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blasted slow week!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'm 110% ready for the weekend, but alas, it's only Wednesday!

To console myself, I went to a bodypump class before work this morning at the Blaisdell Y (the instructor was great by the way--Ann--I'll be trying to get into her classes in the future)! I had vague notions of staying for the yoga class afterward, but decided in the end that I wouldn't have much time to get home, showered, and off to work afterward, so I skipped the yoga...though I'm not sure how pleasant it would have been with already-trembling muscles...bodypump was awesome! The one thing I dislike about it is that I never know how much weight to use, but I'm slowly getting better about that. Last time I was using too much weight, and this time it was a little on the light side, but on the challenging end of light. Clearly I need to go to class more often! haha

I also weighed myself this morning and saw 239 on the scale--eeep eeep eeep!...so exciting, even if it isn't my official weigh in (which is Monday--you beter believe I'm behaving myself this weekend...I want to record that number for posterity now!).

As exciting as that is though, I'm trying to reprogram my thinking on this front...while I'm super happy to see the scale go down, I am really trying very hard to focus on eating right and getting regular exercise because I know that doing those two things results in a healthier/happier Shannon no matter what I weigh...and I know that part of a healthier me is a lighter me...eventually the scale will reflect all my good choices, but it's not the best/only measure of my progress. I want to get away from obsessing over the number and start paying more heed to how I feel, how my clothes fit, my energy levels, my measurments, basically "non-scale" indicators of success. Haha...success not to scale!

Anyhow, bad jokes aside, I like how I feel when I'm making good, healthy choices, and I want to incorporate that into an every day status quo, rather than occasional spurts of motivation. And I know that motivation wanes and waxes, but I'm hoping that while I'm super motivated (now), all these changes will become more habitual and will be less difficult to sustain when my motivation wanes.

And, in other news, my food so far today has been stellar...I had an english muffin w/ tofutti cream cheese and strawberries for breakfast (totally going for the strawberry shortcake vibe--I'll post a pic when I get home!), and lunch is egg-in-the-hole that I brought to work...the only downside is that my egg yolk didn't quite set solid, so I had a slurpy surprise partway thru (but I love runny egg yolk, so I didn't mind much...just had to be uber careful not to wear any of it!)... And dinner will be lasagne, with a plum & some greek yogurt for desert. Working later like this has really forced me to be creative with my meals (or at least it feels like it!), but I'm liking it!

Now if only the weekend would arrive, my life would be complete!

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SEPPIESUSAN 8/4/2010 5:35PM

    Congrats, you're doing great, keep it up!! Body Pump here starts in a little bit and I still haven't decided whether I'm going or not!

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APRILCORRINA 8/4/2010 4:18PM

    My week's going by fairly quickly, but I'm still pining for the weekend just as much as usual! :) That's awesome that you're making it to Bodypump regularly--there's something sort of exciting about getting familiar enough with a class to know things about appropriate weights and how much you should push yourself.

I was thinking about the scale today too (but because it stayed the same and I was telling myself not to get discourage--not because of a happy drop!), and think you're completely right about not letting it become the end-all be-all.

Anyway, you've been doing GREAT and I have to admit that thinking about your successes helps me feel more motivated as well (but I said that before). Keep it up!

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    LOVE Body Pump class!! Great job and keep up the good work!!

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happy almost-hump-day?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

OK, this week is officially dragging by, but I'm kind of liking my new schedule in spite of that. I decided that, since my later hours are only temporary, and I'll be back to regular hours next week, I don't really want to start sleeping in and staying up late(r) only to have to struggle to get up early and go to bed on time next week. So I've been getting up at 7 (a little sleeping in, I won't lie) and going to bed around 1 (yes, I could be getting more sleep, but I hate getting home from work and feeling like it's already bedtime and I haven't even unwound yet!)

Anyhow. This morning I was uber productive...I ran to the grocery store for fruit (I got there a few minutes before they opened--that's NEVER happened before!), then ran home, had breakfast (more on that in a moment), showered, washed dishes, and got 2 loads of laundry washed all before I had to run to work (stopping on the way to drop John's keys off so he can get into the apartment when he pedals home tonight!). Busy as a bee! haha. It feels so nice knowing I got sh*t done.

So back to breakfast...I have a stellar new favorite food! I grabbed a bagel at the grocery store and some tofutti "better than cream cheese" spread to try... I love love love bagels and cream cheese, but I like a LOT of the creamy goodness on my toasted rounds, and that adds up to a LOT of calories really fast, so I tend to have bagels and cream cheese only as a treat. I decided to try this tofutti stuff b/c it's gotten rave reviews from some of my vegan/veggie friends, and it's 60 cals/Tablespoon...now that's more like it! (Note, there are two versions of this stuff, the original one contains hydrogenated fats, and I avoided that one like the plague.)

So I slathered it on my freshly toasted everything bagel (I used a little more than a tablespoon, but I weighed it so I'd know how much to track...it was only 80 calories worth of the stuff to achieve perfect creamy goodness). And it was perfectly, creamily awesome! I was expecting something that tasted a little "beany" since it's made from tofu, but it didn't at all! It didn't taste exactly like cream cheese, but it was creamy and smooth and melty like cream cheese ought to be on a hot bagel, and it tasted good! I think I'm in love haha! It's a little expensive, so I think I will still put bagels and "cream cheese" in the treat category, but now it won't be because I don't want to feel guilty about all the calories! I think I'm going to score some smoked salmon this weekend and have bagels and lox for breakfast next week!

So today is off to a good start, and I think it's because yesterday was such a stellar day. I stayed in my calories, planned a bunch of healthy snacks to bring to work to get me through the day and through a workout afterward, and I worked out after work! (Though I admit I did have help on that one...I conscripted a fellow warrior [Megs!] to meet me at the gym after work for some cardio...I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't been meeting someone, I'd have bailed)...but I'm so glad I stuck with it and got a workout in! I felt much better afterward!

I really am starting to think that my "vicious cycle" (of not working out and not eating well, which leads to me feeling like crap and thus not working out and not eating well) really has a doppelganger...if I work out and eat well, I feel great, and when I feel great, I eat better and want to work out. FTW.

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    Good job on being productive-- I'm lucky if I roll out of bed with enough time to get ready for work, let alone all of the stuff you accomplished! And I'll keep my eye out of the tofutti cream cheese, although I am extremely picky and can never seem to ALLOW myself to try something new. But maybe I'll take a few cues from you-- be more productive in AM and try something new :)

As for the doppelganger, I hope that's true :)

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STEFANIE822 8/3/2010 9:54PM

    Sounds like a fabulous start to your day!!!!!! Ill have to try that tofutti because I am also a HUGE fan of cream cheese!

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SILLIANGEL 8/3/2010 5:55PM

    Lol @ Megan's comment. You're not even brave enough to try ASPARAGUS!

Anyway Shannon, if you ever want to go for a bike ride, hit me up! I'm close by! And I need to enlist the help of someone like you who is a little more bike-savvy than I to show me the ropes. I usually only bike from my apartment to the river, on the trails, and back!

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MEGSFITNESS 8/3/2010 3:25PM

    It was so much fun to meet up with you for a "bonus" workout :) I loved it.

That tofutti sounds scary lol! I dunno if I'm that brave, yet, but the benefits sounds worthy of a scary initial taste-test.

Are you doing anything after work today?

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banana schmanana

Monday, August 02, 2010

Well, I think I have officially gotten over my banana craze. I just had one as a pre-workout snack and had to force myself to finish it (not because I wasn't hungry, I am!...but because it was kind of mushy and off-putting)...so I think I need to diversify my fruit again! I foresee a trip to the grocery store tomorrow morning!

Anyhow, I wasn't posting my 2nd blog for the day just to natter about bananas (though aren't I chatty lately...)

So I've been reading a bunch of weightloss blogs lately (I collect blogs in my Google reader...I subscribe, then don't read them for a while, and then go in spates where I catch up a bunch of old posts...aaaannnyywho) there was one thing I read tonight that really resonated with my control-freak self...

"I am completely in control over whatever food enters my mouth. My behaviors determine my mood, my health and ultimately, my weight and my results. It's all within my control!"

And it hit me...that is so true. Chocolate doesn't pop itself into my mouth, and french fries and potato chips are hardly to blame for my jiggly upper arms. Job-related stress doesn't pour cheesy puffs down my throat--it's me...I have a choice and I choose to eat all the things that have gotten me where I am now. On the flip side, I'm in control of what I eat (even when I feel out of control--seriously, nobody else is pulling the strings!) and so I have the final say, so to speak...only I can choose what ultimately gets past my lips, and my choices determine so much more than what ends up in my tummy...the food I eat affects how I feel (phsyically, i.e. bloated, or sated, or overstuffed; and emotionally, i.e. energized, guilty, regretful), and how I feel affects my motivation and my actions. A potentially vicious cycle, yes, but also a potentially awesome cycle.

So that's what I'm thinking about this evening (well, that and how nice it looks outside...I'm beginning to think conference rooms with windows are evil!)

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STEFANIE822 8/2/2010 10:05PM

    This is a FANTASTIC blog Shannon!!! Its so true...what we put in our mouth is 100% up to us and we CAN control it!

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PADTHAILOVER 8/2/2010 9:34PM

    So obvious, yet SO very hard to remember! Thank you for the reminder that this is NOT out of my control. At all. emoticon

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weekend update

Monday, August 02, 2010

Well it's August already (how did that happen already!?!?) I really don't know, but here we are and I'm ready for a new month! I did really well the last half of July (check out my wordpress blog incorrigibledirigble.wordpres
for details), and I'm feeling really ready for August.

Yesterday it was hot hot hot so John and I went to the Blaisdell Y for a yoga class (anywhere with aircon better than our poor overworked window unit!)...John's shoulders have been really sore and I thought an hour of stretching/yoga would probably help, plus that Y has a sauna he could use afterward while I hit the cardio machines...perfect! I honestly can't remember the last time I was at the Y on a Sunday (not that I don't get exercise on Sundays, it's just usually I'm out riding my bike instead of basking in the aircon!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the yoga class (it was a little new-agey for my taste at times...about the third time the instructor told us to "shoot love out your heels to the people across the street" I had a really hard time not cracking up at the visual in my head), but she knew her stuff and stopped by everyone and made frequent form adjustments (which was great for John, who'd never done yoga before, and nice for me, since I'm so out of practice). I am seriously considering making that class part of my usual rotation! And John liked it too, so we're restarting his Y membership so he can come with and not burn up my guest passes (and I think he misses the saunas he had been getting).

After the yoga class, John hit the sauna and I found myself on the elliptial climber for 30 minutes...a good workout. I was parched after the yoga class and had forgotten my water bottle, so I bought a vitamin water out of the vending machine (the plain water machine was out of service...ack). I don't often drink not-water while working out, and this has totally cemented that practice...ack ack ack...waaaaaaaay too sweet, and 125 calories for the bottle (thanks to 30 grams of sugar or so...seriously?) It was like drinking thin watermelon syrup...next time I will just hop off the machine and hit the water fountain (or remember my water bottle haha).

So on the fitness/activity front, I did really well this weekend. On the food front, I didn't do so hot, though...I was over my calories (by 200+) yesterday, thanks to a snack of kettle corn and dark chocolate. So did not start the month on a great note food-wise, but I'm totally back on track today. I even got a short bike ride in before work!

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SILLIANGEL 8/2/2010 9:28PM

    That yoga class would have cracked me up too. I wonder where else she's going to tell you to shoot love out of... tee hee.

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DAMIENDUCKS 8/2/2010 5:59PM

    ah. link works much better when I spell it right. haha.

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APRILCORRINA 8/2/2010 5:56PM

    First: way to go with the exercise! It's cool that you found a way to bring John along for workouts--even having someone to get you out the door helps (although you seem to be that person for yourself just now!).

Second: love the name of your blog (although that link doesn't work)...except, are you calling yourself an incorrigible dirigible?! I have to say that just doesn't seem very nice!

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MEGSFITNESS 8/2/2010 12:34PM

    Grats on your (unofficial) loss!! Wonder if the bananas helped? Lol!

Your trip to the Y sounds like it went well. When yogi's get all new-agey, my eyes even get a workout--rolling at them. lol.. oi vey. Maybe I just need to embrace the hippy style more. Maybe I've got too much pent-up agression to accept the lurve! :3 haha..

I'm sure your ride this morning has taken care of any pesky calories that were lingering from yesterday :D

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holy bananas!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I don't know why, but I have been craving (and eating!) bananas like they're going out of style the last few days! I don't often get bananas b/c John is allergic to them (we don't even keep them in the apartment...sigh), but this whole week I've been grabbing one every chance I get. Must be deficient in something, I guess!

But the really exciting news is that I stepped on the scale this morning and it was down 3 pounds! Bwahahahaha. Now I just need to keep that loss so I can log it on my official weigh in day (Monday).

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DANIE11ECINCY 8/1/2010 11:19AM

    Good job on your 3lb loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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STEFANIE822 8/1/2010 11:10AM

    Nice job on that awesome loss!!!!

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PAPER_WINGS18 7/31/2010 4:40PM

    woot woot! Congrats on 3 lbs. GONE!!!!

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SILLIANGEL 7/31/2010 1:57PM

    How sad would it be if you overdosed on potassium? Hahaha. I mean if you ate like 30 bananas a day... =D

Keep rockin' it! Sianara 3pounds!

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