to find out, that I was not the only one that he did this to in our facility. I was talking to my partner in crime, Marissa, and he did this to her as well. I asked her why she didn't report it, and she felt, that nothing would be done about it. I told her that she needed to report the incident right away. Our administrator is going to find out from the other workers there, if he had tried something with anybody else. I am just glad that he will be gone, by the time I come back to work today.

This happened on the 30th of March. My depression got worse, and the weight started piling back on again. After about a week and half I started seeking counseling. I am back on the road to recovery and weight loss once more. I am now taking an antidepressant, and decided that since today was Mothers Day, I would start back on my road to weight loss. I have many more Mothers Days to celebrate with my three wonderful boys.

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DJS-DEBBIE 5/11/2010 7:39AM

    I am so glad you came back to us!

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    Donna, I am so sorry to read about your horrible experience. I am so proud of you for standing firm for YOU and for take all the appropriate actions. Glad that you're on some medications to help with the depression as well. There is a marvelous thread in the 50 Pound Challenge group called "TATTER'S CORNER" that deals with sexual abuse and may be useful to you. You'd be surprised how many of us have had to deal with abuse both past and present. Be blessed and be well my friend. I am so glad that you're back Sparking along with us. You've been missed! Love, Dawn emoticon

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DYNAMICDEB53 5/10/2010 2:49PM

    HUGS big time and a big pat on the back for standing up for yourself. I am so sorry about the accident and stresses you have been under. I am also so glad to see you back and getting on track. It sounds like you are taking care of yourself with all that has happened to you. Keep doing that and getting stronger.

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MARTHA-ANN 5/10/2010 4:07AM

    Hi Donna, welcome back I've missed you.
I had no idea you'd been in an accident and then to go through all that at work too...poor you emoticon
I'm so glad you've got back on track, your wonderful family will help you through.
Good to have you back emoticon emoticon

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LYNNANN43 5/9/2010 2:37PM

    Wow, you've certainly been through an awful lot the last few months!

Good for you for reporting the incident! I hate to think how many other women he's done this to!

I hope your leg is feeling better. And I hope the meds are helping. Good for you for getting back on SparkPeople! There's such wonderful support here!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Today I hit a milestone. I have officially lost 40 pounds since starting SparkPeople in June 2009. This journey has been an emotional rollercoaster. Lose weight here, gain weight there. Somedays I sit and look and say "Will I make, Will I succeed?" I have been on so many diets in the past, but none of them worked for me. Finding SparkPeople, and my many many friends here, having the support from each and everyone of you, has totally helped on this journey. It felt so good yesterday to be able to fit into my scrub top that I bought at least two years ago, pull it from my closet, and wear it once again. I know down deep in my heart, I will succeed, I will make it.

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DANIABRASIL 3/12/2010 7:08AM

    Yes, you will! emoticon

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DYNAMICDEB53 2/15/2010 7:45PM

    WTG!!!! You have done an awesome job and being able to wear something that has waited for you is great. Our friends make this journey easier, great support and caring. You will make it the rest of the journey too, we are all there with you.
Hugs and smiles

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JEMPOWER 2/15/2010 3:34PM

    I'm so proud of you!!! You can do it!!! Yes you will!!!! Congratulations!!!!! emoticon

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Love ya! Dawn

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CMERLE1 2/13/2010 10:54PM

    Congrats !! I'm going to enjoy the day I join you with that amount of weight loss.

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TRAVELNISTA 2/13/2010 9:44AM

    emoticon You are doing great! emoticon

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    Congratulation! And it is quite a milestone!

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DONALDSON39 2/12/2010 5:09PM

    Congrats on your achievment. I hope to be there someday soon too. Truly an inspiration to the team you are emoticon

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WILDLOTUS16 2/12/2010 4:03PM


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DJS-DEBBIE 2/12/2010 3:47PM

    That is wonderful!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 2/12/2010 3:38PM

    emoticon I know you will succeed! emoticon

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BETHSHEALTH 2/12/2010 3:04PM

    Yes you will! Just by working the plan we are on the right track! Congratulations!

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RUNNERSSHOE 2/12/2010 2:52PM

    Congratulations on this achievement! What a wonderful Valentine's present to yourself!


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LOVETOSNORKEL 2/12/2010 2:52PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon I'm proud of you!

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Day 34

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calories: 1,076

Carbs: 140

Fat: 48

Protein: 40

90 minutes of Island Cycling on the Wii Fit Plus
30 minutes of strength training and yoga.

People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas. ~Author Unknown

I am an official working woman once again. It feels good to be able to have a full time job, in a field I truly love doing. I find the caregiving field very challenging, but rewarding. To be able to help out the residents I take care of.

This is link to the place I will be working at. www.summitalf.com/index.php?page=onl

Feel free to look. I found the place very caring, and the residents very well taken care of. I will be working in an enviorment of 65 residents. I will be working the evening shift. I look forward to this adventure.

My challenge for the past couple of days has been keeping my calories in my range. I can't seem to get myself to eat. I don't know if it could be possibly be from being sick or what is going on. Going out tomorrow and buying some yogurts, fresh fruits and vegetables. I had a hard time eating lunch today, nothing seemed to taste good. I took a few bites, but that was about it. I did manage to eat dinner, and had some pudding this evening, to get my calories up.

Tomorrow I am really going to watch what I eat. Hubby is going to take me to Olive Garden for dinner tomorrow night. We finally have an Olive Garden where I live, and would like to try it. I promise I will be careful, what I order there. I have been online on their menu, and have been studying it really hard.

Getting ready to head off to bed. Long day tomorrow. Have a great evening everybody.

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LINDYPOWER 1/28/2010 10:29PM

    Good for you. The place looks lovely. Congrats on being a wonderful inspiration to all. in loving kindness, Linda

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LOVETOSNORKEL 1/28/2010 4:31PM

    emoticonon the new job! I see you like Island Cycling on the Wii Fit Plus too, eh? I love it, it's so much fun!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 1/28/2010 7:17AM

    Congrats on the new job! emoticon

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DJS-DEBBIE 1/28/2010 6:10AM

    Congrats on the new job, Donna! That is just great. Enjoy the Olive Garden ~ they do have some good choices there.

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    You're doing such a great job. It looks like your job is going to be really good for you. Good luck at Olive Garden. I LOVE that restaurant. I haven't been there in years because the closest one is over an hour away.. probably a good thing! Keep up the good work my friend. I love ya, Dawn emoticon

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Day 32

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Calories: 1,145

Carbs: 106

Fat: 48


Island Run on the Wii Fit Plus
60 minutes

Weigh in:
1-19-2010: 278
1-25-2010: 276.5(-1.5 pounds gone and staying gone forever).

"Prevention is better than cure."
Desiderius Erasmus

I haven't been around over the weekend. I was sick in bed. Started out Friday night after I ate my dinner. I went in and took my shower, got out, and threw up. Thought to myself, something didn't agree with my tummy. Still wasn't feeling good, and decided to go and lay down. Later on that night I threw up again, and by Saturday morning I was running a fever. I stayed in bed on Saturday, not being able to hold anything down. Finally by Sunday I was able to hold down soup and jello. I pulled myself out of bed on Sunday evening and took a shower, and changed the sheets on my bed.

My husband was great through all of this. He kept the boys away from me, so they wouldn't get sick, and made sure that my fever wasn't getting to high. I am forever grateful to him. We will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary in May. I think I will keep him around for another 50 years.

I was looking around the internet today, and came upon this article.
________Some people will do anything to lose weight, even if it means defying common sense, nutrition, or even their doctor. But just because your best friend's cousin lost 20 pounds by drinking hot-peppered lemonade doesn't mean you should do the same. These 25 diets are not only ridiculous, they're ineffective and even dangerous.

Atkins: Although wildly popular, and quite effective for some people, the Atkins diet is just not sustainable for most dieters. This diet cuts out healthy foods like fruit, and adopts a limited list of foods that are often high in fat and otherwise unhealthy. Above all, this diet's extreme restriction makes it incredibly difficult for most people to stick with it.

The Subway diet: Substituting large, unhealthy meals with a wholesome sandwich is certainly an effective way to lose weight. However, the execution of the Subway diet is what makes this one a failure. This may come as a surprise to some, but not every sandwich at Subway is a dietary winner. You can't eat 14 meatball subs a week and expect to see pounds come off. For this diet to succeed, you'd have to eat very specific items from Subway's menu and keep up a strict regimen of exercise. This diet is useless because it's just as easy to make your own sandwich and take a walk.

Cabbage soup diet: Also known as the "Russian peasant diet," the "Sacred Heart diet," and "TJ miracle soup diet," this diet consists of eating a low-calorie cabbage soup for 7 days. It's generally claimed to cause weight loss of 10 pounds within a week, although most experts believe that sort of weight loss is not possible. Most of the weight lost on this diet is water, so it's not permanent. It's also problematic because of a high sodium content, extremely low protein, feelings of weakeness, and increased flatulence.

The tapeworm diet: Almost too disgusting to detail, this diet involves swallowing cysts that you've dissected out of beef carcass. The plan is to allow the tapeworm to live in you for up to 10 weeks, and then take prescribed medication to kill it. It should go without saying that this is perhaps one of the most dangerous diets you can adopt. It not only requires you to ingest a parasite, it encourages unhealthy eating habits, which are almost guaranteed to make you gain every pound back once the worm is gone.

The cereal diet: Like the Subway diet, the cereal diet is silly because it requires you to buy a specific food substitute, and eat it on a regular basis. This diet isn't effective because of the high quality nutrition cereal offers-cereal is generally full of sugar-but rather because you're required to measure the amount of food you're eating. No matter what your diet, monitoring and carefully measuring food to restrict calories will make you lose weight. You don't need a special cereal to do so.

The low fat diet: Nearly everyone has purchased a low or no fat product because we believe that somehow it's healthier and will help keep the pounds off. But the dirty trick about the low fat diet is that these products aren't healthier at all-often, you trade fat for more sugar, sodium, or calories. Sometimes, serving sizes are skewed to make an otherwise unhealthy food look better than before.

Hallelujah diet: Reverend George M. Malkmus was diagnosed with colon cancer, and instead of getting treatment, he changed his diet to "the original diet God gave mankind." Although the diet consists mainly of good staples like fruits and vegetables, you can't just eat produce you'd pick up at the store. No, this diet requires that you mail-order direct from the Reverend's farm because the general American food supply is devoid of nutrients. Ironically, this diet has been found to cause nutrient deficiencies, and due to its high-fiber and beta carotine content, is less than ideal for cancer patients.

South Beach Diet: Although it's created and promoted by a cardiologist, the South Beach diet is less than ideal. This diet takes you through phases of high restriction and lower restriction, constantly keeping your body on a roller coaster of losing and maintaining weight. Once you begin to regain pounds, you go back to the more restricted phase. Yo-yo diets such as this one are not only ineffective, they're dangerous to your heart and overall health.

Slim Fast: Again, another product-based diet that offers little more than ineffective substitution. In the short term, you will probably see weight loss, but Slim Fast's shakes and bars are not mentally or physically satisfying enough for the diet to be sustained, especially when you consider that there are healthier, cheaper, and tastier alternatives out there.

The chocolate diet: As studies have come out promoting chocolate as a supplement to a healthy diet, the chocolate diet has come out as well. This diet focuses on decreased calorie consumption with liquid chocolate diet shakes. It acts as a vitamin replacement, and although effective in the short term, has not been found to stimulate metabolism or burn fat, as the diet claims. Rather, any weight lost is a direct effect of decreased caloric intake.

The Fiengold diet: Dr. Benjamin Feingold created a diet free of chemicals believed to cause ADD and ADHD. This included not only food, but also certain drugs and hygiene items. Although this diet is not physically harmful, and can be helpful in some instances, it's generally not wise to adopt this regimen. Critics warn against teaching children that food can dictate performance and behavior, and depriving them of appropriate professional help from health care providers.

The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About: This diet gives the tapeworm a run for its money. Why? The weight loss "cure" consists of nothing more than ingesting the urine of pregnant women. Whether this is effective or not really doesn't matter-there is absolutely, positively, a better way to lose weight than injecting yourself with pee.

The blood type diet: This confusing diet requires that you eat according to your blood type. For example, if you're a blood Type A, that means vegetables are your ideal food. The main reason why this diet works at all is because-you guessed it-you're limiting what you eat. Of course, this can be achieved through portion control, and you can eat what you feel like whether you're a "hunter," "nomad," "cultivator," or any combination thereof.

The Hollywood diet: It should be obvious that drinking nothing but juice is bound to leave you hungry and unsatisfied, but many continue to attempt to use this quick-fix detox program as a way to permanently lose weight. Unfortunately, that's just not going to happen. This juice has a high sugar content, and nearly all of the weight you'll lose is water, which will come right back.

The Grapefruit diet: This horrible diet is simply unsustainable, offering little nutrition calories, or taste. Even worse, excessive consumption of this acidic citrus fruit could lead to a stomach ulcer. Additionally, grapefruit juice is dangerous when mixed with some medications.

Russian Air Force diet: With this diet, you can put a number of herbs, sauces, and spices on your food, but you'll have a hard time finding a place for all of those extras to land, considering breakfast is coffee, lunch is two eggs and a tomato, and dinner is salad and tiny portion of meat. This simple caloric restriction is just not sustainable, leaving dieters hovering near starvation, and it has a high sodium content.

The master cleanse : Also known as the lemon water detox diet, this concoction can't even really be called a diet because you're not eating anything. With the master cleanse, you'll subsist on lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Incredibly temporary, any weight loss resulting from this detox will come back almost immediately.

The macrobiotic diet: This diet consists primarily of grains, vegetables, and beans, specifically avoiding processed and refined foods. It also requires thorough chewing before swallowing to avoid overeating. Although this is overall good diet advice, the problem with the macrobiotic diet is that it's often presented as a "cure" for cancer, while many long-term macrobiotics have developed and died from cancer.

The Kimkins diet: This Atkins with a twist requires that dieters follow a strict caloric restriction, which as you must know by now, is nothing special. Additionally, this diet is wrapped up in scandal, as the creator claimed to have lost 198 pounds in 6 months, but later gained it all back, and tried to hide this fact from other dieters.

The magnetic diet: This diet follows the concept that all foods have magnetism that attracts either health or disease. It requires that you drink only water and eat specific foods with "invigorating magnetism," and follow an eating schedule that creates a caloric deficit. Despite all of the quackery surrounding the diet, it's actually a very simple method of eating nutritious foods like fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, combined with portion control and exercise.

The hot dog diet: Also known as the three-day diet, this diet is ridiculous because it doesn't recommend that you eat healthy food-in fact, you'll eat ice cream as well. Instead, you'll eat carefully counted portions of food, resulting in the oh-so-familiar calorie restriction that so many ridiculous diets feature.

The apple cider vinegar diet: The apple cider vinegar diet succeeds only in making dieters not want to eat at all, mostly because you're just not likely to be hungry after downing straight vinegar. You drink a few teaspoons of vinegar, which is supposed to supress your appetite. The secret is not that apple cider vinegar is particularly helpful for weight loss, but because reducing portions and exercising are.

Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet: The cookie diet from a doctor is a lot less appealing than it sounds. Like Subway, Slim Fast, and other weight loss fads, this diet requires that you eat specific foods that must be purchased separate from a regular diet. These cookies are high protein, but there's really nothing special about the diet except that it's extremely low in calories. What's more, you're likely to get very tired of eating cookies day in and day out.

Wu-Yi Tea diet: Although it's presented as a natural cure endorsed by Oprah and Rachel Ray, that couldn't be farther from the truth about Wu-Yi tea. There's absolutely nothing special about this particular tea. It's just oolong tea, and it offers no more benefits than the tea you can pick up at your grocery or health store.

The Martha's Vineyard diet: Just like the Hollywood diet, this detox requires that you drink nothing but juice for a specific period of time. Again, this will only help you lose weight in the short term, and you'll gain every pound back once you realize there's more to life than drinking vegetable juice all day.
As I was reading this I thought why do people do this to their bodies. Don't they realize how dangerous this can be for them. Some of them are down right ridiculous. The best diet around is SparkPeople. I have said it once and I will say it again.
SPARKPEOPLE IS TOTALLY AWSOME. Without Sparkpeople I don't think I would have lost 35.5 pounds in the seven months since i joined.
I have blogged enough for the night. Have a good evening everybody.

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MG03F1 1/26/2010 7:47PM

    Congrats on the 1.5 pounds and glad you feel better! emoticon

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DJS-DEBBIE 1/26/2010 5:11AM

    So glad you are feeling better. Your husband sounds like a keeper alright!

I have tried a few of those plans myself ~ Atkins (more than once), Slim Fast, South Beach~ and definitely have had the most success with Spark. I have noticed that there are teams on Spark for some of these plans, which I don't get myself. My DS also lost weight with Atkins but is struggling to maintain and so he joined Spark. He says he is really upset to learn that counting calories actually works.

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LOV2BTHIN 1/26/2010 3:12AM

    I am glad you are felling better and God bless your hubby for taking care fo you and the children.

Yes, people do crazy things to lose weight. I was told my adult daughter went 2 weeks without eating and only drinking slim fast. She lost 50lbs in 2 weeks and looked anorexia when I seen her and still does.

Remember it is called DIE t for a reason! We got to be careful and use common sense.


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    Excellent blog Donna. So sorry that you've been sick. Your hubby sounds like a dream come true! Thanks for sharing the article. You're right, people will try all sorts of crazy things to lose weight. Glad that you & I BOTH found spark people. It's all about the lifestyle change and letting go of diet mentality. I'm proud of you. Congratulations on your weight loss this week. Love ya, Dawn emoticon

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Day 27

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Calories: 1.087

Carbs: 187

Fat: 29

Protein: 35

90 minutes of Free Step on the Wii Fit Plus
10,168 steps this evening.

Weekly weigh in:
1-12-10: 278
1-19-10: 278
I didn't lose any, but I also didn't gain any either, so I will take it. I am trying a few new things this week. I am going to decrease my calorie intake. I will be taking in 1200-1500 calories this week. I also plan on drinking more water. I usually drink 12 glasses in a day. I am going to challenge myself to drink a gallon of water each day. Going to stay away from the "White Stuff," and stick to whole grain foods. When I get paid again, going to go through the house, and get rid of all stuff that is white in this place.I am going to keep the workouts at 90 minutes each evening.

I am not going to stress out so much. I have a hard time with stress. The boys will run through my house, and right away I get stressed out. Little things happen that I cannot control, and I feel stressed. I know I bring most of this on myself, this week I am going to take time for me. I am going to take 30 minutes each day, lock myself in my bedroom, and relax, no children, no husband, just me, and a good book.

This evening I learned some new yoga poses. I have a long way to go before I achieve these poses in the right way, but when I was finished with my yoga, I felt better.

Getting ready to head off to bed soon. Have a wonderful night.

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions—the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a playful raillery, and the countless other infinitessimals of pleasurable thought and genial feeling.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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ETHEL_MERMAID 1/20/2010 10:37PM

    Beautiful quote, and congratulations on such a successful day! It is hard not to stress o ut so much, especially with kids running around. That's why you'd do so well to grab those 30 minutes just for yourself and devote this time to pure relaxation. And let's hear it for staying away from that "white stuff"! None of it's good for us... - Susan

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MERRYFJL 1/20/2010 2:14PM

    I always love the quotes you include in your blogs. I think they are great things to reflect on each day.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 1/20/2010 12:09PM

    I'm concerned about the calories and protein - things that I watch too. You're telling your body you're starving it, and it's shutting down. emoticon

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DYNAMICDEB53 1/20/2010 11:34AM

    I know you are wanting to see the pounds drop off and are working very hard, please be careful with the calories, I know its hard to believe but the articles I have read here and my own experieces tell me its true, we need to feed out bodies good healthy foods to burn off our existing fat. Too little food and out bodies start hording. This is especially true when we set up our exercises, there was a good blogabout it and it helped me see that I just need to have some patience and keep to the plan
This is a link or you will have to paste and copy its from the daily blogs.
Take care and glad you are giving yourself some special time, I remember when mine where young its nice to go and just get away ....like a good calgon bath to take me away.

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YOYONOMORE1 1/20/2010 10:13AM

    A little concerned over the calorie range you have choosen, it seems a little low for your weight and the exercise you are doing, remember if we don't give our bodies what they need nutrition wise it'll slow down and not let you lose, have you got any feedback from one of the sites resident experts. You have a wonderful attitude and am glad you give yourself some me time.Getting rid of the "white stuff" will help you feel better and if you can get your whole family to change their eating habits, what a healthy family you'll be.Keep up the good work.


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    I love the quote that you ended with. I hope that you are in less pain today. I've been keeping you in my prayers. I worry about you. I really want to give yoga a try. I have so many things that I want to do. I hope that as the year progresses I will be able to. Be blessed and be well my friend. Love, Dawn emoticon

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DJS-DEBBIE 1/20/2010 5:35AM

    Take it easy on yourself. Did you see the article on why you don't always see an immediate loss (maybe you even see a gain) when you step up your fitness program? Give it a chance to kick in. Make sure you stay in your range for calories ~ too little is not good either. You are doing so well sticking to the fitness. I still haven't crossed 10,000 steps but I do get closer on some days. I am in awe of you.

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LINDYPOWER 1/20/2010 3:27AM

    YOu are trying so hard to get there. Enjoy the moments as they come. Its all in the time we spend along this journey, not the final destination. I saw how "white stuff" was making my boys "nuts" in the 1970's, and switched over to the Pritikin Diet for the entire household, WHOA....when I saw the behavior changes and how two young children who were born in 1971 and 1972 had calmed down, so did I.
By 1977, I was getting too into the diet and exercise. Almost manic style; I lived on cabbage soup just for myself and returned to work in a stressful job at night time. I returned to college part time with a 4.0 cum. I swear I invented cabbage soup for weight loss....it was unheard of....I also was exercising to a fault....but I transformed into a sleek, toned, tanned 125 lbs and size 8 beauty queen after having had two boys 11 months apart that really compromised my health, my teeth, and my stress levels. I was flying through life on a high after having gone through a devastating blow in my young marriage with infidelity issues. BUT I WAS BEATING MYSELF UP. IT WAS SO EXHAUSTING DOING ALL THOSE LAPS IN THE POOL, CLEANING THE HOUSE, STUDYING, BEING A MOM, A WIFE.

What I did to look like a Goddess took its toll on me. That is not how I want to live now. Doing the small stuff each day and being consistent, shifting it up or around when we plateau, and getting enough rest, nutritional benefits from our new food choices goes a long way.

I'm very impressed with your daily blogging and efforts. You go GIRL. Just remember to continue finding "ME" time and being good to yourself.

I was 59 at my daughter's high school graduation last June.



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LOV2BTHIN 1/20/2010 1:33AM

    Hey Night Buddy,

Just be careful you don't overload yourself this alone can cause us to stress out even more.


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