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Weekend Success Story Part Deux...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Well, it was a good idea in theory, and I liked the tone it set, but I have to admit I was not so much a success story this weekend as I was a water-treader...so it goes. I had a pretty good day Saturday food wise--light breakfast, light lunch, and we made pizza for dinner...we were rushed, so I didn't measure toppings as well as I should have--ended up with a mountain o' cheese...tasty but not diet friendly!! Got a 2 mile walk in on Saturday, too...not setting land speed records thanks to the icy sidewalks, but was so nice to get outside for a good chunk of time!

Sunday I went a wee bit overboard on food...eggs benedict for breakfast (not homemade, so no health points there!), movie theater popcorn mixed w/ peanut M&Ms for lunch (peanuts are healthy, right? even if they're encased in chocolate and swimming in buttery popcorn?!)...and dinner was pizza again (we had lots of leftovers, so that was a plus!).

I hopped on the scale this morning and it wasn't too bad (I'm betting mostly water weight thanks to all the SALT I inhaled this weekend!), but it's enough to make me want to be a model citizen for the rest of the week! John is cooking up roast chicken today so there will be lots of healthy chicken leftovers this week...always a plus!

Not much else going on. Sunday was a rest day for me (an active rest day, though--1.5 mile walk outside!)...but it's time to go back to working out! I really enjoy those active rest days though...I usually feel guilty if I take a rest day and don't do anything, which is silly, I know...rest days are a necessity! But a walk is sufficiently low impact/low calorie burn that it doesn't really take a toll (at least if I keep it short or slow!) and gives my muscles the time off they need to recover without making me feel like quite such a gelatinous blob for sitting around all day! Well, whatever works, right?

Today's fitness exploits will include a bodypump class with John after work...it somehow became a whole month since the last time we did this! Not sure how that happened (I'm sure perfectly legitimate excuses were cooked up, but it seems silly to skip that since it's so much fun AND we get to work out together!)

Not too much else going on...I did finally get some happy news in a corporate communique--we do, in fact, get bonuses this year! So yay for that! They're pretty tiny, but I won't argue with free money!

Hope your week is off to a stellar start!! Happy Monday, y'all!

Daily Goals:

3/1 - 40 minute workout after work - aw hells yeah! 42 minutes, to be exact!
3/2 - 40 minute workout after working late - yep yep!
3/3 - bodypump + 40 mins cardio - yep yep yep!
3/4 - 40 mins cardio after work -
3/5 - active rest day - yep!
3/6 - yoga class w/ John - nope.
3/7 - bodypump class w/ John -

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EKRED8710 3/8/2011 7:02AM

    I'm with you and the whole weekend thing, but Eric (the hubs) as cooked some healthy food that should last me most of the week, including a roasted chicken--- weird no? Any who... whoo hoo on the bonuses!! And--- have fun a bodypump tonight!!

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Weekend Success Story...

Friday, March 04, 2011

Ah, and friday finally moseys into my week...it's about time!! This has been a pretty good week. I've forgotten to hop on the scale the last couple days, but last I checked I was still sitting at 240.7...hoping to see some progress on that front next time I remember to weigh in--we shall see, I guess! The food front has been relatively awesome, though. I'm getting really good at injecting every meal with a healthy helping of vegetables, and I've been very well-behaved in the snack department, too (which is uber hard in the evenings). It helps to not have much snacky food around the apartment, but then when I legitimately need a snack, it's hard to dredge one up...ah, it's quite the conundrum! I will be making another batch of date balls (or, as John calls them, "No Bonk Balls")...they make an awesome snack, I just wish they didn't taste like dates (which I don't particularly like)...I know, I know, their primary ingredient IS dates, but still...there must be a way to mask that? Or another dried fruit of similar gumminess that will hold everything together as well? I predict some experimentation with that this weekend!

I've also been doing really well with workouts this week...I took Monday as a rest day, but I've been in the gym every day since! I had planned to go for a walk before work this morning, but slept thru my phone alarm, so I'll stop by the gym tonight as well! I think I'm about due for a rest day, though...I went to bodypump last night and that was fine (I stuck with my recently upped weights and they were a tad less painful--a good sign!) but for my cardio session after class, my legs started pooping out on me. I only made it 15 minutes on the stair stepper before it kicked my butt to the curb, and then I walked on the treadmill for another 15 minutes for good measure. Still burned a ton of calories (1050--yowza!), but I'm really sore today (as in can't-take-the-stairs-without-grimacing sore). So tomorrow instead of snowshoeing, I might take an "active" rest day--nothing more strenuous than a walk. Hopefully my legs stop all this whiny nonsense by sunday!

Tonight (after the gym!) we're headed out to dinner (with the in-laws) at Blue Nile for some tasty Ethiopian food and Belgian beer...don't ask how this resto came to specialize in both, but it's a match made in heaven (er, Minneapolis?!) haha...should be good times.

So you're probably wondering about the blog title (it is a bit unrelated to what I've yapped about so far, I admit!). So after last weekend's "indulgences" (yes, that's what we'll call it), I attacked my trusty planner (yes, I have a trusty planner...you're shocked, I know!) with green highlighter and then promptly forgot about it. So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my planner to the weekend page today (FiloFax apparently deems friday a weekend day--I rather like that philosophy!) to see, in giant green letters across the top of the pages, "BE A WEEKEND SUCCESS STORY". So that's my aim for this upcoming weekend. I'm looking forward to recounting my good decisions on Monday morning, and perhaps maybe even losing a bit of poundage over the weekend (never happens, but one can hope!)...and I'm off to a fabulous start, if I do say so myself.

Daily Goals:

3/1 - 40 minute workout after work - aw hells yeah! 42 minutes, to be exact!
3/2 - 40 minute workout after working late - yep yep!
3/3 - bodypump + 40 mins cardio - yep yep yep!
3/4 - 40 mins cardio after work -
3/5 - active rest day -
3/6 - yoga class w/ John -


Marching onward!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Can you tell it's going to be a month filled with terrible blog title puns? February doesn't give you much to work with, but March is much more cooperative in that department...bwahahahaha!

Anyhow. So yesterday I promised to regale you with tales of awesomeness...so here goes! Last night I worked later than usual, so the plan was to nab John from work, drop him at home, and then go to the gym for a workout...didn't happen...in fact, I did one better! I convinced John to go to the gym with me (well, actually, the sauna convinced him...that boy will do most anything for a sauna)!

It was for the best, really...I had totally talked myself out of going to the gym by the time I got out of work...and then I got really hungry, so I looked at my apple and date ball snack and told myself I could eat it, IF I headed to the gym before heading home (otherwise, I could survive the few minutes till we got home and made dinner)...So I talked myself back into going to the gym (with a little help from a growling tummy!) and had my snack. And then the rationalizations began...I could have a smaller portion at dinner and still skip the gym...I would have an extra big workout on Thursday...yadda yadda...so when John got in the car, I gave him a choice...he could drop me off at the gym and come back 45 minutes later to retrieve me, or he could join me at the gym and take a sauna while I worked out! Sauna won! And I got a stellar workout!

Today's fitness exploits will include a one-hour bodypump class + the usual 40 minutes of cardio afterward (stairstepper is still kicking my butt, so I'll probably hit that up again, then cool down on the treadmill). Should be exciting.

In other exciting news, it's supposed to snow another foot or so by early next week!! Which means I am heading out snowshoeing this weekend! I think saturday sounds like a good day for that...good times!

Daily Goals:

3/1 - 40 minute workout after work - aw hells yeah! 42 minutes, to be exact!
3/2 - 40 minute workout after working late - yep yep!
3/3 - bodypump + 40 mins cardio -


February Roundup!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Well, I already typed this up for my non-SP blog, so if you want the gritty details and progress pics, head over there:

I won't repeat it all here, but a few highlights: Feb was an awesome month! I lost weight and inches (except my hips, which somehow gained 1.5 inches even though everything else shrank?), I was a gym rat extraordinaire (21 visits to the gym in 28 days!), and I am finally feeling like I'm getting a handle on the food thing. Still loads of room for work though!

I was on the stairstepper reading yoga journal last night and the article I was reading was talking about practice (yoga practice, to be exact--shocking!) but the approach the article took was a bit different and really hit home for me (I'm not the target audience by any means--they were writing to folks who view yoga as a lifestyle, but I applied it to myself viewing healthiness as a lifestyle--I think it translates pretty well).

Anyhow, they were talking about yoga practice and about viewing it as PRACTICE...not the thing you struggle to attain (the GOAL), but the means you use to attain the state you want. Something you show up for every day and give your all...how you do doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that you are doing it...which makes a lot of sense for weight loss. Each day is practice. Each meal, each workout, each temptation, each decision...all practice. It doesn't matter how perfect you are at each practice, it just matters that you show up, give it your all, and try your hardest to improve. With enough practice, you will hone your skills, abilities, attitudes, etc. to the point that you attain the state you want to be in. As my piano teacher used to say, "practice MAKES perfect, practice ISN'T perfect"...food for thought, anyhow!

That's about all I have today for deep wisdom (haha). Fitness exploits will include a trip to the gym. I'm thinking another 20 minute session with the stairstepper (first attempt at level 5 killed me last night...best go back and get used to it!) and 20 minutes on something else...maybe the bike...that sounds good. The challenge tonight is going to the gym later (but still before dinner)...I won't get off work till 6:30, so instead of hitting the gym at 4:30 like usual, I'll have to wait to go until after I drop John off at home...usually I'm not very good about going to the gym if my "usual" plans get derailed, so I know I'll start trying to talk myself out of this plan around 6pm...but! I brought some wicked awesome snacks (apples and peanut butter date balls), so I will be well fueled and will have no excuses not to workout. So there. Expect to be regaled with tales of success tomorrow.

AND!!! I just figured this out...you know how I've had zero energy for a couple weeks now? Guess what happened about two weeks ago? I ran out of my B-complex vitamins...and my energy levels took a complete nosedive...coincidence? We'll see...I'm picking some more vitamins up tonight on the way home...will report back later with findings!

And, that's all I've got! Happy Wednesday!!

Daily Goals:

3/1 - 40 minute workout after work - aw hells yeah! 42 minutes, to be exact!
3/2 - 40 minute workout after working late -

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STEFANIE822 3/7/2011 12:54PM

    Congrats on the losses!!!

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WINELADY01 3/2/2011 5:32PM

    I really liked your take on the article and practice. I know that I've been working on consistency and it showed for February. Now I'm working on the same thing for March and I'll start looking at it as 'practice'. This will be really important because I'm working some new stuff into my workouts and I'm one of those people who really don't like to look like I don't know what I'm doing! So I'll take your translation and remember that I don't have to do it perfectly, I just have to 'practice' it! It's all part of my "keep the body surprised" campaign.

Don't let the excuse gremlin get you tonight!

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holy connoli, er, gnocchi!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

So I'm definitely prone to delusions of grandeur when it comes to weeknight cooking...I'm really good at planning very intricate, time-intensive, labor-intensive weeknight dinners that require foraging excursions for obscure ingredients, the recruitment of sous chefs (John and Herbie), and would really be best executed in a spacious commercial kitchen (you know, one that has more than 2 square feet of counter space), and then getting home from work hungry and tired only to stare at my recipe in utter horror...what was I thinking?!?!?!?!?!!? Last nigh was just such a night (the menu called for an orange-teriyaki pork & quail egg stir fry made from scratch--it's wicked good, but takes almost an hour to prep, let alone cook...NOT weeknight fodder!). John looked at the recipe, the stack of already dirty dishes needing washing, and me plopped on the couch "resting" after work and invoked his veto power. So I quickly devolved into my usual "let's just do something quick and easy then, like order pizza" argument...I suddenly wanted something with minimal effort, zero dishes, and a certain degree of warm gooey comfort-foodness. I was all set to order pizza when John reminded me that we'd bought a package of frozen sweet potato gnocchi in butter sage sauce from this week's foraging trip to Trader Joe's...just the ticket!

It seriously couldn't have been easier to make these (well, if we had a microwave, it would have been a tiny bit easier)...you dump the frozen contents of the package into a lightly oiled skillet over low heat, cover it, and cook 8-9 minutes with an occasional stir, till they thaw, heat through, and are ready to eat. They were SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD. OMG. I was skeptical b/c it looked like there was a ton of butter in the package, but they didn't turn out greasy (my biggest fear) and they were soft and pillowy and chewy and warm and gooey. And did I mention they were easy? And all for 360 cals for half the package! I'll be stocking up on a few packages for future "what was I thinking" weeknights! It was seriously awesome--it hit all my comfort food cravings and didn't result in my going flying past my calorie range for the day!! Sweet!

And, since I suddenly had some spare time last night, I pre-prepped the stir fry ingredients so that all I have to do tonight is cook pasta, sear the meat, and toss everything together while the sauce thickens. John may have also line-item vetoed a few obscure ingredients (no quail eggs, boooo) and suggested that this not appear on a weeknight ever again unless I have the afternoon off work that day. (He may or may not have a point...)

Despite the best of intentions yesterday, I didn't make it to the weightlifting class...we had some errands to run after work and just ran out of time...on the plus side, we donated like 5 huge bags of stuff to goodwill...so glad to get that pile out of my hallway! and that means my closet has had its annual cleaning (and most of the stuff I got rid of was too big, for once!...And I was kind of ruthless about getting rid of the too-big stuff...which means I can't gain anything or I will have no pants to wear to work!!...bwahahaha...talk about incentive!).

I did weigh myself this morning and I did not make my 5lb loss goal for the month (darn weekend...I was so close!!), but considering that I did work my butt off all month, I'm still getting a little reward (new shoes) and will roll the awesome necklace over into a March reward for the same goal.

Today's fitness exploits will include a date with the stairstepper (at least 20 minutes) and a session on either the elliptical crossramp or the rowing machine (also 20 minutes...still working on that default 40 minute workout!)...then home for simplified stir fry!

Daily Goals:

3/1 - 40 minute workout after work -

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PAPER_WINGS18 3/2/2011 11:00PM

    omg yum! I may have to go to TJs tomorrow and try it! I love their regular gnocchi and vodka sauce...omg so good! BUT sweet potatoes = LOVE so I will have to try these too! Thanks lady!

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DAKDREW 3/2/2011 10:02PM

    You have such an impressive way with writing - I feel like I'm reading a good book instead of a blog :)

I love those finds that can save a weeknight supper - good idea to stock up and keep them handy.

De-cluttering is such a great feeling - I love that you had to get rid of things that were too big - great progress :)

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