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Lesson Learned - after the fact

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I learned a really basic lesson yesterday, one that I should have learned a long time ago. This program isn't about deprivation. It's about moderation and health. We don't need to deny ourselves occasional treats...BUT appropriate portions are essential!

We took the granddaughters to Casa Bonita (a specialty Mexican Restaurant in Denver) last night. I had thought it was a buffet type deal and had planned exactly which items were ok for me and which weren't. When I got there and found out that we were served a one size fits all served up plate of food, I was lost.
I stopped thinking. Every one in the family ate their whole plate (DH and DS ate 2 plates). So I did too.... This morning it hit me... I could have cut everything in half and had a taste of everything without eating 1500 calories in one meal. 750 calories would have been too many calories for one meal, but it certainly would have been more reasonable than 1500.

I have decided to not feel guilty about what I did, but to remember - I don't have to eat the "whole thing" I can choose to limit my portions. Duh.....


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ULTREYA3211 7/26/2009 11:46AM

    Congrats on learning the lesson. I try to cut everything in half and take it home, if it is something that I can eat later.
We are really challenged when we eat out, but you seem to be learning and putting into practice what you learn.
Enjoy your next outing. Mexican sounded so-o-o- good to me.

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WATERMELLEN 7/26/2009 11:03AM

    I agree-- next time! You might ask them to package up half in the kitchen for you to take home even before they bring you your plate . . . I have no will power but many techniques for avoiding temptation!

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PATRICIA441 7/26/2009 9:56AM

  Guilt is a defeating emotion. We are a winning group learning from mistakes and moving on. Sometimes we makes repeated mistakes but that is part of life. Hopefully, each time we get stronger.Hang in there, you can do this, one day at a time. Hugs. Pat

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BIRDLEGS29 7/26/2009 9:03AM

    I join Queen in offering emoticonon not feeling guilty, which is just wasted emotion since we can't undo the past. Sometimes we have to get slapped in the face with the answer to come up with a "duh" moment and you had yours. To bad life doesn't have "do overs"!


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CTQUEEN 7/26/2009 8:21AM

    Congratulations on not feeling quilty! I have found there is no sense on dwelling on things. We can't change what we did this time, but next time we can. Keep up the great work!

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Eating out can work!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I rarely eat out, but I accepted the challenge of eating at the mall with my grandkids. Luckily, they wanted to go to Subway so I had a 6 inch Jared turkey sub at lunch. After we finished shopping we wanted a treat so we stopped at DQ so the kids could get shakes. I asked if they had low cal/low fat frozen yogurt. The server said no and recommended their "special" ... only 250 cals for a fruity drink. I said no and we went and checked out Hagen Daz which had a 150 cal small low fat frozen yogurt. emoticon

I made it through the day well within my caloric limits !

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FAIRY74 7/26/2009 8:07PM

    Good going--yes it can be done when you are dedicated! You did really well keep it up!

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RURAL3 7/25/2009 9:49AM

    yeah! Subway is a good option when eating out. Congrats on finding the Hagen Daz.

My DH is watching the morning news. He just said they showed that the Cold Stone Creamery PB shake has 2010 calories. Guess I will never go there. emoticon

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They're Here!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My beautiful 10 and 12 year old granddaughters from Texas arrived yesterday. What a good job my DD and her DH have done in raising these girls. They are beautiful inside and out. They arrived hot and tired from the drive, but brought their suitcases in and unpacked right away. After a healthy supper they thanked me and told me how good the meal was. We sat at the table and began working out a schedule of what we would do the 2 days we are staying here at the house. They offered their opinions, listened to our comments and we easily decided on the activities we would do. After that we read for an hour. They are in AP programs and have summer reading assignments for school. Then we went for a walk. The 12 year old loves to run. (My DD runs daily) The 10 year old and I walked the dog and the 12 year old ran. We ended up walking / running a total of 2 miles so yesterday I walked a total of 4 miles - a first for me. Today, we're going to the mall, a pottery making shop and the library. I wish raising my kids were this easy and fun! lol Being a gramma is great!


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RURAL3 7/24/2009 11:55PM

    Have a great time with your family. I think being a grandma is great. That's why we are special.

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PATRICIA441 7/24/2009 10:39AM

  I think as grandmothers we are much more relaxed. We have had the practice run with our own kids so we know what does and doesn't work. They sound like wonderful girls. You must be so proud. Good for you getting all that great walking in. Have a wonderful, joyful time with your family! Hugs. Pat

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GABY1948 7/24/2009 8:56AM

    Have a wonderful time with them. True, so much greater with the grandkids than the kids...you can truly spoil them and send them HOME for the teaching LOL

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Rough Night

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I had an argument with my DH which ended up hurting my feelings. I decided to take my dog for a walk instead of eating my feelings. I said to my husband "I want to be happy, so I'm going for a walk." I walked about 40 minutes and tried to relax, but felt worse instead of better. When I got home I called my DD and finalized the plans for the grand kids coming tomorrow. I felt much better by the time the call was over. I went to bed without eating anything extra and patted myself on the back for handling my emotions in a more effective way than overeating.


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RURAL3 7/23/2009 10:25PM

    You go girl! You did great. You got in both physical and mental exercise.

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PATRICIA441 7/23/2009 10:19PM

  Way To Go! Eating never changes anything but your waist line! You did great and I am very proud of you!!! Hope you have a great visit with your grandkids! Tender Hugs. Pat

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STORMFAN 7/23/2009 7:22PM

    Good for you I am proud of you I am not there yet but you have set a great example thanks

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DAISYBELL6 7/23/2009 4:52PM

    It felt great!

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BIRDLEGS29 7/23/2009 4:16PM

    Walking has always been my magic bullet! Bad day at work? Walk it off! Kids driving you nuts? Take a hike! Quarrel with DH calls for long, meditative walk. Glad you decided to walk instead of curl up with your bad feelings. Felt good, didn't it?

Jean emoticon

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This 'n That

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The grand kids are coming tomorrow. My DH is driving down to Trinidad, CO and their Dad is bringing them up from Amarillo. I can't wait to see them. My DD has finally gotten a job interview and will be interviewing during the time the kids are coming up. I don't know what to be more excited about, so I'll just be excited. emoticon

I've been exercising at least 30 minutes a day for a couple of weeks and actually put in a full hour yesterday. It's funny, the more you exercise, the more energetic you feel. emoticon

I went 2 days without weighing, wanted to go a week, but couldn't resist today, and I lost 2 pounds. emoticon

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11-RENEWAL-20 7/22/2009 10:30AM

    I'm expecting grand children today...two of the girls will be staying a couple of days...I love being a grandmother. Have fun! I'm saying a prayer that your DD will find a job...my son has been jobless for many months and is really having a difficult time since so many others are out of work now. I worry about our country.
Take care Sharon

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